30 September 2006

i brought fall inside the apt.



artificial sugar

the word is "flouride."

if that was my flouride wash it.

sadly, i saw this on a jeff foxworthy commercial.


It's fall! October! And the other day I saw hail falling on my porch.

27 September 2006

I actually said this today..

"I didn't want you on my organic banana island anyways!"

26 September 2006

are your sedimentary rocks well sorted?

Something unusual tonight. Since the weather is chilling around these parts, I've been keeping the patio door open while I'm here. Tonight, I'm up late doing school work with the tv off, the radio off and just one light on.

But the greatest part is that I live next to the woods (rural, I tell you). And the crickets apparently migrate to the shurbs and grass and are all chirping in unison at this moment. If I closed my eyes and pretended I wasn't in the 9th largest metropolitan city in the US, I'd go right back to my childhood where we slept with the windows open.

24 September 2006

zebras are reactionaries

..at the zoo.

So I went to the zoo. This is an extension of my quest to do more cultural things while in Atlanta. And to mark things off the list of things to do.

But Zoo Atlanta was not all it's cracked up to be. Well, except for having a newborn panda which, after talking to a zookeeper for 10 minutes, we determined that this was a milestone in panda history. And I did learn a lot but mostly I realized that student discounts are great, gorillas eat apples and the Georgia Aquarium is much more interesting.

21 September 2006

your office supply source

Great, now it's too cold in my apartment.

Let's get back to the trash can war that exists on the hall where my office is. After 2 weeks of pawning my trash off on other's trash cans down the hall, I finally got fed up with not having the convenience of having my own trash can anymore. So I went on the prowl. And what did I find? Lo and behold, in the corner of the stairwell, I stumbled upon a mecca of abandoned trash cans. They varied in all shapes and sizes. So I got to take my pick from 5 cans. I snatched one and it now sits in my office.

But yesterday I had it outside so it would be emptied by the trash fairy that mysteriously comes through when I'm never there. During one of my walks into my office, I looked down to see that someone had written "CARA" on it--I'm guessing before it was abandoned.

Regardless, me and my trash can, Cara, now coexist in my office and we've created a bond.

Well, until someone steals her too.

20 September 2006


When I got home tonight, I turned off the AC. It's a monumental occasion when that day occurs each Fall. Especially in the South. Granted, there will probably be a warm spell in a few days and I'll be unbearably hot, but for all intents and purposes (I really just wanted to say that) I just wanted to save money. And frankly, it's quite cool without it. I opened up the patio door and have a fan propped up on the door sill and it's pumping that 65deg air into my once-mid-70s apartment and everything is good.

Until an intruder with anywhere between 4-30 legs walks in. I thought being on the second floor would prevent such intruders. But alas, last week I killed one of the largest Palmetto bugs I've ever killed to date. And I'm not even sure if I got him! He was crawling around on the ceiling and after a futile spray with my heavy-duty, industrial Raid, he went a scurrying and by the time that I jumped off of my 30-yr old chair that barely held me, moved it across the kitchen, hopped back up and looked, he was gone. GONE. He had a mere 8 square foot space to travel. And I lost him in those 4 seconds. So I sprayed the hell out of the top of the cabinets and went on about the day.

And 2 weeks after moving in, I killed a centipede, which by the way, did not and does not have to have 100 legs. Who taught me that? I tried to save it's life but he was fighting too much and he got the flush.

But for now, I have my open door. And the fan. And I'm pretending the fan will act as some sort of deterrent as they won't want to walk through the oscillating fan blades.

In other news, I watch the Weather Channel too much.
And I was perusing my cabinet for something to eat today when I realized I have 3 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter aligned next to my, now, 3 jars of pasta sauce. Who needs that much? Me.

17 September 2006

aft lavatories occupied

So I was in Pittsburgh. At another wedding. This makes wedding #7 since January. I think.

Anyways, I had a great weekend in Pitt at Kasey and Mike's wedding--as the pictures suggest. The wedding lasted only 15 minutes but the reception, with an open bar and lots of dancing, lasted seven hours. I feel like 6 of those were spent dancing. Afterwards I said I felt like I had been in an exercise video. Mike told Maria and I that we would win the dance award for longevity. Oh yeah.

Unfortunately, the photos are from immediately after the wedding to the end of the night in a heartbeat. And it was a little hot after all the dancing--which explains the 80's look. (more photos on Flickr.)

13 September 2006

one million ways to die

In an interesting study on wired.com, it was found that more people have died by electorcution than by terrorism. Not that I'm saying any of these deaths are by far any less (not physically) than the top ones--it puts things into perspective. The article also says that more people die of appendicitis (one of my fears) than terrorism too. It didn't show up on the list though.

Driving off the road: 254,419
Falling: 146,542
Accidental poisoning: 140,327
Dying from work: 59,730
Walking down the street: 52,000.
Accidentally drowning: 38,302
Killed by the flu: 19,415
Dying from a hernia: 16,742
Accidental firing of a gun: 8,536
Electrocution: 5,171
Being shot by law enforcement: 3,949
Terrorism: 3147
Carbon monoxide in products: 1,554
By Ryan Singel

12 September 2006



Wheel of Fortune, as I learned tonight, has been on 24 seasons. At least I'm older than it, but still. 24 years of turning letters and spelling words. You've got to admit, it's actually a pretty useful game show as it's promoting spelling and vocabulary (sort of).

But it makes me wonder if they've been using RSTLNE for the final puzzle all 24 years. It's up there with 867-5309 in those random combinations of letters/numbers you know from pop culture. I remember learning my social security number and thinking it was cool. And my phone number has 3 zeroes in it in such an order that it's really easy to recite because the other numbers follow with a zero. #0#-0#0#

What else?

Ah, I had an epiphany this morning while brushing my teeth. So think about this. Time travel. Or, actually, traveling back in time would be more appropriate. It's debated whether it could exist in the future, although I'm speculating that the majority of the world would assume it probably wouldn't. But, for those that think on the other spectrum and try to be optimistic, well, I realized something. Say, in the year 2030 we figure out a way to travel back in time to 2006. Then wouldn't we have seen the future travelers already? See what I mean? If we're going to travel back in time, then I figure we would have known by now.

Or do we realize this in the future and then we disguise ourselves when we go back in time so we don't disrupt history because anything you alter in the past, will change in the future. Back to the Future taught us that.

Yeah, all of this from brushing my teeth. Must have been the Listerine.


11 September 2006


today i was as equally excited about riding the newer model subway train--twice!--as i was excited about having chocolate milk tonight.

jim cantore, on the weather channel, just showed that michael douglas' house was spared on the islands of bermuda.

whew. i'll sleep a little easier tonight.

10 September 2006

things you need to know

Ever watch the news and hear of a country or place somewhere and then you start wondering about it to the point that you feel stupid because you know nothing about it?

Oh, you don't?

Whatever, you're in denial.

So, I wasn't watching the news, I was watching the Weather Channel for obvious reasons and upon hearing about the future impacts of Bermuda, I realized how little I knew about the island nation. And here's where I ask you if you know who owns Bermuda? My first guess was us. Well, not us, but U.S. But I guess that actually is us technically anyways.


And this is where you learn knowledge that you'll be able to use in your next trivia game. Or where you impress your friends.

Bermuda is actually the oldest remaining British overseas territory. And it's actually a conglomeration of 138 islands (not just one). And they have their own currency. And no fresh water. Yeah, think about that. Their only source is from rainfall. Well, until they establish desalinization plants--but I'm assuming those are far off in the future. So there you have it, Bermuda. And right now, a little storm called Florence is ripping 100mph winds through the islands.

Back on the mainland, sort of, the southeast felt an earthquake today. Well, I didn't feel it because the one day I wasn't in town, would be the day that it occurs. Regardless, a 6.0 is a considerable trembler for down here. Unless you were in Charleston, SC in 1886 when a 7.5 blasted through--which, incidentally, was felt in Bermuda.

Anyways, the point is, the Weather Channel was interviewing various Florida residents about "when they felt the quake" this morning. One guy said he was going to make t-shirts saying "I survived the quake of 2006." As if that wasn't enough, the other guy interviewed said he was getting ready to watch the Tampa Bay football game and was also assembling his fishing poles "when the fishing poles began to shake." To further emphasize the quake, they reenacted the shaking of the fishing poles.

Man, it was a rough day.

09 September 2006

holiday in spain

Surprise. I renovated. Partially renovated is more like it. There will be more soon.

It appears that school swallowed me this week. Or maybe it was my endless, futile search for my missing trash can from oustide my office. Either way, I look forward to being back to blogging now.

And for those that had to endure me complain about my knee pain(s) and car woes for however long it has been, you'll be happy to know that both are in working order now. One required rest and the othe required money.

I've been all cultural lately. I went to a book festival, the Bodies exhibit and to the Counting Crows concert all in a two-day span. Maybe that's why I was exhausted this week.

And in typical style, I failed to mention two birthdays.

Happy Birthday to my sister Bonnie (on wed).
And Happy Birthday to Andy (on thurs).