31 December 2006


Just a pic or two to tide you over into the new year. More soon. I've been a busy person. I feel like I've been living out of my suitcase for 2 weeks.


paula and rob

28 December 2006

what's in a name

Jack, Daisy, Buddy, no-name, Hoss, Pugsley, no-name, Luna, Annie, Daisy, Daisy, Lewis and Toby. Those are the dogs that I've encountered and lived with for the past 5 days (in chronological order) during my various traveling amongst the state of South Carolina. 3 Daisy's and 2 new puppies--now that's impressive.

Ok, so I haven't really traveled beyond the Upstate and the Midlands, but it's still a distance.

And I still don't have a dog. But, the solution to my 2 years of wanting a dog has come to a brief lull as I'm leaning towards the purchase of a Congo African Grey parrot. The search is on. Soon, I'll have a communicating animal to talk to which will respond to me. Or maybe just talk back some nonsense. Who knows. I'll post more when that time comes.

The Christmas "vacation" has slowed to a crawl yet has passed so quickly.

Pictures soon.

19 December 2006

done and not done

Thesis proposal draft #2 (otherwise known as 'the overhaul of the previous draft') = done.

Everything else that I've paused in life = not done.

I'm going to tally the score at 1 - 329. 1 being the thesis that's done, and 329 being the 329 things that I need to do before Christmas.

Oh wait, I drank water today. Make that 2 - 328.

And I just closed the porch door after having it open all day in the 70-deg temperatures. Ahh.

18 December 2006

piano keys

I know it's Christmas when they play the Charlie Brown Christmas songs (piano) on the Weather Channel's local on the 8's.

It just makes me happy.

12 December 2006

a Merry Scrubs Christmas

Oh how I love the Charlie Brown Christmas / Scrubs mashup. This is hilarious.

10 December 2006

wave goodbye

After what appears to be the longest week of my life, I'm finally able to sit on my couch, drink some coffee, not really care about stuff and not care that it's only 1pm in the afternoon after having slept until noon. NOON! Who does that? After all the loss of sleep this week, I still don't feel like I've caught up though.

And somehow in the midst of it all, I managed to trek over to Columbia Friday night, and to a wedding, and back to Atlanta in less than 24 hours.

And now, back to some time-consuming WeffRiddles. Which, by the way, I've officially hauled 6 victims into this game. I've been stuck on 45r for a few days. But I had to take a break.

Updates on life:

We have a team for the 1/2 marathon. It's Team GeNiUS (named after some periodic symbols = nerds). See the shirt and map on Jen's blog. Then cry at the site of the 13.1 mile route.

AND, a BIG congratulatory shout to Jeanette for being accepted to the Peace Corps (finally!). She's heading to Madagascar. By far, the coolest thing. And it's for two years.

08 December 2006

anatomy of an all-nighter in grad school

1:30pm--find out that I don't have to take 1 of 2 finals.
3:45--rejoice that I'm done with 1 of 2 classes.
5:12--realize that I should probably start writing the 2 papers and 1 project that are due in less than 24 hours.
5:45--indulge in a big dinner from Roly Poly alone in my office.
6:32--decide that I'm not going to boulder tonight.
6:56--still procrastinating.
8:00--decide that a 2 mile run is in order at the gym.
9:45--paper? what paper?
9:50--take the train home.
12:01am(wed)--begin 1 of 2 papers.
1:10--decide that it sounds like the people above me are up for the night too.
2:47--attack some green tea (caffeine)
3:56--decide that it's useless to sleep and that the paper will be done faster if I stay up.
4:15--decide that it's useless to not sleep and that the paper will write itself.
4:16--decide that I'm delirious and my grade depends on if I sleep or not, so I stay up.
4:45--fill up the humidifier to pretend it'll be warmer in the apartment.
5:10--realize that a plant needs some water.
5:12--paper?! AGH!
5:29--after listening to the same radio station for 7 hours, I hear the morning DJ come on and I realize just how long the night has been.
6:05--neighbors above me are awake and starting their day.
6:30--make a deadline for myself of 7am. I must finish it by then so I can start on the 2nd paper.
6:59--screw this, I'm done.
7:00--suddenly discover that my stereo sounds like I have surround sound. Upon further inspection, I discover that my clock radio in my bedroom has come on (alarm:radio) and is just echoing the same station.
7:01--set the automatic coffeemaker to come on at 8:30; set phone to awaken me at 8:20 while I sleep on the couch.
8:30--"oh my gosh, what on earth is that noise?!?" [crackling of water boiling in the coffeemaker]
8:32--the loudest beeping I've ever heard echoes from the coffeemaker to alert me that my coffee is ready. But I'm not ready.
8:38--what now!? snooze3.
8:41--guilt overrides my mind and I force myself to awaken and hit the shower where I nearly fall over just walking into the bathroom.
9:20--honey nut cheerios never tasted so good. 2 bowls.
9:32--off to school with coffee in hand.
9:46--the coldest train ride of my life.
10:12--decide that the paper is not really finished, so I start working on it some more.
11:30--paper? what paper?
12:00(pm)--decide that it's necessary to make deadlines for everything that's due at 2:45.
12:01--laugh at my deadlines.
12:15--finish paper #1; begin printing my poster for paper #2 (that's not written).
12:16-1:30--I don't really remember much of what happened during this time because I was literally, running up and down the hall 7 (SEVEN!) times up and down stairs to the large printer trying to figure out why my poster wasn't printing. I could have run my 1/2 marathon that day, I believe.
1:31--nearly lose my mind.
1:46--someone tells me I have an hour to finish my paper#2. paper#2!?
1:46:01--being paper#2.
1:47--do some quick copying and pasting from another paper previously written and end up with 2 pages in a matter of seconds.
2:22--paper#2 complete (4 pages!)
2:23--printer problem #277
2:31:02--realize that neither papers were proofread.
2:32--don't care.
2:44--sit down in class with water and a granola bar and 1.5 hrs of sleep and sit in the dark for 1.5 hours listening to student presentations while fighting to stay awake.
3:10--determine that I'm seeing things.
4:15--class over and head to fellini's (the greatest pizza) with friends (and 2 professors) and proceed to eat pizza and drink a (few) beers for 5 hours.
11:20--back at my apartment
11:31--seeing things jump from corners but nothing is there.
11:32--inspect the things in the corners.
11:33--stare at the corners and wait for the things.
11:34--determine that it's official that I've lost my mind.

03 December 2006

riddle me this

By far, the most intense, frustrating, fun, annoying, easy, difficult game I have EVER played. At least it's good for the mind. But I warn you, your time will be consumed. Have patience on the first one.


And there are forums for hints in case you're stuck--but they don't really give the answers, just boosts. As of Sunday afternoon, I'm stumped on level 32 after a long day of playing yesterday.

I have so much work I need to be doing.


02 December 2006


Johnny Cash: God's Gonna Cut You Down.

It's so good.

29 November 2006

wii have a problem

For the new Wii enthusiasts, they have a site devoted to the loss of control with the new controller. I'm going to just file this under "user error" though. Although, if you read into the posts, there is one instance where Nintendo sent a new controller strap to the customer. But not a new TV.

It's kind of hilarious:



For lack of anything else to talk about, I'll just say that let the racing commence.

I registered for my 3rd consecutive Cooper River Bridge 10k. Charleston. Mar 31. Very excited. Kris?

But that's not all of it. The week before. Actually, 6 days before on Mar 25th, will be my first half marathon. (Atlanta half marathon) Half. HALF! It's been my latest goal. Details to follow, but what I do know is that supposedly there's going to be a Team Geology (ahem, Jen) to represent the ING-sponsored -thon.

26 November 2006

tin roof, rusted

Back from the Thanksgiving break and just in time to dive right back into school. Only two more weeks of classes remain. Sadly. Took some pics outside at my folks farm again. Really enjoying the new camera more and more. Maybe one day they will be worth something.





21 November 2006

i proposed!

..to my thesis.

Ha. Sorry.

But, I officially handed in (well, digitally) my FIRST draft of my thesis proposal this afternoon. It's the start of the end. Now, only 4.5 more months of writing ahead and 1/4 more student loans and I'll have a Master's Degree. Good thing I've already done most of the data work. Therefore, my thesis proposal, although written in future tense, was a big lie since everything I proposed I'd do, I've already done.

And what did I do to celebrate? I came home and ate a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme donut and a big glass of chocolate milk. My teeth hurt.


I saw snow tonight! I was on the phone and I halted whatever conversation we were having so I could relish in an intersection in downtown Atlanta at 930pm on the way to the subway. A lot of things had to come together at that exact moment for me to see the snow.

And for once, I didn't think "snow day!" like I've been brainwashed to think while living in the south, but instead, I thought "Wow, are those really snowflakes. In Atlanta. In November? Hmm."

Then I hurriedly walked to the train station in an effort to escape the blizzard and wait for a snow day.

19 November 2006

so there was this wedding, part 32

A longtime and good friend, Leigh, got married this weekend. To Joe. In Greenville. And I took some pictures. Naturally. Here's a selection--with more on Flickr.

1) Leigh and Joe after the wedding.
2) Good old friends.
3) Big wedding party.
4) As you can ascertain in this zoomed in shot, I nearly caught the garter, but Andy snatched it at the last possible millisecond. Then I pushed him.





15 November 2006

war of the worlds

I thought when I moved to Atlanta, I would escape the palmetto bugs. Judging by that statement, you can guess where this post is going.

It all started...

If today wasn't crazy already, the impromptu scurry of a 2.5-inch invincible insect definitely put me over the edge. It was encroaching (ha!) on my space. All 756-square feet of my space! And where did the small velociraptor head? Right down the hall, into my dark bedroom and under my desk. After a minute of stumbling to find the light, I spot his hind legs from under the back corner. And then it hits me, if I abandon him for the 2 seconds it will take me to turn my back and retrieve the heavy duty can of Raid, he'll be gone under my closet door. Out of sight, out of mind? No!

So instead of going for the Raid, I went to block the closet. As I'm leaning down, he runs out from under the desk and RIGHT INTO THE CLOSET. Seriously, the plot couldn't get any better.

Aware that I'll probably never be able kill him if I don't react quickly, I dart to the kitchen, retrieve the Raid (already intentionally set on the table from the last palmetto bug sighting) and then back. Knowing that he would be smart enough to stay on the perimeter of the closet, I start pulling random boxes and stuff from the wall in sudden and quick increments with Raid in one hand.

Not behind the file box.

Not behind the random Chaco.

Not behind the weight set.

Then onto a stack of shoes. One by one, I picked them up, shook them violently as if to stun the roach, then turned them over to await. It was like gambling. And wouldn't you know, the last shoe I picked up, shook, and dumped had the stupid roach in it? And its stunned state, it ran right for me, towards the back of the closet, thus trapping me in a deluge of everything I had dumped into the closet to get rid of it. Out of sight.

At this point, I was at my wit's end and determined to massacre the bug no matter what it took. So, before it could advance behind a poster frame, I started throwing boxes and books and whatnot all across the floor and repeatedly crushed it with a steel-toed hiking boot.

But at that point I realized that some french fries I had put in the oven were starting to burn and therefore I've abandoned the carcass in the closet. Out of mind.

14 November 2006


Discovered this typing game yesterday and consequently, I lost a few minutes of my life in yet another game, BUT I also improved my typing skills. And for the day yesterday, I had the 18th highest score (181,000) in the world for the medium level. Not all-time, but for the day. It's fun though. It definitely beats all those out-dated typing books we learned on.

Something about foxes jumping over boxes? Logs? Brown foxes jumping over legos? Ah, I give up.

12 November 2006

sandstone pains

Bouldering. Fun. Very cold. The strength is gaining. Scraped my hands all up. Lost some skin. But fun.

This picture doesn't exactly sum up the day, but it's adequate for now. Maybe I should take a picture of my hands.


More on flickr.

11 November 2006


Earlier I was exiting the grocery store, getting into my car to escape the sudden cold front that impeded the Indian Summer that we'd been having when I noticed a new neon sign along the shopping center next to my apartment. It down at the end of the row of shops, but I squinted to read the sign.


I hadn't heard of obile before. What could it be? A new store! I thought of the possibilities.

A store for lightbulbs? A store for a rare mineral that I somehow never learned from geology education? A new Mexican restaurant--Obile`! A store devoted to whatever an obile was?

That had to be it! Obiles!

A mere 2 minutes later, I put my car in reverse, reverse, put my car in drive, drive, and approach the unfamiliar obile store when I realize, the closer I got, I'm startled to see something in front of the obile sign.

Dark letters.

It was a T-Mobile sign with the T and M letters burnt out.

Things like that make me feel unique. Somehow.

10 November 2006

mad world

The saddest song ever. It's Gary Jules' "Mad World." It's been making a lot of talk because it's on a new commercial for a video game. But if you've seen Donnie Darko, you'll know it and love it from there instead. Regardless, the old video has surfaced on YouTube because seriously, what's not on there? Cool video though:

09 November 2006

45 shopping days remaining

And just in case you wanted to know, it's okay to say "Merry Christmas" this year instead of "Happy Holidays." As declared by none other than... Wal-Mart.


reason #377

I guess a perk to living/working/educating in Atlanta, is the fact that you get to go to all the cool conferences. This morning I got to attend the ArcGIS 9.2 software rollout. If that doesn't make sense, just think, nerd-computersoftware-seminar. Anyways, it was really cool to see the new software update that I'll be using to conclude my thesis work.

Nerdy, I know. But it's a big deal in the GIS world.

On a completely different note, if you haven't seen the new Johnny Cash video to "God's Gonna Cut You Down" then I'd recommend seeing it. There are so many people you'll recognize in the video. It's on his last cd which is incredibly good--came out July4th.

I'm obsessed with Wikipedia in case you haven't noticed. I'll be talking about it more in a future post.

08 November 2006

WTOMTL projects the winner to be..

I didn't vote.


Go ahead, send your hate mail. I'll read it. I take full blame for not voting. I know it's important. And frankly, I only have a minimal excuse--the fact that I technically have two addresses and can't decide what state I currently live in. I'm thinking I'm still a resident of SC but when I filed my taxes this year, I filed for residency in GA. But I'm still paying out-of-state tuition. But not really, since it's waived as I'm a good student. heh. I guess I could have done absentee. I know. Again, go ahead and berate me.

The point is, even though I didn't vote, I was completely hooked to the news last night from 6pm-1am. I'm not one for politics anyways (like math). But for whatever the reason, I was watching the tube, had various news sources open on the laptop, calling the precints asking for their results. Ok, maybe not the latter. It was just exciting watching all those choropleth maps filling up with reds and (more!) blue. CNN had countdown clocks at the top of each hour signifying closing of polls. Then bells and whistles would signal "projected winners" almost immediately. I had no idea who anyone really was, but I found myself pulling for candidates.

I apologize for my ignorance of the election. But as my mom can validate for me, my voting has been marred in the past. During the 2000 election I actually drove home from college to vote that cool November day in the fire department of Cross Anchor. But upon exiting, I was talking to her about it and realized, stupidly, that I had voted for Bush instead of Gore. Not that my one vote mattered in that red state, but it turned out to be humorous throughout the night as the votes were so close. But I tried.

I still have my "I voted" sticker from 2004 on my desk. I'll do better next time. It's kind of fun living in a heavily democratic area of Georgia although we're a red state. But then again, our governor was just re-elected for his second term. His first term was the first time a Republican governor had been elected since Reconstruction! (ahem, 1870's.)

That's all. Back to lightning data.

05 November 2006

i've got my glasses on

Oh gees. I just forced you to read a whole post about how I can't pronounce or spell words. I apologize.

Back to laying on clean clothes.

04 November 2006


I 'spruced' up the blog. Well, all I did was change images at the top. I settled on this pic because it looked a bit fall-like. After all, don't you think of fall when you see a clothespin (It's one of those words! I just realized it.)? Whoah, what just happened?

Clothespin is one of those words that no matter how hard I try to re-spell it another way, it always looks wrong and thus, I will forever think it's one of those words. There are a few of them out there in the world. But I tend to forget them until I'm typing and they come up in a sentence and then my typing slows as I try to articulate each letter.


That's another. But pearl is one of those other words that no matter how many times you say, aloud, it always sounds wrong. Or just weird. About 2 hours ago I typed "Massachusetts" and was appalled that for the longest time I was adding an extra 'e' to make it "Massachusettes." And no one has ever corrected me? So upon having spell check tell me otherwise, I started saying it aloud only to realize that I cannot say the word at all.


That's all I can come up with.

Regardless, I hope you like the clothespin. I took it last month on my parent's farm. Which is not in Massachusetts.

03 November 2006


I've recently become obsessed with frozen waffles. It's to the point that I've even bought Eggo syrup. In the non-drip bottle. It really doesn't drip!

Regardless, I really never had frozen waffles before this year. It's always been fresh, homemade waffles. So the whole frozen thing is beyond me. I even have a waffle iron and waffle mix, but in the early mornings, it's just more feasible to drink some chocolate milk and an organic blueberry waffle. Ok, so it doesn't have to be organic either but Sam's Club has a good deal. And for once it wasn't more expensive.

I've had a long day of school, and then bouldering, then late-night pizza afterwards and now I'm laying on a pile of clean clothes that takes up 3/4 of my couch which are clearly separated from the clean pile of clothes in the laundry basket and the clean pile of clothes that are on the floor beside the basket. They can't be mixed. The rest of the apartment is in shambles too--much like you'd expect from living alone.

And back to laying on clean clothes.

01 November 2006

it's a sad, sad world

How can anyone replace Bob Barker after he retires later in a few months?

Who will carry the big microphone? Who will tally the Plinko score so rapidly? Who will warn people not to trip over the microphone wire? Who will catch people when they lose their balance after spinning the Big Wheel? Who will carry $100 bills in their pocket for the correct bid? Who will warn us when the Cliffhanger man is about to fall off the slope?

Who will tell us to help control the pet population by having our pets spayed or neutered??

30 October 2006

where's the beef?

In response, and in good humor, here's a response to an old post from Kris.

Earlier today, I frequented Kroger to stock up on virtually everything that I had run out of in, well, the past month.

I approached the deli counter to get some chicken sandwich meat. I was starving at this point because I had nothing to eat for lunch. The whole plan was to get groceries before going home just so I could get my free slice of chicken at the deli counter. I'm serious. I knew it would tide me over. But the plan changed when I wasn't offered my usual slice. The (nice) lady started the slicing and took my first piece, looked back at me, smiled, then gestured as in "is this ok?"

It was ok.

But she didn't give it to me. She just kept on slicing. And it was then that I knew my dinner would have to wait a while longer.

After the devastating loss, I started staring around. Finally I looked up at the top of the counter as she was handing me the chicken and right beside my hand was a (large) sign reading "PLEASE ASK FOR FREE SAMPLE!"


29 October 2006

back to columbia

I had a fun, f-u-n, weekend. Saturday I headed to Columbia for the first time since June. Friday I went to my first bouldering comp and a hilarious party of mostly people I didn't know.

I learned how to play horseshoes. Again. And I was surprisingly good.

Not to mention that I learned that Eric Clapton was in The Yardbirds.

And Jimmy Page.

Who knew?

Things I've won this weekend: 3 games, 7 pieces of candy, 3 chalk bags and 1 candle.

Clock update of the week: daylight saving time has apparently concluded with the fact that my kitchen clock has, again, reset itself and is now an hour behind. This marks the third time it's fallen back.

27 October 2006

you're so vain, i bet you think this photo's about you, don't you?



A shadow shot. And an overexposed (on purpose) shot of yellow leaves moving to make them look like fire. Sort of worked. Just a bit too overexposed.

26 October 2006

couldn't pass on this one

Here's a selection of real headlines all on the front page of MSNBC news right now (1140am):

Space Station cargo ship in trouble.

School shooting in Florida.

Three indicted in in liposuction-in-condo-basement death.

Drug gang uses 'smuggle me elmo' tactic.

Tara Reid opens up about plastic surgery.

Naomi Campbell arrested. Again.

Britney finally names 2nd baby.


Is it me, or do we have the strangest news headlines. And you know you all wanted to read about the name of Britney Spears' baby. But alas, I did not read it. So you'll have to find out on your own.

I'm going to guess Fred.

Of those aforementioned, I only read about the space station woes. At least it was labeled with highest priority on the page.

Ok, back to CNN.

25 October 2006

fall forward; spring back

Right? No.

It seems every year, during one of the daylight saving time events, I always forget not that I should turn the clock back/forward, but I forget that I've already done that. Usually something goes array and I'm off an hour somewhere. Nothing drastic. Last year I bought this clock that "magically" sets itself by sending some signal to some other signal in some far off land (ok, Colorado). It's just a basic looking clock with hands. Nothing fancy. Double A battery.

Well, about 2 weeks ago it decided to set itself back an hour for no apparent reason. Not that I was expecting it to give me a reason. I'm not sure how it would go about doing that. A ticker note? Ha, ticker--no pun intended. Anyways, it set itself back and I went about the whole week thinking that I would just avoid looking at it. But no, I was constantly reminded of its inconsiderateness. Finally, I spring forwarded it. In the middle of October.

This upset the gods.

A week later, as in yesterday, I looked back and lo and behold, its fallen back an hour again. So what's going to happen Saturday night? Maybe it'll start yelling at me. Throw its hands up in the air and get mad. Futile.


Bill Bryson's got a new book! Check out The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir.

23 October 2006

chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool and shootin' some b-ball outside the school

In a recent article from CNN, a point was made that theme songs were vanishing from new tv shows and long are the days of memorable ones.

For my generation, I can safely recall a range from The Brady Bunch to Friends.

The fact that I can recall The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one thing.

But the fact that I'll be sitting in the middle of a graduate exam thinking of an answer to a particular question and then the next thing I know, I'm singing:

"I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
she said 'you're movin' with your uncle and auntie in Bel-Air'"

And then I'm ruined for the next 5 minutes.

21 October 2006

land the meets ocean the where

I've always been obsessed with game shows. Lately, I've tried to not watch Deal or No Deal just because I don't want to become addicted to it. It's actually not a bad ploy to win money, but really, if the people come onto the show with $0 to start and they are up to at least $200,000+ then my goodness, why not just take it and leave with that? The show is proving just how greedy we all are. We MUST see if we can win more! Hypocritcally speaking, I'd probably want to win more also, so I'll just shut up.

But, I found a new show, 1 vs. 100. It just so happened to air after a Deal or No Deal episode, so of course I was interested. But one of the first questions revealed that 15 out of 100 people didn't know that Wendy's hamburgers were square. I find this shocking.

And I find it funny that it's hosted by Bob Saget of Full House fame. And Howie Mandell of Bobby's World fame does the other one. Didn't Alan Thicke of Growing Pains fame take over Win, Lose or Draw a few years ago? Who gets a game show next? ALF. I bet he'll have a game show about cats.

Why did ALF have a fascination with cats, anyways?



20 October 2006

i need to cut my toenails

I went on a hike today. It was GREAT! And I'm beginning to realize my true passion for photography. I was hesitant to move into the digital world a few years ago. I was true to my standard SLR. It was great. I kept thinking "why would anyone want a digital version of this?" But now, all I can think is "how could anyone not want one?" And the best part is taking 100+ pictures in a 4 hour time span, on top of a mountain, in the fall, after a cold front went through and coming home to look at the pictures and realizing that (as egotistical as I'm about to sound) they aren't that bad and they don't need editing.

Besides that, I went up Blood Mountain with some friends and had a blast. I love it. Everyday I'm learning more about the area that I've lived for over a year. I finally feel like it's home. Now, enjoy some choice pics.

(I take pictures of rocks now. It's a whole new world. Who knew that igneous intrusions with cool weathering would be photogenic?)

(A view from standing outside the shelter looking in and through to the window with great yellow foliage. Everything looked like it was on fire. I made raeman noodles in this shelter some two years ago while hiking with Rachel. The thing still looked much the same. No bears this time though.)

(Travis playing around on an outcrop of igneous. Or was this a boulder? Or a Patagonia ad? Not a bull.)

(The new snake befriended us. Or we befriended the snake because I'm sure it wasn't a voluntary action that the snake crossed our paths. But some nearby kids enjoyed an impromptu science lesson. As a 4-yr old girl said "I'm pretty sure it's a girl." She was positive. I believed her.)

(The USGS benchmark at the summit of Blood Mtn. It had a little water and a shadow--nothing that can't stop a good shot though.)

And as always, more pics up on Flickr.

18 October 2006

press to open

What's worse than a giant palmetto bug running across my living room floor at a high rate of speed?

Two palmetto bugs running across my living room floor at high rates of speed.

But thank goodness that didn't happen. Neither did the solo palmetto bug. I was just thinking of weird things that could happen to make this day even more stranger than it already is.

I just found five dollars?

Anyways, Paula had a birthday today. Everyone wish her well as we recall that 2 years ago she was the instigator for this whole blog thing even occurring. Although I feel I would have fallen victim to the wrath sooner or later. I guess it would have been later, right?

And I ask you. Deal?

Or no deal?

16 October 2006

the war, part 2

There was an ongoing war down the hall from my office concerning my trashcan. That was, until, I found a new trashcan love of my life, Cara, a few weeks ago. We bonded for a week. She sat in the corner of my office. She never spoke, but still chose her words carefully. I would only throw away paper products. I would throw the banana peels in another trashcan down the hall. We were close. Her name was emblazoned on the side like an id tag.

She vanished last week.

I walked down the hall last weekend expecting to see her waiting outside the door after leaving her out overnight. But she was gone. Someone took her.

It took me 2 days before word spread of possible sightings. Anonymous trashcans weren't saying much though. I had to find her on my own.

Upon one exit down the hall, I noticed a horde of trashcans piled at near the staircase, much like the time I found Cara. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one--turned on its side, wedged next to the wall. Her.

I brought her back and put her back in the corner of my office where she's being very supportive about the whole matter. Today I threw away extra paper.

15 October 2006

somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket

Happy Birthday to my blog! I'm 2 years old now!

Thanks for continuing to stay informed to the randomness that is where the ocean meets the land.

13 October 2006

11 October 2006

current U.S. population: 295,734,134

Just a congratulatory shout to some folks on the complete diagonal, opposite side of the land (Washington). The Cumulus blog owners welcomed a newborn into the world. But they were just shy of topping the 300 million mark in the U.S.

Real close though.

10 October 2006

all the colors mix together to grey

10:40pm on a Tuesday night and what am I doing? Watching the Weather Channel for whatever the reason.

I've had this blog open for an hour waiting for something to spark my memory to blog about. This morning I had two moments of 'OH, I should blog about that!' and then I forgot them. I guess I should go back to writing them down.

Regardless, back to the Weather Channel. I was watching in a daze when all of the sudden, the weatherlady (that's PC, right?) lost her shoe. It just fell off during the forecast. Ok it was funny to me.

And I could tell you who it was but then that would make me a bigger nerd so we'll skip that part.

Hope you enjoyed the cows. It was a change-up. I'm really enjoying my camera. In case you didn't hear, I purchased a Sony Alpha DSLR. By far, the coolest thing I've bought. Recall, I said I'd buy one. Hopefully one day I'll sell these things instead of just giving them away for free. haha.

08 October 2006

cows cows cows



Had a busy few days lately, so I'm opting out of a post and in lieu, you get photos. More cows (I know, you're real excited) on Flickr.

04 October 2006

on lightning

Wow, check out this pic and article about a recent lightning shot.


03 October 2006

sweet illusion

With however many cable channels I have, tonight I found myself watching the Georgia public broadcast channel. They had a special called Tornado Glory. If you find that it's on when you're perusing the channels, I'd highly recommend it.

Basically, it showed twentysomethings in grad school chasing tornadoes for the summer. But it was so much more. After it was over, I turned off the tv and kept repeating, out loud, "oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh."

I think I found my calling.


Oh and check out my webpage I made for my geology lab students. I'm particularly proud of it.

30 September 2006

i brought fall inside the apt.



artificial sugar

the word is "flouride."

if that was my flouride wash it.

sadly, i saw this on a jeff foxworthy commercial.


It's fall! October! And the other day I saw hail falling on my porch.

27 September 2006

I actually said this today..

"I didn't want you on my organic banana island anyways!"

26 September 2006

are your sedimentary rocks well sorted?

Something unusual tonight. Since the weather is chilling around these parts, I've been keeping the patio door open while I'm here. Tonight, I'm up late doing school work with the tv off, the radio off and just one light on.

But the greatest part is that I live next to the woods (rural, I tell you). And the crickets apparently migrate to the shurbs and grass and are all chirping in unison at this moment. If I closed my eyes and pretended I wasn't in the 9th largest metropolitan city in the US, I'd go right back to my childhood where we slept with the windows open.

24 September 2006

zebras are reactionaries

..at the zoo.

So I went to the zoo. This is an extension of my quest to do more cultural things while in Atlanta. And to mark things off the list of things to do.

But Zoo Atlanta was not all it's cracked up to be. Well, except for having a newborn panda which, after talking to a zookeeper for 10 minutes, we determined that this was a milestone in panda history. And I did learn a lot but mostly I realized that student discounts are great, gorillas eat apples and the Georgia Aquarium is much more interesting.

21 September 2006

your office supply source

Great, now it's too cold in my apartment.

Let's get back to the trash can war that exists on the hall where my office is. After 2 weeks of pawning my trash off on other's trash cans down the hall, I finally got fed up with not having the convenience of having my own trash can anymore. So I went on the prowl. And what did I find? Lo and behold, in the corner of the stairwell, I stumbled upon a mecca of abandoned trash cans. They varied in all shapes and sizes. So I got to take my pick from 5 cans. I snatched one and it now sits in my office.

But yesterday I had it outside so it would be emptied by the trash fairy that mysteriously comes through when I'm never there. During one of my walks into my office, I looked down to see that someone had written "CARA" on it--I'm guessing before it was abandoned.

Regardless, me and my trash can, Cara, now coexist in my office and we've created a bond.

Well, until someone steals her too.

20 September 2006


When I got home tonight, I turned off the AC. It's a monumental occasion when that day occurs each Fall. Especially in the South. Granted, there will probably be a warm spell in a few days and I'll be unbearably hot, but for all intents and purposes (I really just wanted to say that) I just wanted to save money. And frankly, it's quite cool without it. I opened up the patio door and have a fan propped up on the door sill and it's pumping that 65deg air into my once-mid-70s apartment and everything is good.

Until an intruder with anywhere between 4-30 legs walks in. I thought being on the second floor would prevent such intruders. But alas, last week I killed one of the largest Palmetto bugs I've ever killed to date. And I'm not even sure if I got him! He was crawling around on the ceiling and after a futile spray with my heavy-duty, industrial Raid, he went a scurrying and by the time that I jumped off of my 30-yr old chair that barely held me, moved it across the kitchen, hopped back up and looked, he was gone. GONE. He had a mere 8 square foot space to travel. And I lost him in those 4 seconds. So I sprayed the hell out of the top of the cabinets and went on about the day.

And 2 weeks after moving in, I killed a centipede, which by the way, did not and does not have to have 100 legs. Who taught me that? I tried to save it's life but he was fighting too much and he got the flush.

But for now, I have my open door. And the fan. And I'm pretending the fan will act as some sort of deterrent as they won't want to walk through the oscillating fan blades.

In other news, I watch the Weather Channel too much.
And I was perusing my cabinet for something to eat today when I realized I have 3 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter aligned next to my, now, 3 jars of pasta sauce. Who needs that much? Me.

17 September 2006

aft lavatories occupied

So I was in Pittsburgh. At another wedding. This makes wedding #7 since January. I think.

Anyways, I had a great weekend in Pitt at Kasey and Mike's wedding--as the pictures suggest. The wedding lasted only 15 minutes but the reception, with an open bar and lots of dancing, lasted seven hours. I feel like 6 of those were spent dancing. Afterwards I said I felt like I had been in an exercise video. Mike told Maria and I that we would win the dance award for longevity. Oh yeah.

Unfortunately, the photos are from immediately after the wedding to the end of the night in a heartbeat. And it was a little hot after all the dancing--which explains the 80's look. (more photos on Flickr.)

13 September 2006

one million ways to die

In an interesting study on wired.com, it was found that more people have died by electorcution than by terrorism. Not that I'm saying any of these deaths are by far any less (not physically) than the top ones--it puts things into perspective. The article also says that more people die of appendicitis (one of my fears) than terrorism too. It didn't show up on the list though.

Driving off the road: 254,419
Falling: 146,542
Accidental poisoning: 140,327
Dying from work: 59,730
Walking down the street: 52,000.
Accidentally drowning: 38,302
Killed by the flu: 19,415
Dying from a hernia: 16,742
Accidental firing of a gun: 8,536
Electrocution: 5,171
Being shot by law enforcement: 3,949
Terrorism: 3147
Carbon monoxide in products: 1,554
By Ryan Singel

12 September 2006



Wheel of Fortune, as I learned tonight, has been on 24 seasons. At least I'm older than it, but still. 24 years of turning letters and spelling words. You've got to admit, it's actually a pretty useful game show as it's promoting spelling and vocabulary (sort of).

But it makes me wonder if they've been using RSTLNE for the final puzzle all 24 years. It's up there with 867-5309 in those random combinations of letters/numbers you know from pop culture. I remember learning my social security number and thinking it was cool. And my phone number has 3 zeroes in it in such an order that it's really easy to recite because the other numbers follow with a zero. #0#-0#0#

What else?

Ah, I had an epiphany this morning while brushing my teeth. So think about this. Time travel. Or, actually, traveling back in time would be more appropriate. It's debated whether it could exist in the future, although I'm speculating that the majority of the world would assume it probably wouldn't. But, for those that think on the other spectrum and try to be optimistic, well, I realized something. Say, in the year 2030 we figure out a way to travel back in time to 2006. Then wouldn't we have seen the future travelers already? See what I mean? If we're going to travel back in time, then I figure we would have known by now.

Or do we realize this in the future and then we disguise ourselves when we go back in time so we don't disrupt history because anything you alter in the past, will change in the future. Back to the Future taught us that.

Yeah, all of this from brushing my teeth. Must have been the Listerine.


11 September 2006


today i was as equally excited about riding the newer model subway train--twice!--as i was excited about having chocolate milk tonight.

jim cantore, on the weather channel, just showed that michael douglas' house was spared on the islands of bermuda.

whew. i'll sleep a little easier tonight.

10 September 2006

things you need to know

Ever watch the news and hear of a country or place somewhere and then you start wondering about it to the point that you feel stupid because you know nothing about it?

Oh, you don't?

Whatever, you're in denial.

So, I wasn't watching the news, I was watching the Weather Channel for obvious reasons and upon hearing about the future impacts of Bermuda, I realized how little I knew about the island nation. And here's where I ask you if you know who owns Bermuda? My first guess was us. Well, not us, but U.S. But I guess that actually is us technically anyways.


And this is where you learn knowledge that you'll be able to use in your next trivia game. Or where you impress your friends.

Bermuda is actually the oldest remaining British overseas territory. And it's actually a conglomeration of 138 islands (not just one). And they have their own currency. And no fresh water. Yeah, think about that. Their only source is from rainfall. Well, until they establish desalinization plants--but I'm assuming those are far off in the future. So there you have it, Bermuda. And right now, a little storm called Florence is ripping 100mph winds through the islands.

Back on the mainland, sort of, the southeast felt an earthquake today. Well, I didn't feel it because the one day I wasn't in town, would be the day that it occurs. Regardless, a 6.0 is a considerable trembler for down here. Unless you were in Charleston, SC in 1886 when a 7.5 blasted through--which, incidentally, was felt in Bermuda.

Anyways, the point is, the Weather Channel was interviewing various Florida residents about "when they felt the quake" this morning. One guy said he was going to make t-shirts saying "I survived the quake of 2006." As if that wasn't enough, the other guy interviewed said he was getting ready to watch the Tampa Bay football game and was also assembling his fishing poles "when the fishing poles began to shake." To further emphasize the quake, they reenacted the shaking of the fishing poles.

Man, it was a rough day.

09 September 2006

holiday in spain

Surprise. I renovated. Partially renovated is more like it. There will be more soon.

It appears that school swallowed me this week. Or maybe it was my endless, futile search for my missing trash can from oustide my office. Either way, I look forward to being back to blogging now.

And for those that had to endure me complain about my knee pain(s) and car woes for however long it has been, you'll be happy to know that both are in working order now. One required rest and the othe required money.

I've been all cultural lately. I went to a book festival, the Bodies exhibit and to the Counting Crows concert all in a two-day span. Maybe that's why I was exhausted this week.

And in typical style, I failed to mention two birthdays.

Happy Birthday to my sister Bonnie (on wed).
And Happy Birthday to Andy (on thurs).

31 August 2006

coming to you in technicolor

Ah, so, Blogger is growing up and therefore has reverted back to Beta form. Therefore, my blog is going through some changes for some reason. Bear with it through the construction the next few days while I figure out what's going on with it. It'll be the best WTOMTL blog ever. Or maybe not.

I need to go to class first.

30 August 2006

on a busted afternoon

Things I've done today that you probably won't care about but you'll still read anyways:

-woke up with two alarms at 7am. i have the unnatural fear of thinking my alarms won't wake me.
-mailed a textbook that i used 3 years ago to rochester, ny because I sold it online on half.com and made a profit
-swiped my subway card the correct way in the reader
-did not spill my coffee during numerous pours from my silver bullet thermos
-taught 1 geology lab at 11am. and have another at 7pm.
-went to my only class of the day, and it was canceled.
-wrote a $40 check to accompany my graduation application
-spied on abandoned trash cans outside in the hallway to see if they were mine
-said hello to someone in the hall that did not reciprocate the salutation
-stared out the window. a lot.

It's exciting around here. Especially when you're bored and you sit around waiting for the custodian to come around so you can claim someone's else trash can and hope it was yours.

29 August 2006

missing. reward possible.

At some point today, my trash can was stolen outside my office at school. It happened last year, but I spotted it down the hall on the next time the thieves filled it up with trash and placed it outside their door. And I re-stole it back from them. But this time, I returned from lunch and I noticed it was gone--nearly throwing my banana peel on the floor.

Speaking of banana peels, why is it that we always saw cartoons showing banana peels on the floor and people slipping on them? Does that happen that frequently?

Well, I'll tell you, it almost did. But I saw that my trash can was gone and I had to walk the 40 feet down the hall to the nearest trash can. I feel like I lost part of my daily life. It's hard not having a trash can. You realize just how much it's used. It's needed. For trash. It's a security item.

I'll update when I find it. Someone has to have it nearby. It's probably sitting in a dark, unfamiliar office with someone's McDonald's bag in it. It's just not the same.

By the way, this was the highlight of my day. Actually, a homeless man yelled at me because I walked in front of him. I had my Ipod on (typical) and I was passing a slower walker and he was headed toward me, in a skewed path, and he just stops and begins to scream at me.

Maybe he saw my trash can thief and he was telling me about it.

27 August 2006

don't look, it's a glacier

So, a month ago I was on a glacier in Wyoming. Weird, I know, but it was awesome. I made it 9/10 of the way up the Middle Teton of the Grand Teton Mountains. Actually, I'd rather say it was 17/18 of the way up the mountain as I was so close before a knee injury prevented my ascent any further and I was forced to ward off large marmots and melt snow for water in my Camelbak all the while thinking that I was never going to make it back down. But I did. And I just got some pics back from two friends I was hiking with.

Hiking up glaciers and large mountains and visiting westward states completely alters my way of thinking. I have different views on everything. I feel like I can accomplish anything. And I mean that without trying to sound like one of those inspirational posters too. It was just a fun trip.

1. Don't look, Mom. That's me on the left attempting for the first time ever to hike across the glacier with my treking poles. By far, the coolest thing ever. Shawn is below me with an ice axe. Travis is taking the pic as he's already traversed the mammoth snowfield--as I watched in horror at the thought that I'd have to do that in mere seconds.

2. The next glacier was slightly easier. The third glacier (above) was even easier as I was sprinting almost. The only downfall was hearing the GUSHING water of the melting glacier beneath me and knowing that any step could potentially spell disaster. But I thought this was cool.

3. The fourth glacier was even easier! Note me in the glacier and a small speck still on the talus field to the left (Shawn) which will clearly give a representation of the enormous size of the glacier. In the distance is where we started--yeah, that lush green field way off on the horizon. It's south of Jenny Lake and north of Jackson.

4. By far the best part of the trip was glissading down the glaciers after the 12 hour day. I've tried to explain this to people but it doesn't seem to resonate into exactly what I did. In essence, I slid down the glaciers, on my butt, at high rates of speed with only fear in mind. That's me on the right. I think this one was about 100 yards in distance. It was terrifying at first because each glacier ended in a giant boulder field but I had a treking pole as a brake, so I was ok. But seriously, it was awesome.

Happy (belated) Birthday Kristi.
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24 August 2006

rip pluto

Gee, what a bad day to be the furthest planet in our solar system. It's almost that Pluto was a runt that couldn't keep up with the rest of the pack. Well, I still like the dwarf planet.

It's interesting that I blogged about it, oh, 1.5 years ago.

blue skies, Nov. 2004

What's more interesting is what appears to be some large vocabulary usage on my part. When did I lose that?

23 August 2006

ego alert

me: Can I just say that I love school?

Maria: You're driving me insane.

3 days into my second year and grad school is still fun.

20 August 2006

christmas, hypothetically, comes in august

Say hello to the future of mine, and the world, with the new digital SLR cameras. Sony released the D-SLR Alpha camera. Soon, it will be mine. Well, for a small price, nonetheless. But i'm good at saving $.

It's a very exciting day.

If only I could make a profession out of photography and geology and geography and GIS and climate. Hmm..

Storm chaser. Exactly.

19 August 2006

holy cats!

My oldest sister, Melanie, is in the process of transcribing late 19th- and early 20th-century journals that she owns. Check it out on her page--very interesting.

17 August 2006

there's a gnome in my dishwasher

Has anyone else ever wondered how the dishwasher knows to when to open that cap that you fill with detergent and then snap close?

Is there some gnome that walks out midway through the cycle and kicks it open?

Perhaps it's the heat or the force of the water?

Definitely a gnome.

15 August 2006

t-minus one week

My last year (hopefully) as a student begins in one week. It's weird to think that in a year, I might just have a master's degree in, of all things, the study of rocks.

But onto other news, I just looked in my cabinet and realized that over the past two weeks I have purchased not 1, not 2 or 3, but 6, yes six, jars of pasta sauce.

The new apartment is approaching 'lived-in' feel.

I'm slowly learning the guitar. Step by step.

I'm on a Led Zeppelin kick again.

11 August 2006

almost famous

I'm highly content at the present time.

And bouldering is fun. And so are the people. And the pizza and beer on Thursday nights after you've scraped the majority of the skin off of your hands and have blisters that burn when washed with soap even though you tell yourself it's "working."

And wow, Atlanta had a rockin' thunderstorm this afternoon. The lightning! Everywhere! Thesis! Ahhh!

09 August 2006

rock paper scissors

The most exciting part of my day today was opening up 3 boxes of rocks and strategically placing the majority of them around my apartment then taking 1/2 of them away and placing them back in the boxes for fear that friends would come over, ooh and awe at the rocks, then by default ask me what kind of rock it is and I would cower because I would not remember.

But then I thought really hard and made up some cool sounding descriptors and ended up returning them to their strategic places.

08 August 2006

only you can prevent forest fires

August 8th. Wow.

So I moved over the weekend to a surprisingly comfortable 756-square foot apartment in Decatur located in a gated community with broken gates and cars that are not older than 3 years old. Well, except mine, which is 13 years old, but I'm ok with this since I requested to live in the back of the complex. Apparently I'm the only one that made that request but it seriously, I have views of woods. And I can consider it
rural! And I can walk to the grocery store. And a mexican restaurant. And a gas station. Although, I'll probably drive there as carrying gallons of gas will probably make for an uncomfortable situation. So it's the thought that counts.

And I bought a nice, wood-framed futon. And drove a U-Haul truck on I-285 and I-85. In a thunderstorm. It's times like those that make you feel important.

Everything with the move went exceptional--thanks to Stacey, Ry and Travis--except for some oatmeal that didn't make it inside the apartment. After riding over the first speed bump, we heard a crash from the back of the truck. Upon opening the back, oatmeal starts spilling out onto the asphalt. Turns out, the oatmeal, combined with olive oil, crashed down but only managed to attack my expensive coffee pot and 1/2 of my rocks. But as a geologist, 1/2 my rocks is still a lot. They are still slathered in the oatmeal/olive oil as I'm pretending they will clean themselves.

Pictures soon. Well, not of the rocks.

30 July 2006

concave side reversed

I just read that Rockdale County, GA schools start back tomorrow. Tomorrow. It's technically still July. For 2 more days, it's still July. I'm still thinking of how I'm going to spend the remainder of my summer break and there are students somewhere worried right now if their locker is on the top or bottom. Obviously that was a dilemma in life.

So today I went into massive pack mode for the big move from the current apartment to the new apartment where I will be living by myself for the first time ever. This starts in a week. But in the meantime, I've found that packing for the big 5-mile move is just as annoying as last year when I packed for the 200-mile move. Packing, for me, has become "let's try to put everything into giant boxes until the box can barely close." Finally, I realized today that I could pack based on rooms (not that I'm going to have that many rooms in my giant 756-square foot apartment). The only exception has become the three boxes of the most fragile stuff I own. On the box I've written, with a Sharpie, "this is the most fragile stuff I own."

Do you ever start to walk into a room, but before you get there, you start thinking of what could be behind the door, or wall, to face you when you get there. Something unexpected. Something just not right. I watched a horror flick tonight and I'm repeatedly walking into rooms expecting the worse when I turn on the light. It's not the normal fear that horror flicks cater to though. It's more of a slow motion glance to the side kind of fear. It's hard to explain. I scare myself sometimes.

I really like this pic. It's from the Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. Although, amazingly frightening, it's amazingly beautiful.

26 July 2006

and there was the west

DSC02836-1, originally uploaded by mollkey.

Photos are up on Flickr (either click on the hand above or click the flickr badges that are lined up on the left side of the screen).

More will arrive soon. Until then, enjoy my trips.

and there was this trip out west

It's a photo-story. I saw boulders. I hiked across glaciers. I took a lot of photos. I met a lot of great people. I had a blast.

and then there was the weather of the west

Continuing on, the storms and sunsets definitely made for some opportune shots.

and then there were the trees of the west

I had an obsession with trees. Particularly, a unique obsession with the dead trees of Yellowstone. It's something you have to see.