21 December 2005

where's the summer?

In rare news, I have to brag that I got a B in the toughest course I've ever taken in my life--it had something to do with fractures of rocks. A B! Time to celebrate. In Columbia? haha.

And in other rare news, Stacey, Ry and I won at trivia last night. 2nd place. In our minds. Aside from a crazy tiebreaker, we won second fair and square. Go Val!

I'm not sure what's going on with my blog. I was trying to be creative, but I'm just going to simplify it. I did, however, put links up on the right to a dozen or so of my favorite posts in case you had spare time and wanted to read some good ones.

Yesterday I turned into the biggest hypocrite. (I tend to do this a lot). I pulled into a very large mall in Atlanta to find the last remaining present (ahem, kris) on my list and could not find a parking spot. Everyone was driving aimlessly looking for an available one. It got to the point that I actually stalked some helpless woman through the rows. I was lurking behind her. Slowly coasting. I felt like a shark watching its prey. Several times she kept looking over her shoulder because obviously, a black 93 Corolla isn't that hard to miss or hear. She finally got in her car, reversed and as she was leaving, I darted into her space before a mini-van tried to steal it from me. Clearly, I had been there first. So far so good.

But when I left the mall and attempted to find my car in the sea of metal vehicles, I definitely walked down an entire row while 2 cars competed for my spot--then at the last minute, turned and went through to the next row over. Initially it wasn't intentional. But as I got halfway down the row, I realized my car wasn't on it and just waited out as long as I could. I definitely heard someone scream. Ah the joys of Christmas.

Happy belated Birthday, Maria
Happy belated Birthday, Meghan.
Happy Birthday (today) to Amanda.

15 December 2005

tis the season for somethin

Before I knew it, I failed to realize it was mid-December and I had not given much thought to the commercialism that is Christmas. In other words, I had not shopped for anyone but myself--until today.

But today I was riding the escalator (one of eight that I rode today) and heard the stereotypical mall Christmas music in the background and I finally felt like it was Christmas.

The best part, however, occurred prior to this joyous feeling while in a Borders bookstore. I was at customer service--being that customer who cannot find what he is looking for because he got tired of looking. While typing away at the keyboard, the lady looked up at me and said with an attitude,

Now WHY is Celine Dion singin Feliz Navidad?

I could have fallen over laughing at that point.

14 December 2005

bacon grease

Well, now I'm obsessed with 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon. Even at 1am.

Robin Williams to Kevn Bacon.


13 December 2005

we got california drownin out the window side

Time to get back into the picture posts. Christmas break is going to get the best of me. This was actually taken a year ago, but I stumbled upon it. Back to my fascination with windows/blinds.

12 December 2005


..with my first semester of grad school.


Now, onward to Christmas, dog-watching, New Years and ..spring semester. Thus proving that school consumes my life. Or that my life revolves around school. Or that school..

ok, i'll stop.

Stay tuned to a more-updated blog. For a little while at least.

08 December 2005

we spotted the ocean

A direct line from the National Weather Service weather statement today:


Oh no! Take cover!

or better yet..

Get up on yer roof! (ok, so that's from Tremors, but I think that line is funny.)

06 December 2005

lightning strikes

I could bore you by whining and complaining about school, but ah, who cares about that, the semester is winding down.

In other news, the bright red leaves out my office window have yet to fall from the limbs. Any other tree I see has half the leaves gone already. Perhaps they know I can see them.

I opened a stock trading account the other day.
I ate Thai food for the first time Sunday.
I haven't returned a movie that's been due since before Thanksgiving.

Who am I and where did rob go?

I must be the only person in Atlanta who thoroughly enjoys driving through Spaghetti Junction at the intersections of I-85 and I-285. Seeing 8 giant overlapping bridges makes you marvel at the work. I've always been a fan of infrastructure.

Speaking of Johnny & June Cash..what is a "j-pan band"?

03 December 2005

where i am is where i is

Make it stop!

I'm currently sitting in my office at school on a Saturday afternoon working on schoolwork and resisting the latest temptation away from the office--the fire alarm. It has been going off for the past 25 minutes (and counting) and since I didn't smell smoke, I didn't leave. I left during the last fire alarm a month ago, why leave now? It's raining and it's cold outside.

But what brought me to the edge of insanity was that in the midst of working on a database in Microsoft Access, I was hand-delivered the error message of non-sense:

"You tried to commit or rollback a transaction without first beginning a transaction!"

Oh, well if THAT'S all I did, then allow me to correct myself. Whew. I don't know what would have happened had I committed my transaction initially.

What on earth. I'm so confused. And the fire alarm is blaring still. And I'm afraid I'll be reprimanded if I abandon my office now.

Back to rollbacking transactions into the oblivion.

01 December 2005

the proper way to decorate the tree

Wow, I'm lacking in the blog department, huh? School's almost done. Soon. I'll be back to normal. I figured now would be a good time to illustrate the steps to decorating (or watching your mom decorate) the Christmas tree.

First, find tree in the barn and arrange 'limbs' in their respective color-coded categories. What, did you think it was going to be real?

Second, put in a Led Zeppelin DVD and add the "limbs."

Third, continue watching Led Zeppelin and add the lights.

Fourth, fail to take a picture of the tree with ornaments because Survivor came on at 8pm.