28 November 2005


To appease Paula (and her comment), I've decided to revive myself from blog slumber. You guys get worried when I'm not around all the time. I suppose it means I'm important.

So tonight after a visit to Sam's Club (10-pound bag of apples, 3-pound box of honey nut cheerios and 5-pounds of frozen salmon later) I also came home with two random boxes "because Curtis would enjoy them" I told Rachel. The boxes were a big hit with the cats--anything to preoccupy them from my new Lazboy recliner and my shoelaces.

Curtis immediately discovered his new playpen. But meanwhile, an unexpected turn of events led to ...

...Rachel and the fun GoGurt box. Of particular interest, the GoGurt box (if had bought in bulk with the contents) states it would contain 18 pounds of such "yogurt on the go."

WHY!? Why does anyone need that much yogurt in "portable tubes"? Why does anyone even need yogurt on the go?

22 November 2005

may the force be with you

Looks like we are going riding, huh? Nope, Kris and I are just pretending we are fierce Martians smiling even though you can't see our smiles.

19 November 2005

firday night and the moon is high

Today I ran in the 50-degree weather through the cool, red leaf-littered suburbs of Atlanta. I've never seen so many people raking leaves at one time. I think they thought I was crazy for running. I thought they were crazy for raking. I liked it though.

Ok, so the whole horse commentary below has really got me laughing.

Scrubs season 2 is now on DVD. Ahem.


15 November 2005

35% chance of ..hizzle?

Thanks to my sister Melanie for sending this along. I haven't laughed that hard in quite a few weeks.

Just stare at it for a while, it'll get you.

chance of severe weather

Is it sad that I just looked up information on the Weather Channel to see if they give tours? They don't. Sadly. But, if any of you stumble upon some 'weather channel tours' in your spare time, keep me in mind as it would be a good Christmas present. Thanksgiving present even. I mean, they ARE in Atlanta and so am I. You gotta admit, it'd be fun.

Admit it.

I've begun reading on the train rides to and from school everyday. In other words, I have my iPod on and playing music to avoid talking to people and to avoid hearing the intercom playing very loud classical music and now I read so I can avoid the awkward stares that you have to encounter while you're in a train car with 50 (with only 20 seats!) other people for 11.4 minutes twice every day.

I'm in the peak of paper-writing season. But, I can safely say that I wrote my first draft of my lit-review paper for my thesis. Already. Now, if this 10-15 page paper on fractures would just write itself without my help, I'd be ok.

penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes
there beneath the blue suburban skies

13 November 2005


Wow, wait a minute, where did I go? Sorry. Well, for future reference, if I abandon the blog for a long duration again, it's most likely due to school. But hey, I pulled my first grad school all-nighter last week with a paper. This week will most likely be the same.

So here's a pic I scanned of my childhood. I'm the 1/2 cut-out one, followed by my sisters Bonnie and Melanie and her horse Blaze. I like the vintage look.

I'll be back.

04 November 2005

the post of all posts

I save things.

If you know me at all, you know that I have shoeboxes, my Mom's old Avon boxes and boxes that people have mailed me that are filled with things that I cannot part with. Much to my surprise, my email accounts are turning into the same. So, in an effort to procrastinate further in my academia, I have reread most of the emails I have saved in the past. Be afraid. I'm about to post many quotes from those emails that stood out. Some are from recent months, some are from way back in 1999.

These are the things to note:

[Stacey]: I think one of the loneliest things in the world is getting off of a plane with no one there to greet you.

[Maria]: ya know, I'’m only 24 but I'’m ready to have my house and my white picket fence . . . this is my thought for the day . . . idealistic huh?

[Mom]: Everyone should have WD-40 along with a roll of duct tape!

[Kris]: I'm about to sound really cheesy and sentimental, but try to at least fool yourself into believing that I'’m serious.

[Laura]: that's the way with old friends. that's why it's important to keep them. or not to forget them.

[Stacey]: you're not a bad friend, just a bad person. ha!

[Rachel]: actually the other day I thought to myself, "i wonder if i'm eligible for welfare?"

[Melanie]: I'm convinced that fireants are conspiring to take over the world.

[Bonnie]: I remember the hash that grandpa would serve on the tailgate of his blue truck...and I remember the silver things...

[Laura]: You (rachel) had said something like you looked like a stripper and I looked like I was about to slide down a cliff. when I read that, I of course busted out laughing.

[Paula]: Yea! I'm a mnemonic... and I've peed myself. Hey - you can remember the difference between the two Ps because I'm a person and "peed" is a procedure! Love it!

[Maria]: Oh your knowledge of soils has definitely made me even more attracted to you. thats it, keep smiling -- did i mention i look cute today too - hahaha

[Stacey]: cancel lab and let's go sequester ourselves in a cozy starbucks and read the newspaper or a magazine while drinking expensive coffee drinks. we'll get triple espressos and when we are finished we can run around whooping and yelling and flailing our arms about wildly. we should do that in front of the cats. that'll keep them away from you for awhile.

[Andy]: Maybe they both were top government spies who used the voices of Tigger and Piglet to send subliminal messages to children, and pooh bear was their communist leader. Just maybe.

[Emily]: he's like a cancer. i'm in remission most of the time, but every now and then, I have a little relapse.

[Leigh]: I made the mistake of looking at my pictures today and almost started bawling right there in the train station.

[Bonnie]: I had a spider in my ear this morning. does that beat ants in your ear?

[Me]: you go around the corner and i'm looking and all of the sudden I see Starry Night thru the hall--it's like RIGHT THERE!

[Mom]: Maybe she will fly back with him.

[Stacey]: live it up, buddy. pretty soon it's alarms going off at 6:15, dogs to walk and feed and give constant attention, $30K a year to make, hours of spider solitaire to play, spouses to clean up after... the list is endless. enjoy what you've got now.

[Laura]: hopefully we will never lose touch with each other--—never. because we have so much history that no one else but us has.

[Maria]: jean on jean? yeah thats it. keep trying to convince yourself it looks good . . . how about I crimp my hair and then we go out. you just make it so easy.

[Rachel]: and my logic was that I didn't know if it's illegal to approach a postman while he'’s delivering mail.

[Kris]: rob, you're a man beyond your years. if you could step out of you and look in, you'd definitely see that. everyone else does. I totally dig you.