31 August 2005


I feel kinda proud of myself for buying premium gas tonight for only $2.99 and only having to wait in line for 30 minutes.

I mean, half the gas stations I passed on my commute home were closed anyways and their signs read $3.29.

28 August 2005

you are ...like a hurr-i-cane

Interesting to note:

The Weather Channel is now going by the pseudonym "The Hurricane Central."

CNN is declaring itself as "The Hurricane Headquarters."

And FoxNews just wants to be on "Hurricane Alert."

Whatever will the news cover after the hurricane season?

Meanwhile, I'm glued to my tv.

27 August 2005

made with real gold flakes

I guess I'm officially a busy person yet again.

The whole graduate school scene thing at Georgia State is a world of it's own. I guess that's the same anywhere though. My experience just seems to be heightened. Mainly because of the subway, Marta. I'm either forcing myself to not make eye contact with anyone in order to not spark a conversation or I'm anxiously awaiting my arrival back at home so I can wash my hands. Germ-mobile is a more apt name for it. I did find myself saying "wow, I kind of like the 930 crowd" this morning though. Everyone seemed so sedate and reserved and I saw people smiling!

Sometimes I do catch myself staring at the Atlanta skyscrapers getting larger and larger as the train coasts into the city. I always know it's my stop when I see the back of the large Coca-Cola cut-out letters in the sky.

But I will say that I'm a big nerd. I'm way too enthralled with my climatology class and subsequent potential thesis topic that already has data. And on Monday I'm getting a bigger office that has windows and my own "really fast computer." Can't wait to stare outside and, well, see skyscrapers.

24 August 2005

alabaster legs

A flashback to fall of 2003. The greatest field excursion course of USC was the annual trip to the Everglades--if you took the course.

This is Audrey and I. Note that I am not in the water. And I'm writing in my field book with a pen. And she is reading the manual for the GPS. Clearly, we do not fit the geologist profiles.

Two years ago. Wow.

23 August 2005

rocky mountain climbing

There's nothing like going to your first class and realizing that you don't belong there. No, not because you feel completely oblivious to what's going on. Oh no, but rather, you feel like you're the smartest person in the class and you feel guilty for taking an easy class and then halfway through the 3.5 hr class, you talk yourself into dropping it and taking a harder one. Nothing like it.

And if that's not enough, all the buildings at Georgia State seem to be interconnected to one another in weird, tangled patterns. And random doors lock at 515.

And if that wasn't enough, my first late night attempt on the Marta subway was undermined by a falsely labeled marquee on the eastbound train. I wasn't about to get on the wrong train although I was clearly on the east line. So when the train arrived, I cowardly walked away and back down the escalator to find a map. Upon realizing I had just missed my train, I was forced to wait 15 minutes for the next--which was correctly labeled. It was like a bad prank. At least it was less crowded. And everyone seemed to have their headphones on. One man was really jamming to his music. With his sunglasses on. At 9PM.

I just sat there, in the handicap plastic fiberglass seat and contemplated my schedule, thought about what I needed to buy at the grocery store (gallon of milk, a gallon of orange juice and bananas) all the while clutching my 7 year old, yellow Timberland bookbag with Wyoming and Jackson Hole patches sewn on.

22 August 2005

let the sunshine, let the sunshine in

Your appreciation for oddities might make you seem eccentric to others.

So, today is my first day of graduate school. And it's a night class. Just like all my classes for some reason. Here's hoping I don't get lost--much like I did on Friday when I was trying to buy my books. Heck, I got lost getting off the subway. This potentially does not bode well for today.

18 August 2005


I purchased my very first vacuum cleaner today from Sears.

I feel as though it's an important, grown-up investment. And similar to other important, grown-up investments I've made, it was also in August.

Last August ('04), I purchased a brand new washer and dryer.

The August before that ('03), I purchased a brand new laptop.

The August before that ('02), I bought a new cell phone. Okay, so that's not that great.

During the August of 2001, I think I was broke. But the August of 2000 I bought a desktop computer with graduation money.

I had this revelation today while driving to Sam's Club to buy a large quantity of coffee with the minuscle amount of money I have until I start teaching geology labs. The coffee that will keep me awake during the days as I start my graduate career next week. The coffee that will last for a few months. The coffee that will undoubtedbly spill and I can clean up with my new, yellow, bagless Hoover vacuum. And I'll feel proud.

08 August 2005

oh atlanta, i hear you callin

I'm officially an Atlanta resident. The move was successful with the help of my parents and my sister and my new roommate and her boyfriend and some Gatorade and a large Penske moving truck.

And today I discovered I have free cable.

And the wireless signals streaming from everyone's non-password protected wireless connections are great too! Well, until we get our own internet.

More to come soon, and hopefully pictures too.

Happy belated birthday, Leigh.

04 August 2005


Yet another picture. It's actually a ploy to keep everyone interested in my blog while I'm busy packing and moving to Atlanta. I won't have the net for a while, so I might be sporadic in the next few weeks.

I took this a long time ago. Perhaps 7 or 8 years ago. I think it's fairly nice. It's my niece, Elizabeth and the family dog, Jack.

Well, his spots at least.


More scans from the boxes I rummaged through. This is me and my sister Bonnie after devouring chocolate. Cracks me up.

02 August 2005


HAZARDOUS! That word cost us a win at my final trivia night. With that said, can you name 3 other "commonly used words that end in -dous"? It was a 3-point question too!

When I was at my parents house today, I decided to invade all the stuff that lingered in my old bedroom. The stuff that I never brought with me to college. Most of it was the most random stuff I could possibly manage to collect and keep in shoeboxes. At the time the objects/notes/movie stubs meant something but 1/3 of it I have no recollection of why I kept. The other 2/3 however, has significant meaning. I'll enlighten with a few samples.

That was an excerpt from a typical letter from Laura in 12th grade--back in the day. Isn't it great?

I don't even remember ever receiving this letter from Em. I didn't even go to the prom with her. I went with the aforementioned Laura who couldn't draw correct lines with her inaccurate perception.

01 August 2005

...even easier being green

Further proof that the frog is competing with the crow to be the alpha spirit animal for me. This little guy has been on the back porch for a couple of weeks. Every now and then I'll spot him on the wall and this morning he happened to be lurched behind the random key box that the realtors never retrieved on the back door.

I wanted to post about the frogs singing to me yesterday but I thought I'd be laughed at. But after seeing this frog, I figured I'd tell you. Ever since I moved into this house, there's been an abundant amount of frogs around the yard. There's a medium-sized tree in the front yard that contains more of these frogs. Every time it rains, they start singing, or whatever it is that they do. Perhaps they are just talking. Yesterday a large storm came through and after each thunder clap, they'd increase their chatting briefly, then go back to their murmuring.

easy being green

morning dew on the porch.

a capital place to be

This weekend I frequented yet another southeastern capital. This time, Raleigh, and with my friends, Stacey and Ry. I helped them move out of their old 3rd story apartment and back to the other capital, Columbia, into their new house.

The ride up consisted of sitting in the middle of an old van listening to classic country music, eating pistachios and drinking chocolate milk.

I have never moved so much stuff in my life. The bruises on my forearms and the blood stains on their dryer are the small sacrifices I made.

The ride back consisted of empty stomachs and rummaging through the van only to find a 3/4 eaten pack of chocolate sugar wafers that no one could determine the age of. And since it wasn't made of mayonnaise or egg, I quickly devoured them. The softness and lack of taste though, led me to believe the age was well over 6 months. Eventually a jar of peanuts was found and it was gone in a few handfuls.

And with it finally being August, I am reminded that I will be moving to another capital in a few quick days. Gives new meaning to august and everything after.

Happy August--rabbit, rabbit.