27 February 2005

fidler 5k

On a cold, rainy day in Columbia, I ran my 2nd 5k in 2 days with Kris. Yes, cold, rainy day. And there were hills. And rain. And hills. And my big toe hurts as if a dog bit into it or something. Posted by Hello

26 February 2005

"now, what is this going to do to my foot?"

And here I am reading the fine print on the back of BioBreeze--the latest in cryotherapy. And it's also my new best friend now that my already injured left big toe (seen in the bottom left corner) is now in even more pain. But alas, the icy gel that I put on my toe has completely numbed any feeling in my foot whatsoever. This is GREAT news for the race tomorrow! Halelujah! Posted by Hello


post-race shot. the stain on my shirt is spilled coffee from starbucks. only the best after a 5k! I look small. Posted by Hello

post-race & post-starbucks

Kris (left), her sister Beth (center) and myself (right?) following the Greenville News Dowtown 5k race today. We all came in at 26:19. Not too bad for my first 5k ever. Posted by Hello

25 February 2005

The Life of a Paper Towel Dispenser Owned by the Government -- Chapter 247

Cringing yet? Can't stand to hear another post about a lonely paper towel dispenser?

Well, it just keeps getting better and better. Everytime I think that the saga is over, someone trumps the previous setback.

Today I walk into the bathroom at work and I just start laughing uncontrollably. Someone has taped (taped, mind you) a note on the top of the dispenser reading:


First of all, preposition at the end of the sentence? And it just doesn't sound right. And it's taped. Ha.

Not to be outdone by the secret paper conservative of the office, the anti-tree people have trumped them by adding a rather LARGE, full size 8x10 note that (also taped) reads:


When will it ever end. I like that the silent war has also used paper to relate these war messages. But at least the conservationist used a smaller piece.

Don't even get me started on the three, count 'em 1-2-3, soap dispensers that are adhered the mirror. Rarely, are there ever 2 people in the bathroom at the same time. The funny thing is, there's only 2 sinks.

So to reiterate: 3 soap dispensers, 2 sinks, 1 paper towel dispenser with 'fightin words' plastered all over it and some angry people in my office.

I'm running two 5K races this weekend with Kris and her sister. Wish me luck. Tomorrow the race is at 9am in Greenville (temp of 40deg) and the other will be back here in Columbia on Sunday at 3pm.

Oh and Happy Birthday Laura.

24 February 2005

* bux

I like the new Target commercials. I think it's the music.

Well, one sister had 2 of her wisdom teeth removed this afternoon. The other sister sent me satirical Starbucks links.

I thought I would share. No, not the wisdom teeth. But the Starbucks wisdom. I passed on it this morning because it was raining. Cold raining.

Starbucks Drinks Simplified (kinda) is a cheat sheet of sorts. Interesting if you're wondering just what else you can do to your drink.

To read other people discuss why they don't like to stand in line and hear us 4-word coffee drinkers order, The Straight Dope Message Board will brighten your day. And it will also make you wonder why they are in the line in the first place if they are just going to complain. There are other coffee houses that sell, dun dun dun, regular coffee.

Perhaps this would not fall under the 'six of one, have a dozen of another' concept.

I'm appalled.

And if you've had a bad day, don't fret. There are Chihuahuas that weren't able to walk outside today in California according to the Associated Press (on both MSNBC.com and Foxnews.com):

"It's so depressing," said Stephanie Soechtig, 28, who runs a television production company from her Santa Monica home and wasn't able to walk her Chihuahua, Fellini, because of the relentless downpours.

So there, go order your venti, triple, non-fat, 1/2 packet of Splenda mocha and smile because to each his own.

23 February 2005

6 of 1 1/2 a dozen of the other

Yeah, doesn't quite make sense, does it?

But if I were to elaborate the idiom as in stating,

Oh, I suppose I could take the subway or the bus to get home because since it's rush hour, it's six of one, half dozen of another..

Do you know how long it took me to comprehend that statement? It's like a catch phrase now. I try to find little ways to insert it into conversations--even when I'm talking to myself.

A geology professor in my undergraduate said it a few times and I'm quite sure that it rolled right over my head and hit the person behind me. Well, that must have been Paula since I have caught her reciting it.

I guess she was bitten by the same bug as my professor and thus, brought home the bacon. But of course, the first pancake is always spoiled so I'm sure that the bacon would be appropriate since there will be one less pancake to make mincemeat with.

So, keep your head above the water and play the stock market and that way, we'll weather the storm tomorrow.

Yeah, not too much happening today. This could explain the random idioms.

Did you know that more people use blue toothbrushes than red ones? Mine is blue. Roommate's is red. I guess we canceled out the demographic here on Virginia St.

Ah well--six of one, half a dozen of the other, right?

22 February 2005

i'm sorry, what's your name again?

This morning I decided that I needed to go to Starbucks before heading to work since I forgot to make coffee and didn't realize it until I was headed out the door. On my way there, I went over in my head what I wanted to order.

grande mocha, skim milk, no cream and a blueberry muffin.

This was the first time ever going with the whole skim milk thing. I don't know why I picked today either.

I walk into Starbucks and there's a 10-person line--the longest I've ever witnessed in this particular locale. I'm standing there and eavesdropping on what everyone else is ordering and then suddenly realize that in the process of hearing other orders, I can't remember my protocol. I am a poor reciter on cue. Finally, I eclipse my paranoia and recall my order just in time.

grande mocha, skim milk, no cream and a blueberry muffin.

Whew. The mochamaker asked my name so she could personalize my grande cup with a Sharpie marker. At this point, I realize that there is only one person behind me and didn't really see why it mattered that my name be plastered on the cup by the mochamaker, but ah well.


I realize that (as usual) I have mumbled my name and heck, I even heard myself say Robert--whoever he is. My alter ego perhaps? I notice she has paused in her writing of "Ro--" and stares at me, then finally asks my name again.


Oh, I've done it now. I've mumbled a false name. And now I've pseudo-mumbled a shorter name. Neither which appear on my birth certificate.

Again she asks for my name.

robin. but you can put rob or robert. whichever you prefer will be fine.

She kind of begged for my real name at this point and I finally just said Robin would be fine. I didn't know this was such a big deal. Is it in case there's a crisis after I order, and I simply MUST get my grande mocha no matter what. If there's an earthquake and I have fallen on the ground because bags of coffee have landed on me, are they going to repeatedly ask for "Robin--grande mocha" and when I breathe a sigh of relief from underneath the coffee bags they will hand me mocha which I will undoubtedly spill all over myself because I'll still be lying down from the immense force of coffee bags.

After I think of ways I'll end up on the floor in the event of a crisis in Starbucks, I hear

grande no fat no whip mocha

With no name attached, I might add.

For a second, I had to actually think if that was mine. I went through what I ordered and suddenly realized that I had actually turned into one of them. All this time I've been a generic mocha drinker and today, I received one of the dreaded more-than-two-word-drinks. I walked out reciting what I ordered and headed to work.

I think I kind of wanted fat in my mocha after all.

21 February 2005

i never knew

I love how no one ever told me that Winnie the Pooh was in the manger on Christmas night. Really. I don't think this was a joke. We were all driving around New Bern, and I spotted this rarity. I made Stacey drive me up there on Sunday and she stopped in the middle of the highway for this shot. Upon further inspection (and zooming) I realized that Pooh is missing his left arm also. Posted by Hello

take two

nothing like playing Phase10 on a Saturday night. That's Stacey and Stacey. And I won this game, I might add--ha. Posted by Hello

lifeless paper

In case you need some humor on your Monday morning that concerns paper towels, check out Mandy's paper towel dilemma. It tops mine.

20 February 2005

mister bojangles


So, after a long weekend in North Carolina, I remember this part very vividly.

On Saturday, I'm standing in a locally-owned pet store perusing caged animals when I happen upon the fish aisle. Upon further inspection, it appears that 2 goldfish had been suctioned to the air filter but were too large to fit through the holes.

I debated on sticking my hand in the algae-infested but eventually chickened out. A store employee walks up and apparently thinks that we want fish. I tell her, that I don't want fish, but instead was contemplating the life of the two helpless ones adhered to the filter. I even go as far as to tell her that their gills were still moving.

She promptly rolls up her sleeve, inserts her hand in the water, pulls the fish off, cups them in her hand and starts to walk away. Audrey, who I was with at the time, asked if they were flapping around in her palm. She opens and closes her hand very fast as if to say no, sighs and then opens the trash-can, throws them in and then walks away.

Outraged. After seeing the 4-foot alligator in the 5-foot cage, we left.

18 February 2005


Did you know that slugs have 4 noses?

And that recycling a glass jar can provide enough energy to power a television for 3 hours?

These are in no way related. I guess unless you are slug trapped in a glass jar that's about to be recycled.

Now the sad part about this post is that I originally stated that slugs have 4 eyes. Then, I read it again and started doubting myself. I thought I had heard it on the radio yesterday. So for the past 10 minutes I searched websites about slugs trying to determine if they really had 4 eyes. I mean, I've never seen 4 eyes on a slug before. But then again, I don't know the last time I knelt down and examined a slug. Upon searching "weird facts about slugs," it was determined that instead, they have 4 noses.

So now that you are wondering where this is going, I'll just say it's not going anywhere. Boredom at work on a Friday has led me to this.

I'm heading to Raleigh/New Bern, NC today to celebrate 3 birthdays (including mine..again), so all my blog addicts will be in withdrawal, I'm afraid. But I'm sure I'll find some pictures to post when I'm back. I hear there's country line dancing up there.

And note to self: never miss another episode of Scrubs. The episode on Tuesday was great. It made me want to buy the first few seasons on DVD just to remind me how much I enjoy it.

16 February 2005

did i pay for a mullet?

I would write more but I've been reading a book about weather. Really. I have.

Today I convinced myself that something was in the crawlspace above my ceiling. Stacey originally pointed out where guests could enter when I told her there was no opening to the ceiling. Karen told me she thought she had a badger in her crawlspace. Then she told me that the noises I was hearing was my "house settling." Why couldn't I get a badger?

Now is where I confess that I have walked around to inspect the house while wielding a knife because the house settles so loudly sometimes.

15 February 2005

one and one and one is three

So I realize that you probably don't want to read about paper towel dispensers, but I assure you the saga is nearly over.

On Monday, the tape was back on the lever. Today, the tape had disappeared. Upon my initial notice of this, I assumed the conservationist had made his rounds during the night on the prowl for taped paper towel dispensers. I thought,

"oh, can't wait to blog about this. No, I'm sure no one cares anymore. They probably see the words 'paper towel' and just scroll down to see the latest picture I posted. Ok, ok, I won't blog about it.."

A mere 5 seconds later, I'm passing through the lobby, where an unusual conversation is ensuing between 4 of the women of the office. This is what I heard:

"I'm a 3."
"Oh, I'm always a 2."
"Me too! Always!"
"OHH, well Debbie is a 4!"
"A FOUR!?"
[eruptive laughter]
"Well, I always use my elbow."

There's nothing like hearing people in the office unabashedly talking about how many times they pull the towel dispenser lever in the bathroom. But why were they discussing this?

I reached my desk, I mean, cubicle, and found that an email was sent to the office reprimanding whoever was taping the dispensers. Then the email discussed the waste of trees.

Hopefully, it's over now. I'll only mention it if a war breaks out amongst the true conservationist and the Scotch tape crusader. Maybe the Rubberband Man from the OfficeMax/Staples commercial can join the tape side.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving the trees. But when there's dry hands involved, I'm a 3.

when fireflies go wild. or a string of lights in a tree. Posted by Hello

14 February 2005

we're sinkin like stones

Perfect. A Coldplay song to lead us off.

Today. Wow. I had to walk around in the rain today for about thirty minutes while running errands. My raincoat did it's job, but my less-repellent jeans were another story. I did manage to make it through my 8-hour day in one piece though.

Upon further inspection of my 1099 tax form, I noticed that in box 13 it's labeled "Excess golden parachute payments: $0.00." Whew. I don't think I could afford any golden parachutes. The sale of fish has already taken up enough of my compensation as it is. I can see this falling to the MasterCard commercial trap.

Working 3 months at a part-time, non-tax deducting job before quitting for a better qualified job: $800
Repayment of taxes the following year for the job: $200
Excess payments for golden parachutes and the trade of fish: Priceless.

There's some things taxes can't buy, for everything else, there's trading fish and parachutes.

fine mexican cuisine

I hope you enjoy the barrage of photos following this text. My camera went crazy Saturday when it saw some infrastructure. And not-so candid shots. "Wait, take one more, my chin looks bad in that one" was what I heard most of the time. And it wasn't the bridge talking either.

Laura, Rachel and I were at a popular local coffee shop in Greenville for an HOUR (give or take a few mins) and we never received our coffee. Ridiculous. It took a good 30 minutes for a waiter to ask if our waitress had even taken our order, and he actually took it for us. We walked out without saying a word and headed for the next coffee shop a block away. And at that establishment, I lost my mocha to a woman who snatched it because I didn't think it was mine.

I filed my taxes Sunday night. It took 4 hours. Let me just say that last year, I worked 3 months at a place that did not deduct taxes upon payment and when you're filing your taxes for the first time, by yourself, it's a hassle. Good thing I actually have my current job which more than made up for my difference in owed taxes.

But for humorous purposes, I have to comment on the fine print on the back of my 1099 form for the taxless job. The only box that had anything listed was box #7, so naturally, it was the only one that pertained to me. This is what it said:

"Non-employee compensation. If you are in the trade or business of catching fish, box 7 may show cash you received for the sale of fish.."

I don't recall selling fish. Perhaps I didn't know I was selling fish.

Isn't it funny that when we end our phone calls, we still say "I'm gonna hang up now" or "hang up the phone" even when we're on cell phones or cordless phones. Well, I think it's funny.

my two oldest best friends. not that they are old (i'm older than them by 36 days and 18 days, respectively--HA) but old as in friends for 16 years. Posted by Hello

simple as that Posted by Hello

i framed laura Posted by Hello

cabled path Posted by Hello

a February addition to my car series. laura, rachel and myself. we are shiny. this was the 3rd shot after some double-chin problems. haha. Posted by Hello

12 February 2005

blue eyes cryin in the rain

I bought a live Willie Nelson cd last night with a coupon that I had. I also purchased Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which I watched last night. There's something about western films that are suddenly alluring and captivating to me now. I think it's my longing to live in Montana or Wyoming. Ok, or anywhere where snow-peaked mountains can be seen in the deserts.

Yeah, that's it. I'll get out there eventually. And then you can come visit me on my ranch. By then maybe I'll rid my fear of horse-riding. I know, I know. My dad should have never put me on my sister's horse, Blaze, when I didn't want to.

I like infrastructures. Have you ever stopped to look at bridges and freeway overpasses? I was thinking about it last night while driving away from downtown. There's just something mesmerizing about the whole driving over other drivers and headed in a completely different direction. The infrastructure in Albuquerque is pink. Well, it was at one time. I contributed it to the sedimentary rocks around the area as the Adobes had that pink hue to them too. I'm sure it's not really pink, but it's that light orange looking color.

Have you ever had some weird memory just float inside your head for no particular reason? Last night while driving I suddenly remembered vacation bible school when I was probably 8. I remember standing on the 3rd floor of the church and watching the older youth throw balloons out the window directly above the large air-conditioning fans. Then we'd all run downstairs as fast as we could to see if the balloons had either hit the fans or if they were suspended by the drafts they produced. I, being slightly younger and not as fast, never got to see the end result and therefore, passed them on their way back up the stairs to try it again.

Odd, I know. Don't even get me started about the time we had to walk into the cemetery and find a rock then come back inside and paint them. Mine was red and it's still on my dresser beside me.

10 February 2005

office ramblings

In the local paper towel dispenser news, the scotch tape has again been reapplied to the button. I know you all look forward to the latest turn of events in the bathroom. We'll see how long those 3 pieces will last until the paper towel conservatist finds it.

Today on my walk past the conference room, I noticed the conference table was neatly covered in approximately 20 stacks of paper. The light was on. The door was open. No one was attending to the paper's needs.

I had a sudden urge to collate.

funny how much dust you don't see until the sun shines on it in that perfect angle and then you feel like covering your mouth so you don't breathe it all in because you see it floating by in the UV rays coming in through the blinds Posted by Hello

09 February 2005

all i had was a ham sandwich

Last night, Kris was asking me how I was able to eat my dinner while she couldn't finish her's. I said, "all I had today was a ham sandwich.." Then she asked if I had my 2nd piece of cake at work. I remembered that, and added it to all-I-had-today-was-a-ham-sandwich-list. Then I remembered my chocolate milk. Then I remembered eating a banana. And 2 cups of coffee. And tortilla chips. And 2 York Peppermint Patties.

I'm sure the 4 breadsticks, a lot of salad, 5-cheese ziti and Tiramusu I had on top of that didn't really matter at that point.

Do you ever realize how much of a pattern you get into with your socks and shoes? How often do you put your right shoe on before the left shoe (or vice versa if you aren't left-handed like I am)?

Sesame Street has an exercise video now.

Really, they are PUPPETS. Their arms are held up by hands and metal sticks. They are the epitome of laziness already!

07 February 2005

am i living it right

Is the 23rd birthday just not one of the more popular ones? If so, you don't have to tell me as I can safely say that it wasn't one for the record books. I actually would have completely forgotten it as my grey cubicle was much more interesting than keeping track of time obviously.

I got to work late. It took 30 mins for my computer to boot up this morning due to my user error on Friday. The entire office lost power twice within 30 seconds and consequently lost whatever information that I was working on at that precise time (10:36am) that wasn't saved.

From there I learned that there was birthday cake in the break room. How coincidental, I thought. It was for all the February birthdays and when I told them it was actually my birthday, they realized they had forgotten me. Regardless, I had a corner piece of the caramel/chocolate glazed marble cake. It was good. I'll probably have seconds tomorrow with my coffee.

"Sometimes the best way to figure out who you are is to get to that place where you don't have to be anything else." -unknown
(as seen on a birthday card for me)

hope you're enjoying the pictures. i am.

I've started looking for the shots now. Seems the sun has figured it out too. Posted by Hello

a spoonful of sugar and a setting sun on a red countertop trigger my mind for a shot. candid, i tell you. candid. Posted by Hello

short history

Is it my birthday?


05 February 2005

ah, look at all the lonely people

The abominable snowman in Rudolph--wow, what a character. They take his teeth out. So sad. I wonder if the character was modeled after someone or something? Big dopey eyes.

I made my own birthday cake this morning. It's strawberry with strawberry icing. I went against the directions and put strawberry icing instead of the intended vanilla. I'm sure the FBI will be after me soon. I also put 3 eggs in the batter. After all, each egg only cost me 1/600 of a cent.

self squared Posted by Hello

04 February 2005

penny eyes

scene: Blockbuster on a Friday night

I went in with aspirations of renting The Grudge but knew that was setting my goals high so I had a backup in mind. Of course, all copies are gone, so I settled with plan B--The Forgotten. I'm 4th in line and I realize that the whole video store retail is all to familiar with me as I worked at a Pic-A-Flick in high school for, oh, a good while during 2 summers while working another full-time job and during 1 winter break. Anyways, the woman who was 3 ahead of me starts it all off on a good foot.

"Do y'all have any of that grudge?" she begs from cashier1.
"ahh, we JUST had one in and it's gonenow--should have gotten here earlier. Hey cashier2, do you have any over there?" says cashier1.
"Nope, none here. HEY, have YOU heard of THE movIE pasS? if you rent TWO MORE moviES, you'll ALL BUT HAVE paid for it!" cashier2 says to the gentleman ahead of me.
"I like spending money. Do you have any of the Grudge?" says gentleman.
"S'pose I could just stay and wait for a grudge to come in. I waited forever to see village and that was the biggest disappointment of my life." woman says.

I have to add here that at this point I'm a) irate over the woman ahead of me that doesn't like The Village; b) irate because she won't use the proper titles of movies; c) don't particularly care for The Grudge anymore; d) am scared of cashier2 because I know what she's going to ask me and she's very chipper and I have a hard time saying no to "movie passes" or whatever it was she was promoting and thus I'm hoping for cashier1.

"[thump thump, shuffle, thump, shuf-thump]" remarks the DVDs as they are being dumped into a bin from the return box.
"hey, you got any of that grudge now?" the woman begs again.
"Really, you'd be saving a LOT of monEY with the MovIE paSS. I didn't like The Village either. IT was just AWFUL. I only saw IT because THEY made me! AHH!" cashier2 whines.
"I really liked Troy" declares cashier1.
"Ohh TROY!" shouts about 3 random people standing nearby including cashier2 and a newcomer on the scene, cashier3.
"GOT ONE!" cashier3 exclaims and runs over with her prize.

The woman sighs and departs with her 3 movies in her possession. I head to cashier2 who asks how my day was. I cheer up and then say the obligatory, "I'm doin' good. How are you doin' today?"


"Ah yeah, actually I have and ..no.." I reply.
"BUT did YOU know that if you bought TWOOOO more movies in THIRTY days, you'd pay for it?!" cashier2 exclaims.
"No, really, it's ok."
"Well, alrighty." She hands me my receipt and then says, "Okay, The Forgotten is due back Sunday and Alias is due next Saturday." except she said it "Al-eye-us" and I smiled and walked out the door. She was STILL talking to me when I left, telling me to have a GREAT night.

I cracked some joke to myself upon entering my car and headed to the grocery store. When I got home, I realized that they only charged me a $0.01 for my half-dozen eggs.

What do I do? Do I return and demand to pay more? I don't even like eggs. I only bought them so I could make my own birthday cake. And I only bought 6.

A penny. I found a penny in the parking lot today at work. It was heavily scratched and I could barely make out the date--1991.

14 years ago that penny rolled off some conveyor belt at the Denver mint and I can just see the smile on Lincoln's face as he probably said, "I'm going to pay for Rob's half-dozen eggs!" Followed closely by, "Have you heard about the new movie pass??"

a reflection in a puddle while it was still raining on the front porch. i didn't notice the icicle reflections until tonight. Posted by Hello


Friday at work: bored.

On Tuesday, someone reapplied the scotch tape to the paper towel dispenser in the men’s bathroom. By Wednesday it was once again removed by the secret paper conservative of the office—the mole. One day I’m going to go in there and it’s going to be lying on the floor with a 2x4 impaled in its cavity. The headlines will read “Ironic death of paper towel dispenser by blunt force from lumber.”

Meanwhile back at my cubicle—the most common sound I hear everyday is a faint zap. This is generally followed closely by ever-so-quiet “ow!” Others will follow with a smile or even a minute chuckle because they know someone just got shocked around the corner of the east wing on the cubicle while walking so innocently to the break room. Or so-and-so got shocked reaching for the doorknob to the bathroom. Or she got shocked by the faucet in the break room because all she wanted was her coffee mug cleaned. It’s a common occurrence. It’s unavoidable these days. Sometimes even the monitor provides its salutation with a small therapeutic shock just to wake you up before the coffee does.


Got my 3rd card in the mail..Maria's this time. A very funny one, I might add.

Also, I received...the livestrong bracelet. But, before you say "Oh, but Rob, you're part of the trend now..WHY?" I'll just say that I like the yellow bracelet for the CAUSE and to point fingers in the right direction, I made a generous donation to the LAFoundation in memory of my grandfather last night. So there. Think what you want. I'm wearing one.

Do you ever smell your house? As in, you're not anywhere near your house, but all of the sudden you smell it and it makes you wonder if everyone smells it? I could smell it in my car the other day when I threw some coats in the back seat. The trapped air inside my bookbag also does the trick when I get to work and I open it for my daily Nalgene requirement and selective music listening.

03 February 2005

kevin bacon

Did this just happen?

Did I have a 6-degrees to, well, greyguitar?

From Paula's blog I find Cumulus which is just hilarious. In the links I spy Carrie's The Noir Muse blog which incidentally has my link on there (and vice versa) because she found me at one time from a post about Starbucks. So it's a loop.

And I went to Starbucks this morning to pacify a craving and because it was grey and rainy and accuweather probably said it was going to be "dull, rainy" like the tend to do just so you can justify going to work with a smile on your face.

Therefore, Kevin Bacon would be proud that I went to Starbucks.

02 February 2005

important tax return documents enclosed

I can feel the sickness setting in. But why? I drink my orange juice everday. I take my multivitamin everday. I generally pilfer a vitamin C from the random bottle next to the Tylenol. I've been eating fruit. I've been running excessively. I'm hydrated. Why?

I just sneezed twice. Where's my obligatory 3rd sneeze? Bless me. See, now it's only 2/3 of a bless.

Yesterday, I realized that today was going to be February 2nd and that it was important day. I suddenly thought, "oh it's going to be Groundhog's Day." Then I laughed (out loud) because I thought I was having a robin moment and then convinced myself that Groundhog's Day was November 2nd. That epiphany only lasted for a mere 2 minutes before I stopped working and actually had to think about it and decide between the 2 dates.

Today at work someone was having difficulty with one of the main printers which happens to be very close to my cubicle. I had my headphones on enjoying some tunes and I could still hear their conservative expletives.

"Why are you printing from tray 2?"
"Why are you doing this to me?"
"WHY are you ONLY printing from tray TWO $%!#@!"

I like how the printer has taken on human qualities as if it's actually doing this to make my coworker angered.

Apparently the grey atmosphere today was really making myself and my coworkers very uneasy. Everyone was in one of those I-just-want-to-go-home-and-take-a-nap kind of moods. No one was really conversing.

Sometimes I think of this blog as a column for a newspaper. I persuade myself that I have a deadline and it's actually worth the read. Perhaps it is. You are reading it.

I've switched to some upbeat music for the night--The Allman Brothers Band. I think that was my problem.

dance in the kitchen till the mornin light

I'll tell you, me and classic country go hand in hand. There's even talk of line-dancin later in February.

I'm in a weird mood. It's grey outside. Rain threatens. Work is boring. I'm home for lunch. I ate leftover burnt pizza that I made last night. It's not delivery..and well, it wasn't Digiorno either. It was a Boboli crust with all of the ingredients that I wanted on it. Like chicken. And red peppers. And tomatoes. And balsamic vinegar.

Received a Valentine's Day card today from Rachel. Wait, isn't my birthday 7 days before V-day? I'm confused. And I didn't get the card either. I think I'll have to read it again after a post-work nap tonight.

I was sitting at my desk earlier, and some strange man appeared in the window. Luckily, it was just one of the utility people checking one of those meters which are all next to one of my bedroom windows. There's nothing more frightening than seeing someone scurry by your window wielding an electronic remote and a SCE&G hat. I don't think I'd want that job. On that note, I'm going back to my office job to look at aerial photographs of everyone's land in SC. Talk about privacy.

Louisiana saturday night.

01 February 2005

steal someone's smile

Why do we turn the volume down in the car when we realize we are lost?

I found out today that the 5k that was scheduled for last Saturday has been rescheduled to Feb. 26th. The Fidler 5k is the 27th. Kris and I are going to do a double 5k in 2 days. Awesome. Will they be my first and last 5k's ever? haha. Judging from today's run, I'd assume so. I somehow managed 3.1 miles tonight after the 4.9-roundeduptoa5.0 miler yesterday. My legs were impressed.

I got my first birthday card yesterday. That's impressive. It was from Kasey, a fellow Aquarian. The card read "Laugh so hard that you go into silent laugh mode, and you come dangerously close to falling out of your chair, but you don't." I thought that just about summed me up. Haven't fallen out of my chair yet.

Has anyone else noticed just how many movies Philip Seymour Hoffman has been in?

Yesterday while I was running, I noticed that someone had dropped a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces all over the pavement. During the recent rain, they became water-logged and as a result were saturated and scattered in their own asphalt labyrinth.