27 June 2006


I did it. On the way home from visiting Diana, Mike and I went to Hardee's just so we could say we ate the new Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger. And that was ALL I ate the entire day. I know, kind of disgusting, but worth the fun.

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wedding photos from the poconos

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20 June 2006


my life is perpetually on the spin cycle.

back from the NE and now i'm off to a concert.

but i added a flickr badge with about 20 pics. enjoy. look left.

15 June 2006

simmer down

clearly i've abandoned all of you.

it's all your fault.

it's your fault that you keep looking here and thinking "i wonder if he posted today. surely something happened worth posting.." but then you're disappointed because there's the same post from june 5th and you sigh, look at something else and peruse someone else's blog thinking the same. that's why it's your fault. because there's guilt on my behalf at that point.

so here i am. but i'm leaving again.

i'm posting to say that i'm having a blast this summer so far and expected to continue on into august. i'm traveling. sure, take that to mean i'm traveling around but it really means i'm living off of everyone else. which also means i'm getting good meals everywhere i go. what more could you ask for?

i did kick off the concert series with tom petty last week. dave matthews band is next week. who knows after that. i'm off to my third wedding in 2 months this weekend and to see maria in baltimore along the way. then soon i'll be out west being all cool. ha.

life's fun. live it.