30 April 2006

wedding part2

I caught my first garter. There's 4 more weddings to go this year!

Leigh, Andy, Me, Kris (and Laura in the reflection). We look like the Cingular Wireless ad with the ascending bars because of our heights. How did Kris get taller than me is what I want to know. Nice selection of drinks we have there.

Kris, Leigh and Laura
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wedding part1

Beth and Jason.

Me and Leigh.

Before departing.

Kris and Will.
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cooper 2006

Kris and I in Charleston.

Me looking like I'm twelve.
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20 April 2006

goog part 2

Ah google, how I love thee.

13 April 2006

where's waldo?

In case you can't tell, I'm the gentleman in the center of the shot that was a little too proud of himself for finishing the 10k.

April 1, 2006.

08 April 2006

got away

You know you're a weather nerd when you go to bed thinking "wow, I can't wait until those storms come through in the middle of the night and I can wake up and watch them." And then the storms do come through. At 430am. And I do wake up and turn on the television to find that all four of the local news stations are having continuous weather coverage.

And then I freak out because the wind starts to really change direction outside and the curtains go from blowing into the apartment to being blown into the window. That was always a clue that a storm was coming when I think back on all the storms I've been through. Pressure changes.

So I sat for 30 minutes and watched the weather and was highly impressed with the advancement of the weather radars and the capabilities of spotting wind rotation. Luckily, we faired ok but that's not to say that the rest of the state, or the southeast for that matter, didn't.

Alas, april showers bring may flowers though.

And strawberries and my parent's farm!

03 April 2006

Favorite line from today:

Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

My oldest sister is really old today. haha.
Happy Birthday Melanie.

02 April 2006

it's like blackhawk down



I ran the 6.2 mile Cooper River Bridge Run in my new personal record (of the whopping two official 10Ks I've run--ha). I did it!

I want to run more and more now. Hopefully the Peachtree 10k will work out.

Had an awesome weekend. More to come.