30 June 2005

press here. open here. scold here.

In an ongoing mission to find products in the world that don't make sense, and in turn blog about them, I stumbled upon this blogger about EZ-open boxes, etc.

My favorite part:

Unfortunately, after I unscrew the lid [of peanut butter], I have to deal with the silvery cardboard thing that is somehow welded to the top of the jar...And there is always--always a little bit of that silvery crap that sticks to the top of the jar.

29 June 2005

frog reprise

Last night when I arrived home, in the rain, I noticed something odd on the front door. The front porch light had been on and was attracting the usual array of unknown flying insects. But there was a frog on the door. Not just any frog, but a medium-sized, slimy, shiny, green frog. Upon further inspection in the dim light, I found a second on the wall next to the light. When I looked back to confirm it wasn't the first frog, I noticed he was gone. I found him sitting quietly on the copper doorknob. He was probably thinking I was a rather large bug.

I reached out to touch it in that ET-phone home-point to the sky with one finger-kind of reach and he jumped about 4 feet onto the porch. I didn't want him to summon the medium-sized, slimy, shiny green frog army, so I quickly walked in the door where I was greeted by a rather large 4 year old lab who was anxious to see who was on the other side of the frog-infested door.

I think the frog is my spirit animal now. It was once the crow.

27 June 2005


Rachel and another ornament from the ceiling. Posted by Hello


rachel's cat, luna. and some books for her perusal. Posted by Hello


just a weird pic that i cropped. it's an ornament hanging from the ceiling. Posted by Hello

tonka trucks

I spent a few days in Atlanta--my future residence. While 1/2 of the time was spent looking for apartments with Rachel, the other was spent realizing just how much more it costs to live in that particular state capital rather than the current state capital I reside in--Columbia. And this will be on a limited income as a grad student. We didn't find the apartment but we're sure it's out there somewhere. One more month to go.

On the particurlarly long, perilous journey back to SC, I started questioning those "WIDELOAD" tractor-trailers that I saw on the interstate every now and then transporting massive objects that look like what Paul Bunyon would have used had he played with Tonka Trucks. I mean, I saw a post-driver that was the size of at least 3 UPS trucks. Shortly after, another "WIDELOAD" followed carrying a rather large metallic drum. Perhaps someone desperately needed to bury an enormous time capsule. Yes, that's definitely it.

Did anyone else find it odd that the voices of Piglet AND Tigger BOTH died this weekend? Well, I did.

22 June 2005

very large dog, toy, me, part2

Had to share more. I'm so little compared to him.

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the stork arrived

Meet the new dog in the house, Hoss. He's a 99 pound lab. 3-year old puppy. I look so lifeless beside him.

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21 June 2005

shaky ground

I frequented the SUPER Bi-Lo tonight. It's a rather massive, newly built supermarket that I've spoke about before on here. I had to go since I now live close to it and who can resist a newly built box store??

I grabbed a new, blue buggy and headed into a second set of doors anxiously awaiting to see what the store was made of. Turns out, it's just a larger version of any other supermarket, just fancier, and I liked it. And it has a Starbucks inside.

My journey began in the mecca of fresh produce. I think I stood there, amazed, at the sight of so many fruits and vegetables. Apparently everyone else had already traversed my steps because all of the plastic produce bags were gone. All I wanted was a white onion and to have it in a plastic bag. I can't just have my onion rolling around in the buggy, now can I? After a relentless search of 6 or 7 bag dispensers, I finally find the elusive bags on a dispenser near the end of the aisle.

I grabbed a bag and headed back up for my white onion when I halted everything because the bag had, in large letters, "Fresh Corn and Fresh Yams" with outlined figures of corn and yams underneath. I put the bag down and started searching for another dispenser. After a few more searches, I found a new set and looked at the new bags which also said "Fresh Corn and Fresh Yams." At that point I convinced myself that only corn and yams could go in those bags and that it must be so that the cashiers could easily determine what's in the bags instead of trying to peek inside.

Yes, I am blonde. And yes, I waited until someone else walked up, picked up a bag, read the description on the bag and put, oh no, not fresh corn or a fresh yam, but an APPLE in their bag.

And this morning, my name was mentioned on the Pam Stone radio show. The first thing that came out of her mouth was "Family member, Robin, sent me this hilarious news story..." This is in conjunction with another news story I sent her on Friday and she opened the show with also. I now have 14 minutes and 49 seconds of fame remaining!

17 June 2005

robin moment #463

So I had another "robin moment" the other day. The office has been planning a going-away party for me to be held at the end of July. Since I'm the official strawberry provider, I've been selected to bring 2 quarts so we can make homemade strawberry ice cream.

Upon thinking about this for a few minutes, I was quick to say that I'd never had strawberry ice cream before. The day progressed. Then I said it again to reiterate the fact and even added the question of do ice cream companies even make strawberry ice cream.

A coworker did not hesitate to say, "You do know the pink ice cream in Neapolitan is actually strawberry, right?" It had never occurred to me before. All this time I was thinking that strawberry ice cream was actually vanilla with strawberry chunks in it.

Who knows what kind of rock I've been living under. But hopefully, with my geology degree I'd be able to determine what kind of rock it is.

12 June 2005

magnolia mountain, louisiana woman and the mississippi woman

I have to brag. Stacey and I went to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals perform Friday night in Charleston. And it was awesome. 2 1/2 hours of pure alt-country sounds in comfortable chairs and a backdrop of balloons and lights made for one heck of a concert.

And there's nothing more relaxing than staying up until 4am playing games, falling asleep on a therm-a-rest and waking up in the same position as if you never moved at all.

Then driving home singing old country songs. I mean, how fun are we? Ha.

Check out Ryan Adams. It's good-time music.

09 June 2005

stuck in square one

Tonight I ran for 30 minutes in a subdivision that consists of titanic, 3-story, brick houses. I waved at numerous cars as they drove by just so I could fit in and pretend I lived there and was out for my nightly jog.

They all waved back!

Even the ones in the Miatas and BMWs and Mercedes'! On Tuesday when I ran there I actually spoke to one of them.

Tonight I found the subdivision/club pool that had no "no trespassing signs" so I jumped right in and lingered until I felt really guilty. All five minutes of it.

Next time I run, perhaps I'll be recognized and be invited to a birthday party or something.

scrupulously engineered

I'm reading Bill Bryson's I'm a Stranger Here Myself currently because anything he writes makes me laugh. And think. But mostly laugh because I relate to it.

An excerpt, if you will:

"But then most things in the world don't seem right to me. On the dashboard of our family car is a shallow indentation about the size of a paperback book. If you are looking for somewhere to put your sunglasses or spare change, it is the obvious place, and it works extremely well, I must say, so long as the car is not actually moving. However, as soon as you put the car in motion, and particularly when you touch the brakes, turn a corner, or go up a gentle slope, everything slides off. There is, you see, no lip around this dashboard tray. It is just a flat space with a dimpled bottom. It can hold nothing that has been nailed to it.

So I ask you: What then is it for? Somebody had to design it. It didn't just appear spontaneously. Some person--perhaps, for all I know, a whole committee of people in the Dashboard Stowage Division--had to invest time and thought in incorporating into the design of this vehicle a storage tray that will actually hold nothing. That is really quite an achievement."

And these are the things I think about on a daily basis. Just think, I could have written a book like this by now. We all take that little compartment for granted but have you actually ever thought about why it's there? Aesthetically purposeful? Of course, now you'll be driving and look over to see this dashboard tray and have to think about it.

06 June 2005

fun times in the country

There are worse things that could happen. Really.

The internet has yet to make it's appearance at the new house. The cable guy blamed it on "a system-wide error and the construction of a nearby dam." Oh right.

Suddenly, my dryer stops producing heat. Yes, my 10-month old dryer that I'm still paying off on my Best Buy credit card, ceased heat. So tomorrow they are coming out to repair it. I'm hoping it's not a user error as the time I spoke to technical support for my old desktop computer for an HOUR. Then I realized I had a book sitting on my ESC key and it was preventing the reboot. But that was 2 years ago. I think dryers are easier to operate.

Then, it all culminates yesterday morning while sitting around the living room with Andy and Jenna watching Inside the Actor's Studio with Angelina Jolie when the cable (all 70 channels) abruptly halts. And I'm serious when I say that a blue 18-wheeler driving down the road took out the newly installed cable.

So yesterday I was back to living primitively again. It was kind of nice though. I thought about reading, but I took a nap instead.

And I'm wondering if it's any coincidence that my last post was titled "roll on 18-wheeler, roll on."

02 June 2005

roll on 18-wheeler, roll on

Sorry for the inconvenience of this blog for the past week. I've actually been busy packing, moving and unpacking after relocating 31 minutes NE of Columbia temporarily until I transplant myself to Atlanta for 2 years. So, in a nutshell, I'm living in a small, quaint town called Blythewood and since I'm still working downtown, I have successfully become...a commuter. And surprisingly, I'm ok with this.

Back to the true spirit of this blog...my idiosyncrasies? No, well, yes, but that's besides the point. I'm back to sharing insight of my days as long as I have some.

On Monday night amidst the packing, Stacey and I headed to Starbucks to indulge in late-night coffee before playing challenging rounds of the ever-popular game, Phase10. I ordered my coffee while Stacey inquired on how to order 'no sugar' in Starbucks lingo. She got her name on her cup and I, slightly miffed, asked if I could have my name on the cup as well. I assertively said my name, and it never fails, she had to ask for it again.

After a few minutes of writing, making the coffee and walking out the door, I realized that my cup read "Rob--the jealous one." How fitting.

I would have taken a picture to show all the world, but my camera was (and still is) safely packed in one of the many random boxes that encompass my bed in my new room.

Today I found out that Caesar dressing does NOT have mayo in it. Instead, it's coddled eggs and anchovies. That's better, right?