30 March 2006

art to art

Interesting how I found art in art (in art). Wait, that's right, right?

Wow, redundancy.

Today was slow. No exciting geology links or news clips regarding mysterious "figures" in trees.

I'm heading to the state next door tomorrow to run the Cooper River Bridge 10k road race. If you're not familiar with it, this is the first year on the "new bridge." Last year Kris and I ran across the old one. This year, I'm hoping to make it to the base of the bridge at least. Ha. No, no. I'm going for the gold. Gold being making it the 6.2 miles without stopping--no matter how long it takes--but aiming for 1 hour solid. As is Kris. Right? Clearly we weren't the avid trainers as last year--seeing as how I moved to another state and all. But we'll make it.

And she's a quarter of a centur old today. Happy Birthday Kris!

29 March 2006

crazy people and leprechauns. oh my.

In case you haven't heard about it, let me be the first. Somewhere in Mobile, Alabama, a random group of people noticed something in a tree.

No, not a limb.

A leprechaun.

"...[a leprechaun] who disappears when you shine a light on it."

Really? It disappears? Could it be...a shadow of a limb?

Watch for yourself. The first is an actual news clip. The second is a snippet of another news clip.

old school

I see the bunny and pancake actually made some of you laugh. Success.

For the Nintendo generation amongst us, you'll enjoy this link I found that compares some screenshots from the old school days of video games to the comparable ones of today. Just makes you feel all nostalgic.

I can remember it like yesterday when I got Super Mario Brothers 3. And Tetris.

The first sentence effectively sums it up:

If someone would have presented a XBOX 360 for me and my friends 20 years ago, I'm pretty sure we probably would have fainted.

26 March 2006


I'm not usually one to post random pictures like so, but the more I stare at this one, the more I laugh.

Go ahead. Just stare at it. It'll get to you.

Image hosting by TinyPic

25 March 2006

through the net

Just some experimental shots of two awesome people playing tennis.

24 March 2006



Google has joined the Standard & Poor's 500!

Speaking of Mountain Dew (what?), I was on the subway Wednesday night and after a few minutes noticed a rather large Mountain Dew ad on one of the boards. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another. And another. And another. AND another. Yes, five identical ads. And it was only on half of the train. I started laughing because it was all you could see on three walls.

Then yesterday morning (note that it was 745am) I was on my way into school and this woman was eating fried chicken and drinking Mountain Dew on the train. I guess the advertising worked?

And speaking of Yellowstone (again, what?), it appears that the magma beneath Yellowstone is on the move! That place is so intriguing.

23 March 2006

mix tapes

I called Best Buy today and was put on hold during my inquiry--no doubt I'm making another purchase to my favorite store.

Anyways, during the on hold moment I was forced to listen to some musical selection that, at first, I thought was instrumental Fleetwood Mac, but quickly rejected that hypothesis. The noise that echoed from the song was garbled and scattered so it made the music very scratchy.

Forgetting that music was even playing, I started thinking how far we've come just in the past decade of copying music. Yeah, we steal music all the time now, but think back to when cassettes were so popular that you'd record your favorite music from the radio stations--undoubtedly getting the first few seconds of the DJ announcing the radio station or some commercial for Dial soap. Or something.

But the best part was recording from one cassette to the other when you didn't have the double tape decks. We'd have to put two radios together and tape through the microphone to the other tape. How barbaric. Ok, maybe I was the only one that did that.

Of course, I still have my very first stereo with a cd player on it (and double tape decks with high speed dubbing--oh yeah). And it still works--most of the time. It's only 11 years old and I bought it with my own money I had saved. It was advertised as $100--and that's how much I had. But I remember I was with my sister and she had to help me pay the $5 tax.

All this because of Best Buy.

22 March 2006

the battle of evermore

As of late..

I've always wanted to start off saying that.

As of late, I've had a long day.

Of course it's the middle of the afternoon. 2 days after spring started. Does it feel like spring in Atlanta? Far from it, some might say. Last night the wind was blowing so hard between tall buildings that it was difficult to advance forward--especially through the gusts. Sometimes I'd think it would be scary has hell if we could see the wind.

Think about it though. If the wind had a color and the darker it was, the worse the wind would be. Right now it's all innocent looking until we hear it. I'd be scared.

You would too.

Admit it.

"Oh gees, there's a crimson red wind on the horizon! Gather up the Adirondack chairs!"

Sorry, I'm losing my mind. Been busy.

I don't even know what Adirondack chairs are. Haha.

16 March 2006

somethin about africa

I found this article today. It's about the East African Rift system, the African Horn and the Afar Triangle near Djibouti. Interestingly enough, the rift that is occurring is happening so rapidly (geologically speaking) that speculation of a new ocean forming is quickly becoming reality. The Afar Triangle is separating into large crevices. Eventually it is hypothesized that the African Horn will separate.

Active Geology! Woohoo!

the following is a test of the emergency broadcast system:

Happy Birthday Rachel!

if this had been an actual test, nothing would have changed. you would have heard the same words.

15 March 2006

not in my backyard

In keeping with alarm clocks, I stumbled upon this without even searching:

It's the Nooby. It's part of a Top 10 Annoying Alarm Clock list.

So yesterday was Pi day and today is National Free Coffee Day at participating Starbucks. But you've probably already missed out as it runs from 10-noon.

14 March 2006

shinin like a diamond, rollin with the dice

I have found it. The next thing on my list of "things i need" that I would like to own:

The Puzzle Alarm Clock. According to the report, it "presents a mild challenge" of basically propelling 4 puzzle pieces into the air. The alarm stays on until you put in your contacts, turn on the light, crawl on your knees in search of the pieces and put them back together--in no particular order. Or until you remove the batteries.

Either way, doesn't the thought of jagged projectiles flying into the air sound like a good way to awaken? I wonder if it sounds like a fog horn. Now that would be awesome.

Well I'm officially back into the school mode. Much drinking and eating commenced while old roomie Andy was in town this weekend to celebrate, well, March. Really, if you only saw the amount of food we all ate. Sirloins to grits to chicken sandwiches to coconut shrimp to salmon tacos (shakes my head in disgust) to pancakes to hashbrowns.

Happy pi (3.14) day!
Yeah, took me a second too.

09 March 2006

all that you can't leave behind

I'm on a roll this week. I've paid officially paid off ANOTHER credit card. Today I paid three utility bills. I'm spending responsibly--whatever that means. It's nearing 70 degrees, the pool awaits (not that I'm getting in it) and it's only Thursday.

There's a moment you reach where you think "wow, I should have listened to my parents when they said NO to credit cards." But the thought of "I'll really only use them for emergencies" sounded so good--at the time.

At least my student loans officially trumps my credit debt, so it makes it look like my education is worth it. I guess that makes sense.

I will say that the first "emergency" that my first credit card went towards was a new pair of very expensive, but definitely worth it and needed hiking boots that were purchased in Jackson Hole, Wyoming after my first week of geology field camp some 2.5 years ago. Of course, breaking those boots in the remainder of field camp was far less painful than the first week in my other pair.

Clearly I haven't been keeping up with the birthdays:

Happy overly belated Birthday Laura.
Happy somewhat belated Birthday Stacey.
Happy Birthday Lauren.

04 March 2006

need a good laugh?

Roommate bonding night = yahtzee, checkers and margaritas with a broken blender.

03 March 2006

the spiderweb is tangled up with me

Spiders have been a hot topic this week with me.

Yesterday (or some day this week) I was in my car going to school at the unforgivable 745am to teach lab and the worst thing happened. I was traveling down a busy 4-lane road on my way to the Marta station and text messaging someone about something when, while traveling only 25-mph, I noticed something moving on my seat beside my leg.

It was one of those jumping, fuzzy, black spiders. The ones that move at high rates of speed--appearing to jump or teleport. After my initial gasp, the spider indeed did the teleport method. Still driving, and still holding my phone, I did the only thing I could do--I attempted to hit it, but merely swept it off the seat where it directly landed next to my brake pedal. Keep in mind, the left foot was not being used as I was still in motion on the road. I quickly tried to step on it (still driving, holding the phone, and probably singing along to something on the radio). At this point, the spider vanished and I was left to contemplate if it had truly died or if it was going to crawl up my pants leg during the final 5-minute leg (no pun) of my drive.

I didn't feel it afterwards but I realized it ranked right up there with sneezing in the car while driving. You try to hold off the sneeze as long as possible. You even try to keep your eyes open during the sneeze, but you know there was that millisecond where your eyes were off the road.

Ok so maybe it wasn't the worst thing to happen. 2 spiders would have been worst.

Or I could have sneezed while I was trying to kill it.

Now that would have been worst.

01 March 2006

perfect blue buildings

The audience has begun to grumble.

So, here I am.

I've come to realize that the spring weather, here in the South, has had a direct effect on my 'high' that I've been on for the past 2 weeks. I've had so many things go wrong lately, and 5 minutes later, I'm smiling and can't stop.

It's official. One month until my 2nd 10k race. I've even posted the front page of the local Charleston newspaper in my office at school. I stare at it everyday and pretend that I can see myself and Kris in the 10,000 people running over the bridge. Is it inspiration? No. But it reminds me that I shouldn't go home after school and instead should divert and meander to the gym next door. I'm just excited that I'll be running outside this weekend.

I dare say, it might even be too warm to run. HA.

1-2-3 get off my grandma's apple tree.

No wait, that's not the right statement.

What is it? Ah yes--rabbit rabbit.

You're supposed to say it before the start of the new month, but I forgot this time.