25 May 2005


The weatherman's statement about the cooler wearther:

"it's one of those days where you just want to take the weather and [insert hand motions] ploop, snatch it up in a tupperware container and burp it out, oh, I don't know, sometime in August."

In other words, it's cooler than average. But just in case you want your weather in the form of some sort of Dan Rather commentary, catch one of our Columbia weathermen.

24 May 2005


I got to work this morning and suddenly realized that every major person from the county-wide USDA was joining in on the office party--and were dressed up. I, in my faded blue jeans, contemplated this matter and eventually caved in from the guilt of being the only one wearing jeans and drove back home. I changed into some khakis and returned to find that three of my bosses were all wearing jeans because they felt it was a casual party. So, there I was dressed up for fried chicken, catfish and homemade ice cream. But I'm ok with this. They told me the seed was planted for my going-away party in 2 months and 3 days.

Grits were also served. I didn't eat them because they were yellow. I have a complex with eating yellow grits because I once ate cheese grits and well, I don't really like cheese.

Tomorrow I'm going to Starbucks for breakfast where I'll inevitably forget what to order since it's been a few weeks. Last time I shouted that my name was Rob. The magnitude of my enunciation was incalculable.

If you haven't heard of the autoblogger, then check out the trailer here. Glad I'm not the only one like him.

23 May 2005


Tomorrow we're having another office party at work. The USDA sure knows how find any opportunity to bring lots of southern food and dessert. Tomorrow's lunch menu includes BBQ, grits, slaw, buttermilk pie and homemade butterpecan ice cream. Yeah, I'm just there for the ice cream.

Today we had to shut our computers down at 4pm and that just threw everyone into a spiral since no one knows what to do without that minor modern convenience. Some of the folks on my wing started talking and realized that we should have another office party before I leave on July 31st. That menu will included fried turkey and homemade strawberry ice cream. Good thing I put in my 2-month notice last week.

For the record, I played Monopoly with friends Stacey and Ry over the weekend and I can officially say that I won a very intense game. Yes, I WON. All those years of family game night playing Monopoly have finally paid off.

I start grad school in exactly 3 months. I better go buy some pencils.

20 May 2005

speed of sound

The more and more I think about it, my frog silhouette shot reminds me of the movie Magnolia. The frog scene near the end specifically. If you like 3 hours of sad, interconnected plotlines/characters who all sing along to Aimee Mann songs, then you'll like this movie. Rent it.

My roommate (Andy) is on vacation but I have gained 2 extra houseguests (Stacey and Ry) and 2 extra dogs (Annie and Daisy--the THIRD dog named Daisy in my life) in the process.

I stumbled upon a top ten list of favorite words that are not listed in the dictionary on merriam-webster.com. My favorite:

#5. cognitive displaysia (n): the feeling you have before you even leave the house that you are going to forget something and not remember it until you're on the highway

Today I left without my rainjacket and had to return to retrieve it. Upon reentering my house, I found my just-poured 4-cup of coffee in my thermos on the table in plain sight so I wouldn't forget it.

While I'm at it, my second favorite word:

7. phonecrastinate (v): to put off answering the phone until caller ID displays the incoming name and number

Oddly enough I would agree with this but I generally don't answer my phone period.

16 May 2005


So I bought this new x-ray machine and snatched a few frames of the frogs after their successful transplant.

Well, ok. I didn't take an x-ray of them.

Ok, I didn't buy an x-ray machine either.

I'm sure that would kill them faster than the pollution air and the acid rain though.
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15 May 2005

is this thing on?

Hiatus, huh?

Well, it's been quite the busy past few weeks. I mean, I raised tadpoles into frogs and freed them into their original habitat and I got accepted into graduate school. I'm not sure which I was more excited about. But, the truth of the matter is, I'm moving to Atlanta at the end of July to pursue my M.S. in Geology from Georgia State University.

Good thing I set my frogs free because then I'd have to take them to another state capital to live, huh?

Random items I saw on the side of the road within 10 minutes of each other, yet have no significance:
a dead deer
a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal
a unicyclist

Happy belated Birthday, Karen!

10 May 2005

mirrored reflection

I don't know what it is about taking pictures while I drive. I was attempting to get a picture of the sunset in my rearview but since it didn't work, I just made it black&white instead.

No validation of me speeding in this shot though. Posted by Hello

day29--the series finale

On Sunday morning, frog#3 apparently awoke and decided that none of his friends were with him and began his slither up the side of the coffeepot glass oasis as well. I transfered him (as he hopped in my hand) to the pin-poked, blue tupperware paradise next door.

Then I took them to my parent's farm. Started with five. 28 days later, down to three. I set them free beside the smaller of the 3 ponds. Upon opening the lid, one vanished quickly and my sister Bonnie and I could not find him anywhere. Frogs #2 and #3 jumped into the clover and nestled into their new life of polluted air and unboiled vegetables.

I just hope they don't cut themselves on the broken flower pot.
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day28and1/2--more walking

Saturday afternoon, Stacey arrived in time to transfer the somewhat terrestrial creature into a much smaller tupperware container complete with safety pin-punched lid.

Upon further investigation, frog#2 began his approach up the side of the coffeepot with a little bit of coaxing from a plastic straw. I grabbed him and with Stacey's help, the successful frog transplant from water to land (ah, I KNEW this had some connection to my blog title somehow) resulted in two frogs in a container and one still submerged in the water--destined to remain a pollywog forever.

She believed they needed some sustenance other than the boiled lettuce and water. After a bit of research and some hunting in the backyard, we found some dandelions with aphids attached and stuck them in the tupperware mansion and called it a day.. well, after heading to the country bar and drinking out of a mason jars--which oddly also resembles the tadpoles first life in a mason jar.
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day28--one giant leap for mankind

I know, a long-awaited post.

Saturday morning I was washing the dishes when I happened to glance over and saw one of the mighty frogs walking (or slithering) up the side of the 4-year old coffeepot. I quickly retrieved him and stuck him in a very large tupperware container.

Turns out the quartz was a good idea after all.
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05 May 2005

day26--fresh lettuce and fried frog legs

So you do realize the only reason I have these frogs is for fried frog legs, right?

Oh, I just called them frogs. Erroneous? No, they (3/4 of them) have 4 semi-functioning legs. See for yourself.

Inadequate Simon (top left) is definitely the runt of the group. He's just now morphing some back legs. Molly, Brian and Bob all developed their front legs overnight 3 days ago. It was weird. They are still breathing through their gills though. Last night when I was cleaning the coffeepot home, they started jumping out of my hand, so I guess that's a step towards their future. At least they don't have to worry about careers and grad schools.

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I'm beginning to think that Molly and Bob have been siphoning some of the whey protein that sits near them. Look at their legs. They must go to the gym when I'm not looking. Have to be bench-pressing the quartz.

Nice french coffee prepartion directions, huh?
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02 May 2005

how do machines help me build big things?

That was the title of two books that were found in a brown paper bag which was stuffed in between the screen door and the back door tonight.

Earlier I heard a rattling at the back door and thought it was my roommate coming in. A few minutes later, I realized that no one ever entered and so I went to investigate. At that point I came to the abrupt conclusion that clearly someone had just tried to break in my back door and did not succeed because I actually lock the doors when I'm in the house.

After 10 minutes of peering out dark windows, the curiosity of the screen door being slightly ajar got the best of me. I opened it and a brown, paper bag fell into the kitchen floor and I quickly slammed the door closed thinking it was a trap of sorts. I turned on the lights to find "How Do Machines Help Me Build Big Things" laying on the floor--in textbook AND cd-rom form.

How exciting. Someone wanted me to learn about big things!

But alas, it was a speedy delivery from my roommate's friend. Sure did sound like my house was being broken into though. Kind of took the fun out of it.

01 May 2005

cellar door

Well, it's a good thing that I'm clearly not the only one with an age-remembrance problem here.

And I checked on the Frigidaire website to see about "dryer racks." Lo and behold, they do exist. That rack was meant for something after all. Now, if only I could find the directions and see how the rack positions in the dryer.

I was so elated that the tadpoles sprouted their backlegs, that I watched insistently for them to get up on the quartz and start hopping around. But Karen was quick to point out that frogs have 4 legs and not 2. Somehow, in all the excitement of growing up, I forgot they about their other legs.

And at what point are they called frogs and not tadpoles? Do they go through an identity crisis?