31 May 2006

ah, lightning

Look what I found. I was actually doing work when I found it too. It's a slight (and I do mean slight) bit of inspiration to trudge along with the lightning/urban heat island topic of my thesis during the summer months.

29 May 2006

rocks for 3rd graders

So I've been unearthing (pun definitely intended) all the things I've collecting throughout the years and what do I find? A GEOLOGY study guide for a test that I took in 3rd grade (also noting that was in 1990--16 years ago). It's obviously a precursor to the fact that I would become a geologist. Clearly that's why it was kept. And come on, I got a checkmark, so I must have known my stuff. Check out that cursive handwriting.
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26 May 2006

I've been dealing with an odd assortment of sinus issues and flu symptons this week. I switched solely to the Sudafed. But I'm nearing the end, I believe.

The other day I saw a girl standing in her yard (in the grass) with rollerblades and a helmet on. But she was blowing bubbles. It made for an odd sight, but I guess she was happy. It definitely made me laugh--and I almost ran over a squirrel, but he darted out of the way in the last second.

Wow, what a transition this blog has made.

So, some of you will be happy to note that I've started realizing just how much JUNK that I collect and store in boxes (receipts from 1999, bottle caps, shoelaces, envelopes, pamphlets, magazines, etc). Well, I'm beginning to throw it away. Why keep hauling it around everywhere. Granted, I don't have much stuff that's very large, but I will be able to minimize my life in some small way. It's more of an issue of seeing how disorganized I am.

Now I'm boring myself.

Why can't life be as simple as rollerblading in grass on a sunny afternoon?
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20 May 2006

another one bites the dust

Upon further inspection of the bib, I realized that the race that I woke up at 3:30 AM to prep for and run was entitled a "5k fun run." I'm not sure if I'd categorize running on a large runway in the chilly wind with 1,499 other runners that early in the morning fun. Well, it was "fun" to watch the airplanes taking off and landing as we were running though.

Regardless, I scored a new personal record for my 5k time: 25:07. I tried to get in under 24, but that headwind was not letting up.Above is my usual proof that I ran. Except this was the first race I've run completely alone.
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18 May 2006

made in the usa

I've been taking a variety of medicine from my not-so-medicine cabinet (under my sink) the past 2 days. A sore throat has eased it's way into my life and is trying to defeat me. But I'm resisting the punch. Alas, I have to run a 5k Saturday on a runway at the world's busiest airport--and I have to be there before 530. AM. Then drive to Spartanburg for my sister's housewarming party that she's throwing for herself. Must run in the family because I threw myself a birthday party 2 years ago.

Back to the point. Which was? Chocolate. Right. Oh yeah, the medicine. Since I'm not sick frequently, I generally have the most random assortment of medicine available at my taking. So yesterday I found 1 tablet left from a Sudafed package. That was the first to go. Last night I found the last of 4 Tylenol PM. This morning, I found the Robitussin but man was it way over-expired. Something about old, red syrup doesn't appeal to me.

Where was I going with this? See, this is what's happening, I keep forgetting my thoughts. The meds are all acting synchronously now, I believe. And for the past 20 minutes, there's been a rather large housefly in my office that's swarming around. Occasionally, he'll attack the space around my face and I find that I'm so engrossed in the computer screen that my peripheral vision is lacking and thus I jolt back at the sight of this centimeter-sized insect darting straight for me. It's just a reaction.

And just like that, I happen to look down and see him (yes, male housefly) walk right back out into the hall under the threshold of the door. Amazing. My life is sane again. Rejoice.

I still don't know where I was going with this. And really, what does the title have to do with anything I'm rambling about either? I saw it on my nalgene bottle and I felt it needed to be said.

Thanks for having patience with the blog. I'm slowly finding myself back into the hectic life that I throw at myself. What? I'm not making sense. The fact of the matter is, I'm back.

Or as that creepy girl from Poltergeist (and Poltergeist2..and Poltergeist3 for that matter) said (before she mysteriously died on the set of the 3rd movie!).."they're baaacccck."

Wait, that doesn't make sense either because I'm only one person, not a "they." Forget it. That movie was creepy. Move on.

more to come.

07 May 2006

motivated. sort of.

I've been having blog sickness, I do believe.

Updates on my life:

-technically finished a year of grad school and now one year closer to having a masters in geosciences. what? who? me?

-enjoying atlanta to the fullest.

-still running.

-enjoying teaching geology labs a little too much. over-achiever, i know.

-eating more mexican food than i ever have.

-attending 4 weddings in the next few months.

-failed to qualify for the peachtree road 10k.

-did, however, qualify for the hartsfield-jackson 5th runway 5k race in 2 weeks.

-took up trailrunning.

-made some awesome friends.

-took up bouldering. me? climbing up boulders with nothing but chalk and crash pads? me??

-invited to spend most of july out west hiking, bouldering, camping, climbing, and mountaineering.

who would have ever thought that i would be who i am now?

05 May 2006

unmotivated to write in my blog, part 35

I figured everyone would enjoy old pics that I found of myself. Nice jean jacket there, huh? What's on the tv, is my question.

Clearly this was a high priority of mine at such an early age.
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