28 April 2005

23, right.

While on the phone today with a friend, we got on the subjects of birthdays. She told me that she had just turned 25 then she said "and you're like 23, right?"

I'll admit, this was the first time in my life that I did not know how old I was. I was sitting in my car at red light and I'm not sure if it was the stress of growing up or sitting in traffic or the denial that I'm actually 23 that threw me off. I actually had to give her the year I was born and she figured it out. My mind was completely blank. How could I forget that?

I was appalled at myself for the rest of my lunchbreak.

Speaking of chocolate wafers, I have an inquiry about the purchase of my washer and dryer last year. With my purchase, the dryer came with a wire rack. When I opened the dryer door initially, the rack was in there. Naturally after a puzzled look, I remember my roommate and I actually leaving it in there and turning it on, thinking it would magically do it's thing and we'd somehow understand it's purpose. Anyways, I think we resolved it and eventually we put it in the cabinet. I had forgotten about it until yesterday when I was looking for something in that cabinet. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would need a wire rack to put in their dryer.

Am I missing something?

Am I going to be completely ridiculed for the missing link?

I'm going with the latter. Ok, bring it on.

26 April 2005


Bob was captured in between the curved bottom of the coffeepot. Finally a close-up so you can see that membrane that it's twice the size of their tail alone. You can barely see his webbed digits too.

Pretty cool shot, I must say.
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day16--new h2o

So, today I realized that they ate all their lettuce very quickly which makes me wonder if there's more that they should be devouring besides frozen, boiled greens. Any suggestions? I'm sure I could breed some mosquitoes, but I don't know if the roomie would like that so much.

Simon, Molly and Brian huddled for this group shot. And if you look close enough on the far right one (we'll say it's Brian), you can see his folded legs. The glare on the water shields it a bit, but they are there.

See their eyes too?

It's funny to see them swimming laps around the coffeepot when I walk in. Makes me wonder if they see my 190,000-mile Corolla pulling up past their window every afternoon at 5:10pm.

Or maybe they are confused and have no idea they are swimming in circles. Either way, I'm satisfied they are still alive. Posted by Hello

24 April 2005

you can see a million miles tonight, but you can't get very far

After a much eventful weekend at my parent's farm (turkeys AND strawberries) I was cruising down the interstate back to Columbia when I looked up at my dashboard at the precise time my odometer turned over 190,000. That's got to be significant for a 93 Corolla, right?

So, I took a picture of it. But upon further inspection of the shot, I realized what a stupid idea this was as I was speeding as validated by the speedometer. Alas, I was doing what I was told in Driver's Ed--"stay in the wolfpack"--and therefore, I was merely driving the same speed as the cars surrounding me.

Tonight I was making a protein shake with an abundant amount of fruit (mainly strawberries since I brought home 2 gallons for myself) and yeah, the bottom of the blender jar spun off while mixing. Needless to say, 12 cups barely blended fruit went all over the kitchen. The tadpoles got quite a sight.

Speaking of (since that's all you guys really care about these days..ha), after 3 days of abandoning the tadpoles in the coffeepot with lettuce, they have survived and developed webbed digits. But they are still encapsulated in that transparent membrane. Simon and Molly were hiding under the quartz when I came in and I thought it had fallen on top of them.

Silly tadpoles playing hide and seek. When will they ever learn. Posted by Hello

21 April 2005

it wasn't a dream!

I got Tift Merritt's autograph last night! Yahoooooo! For anyone who hasn't found her yet, go. Flee. Now.
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19 April 2005

day9--movin on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky

Well, today I came home and the tadpoles were moving a little erratically in their mayo jar. After some brief concern, I began a mission for finding the next glass container that was bigger than the jar. Alas, my old coffeepot was to be their next suitable home as they continue to grow. And here's the obligatory overhead shot:

I had a brighter shot that I was going to post, but I decided I liked the formation of the four tadpoles on each of the corners of the coffeepot. I added some quartz (abundant rock of a geologist, eh?) that I had lying around. And that's boiled and frozen lettuce that I just added today after the ritual changing of the water.

Molly and Brian are about to morph into that limbo stage. Their legs are almost about to break the protective membrane around them. That's why I put the rocks in there--so they could gain that instinct to know when to use their legs. Of course, it's a critical moment when they do use their legs and abandon the water because then they cease the use of their gills and if they return to the water, could drown. So, this should be an exciting week. Bob isn't doing too good tonight. He's been spinning in circles and laying on his side. I'm not sure if he'll make it. Simon, on the other hand, is still thriving as the youngest runt and is sure to gain size now that the living conditions have expanded horizontally.

Or maybe the quartz will give them some powers that are not known and they'll be frogs in the morning kind of like your teeth become quarters when you leave them under your pillow over night.
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woes of a tadpole guardian

I'm always trying to do what's best for the tadpoles. So today while at work, I perused some frog websites devoted to tadpole survival. I was fine until I read:

"When it is time to release your frogs, the best place to do this is usually at the place you collected the tadpoles from -- although sometimes, this is not the best thing to do."

Clearly, this is going to be a much larger challenge than I originally anticipated.

18 April 2005


In lieu of actually posting another rambling of my words or a litany of complaints about my day, I've decided to post another childhood picture of me and another dog. This time, it's Friskie. And that's me in the hat by the way. I'm starting to like the vintage look to these photos. Posted by Hello

17 April 2005


My favorite photo of myself. Weird how I needed two bottles of bubbles. There's actually a bubble in front of Susie's nose if you look close enough. Posted by Hello

i am your tambourine

On a typical day I'll make about 2 lists of stuff that I need to do or stuff I need to buy at the store, etc. Sometimes, I take the lists home from work and they sit there for a while and the next day, I end up making another list with some of those items on the new list. You get the picture.

Well, yesterday I was finally cleaning off my desk at home and filing old bills and such when I stumbled upon a list on the back of a Best Buy statement. Just cracks me up because I have no idea what it's for.

4 chairs
blue place mats
put water
Pacific (although it's crossed out)

Any comments? I fear I took one of those random email tests and jotted down some random answers. Of course, on the other side of the statement, I listed the seven dwarves.

16 April 2005

thunder only happens when it's rainin

It was 55 degrees in my house this morning. If the spring weather would just make up it's mind, I'd be slightly more content. My outside thermometer says 68. We've successfully had the heat off for almost a solid month now. Back in the 80's again next week.

I've been rereading my first month of posts this morning. I sure had a way with words. I used to be witty. What's happened? Now I talk about tadpoles. Ha.

Our neighbors directly beside us apparently do not have a lawnmower. In addition, there's a 20 foot section of yard that has no property boundary. So whenever I cut the grass, I make an imaginary property line in that section and hope that it's correct. But of course, since they have no lawnmower, my grass is 2 inches high and theirs is now 2 feet. It just makes our yard look twice as worse than before it was cut. Useless.

I'm waiting for that inevitable knock on the door one day from one of them. No, they won't be asking for a cup of sugar (who does that, really?).

15 April 2005

pass the mashed potatoes please

This is by far the funniest thing I've read in a while. It appears that the Idaho state government passed this resolution celebrating the movie Napoleon Dynamite. And if you haven't seen it, you definitely should--for the simple laughs. The best part:

"WHEREAS, Napoleon's tetherball dexterity emphasizes the importance of physical education in Idaho public schools."

Someone is clipping their fingernails at work. It's echoing down the corridor.

Obligatory tadpole update--day4. Simon was doing somersaults in the newly clean water yesterday morning. A sight to see. They sure have increased their size substantially. They grow up...so fast.

13 April 2005

day3--death arrives in the dukes jar

This morning I discovered that tadpole B had passed on during the night. Perhaps he didn't like the lettuce diet. I'm not completely convinced he liked tadpoles A, C, D and E either. Therefore, I gave them names based on the overwhelming response. I'm proud to introduce Simon, Bob, Brian (on the right still) and Molly:

Naturally, Molly is hiding under a piece of lettuce. Or perhaps the lettuce is trapping her and she is unable to become free and we find it humorous. Sad, I know.

As exciting as this may be, I can't believe I just wasted 15 minutes of my life naming 4 tadpoles. But apparently, you all are interested as yesterday I had the highest number of hits at my site. Maybe next time I'll harvest some cocoons. Posted by Hello

12 April 2005

how to get to sesame st

If you've ever sat in the floor, staring at muppets interacting with humans and learned how to count, then you've probably watched Sesame Street. You'll probably want to check out this site so you can reminisce and shout out loud, "hey, I remember that episode!" It's ultimately 25 favorite memories of Sesame Street. Just makes you feel good.

And that's also for anyone that I've ever pestered by asking if they remember that little guy on the cup who talks and moves around in and out of cupboards and onto the counter and down the kitchen floor and just got into mischief. Yes, he's The Teeny Little Super Guy and he's ranked number 7 on the list.

And if you ever learned how to count with the pinball count machine song (ranked #12).

"one two three FOUR five six seven eight NINE ten eleven tweeeeeelve." [sung with inflection]

And the Typewriter. Oh gosh, the Typewriter.

day2--a new view out the window atop the swivel spice rack

So, you do realize that if continue to read this blog, you'll consequently read about my five tadpoles also. Well, at least until they grow legs and I re-transplant them back to the country from the city. Or they die.

And here you have 5 tadpoles swimming in boiled lettuce which they won't eat when I'm viewing. I think they are self-conscious of their eating habits. I'm taking suggestions for names. Really. It'll be like an interactive biology experiment that'll last until they grow up. Or die.

What a life. Posted by Hello

11 April 2005


Today, I returned to my house during my lunch hour only to find that someone had murdered my refrigerator.

But upon further inspection, I discovered that a Ziploc bag of frozen strawberries that I placed in the fridge to thaw had somehow permeated through the plastic and into the entire right side of the fridge and onto the linoleum. Of course, I still like to think that someone murdered the metal, cooling mechanism. Posted by Hello


trapped in a rusty chair. check out that color! Posted by Hello

10 April 2005

singin' polly wally doodle all the day

In Queensland, I hear it's illegal to harvest tadpoles (or pollywogs if you prefer).

Today I brought home five tadpoles from my parent's farm in a Dukes mayonnaise jar. They are now sitting next to the kitchen sink where undoubtedly, someone will mistake the 3/4 filled jar of water for waste and dump them into the sink. But I have warned the roommate of the new temporary house guests.

In an effort to better serve the new tadpoles, I searched the fail-safe internet. Naturally I Googled, "how to raise tadpoles" and perused the first site I came to. Would you believe that those little critters are highly sensitive to everything and regular tap water can kill them quickly and that they eat lettuce? Who knew?

So yes, tonight in the midst of eating leftover stuffed peppers from sometime last week, I was boiling tap water and boiling lettuce for five tadpoles living in a mayo jar.

45 degree angle

lines lines lines. red. Posted by Hello

07 April 2005

livin the good life

Last night I was cool so I turned my ceiling fan off upon going to bed. After about 10 seconds I realized I was warm, so I turned the ceiling fan on again. In the darkness, I could see the circulating wood blades moving clockwise on my ceiling. They were glowing with a hint of green from my new digital alarm clock.

At that point I started into my scenario mode where I think of ways that ordinary objects could harm me. For the record I would suggest that none of you ever think of how easily a ceiling fan, especially one that's directly over your bed, can become a projectile and harm you. I was awake for an extra fifteen minutes staring at it predicting a reaction time that I'd have.

In other news, I found the DEAD wolf spider this morning in my bedroom. It's amazing how many times I have had to go to that usually unoccupied corner of my bedroom lately.

I'll be on hiatus for the weekend. Tomorrow I'm headed to Six Flags for the second time of my life. Nothing like intentionally projecting yourself up and down massive hills in a metal cart on a metal track all day for $35. Talk about projectiles

05 April 2005

now in technicolor

On my way home from work I was caught again by the inevitable train at rush hour. This time I managed to be the first car at the crossing gate. After a few seconds of watching the train cars pass, I noticed a strange noise and could see that the crossing gate on the opposite side had somehow moved and was being pelted by the train as each car passed. So helpless. This innocent candy-cane colored piece of wood that thought it would live it's life as a safety barrier was now being beaten by 35mph blunt metal train cars. Small splinters were flying towards my car as I was singing along to some oldies song. I kept going through scenarios of what would happen if the gate should become a projectile and barrel towards my car, but nothing came of it.

After a brief run, I came home to a warm house because we are seeing how long we can last without AC. After standing in the kitchen for a while, I realized that the fan was not cooling me off as it was supposed to. It's duty had failed. Of course, then I discovered it was user error. That small reversal switch that all ceiling fans have was apparently in the wrong direction and thus was circulating air upwards. After a few attempts of stopping the fan and switching the circulation, I blew a fuse. Twice. The second time I was using some mail advertisements because I didn't want to be directly touching the switch which had produced a small spark the previous time. So where's the fusebox you might ask? Well, it just so happens to be in my the corner of my bedroom where that blasted wolf spider landed last night. Again, I went through scenarios of the revenge of the spider or me slipping on the white, career fair flyswatter, but nothing came of it.

That Charmin commercial with the bears needing to use the toilet paper came on again tonight. I'm still curious as to why they need to use it but this time it has baffled me. It was advertising the new 4x roll of paper that's the same size as a regular roll. And the bears were ecstatic about this new invention. WHY!?


I made stuffed peppers tonight. I thought you should know. And I thought you should know that I can recognize circles. I don't think I like this picture anymore though. I guess I'm critiquing myself. Posted by Hello

04 April 2005

blue crow

Casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there counting crows Posted by Hello


Two seconds prior to this shot, the robin started rustling in the grass and tossed a long worm into the air and then promptly voraciously ate it. Posted by Hello

at least they spelled vacuum right

I don't get it either. I just figured I'd give Pepsi an endorsement. Posted by Hello

drive their shiny datsuns and buicks

No lie. I just killed the biggest wolf spider ever. Well, the biggest that I've ever been face-to-face with. My first instinct was to back away and cower, which I did perfectly. My next instinct was to take a picture of it for proof and I actually said to myself, "OH, my blog folks would like to see what was darning my spackled ceiling!"

By the time I positioned my chair in such a way that I was close enough to it but far enough from the rotating blades of the ceiling fan, the blasted wolf spider had decided that it did not want to partake in my not-so-candid portrait. He scurried off and I slapped him with a short, white flyswatter that my roommate received at a career fair. I'm not sure if he died, but the blunt force spun him into the adjacent corner behind my television.

Normally, that would be an adequate cemetery for such a spider carcass, but I was in the process of unplugging the extension cord in the exact spot where the elusive spider had landed. Still no sign of him, but the short, white, career fair flyswatter is on the floor near the major exit that he would take if he dared.

I had to buy a new alarm clock tonight. This morning I overslept roughly 2 hours. Someone should have given me an intervention by now. My new one has an ascending alarm on it. We'll see how that goes.

And for the record, I bought a 3-pound box of Honey Nut Cheerios and a 10-pound tub of OxyClean. Got to love Sam's Club and mass quantities.

03 April 2005

weary runners

Kris and I post-race and back at that the Inn. Our shoes are supposed to be white. Posted by Hello

not for the faint of heart

A protocol of a 10K race--well, a disorganized-when-raining and you're being shuttled on the opposite side of an impending closed bridge type of race.

4:40am--Wake up and exclaim "whoa, is it thundering" (with a semi-smile on my face).
4:41-6:00--Stare at Kris, contemplate running, watch the Weather Channel (who wouldn't!?), watch the intermittent lightning, contemplate running, wait to see if it's canceled, drink coffee in the lobby of the inn with other supposed runners, chug water, watch other runners run down to the shuttle bus station darning trash bags for ponchos, contemplate running.
6:01-7:00--Walk to the bus station in a torrential downpour which drenched Kris and I head to toe and stand in a bus terminal with thousands of other wet runners.
7:01-8:25--Ride a shuttle bus filled to capacity from the finish line to the start line (across the bridge), learn to hate people standing in the aisles that are leaning on you for the entire duration, eat half of a PowerBar, drink more water, realize that your bladder has never been to this capacity, realize that you have no way to relieve it because your stuck on a bus that should have taken 20 minutes but because of people who don't know what to do when it rains, the ride took 90 minutes.
8:26-8:28--Relieve bladder along with hundreds of other people--in the woods of a residential neighborhood.
8:30--Realize that the race was not delayed and that it had actually started, oh, 30 minutes prior.
8:30-9:30am--Run a 6.2 mile race with 42,000+ other runners (and walkers) while weaving in and out of walkers already starting their walk during the traffic jam, learn to elbow and yell "LEFT!" at walkers for not moving out of your way, watch as the blue sky increases it's surface area over our heads, run through large puddles (otherwise known as ponds?) up to our ankles, trek through mud at the finish line in search of water.
Remainder of the day was spent napping, touring Charleston and eating a lot of food.

All in all, a very good time was had, but slightly fatigued and quite a few blisters showed their faces.

Today Kris and I both purchased new running shoes when we returned to Columbia. I suppose that's a sign that our shoes had hit that mark.

Happy Birthday Melanie!

01 April 2005

the interstate's jammed

So tomorrow is the big race. I checked the website earlier and the event was capped at 42,000 entrants. Of course, that does include walkers and the kids run, but I don't know that I can envision that many people running across 2 bridges. Hopefully the turbulent weather will subside tonight and all will be clear for the race at 8am. I'll be sure to let you know my result. It's not a time issue. It's an endurance issue. After all, Oprah ran this race in 1995 and she finished in 55mins and her place was 3,900+. Kris and I both put 55mins as our probable result time.

A single mole can dig up to 300 feet of tunnels underground during a single night.

I can count on one hand the amount of coworkers in the office currently.

I really like the sound of driving under an overpass/bridge during a heavy rainstorm.

But most importantly, I like the sound of lazy fingers on guitar strings. You know, that dragging metal sound that reverbs in between strums when someone is changing chords.

Earlier I was bored and took a speed typing test to determine my WPM at the CalculatorTest site. I am proud to say that after a few attempts, my highest WPM is 120.