31 January 2006

good night and have a pleasant tomorrow

Tonight I was reminded (why, I don't know) of a phrase that we, my sisters and my neighbors, would say. And until tonight, I thought we were the only ones that said it. And only now am I thinking back on it and wondering what on earth it meant, who came up with it and why we continued to use it to control our lives (or games).

It was as simple as:

"1 - 2 - 3. Get off my grandma's apple tree or you are automatically it!"

Tell me we weren't the only ones. Someone admit it.

And on that note, I've had a long day of learning about the new ways of my thesis, how to compute grid cells of lightning frequency in DOS format (who would have thought I'd be learning DOS?) and staying after with my 9am geology intro students after class to discuss a code for Mario 1. Yes, the old school Nintendo. Who knew that talking to some other 24ish year olds would result in someone revealing a cheat code for Mario 1 that allowed you to open up ANY level and land you wanted. It was a good day.

Tomorrow is February 1st. This is the part where I say,

rabbit, rabbit.

29 January 2006

self righteousness

Do you ever wonder what some of the F1-F12 buttons on the top of your keyboard do? And then curiosity gets the best of you so you start hitting them all. One by one. Until something happens. And then you're super impressed when you realize that F11 actually makes your screen go into abnormally large mode (ok, hit it again to escape it b/c I know you did it).

Well, I don't do that but I did accidentally uninstall my cd-rom drive last night and effectively felt severely isolated because also this week, my phone finally crashed and burned. I can still make calls (if I have your number), but I cannot see what I'm dialing, nor see who is calling, nor see anything else that might be pertinent (texts, pics, the time, battery strength, the # for 911, etc.).

I get disappointed when I receive an old quarter instead of a new state quarter.

I decided that I'm going to harvest tadpoles again in my old coffee pot this year to suffice the people. If you missed this last year, check back in the April-May archives.

The newest set of pics has been updated on Flickr (as see on the new badge at the top). It's just some cemetery pics. You know, the usual. Nothing fancy here folks. Hey, the pic on this post is from there also.

And, drumroll please, the newest reader (as I'm a fan of her's as well) to wheretheoceanmeetstheland is Jen--otherwise known as jiffner on her blog. She's to your right on the roll. She's a sharpshooter at pool. And she's a fellow geology colleague at GSU with me. Go team! Wait, do we even have a team?

And I forgot to mention Happy Birthday to Kasey (a fellow Aquarian) who is older than me by 10 days.

28 January 2006

gone with the wind

Originally I was going to do something "cultural" today but in the end I went to the Oakland Cemetery near downtown Atlanta instead. And what fun I had! I even got to drive through it.

Comprised of 88 acres of 'green space,' it's home to 70,000+ souls. And even Margaret Mitchell (as seen below).

The best part was after perusing the 'streets' of the cemetery, I look over and see a large restaurant/bar with the appropriate name (last pic).

I'll have the rest up on Flickr later. I'll keep you updated on that. Hope you enjoy.

26 January 2006

"i wanna live with a cinnamon girl..."

Until yesterday I thought "Cinnamon Girl" was sung by Eric Clapton (in one of his various bands). Add that to my list of useless knowledge that I should have known.

I never knew it was Neil Young. Of course now that I have his latest greatest hits my life is so much better.

Also, there was a 200mph wind measured atop Grandfather Mtn, NC on Wednesday morning. How cool is that? Weather nerd, I know. And continuing on, Weatherfest is in Atlanta on Sunday! Now I'm really a weather freak.

25 January 2006

"i bless the rains down in africa.."

Scrubs is the best show ever. And I'm not just saying that because Paula said it on her blog. I proclaimed it last night. In fact, I've proclaimed it every time I've watch it. Which is also why I purchased Season Two from Amazon.

Last night was the 100th episode and it was aligned with the undertones of The Wizard of Oz.

Just incredible and simple.

29 D in F in a L Y

Oh, the fake MENSA test is cruel (as mentioned previously below). BUT, I have successfully gotten 31 out of 33 right. And after conferring with Stacey, she has 32 correct! We are on our way to becoming geniuses. How many did you all get? Or did you just pass up the free link on the last post as another one of Rob's ploys to get you do waste time?

It's taken us both a while to figure them out. And while I'm at it, I'll just go ahead and say that there's no way that anyone can get almost all of those correct in a few minutes without cheating. Really. So, it's safe to say that we both did fairly well with our own brains.

The subject is one of the questions, by the way. I'll leave you guessing until next time.

Oh and good news, there's a part TWO of the test. Gees.

24 January 2006

ways to rid the world of stupid people (including myself)

Survival of the fittest, right? I assume.

So this morning I went into my Tuesday/9am lab to teach 25 students about stream processes and review topography maps. And to any of them that's reading this, here's to you for enjoying my fun-filled teaching styles.

To start off, I decided that a review of topo maps would be in order. I summon the great, red pen and draw all over one of the dry-erase boards. Contour lines. Contour intervals. Numbers. Perennial streams. Intermittent streams. The works.

They comprehended well, so I was content and began to erase. After one swipe I hear a collective "gasp!" from the students. Oh yeah, I definitely wrote on an entire board with a red permanent marker. You always know it's going to happen to one of your professors one day, but never to yourself. Right?

Luckily, my students are bright and revealed that if one were to write (or scribble maniacally as I did) over all the words/drawings with an actual dry-erase marker, then attempt to erase, it will all come off. So I did--with the help of an aide. And I'm happy to report that 10-15 minutes later, the board was back to new. Saved. I cannot think of another time when I was that embarrassed.

After that, I figured today wasn't going to get much better, so I logged online and stumbled upon this fake MENSA IQ test which I've been trying to figure out. I'm not going to reveal my results because a) my score is quite low and b) I'm still working frantically on it. It really is a somewhat fun test. Try it.

23 January 2006


If you are a user of Google's GMail, then you'll be happy to hear about this.

Google's delete buttons have finally arrived! Or as they put it, "our shipment of delete buttons finally came in!"

What a novel idea.

Meanwhile, I got carded at Publix for buying wine on Saturday night. That's not out of the ordinary to be carded but this time, the cashier didn't believe it was me on my license. So, I started laughing (some conscious reaction to force her to believe it was me I suppose) then told her I'd recite everything on my license and even handed her my Georgia State ID without her even asking. She agreed that it was me on my GSU id (obviously, I look 12 on there), but still was not convinced about my SC license. I'm beginning to wonder if it was really me on my license after all. It was only taken 3 years ago. She let me slide.

Of course, I was also carded for buying a lottery ticket some weeks ago. Actually, it was more like "are you sure you're 18?"

My 24th birthday is just around the corner. Perhaps I should ask for lotto tickets and wine since I can't buy them myself.

21 January 2006

prairie wind blowin through my head

So, the Alison Krauss + Union Station concert was great. 2 hours of pure bluegrass music. Rachel's mom definitely got props for the tickets and great seats. If only the picture on my cameraphone had better resolution, I'd show a pic. Of course, I'd probably be reprimanded because during the whole concert we got to watch the security guards trying to track down individual flashes everywhere.

Meanwhile back in the big Atlanta it's 'unseasonably' warm again and rainy. Pretty soon we're going to just stop saying 'unseasonably' because I think it's becoming unnecessary.

In an effort to become a Google finatic, I've joined Flickr. As some of you may have already seen, I've offered a nice new badge on the right with a new flickr set. The one on there is entitled Car Scenes and is a compliation of all my car shots that I've taken within the past 1.5 years. Just a little project I've been quietly working on. One day, it'll be a coffee table book and you'll all have one.

Update: And it's "fanatic" not "finatic." I know, I know. Ahem, Stacey.

19 January 2006

pigeons down on market square

Well, well, well. I feel like school has taken consumed my life. Again. I teach 9am labs (three consecutive ones Tues, Wed and Thurs to be exact) and take evening classes (three of those also). Why did I do that again? Remind me.

Meanwhile, the greatest invention in my life right now (aside from my ipod which prevents me from having to talk to strangers on the subway) is my new delayed brew coffeemaker. It's so great knowing that you can effectively make coffee in the morning without even lifting a finger. Brilliant!

Sorry, nothing really exciting to report. I feel like I've been losing touch with the blog. I'll regroup this weekend and hopefully scan some pics and devote more time here. After all, I'm making my fans mad.

Tonight I get to see Alison Krauss and Union Station (2nd time)!

Happy January 19th.

17 January 2006

you'll cry! cry! cry!

scene: Columbia, SC; Saturday; a 2pm wedding; it's 1:56pm and I'm not even there yet.

So the first of several friends (what's the count now, 8?) got married this past weekend. All good, right? One would hope. So, I sped down the streets of Columbia to my destination. At 1:57 I realize I've driven right past the church. Quick u-turn and I'm in a somewhat desolate parking lot. After one locked door, I find an open one. I walk in. I open the sanctuary doors. It's dark. What? I think the expression on my face and the time on my watch and the fact that I completely forgot the gift summed up the feelings I had at that moment.

I was at the wrong church.

Luckily, I stammer down some steps (I guess I thought that perhaps I could still be at the right one--and that perhaps they were having the service out back? Hmm.) No luck. I walk into a large room filled with casual dressed people and I'm standing at the door and dressed nicely (ahem, a tie). As soon as the fear of standing in a room of people I didn't know wore off, I walked down some hall and tracked some guy down and asked where the wedding was (still pretending I thought I was in the right place). Luckily, he actually knew Diana (the bride; and he knew her because it was her church--see, I wasn't all that dumb in my choice) and gave me some strange directions that I didn't remember past "turn this way out of the parking lot."

So I run back up the steps, into my car, staring at my watch, speeding "this" way out of the parking lot and pass the right church a few times before I realize that it's where I should be. Timecheck: 2:14pm. But it was all good. I open the doors and sit in the back pew right in time for the vows and the kiss and then the reception and the making fun of by all my geology friends who said "only you would do that.." and "typical rob." Ah, I missed those guys.

All ended well because, as geology nerds, we rented Tremors and quoted pretty much the entire movie. Then large quantities of margaritas were consumed all night while in good company. Great reunion.

12 January 2006

an excerpt, if you will

So I've been diligently reading anything by Bill Bryson, as some of you may know, for a while now. Yesterday I stumbled upon a part in the latest book i'm reading The Lost Continent:

"The one thing that can be said is that [driving across the country] leaves you time to think, and to consider questions like why is that the trees along highways never grow? Some of them must have been there for forty years by now, and yet they are still no more than six feet tall and with only fourteen leaves on them. Is it a particular low-maintenance strain, do you suppose? And here's another one. Why can't they make cereal boxes with pouring spouts? Is some guy at General Foods splitting his sides at the thought that every time people pour out a bowl of cornflakes they spill some of them on the floor? And why is it that when you clean a sink, no matter how long you let the water run or how much you wipe it with a cloth, there's always a strand of hair and some bits of wet fluff left behind? And just what do the Spanish see in flamenco music?"

Ah. Perfect late night reading.

Meanwhile, say hello to my new friend (err, long lost friend that I lost track of but recently found again) Lyndsay over at TatorChips. And she is now listed with all of our favorites on the infamous blog roll. Captivating, I know. And don't forget to check out an old pic of me from 7th grade that made me laugh for a few solid minutes.

It's been a whopper of a day. Too many things to elaborate on. I bought my first stock in a great company.

10 January 2006

a laugh, if you will

Pardon the venting earlier. Some things tick me off.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon the best blonde joke ever.

Enjoy the Tuesday.

09 January 2006

venting ahead

I read the news. I watch the news. I'm generally liberal about what I hear/read. And if I don't like something, I'll usually just change the channel or quit reading but this time, I'm a little annoyed.

WIStv (from Columbia, SC) posted an article on their website here which pertains to Kiplinger's top 100 public colleges. And I will say that it comes from wire reports (AP/Newswire) so I won't give all the credit to WIStv. Here's the snippet where I start to disagree:

"Using a rigorous quantitative ranking system, the Kiplinger 100 finds schools where students can receive a stellar education without graduating with a mountain of debt."

Excuse me? What? Tell that to my $19,000+ in student loans that I'm paying back with my 'stellar education.' I will say that my alma mater (USC--ranked at 31st) did give me a great education and I'm proud everyday that I got to go there, but I paid the price. Two paragraphs later they go on to say:

"By offering great financial aid packages and free rides to students who achieved high SAT scores and high school grade point averages, public colleges are luring top talent away from pricier schools."

That's all fine and good if you're one of those students, but come on, I was an average student all my life and I still got in and I got one of those 'great financial aid packages' too and it was along the lines of loans. What about me? So yeah, if you got the high SAT scores, then great for you and congratulations on your free ride, but I definitely don't think that should be the basis for this rigorous quantitative ranking system.

I apologize for the whine. And I apologize if you got the free ride. I'm just angered at the article.

08 January 2006

and all the little ants are marching

Actual Amish horse hoofprints in the pavement outside of Maria's parent's house in PA. It was quite the sight.

07 January 2006

who you'd be today

I got an email yesterday saying that there was only 12 weeks until the Cooper River 10k. TWELVE weeks! Well, good thing I've been, ahem, running so much.

So to quell the anxiety of this already registered for race, I went to REI and bought a gym bag so I could pretend that I'm going to utilize the fancy 3-story gym on campus. I must say though, it is quite nice to run around the track and view the skyline of downtown Atlanta during every lap though.

And, thanks to Maria, I finally purchased a REI membership. Lifetime. For $15.

So here's a sunset. Seems out of place, but it was taken while driving, and since you can't see my speedometer, there's no use in yelling at me for taking pics while driving. What you didn't see is that I cropped out the bottom of the picture containing 4 lanes of I-85.

Anyways, this one's for Laura--who inspired me with all her blog sunsets.

I guess Atlanta does have its perks sometimes.

05 January 2006

you can see a million miles tonight (x2)

I nearly forgot to tell you all (because you're dying to know) that I recently hit 200,000+ miles on the odometer of the old Corolla.

Wasn't it just a few months ago that I posted about reaching 190K? Well, at least in this shot, I'm only going 5mph as opposed to the 77mph in the 190K shot. And, I also missed the actual turnover by 650 miles. But, when it's that far up, what's a few hundred?


04 January 2006

road and the radio


I'm finally back home in Atlanta. Give me a few hours to regroup. And then I'll post to all of your delights.

But a funny moment to tide you over..
I left Cross Anchor this afternoon at noon to head back to Georgia. But after abotu 20 minutes, I suddenly realized I was driving in the wrong direction--toward Columbia. It all worked out though.

You guys are funny.