30 July 2006

concave side reversed

I just read that Rockdale County, GA schools start back tomorrow. Tomorrow. It's technically still July. For 2 more days, it's still July. I'm still thinking of how I'm going to spend the remainder of my summer break and there are students somewhere worried right now if their locker is on the top or bottom. Obviously that was a dilemma in life.

So today I went into massive pack mode for the big move from the current apartment to the new apartment where I will be living by myself for the first time ever. This starts in a week. But in the meantime, I've found that packing for the big 5-mile move is just as annoying as last year when I packed for the 200-mile move. Packing, for me, has become "let's try to put everything into giant boxes until the box can barely close." Finally, I realized today that I could pack based on rooms (not that I'm going to have that many rooms in my giant 756-square foot apartment). The only exception has become the three boxes of the most fragile stuff I own. On the box I've written, with a Sharpie, "this is the most fragile stuff I own."

Do you ever start to walk into a room, but before you get there, you start thinking of what could be behind the door, or wall, to face you when you get there. Something unexpected. Something just not right. I watched a horror flick tonight and I'm repeatedly walking into rooms expecting the worse when I turn on the light. It's not the normal fear that horror flicks cater to though. It's more of a slow motion glance to the side kind of fear. It's hard to explain. I scare myself sometimes.

I really like this pic. It's from the Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. Although, amazingly frightening, it's amazingly beautiful.

26 July 2006

and there was the west

DSC02836-1, originally uploaded by mollkey.

Photos are up on Flickr (either click on the hand above or click the flickr badges that are lined up on the left side of the screen).

More will arrive soon. Until then, enjoy my trips.

and there was this trip out west

It's a photo-story. I saw boulders. I hiked across glaciers. I took a lot of photos. I met a lot of great people. I had a blast.

and then there was the weather of the west

Continuing on, the storms and sunsets definitely made for some opportune shots.

and then there were the trees of the west

I had an obsession with trees. Particularly, a unique obsession with the dead trees of Yellowstone. It's something you have to see.

so there was this wedding (4)

So, yet again, there was another wedding of two great people (4). This time, it was in Nye, Montana--the most beautiful place in the world. Zach and Shawna, whom I really didn't know that well before their wedding, were married the week after Kris and Will. Think 200+ acres of Montana mountains, horses, rolling valleys, aspen trees, Big Sky sunset.

Zach and Shawna, July 15.

so there was this wedding (3.2)

Is this called the bridal party? Why do I always forget that?

I spy...

well, I'm at the far right.

so there was this wedding (3)

So then there was this other wedding of two great people (3). A trip to Flat Rock, NC provided the perfect backdrop of another wedding. Kris and Will, a duo of awesome friends from Columbia were married 3 weeks after Molly and Robbie. Keeping track? I've known Kris for, oh gees, 10 years now. Wait. 10? Hold on. My brain hurts. I started marching band the summer of 1996, and yep, she was my captain. We've been through a lot. I met Will, oh gees, 3 or 4 years ago. My brain hurts again. Time is flying.

Anyways, the wedding was very cool, including the mountain music and my very nervous toast.

Kris and Will, July 8.

so there was this wedding (2)

So there was another wedding of two great people (2). Molly and Robbie were married in the Poconos the weekend after Laura and Lee. Some pics were already posted. I knew them through the geology days of USC where Robbie was my very first geology teaching assistant and Molly was the co-founder, and reviver of the Geology Club with Stacey. Had that not happened, I never would have accomplished so many trips that I did in those 4 years. And I would have never been the eventual president either. But the club was, and still is, a thriving part of the department.

Molly and Robbie, June 17.

**and now i realize Robbie isn't it any of these pics.

so there was this wedding (1)

So there was this wedding of two great people (part 1). In one year, my friends seem to all be getting married. Had someone told me that 2006 would be that year, I probably wouldn't have believed them. As sad as it is to see everyone advancing through life, I'm also happy for all of them.

Laura and Lee were married June 10. And now they live in Atlanta, so who could ask for anything more? heh. I've known Laura since kindergarten, although she won't admit some of our antics of 19 (wow) years ago.


24 July 2006

the tetons

DSC02890-1, originally uploaded by mollkey.

dun dun dun.

the west. brilliant.

08 July 2006

partly cloudy, 5% chance of rain

Summer. It's here. And partly gone. Here today, gone tomorrow. From North Carolina today and tomorrow morning, to Atlanta by noon and Salt Lake City by mid-afternoon. The blog will be suspended for a month while I travel the US in search of sand in plastic water bottles. Well, that's what I like to bring back with me, at least. Anyways, I'm off to hike and camp for a month before I start back with school in August. A new apartment in Decatur has been acquired (and it's definitely nice--so, visit me when I return). Or help me move.

So be prepared for a deluge of pictures from Maria's visit, to Laura and Lee's wedding (a month ago!), to Kris and Will's wedding (today!) and all the way to the west.

Countdown to return: Aug 3rd. Unless I reevaluate my life and stay out there. haha.