27 September 2005

amusement of lunch

Indeed, you are looking at Tuesday's lunch. I opened up my tupperware container to reveal the sandwich, half row of fig newtons and 15 assorted M&Ms. It made me laugh when I saw it because it looked so scarce. It could be worse.

Speaking of pics, I updated my webshots page. Somewhat updated at least.

26 September 2005


This morning a woman fell down, and onto me, while I was on the escalator after exiting the subway. It was one of those experiences where you know you should have, could have, would have helped but "it happened so fast."

I always wondered about the "happening so fast" moments. I had one once in an automobile accident that wasn't my fault but I could have prevented--if only it hadn't happened so fast.

So this morning, this woman must have slipped on the damp, metal grates of the downward escalator. She took a big tumble and landed at my feet at the precise time the escalator was plateauing at the bottom and starting its cycle over again. There was no emergency button to push. There was no security to help. It was just me and 5 or so other people trying to help this woman up who was stiff and not reactive at all. She laid there for probably a solid minute because no one could get her up.

She even grabbed my arm and I grabbed her's out of instinct but it happened so fast.

It's weird how your mind works in those situations. You're doing everything you can--at the time. But then 10 minutes or 3 hours or 1/2 day later you realize everything else you could have done.

Of course, you can't live life in the "i could have done ..." category either. Ah, complexes.

24 September 2005

have you dug wall drug

If Rachel's cats didn't make me laugh enough already, now it's gotten 10x worse. Curtis, the younger and more spunky one, has a new method of attacking me at various, unknown moments. He lays under chairs on his side and while he looks innocent and unwilling to attack due to laziness, as soon as you walk past, he uses his back legs to propel himself across the floor thus providing the best way to adhere to my ankle that never saw it coming.

Today I sat on the couch and watched a documentary on a glacial lake that formed during the glaciation some 15,000 years ago. It was on Nova. I felt particularly interested because I'm currently teaching glacial processes in my geo intro labs. I kept saying to myself, "I knew that! I knew that too!" Again, a key factor in making me realize that it's all worth it. Debt and all.

I want to take a vacation to Montana.

22 September 2005

starin at the stars, jealous of the moon

I keep forgetting to post these days. School. Yeesh.

Tonight I learned some information about cyclones and anticyclones in my climate class and when I got home, I was watching the Weather Channel (imagine that) and I put two and two together and actually saw some stuff on a cloud pattern map that I recalled in class and then I finally felt like I knew something and that taking more money out on student loans to pay for my continued education for two more years as a graduate student really is going to pay off because yesterday after my class about fractures of rocks, I wasn't really thinking the whole being in debt for this class was really worth it.

And then standing on the subway all the way home on one foot was fun. I wasn't injured. I was just tired of standing and decided to cross my leg and just rest it on the other foot and therefore, stand on one leg for the 11 minute train ride. I only almost fell once.

I should start a blog about my occurrences on the subway. A book could be written. Tonight I saw a duplicate homeless person on the train. Duplicate in that I saw her on the train a few weeks ago. And homeless in italics because I'm seriously starting to doubt if these people are really homeless because this lady had a huge earring in one ear.

Yesterday I finally got to ride on one of the new train models. It had televisions on it and for once, wasn't carpeted. I've yet to figure out why they put carpet on the old ones.

And Tuesday a cockroach ran up beside me on my seat. It was the first non-human living thing I've seen on the train. I flicked him off nonchalantly like I didn't even care.

19 September 2005

fishbowl, year after year

Today I received the office as a grad student in Atlanta. You'd be envious. My current view is out of 4 absurdly large windows. Aside from an AC unit, I can see a few of the skyscrapers, but most notably a tall, but strangely narrow, AT&T building that looks like King Kong could push over with a thump of his finger. I have it all to myself so my music can be played as loud as I want (and I'm playing surprisingly good music from my advisor which ranges from Pink Floyd to Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash to Nickelcreek to The Cure to REM) and I can take a nap if need be.

I feel as though I've moved up in the world today. I have geologic papers strewn about amongst geology intro labs and lab quizzes. I have a new cell phone (same number) that actually rings now. I have no concept of how hot it is outside because I've vowed to stay indoors all day until my night class is adjourned tonight. I'm pretending there's not a heat wave in the middle of September. So far I've done a good job since I had to leave for school at 7am and actually had the heat on in the car.

And today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the geology department is so cool that they brought in hordes of good food for lunch and all we had to do is make pirate sounds before we could eat it. Brilliant!

And I can even see trees from my office.

15 September 2005


A year ago this week I was driving across the US during what ended up being a sad fall season. This is my sister Bonnie, my grandmother and myself in southern California.


I really don't like the cats. They are just photogenic as silhouettes.

14 September 2005

i could swear that i didn't laugh, but i'd be lying

Yesterday in LensCrafters an interesting conversation occurred. I was already sitting down waiting on my old glasses to be repaired at the time. An old man walked in and the woman who was helping me asked the man what she could do for him.

He proceeds to tell her that a bird flew into his car while he was on I-75 (major artery here in Atlanta) and in the whole shuffle, his glasses broke. This caused the entire store to stop what they were doing to observe the man. I, of course, started laughing as did the woman. He told the story a few more times for whatever reason and kept describing it in great detail.

"Just flew in through my window and hit me!"

The only thing I could ask was not how he escaped the whole ordeal but more along the lines of what happened to the fine-feathered friend.

"I killed it," he said. "It was just a sparrow."

11 September 2005

arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder and eyyeee ah eyyeee...

I finally learned the lyrics to the chorus of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car." My version of that line went something like "alarm sounds nice slapped and smoldered." Or something like that. Did you know that song was released in 1988?

Feeling old?

I must admit that I had a long, but highly enjoyable weekend. Got to see Coldplay in concert, got to hang out in Columbia, got to enjoy myself at a party, got to eat lunch at Panera, got to hang out with tons of friends and of course, got to learn the aforementioned lyrics.

On the ride back into Atlanta, I realized that seeing round hay bales in a field that's off in the distance is probably one of the most picturesque scenes of nature I've ever seen.

Go look for some.

I sat and watched the Weather Channel for an hour tonight. A solid hour. I was equally intrigued that there's a hurricane named Ophelia as I was about a small thunderstorm in Oklahoma.

Sometimes I wish I was in Oklahoma.

Or maybe looking at a field of round hay bales in Oklahoma.

Or maybe I just yearn to be working at the Weather Channel.

07 September 2005

good morning america how are you

I just looked to my left to stare at the floor when something caught my eye. There on my left shoulder of my light blue shirt was the smallest spider I've ever seen. After focusing my eyes on the little arachnid, I realized that he was constructing a web! Undoubtedly, the smallest web I've ever seen.

He's about the size, if not smaller, of the spider in the upper-left corner of the $1 bill.

Happy belated birthday (only by one day!) to my sister Bonnie! The big 28.
And happy birthday to Andy. The big 23.

06 September 2005

count only blue cars

Rachel's cat. One of them. Curtis, to be exact. And he's not always this sedated. It was a rare photogenic opportunity.

05 September 2005

it's the perfect time of day

I cannot wait until October when I can wear a jacket.

03 September 2005

a spiderweb is tangled up with me

Due to procrastination and the yearning to not do anything with grad school, I have opted to stare at some of my pics. These were two separate shots--but the same spider. One was with the flash and the other was not. I like how the detail of the web can be seen in the first. They were taken in Spartanburg on a bridge crossing a creek to an old, burnt mill. I forgot I had even taken them until now. Clearly, my fear of spiders has receeded enough to flash a bright camera bulb at them.

have to let it linger

This is how I read magazines apparently.

To properly read one, one must be wearing linen pants, cross their arms, stand on their right foot and have the magazine on the floor two feet away. Oriental rug is optional but optimal for more adequate balance.

01 September 2005

back in service

It's official. I'm back in the 21st century with wireless internet again. I'm not sure how I lived without it for a month. Tonight, Rachel and I were so excited to have it working that we found ourselves both laying on the floor in the living room with our respective laptops in front of us and the television on simultaneously.

Nothing like pure laziness induced by technology.

I'm beginning to think that the subway is my friend whether I like it or not. And frankly, just like you know how to walk in the shower/bathtub without slipping, you unintentionally learn how to stand on a subway as it barrels from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds.