30 October 2006

where's the beef?

In response, and in good humor, here's a response to an old post from Kris.

Earlier today, I frequented Kroger to stock up on virtually everything that I had run out of in, well, the past month.

I approached the deli counter to get some chicken sandwich meat. I was starving at this point because I had nothing to eat for lunch. The whole plan was to get groceries before going home just so I could get my free slice of chicken at the deli counter. I'm serious. I knew it would tide me over. But the plan changed when I wasn't offered my usual slice. The (nice) lady started the slicing and took my first piece, looked back at me, smiled, then gestured as in "is this ok?"

It was ok.

But she didn't give it to me. She just kept on slicing. And it was then that I knew my dinner would have to wait a while longer.

After the devastating loss, I started staring around. Finally I looked up at the top of the counter as she was handing me the chicken and right beside my hand was a (large) sign reading "PLEASE ASK FOR FREE SAMPLE!"


29 October 2006

back to columbia

I had a fun, f-u-n, weekend. Saturday I headed to Columbia for the first time since June. Friday I went to my first bouldering comp and a hilarious party of mostly people I didn't know.

I learned how to play horseshoes. Again. And I was surprisingly good.

Not to mention that I learned that Eric Clapton was in The Yardbirds.

And Jimmy Page.

Who knew?

Things I've won this weekend: 3 games, 7 pieces of candy, 3 chalk bags and 1 candle.

Clock update of the week: daylight saving time has apparently concluded with the fact that my kitchen clock has, again, reset itself and is now an hour behind. This marks the third time it's fallen back.

27 October 2006

you're so vain, i bet you think this photo's about you, don't you?



A shadow shot. And an overexposed (on purpose) shot of yellow leaves moving to make them look like fire. Sort of worked. Just a bit too overexposed.

26 October 2006

couldn't pass on this one

Here's a selection of real headlines all on the front page of MSNBC news right now (1140am):

Space Station cargo ship in trouble.

School shooting in Florida.

Three indicted in in liposuction-in-condo-basement death.

Drug gang uses 'smuggle me elmo' tactic.

Tara Reid opens up about plastic surgery.

Naomi Campbell arrested. Again.

Britney finally names 2nd baby.


Is it me, or do we have the strangest news headlines. And you know you all wanted to read about the name of Britney Spears' baby. But alas, I did not read it. So you'll have to find out on your own.

I'm going to guess Fred.

Of those aforementioned, I only read about the space station woes. At least it was labeled with highest priority on the page.

Ok, back to CNN.

25 October 2006

fall forward; spring back

Right? No.

It seems every year, during one of the daylight saving time events, I always forget not that I should turn the clock back/forward, but I forget that I've already done that. Usually something goes array and I'm off an hour somewhere. Nothing drastic. Last year I bought this clock that "magically" sets itself by sending some signal to some other signal in some far off land (ok, Colorado). It's just a basic looking clock with hands. Nothing fancy. Double A battery.

Well, about 2 weeks ago it decided to set itself back an hour for no apparent reason. Not that I was expecting it to give me a reason. I'm not sure how it would go about doing that. A ticker note? Ha, ticker--no pun intended. Anyways, it set itself back and I went about the whole week thinking that I would just avoid looking at it. But no, I was constantly reminded of its inconsiderateness. Finally, I spring forwarded it. In the middle of October.

This upset the gods.

A week later, as in yesterday, I looked back and lo and behold, its fallen back an hour again. So what's going to happen Saturday night? Maybe it'll start yelling at me. Throw its hands up in the air and get mad. Futile.


Bill Bryson's got a new book! Check out The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir.

23 October 2006

chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool and shootin' some b-ball outside the school

In a recent article from CNN, a point was made that theme songs were vanishing from new tv shows and long are the days of memorable ones.

For my generation, I can safely recall a range from The Brady Bunch to Friends.

The fact that I can recall The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one thing.

But the fact that I'll be sitting in the middle of a graduate exam thinking of an answer to a particular question and then the next thing I know, I'm singing:

"I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
she said 'you're movin' with your uncle and auntie in Bel-Air'"

And then I'm ruined for the next 5 minutes.

21 October 2006

land the meets ocean the where

I've always been obsessed with game shows. Lately, I've tried to not watch Deal or No Deal just because I don't want to become addicted to it. It's actually not a bad ploy to win money, but really, if the people come onto the show with $0 to start and they are up to at least $200,000+ then my goodness, why not just take it and leave with that? The show is proving just how greedy we all are. We MUST see if we can win more! Hypocritcally speaking, I'd probably want to win more also, so I'll just shut up.

But, I found a new show, 1 vs. 100. It just so happened to air after a Deal or No Deal episode, so of course I was interested. But one of the first questions revealed that 15 out of 100 people didn't know that Wendy's hamburgers were square. I find this shocking.

And I find it funny that it's hosted by Bob Saget of Full House fame. And Howie Mandell of Bobby's World fame does the other one. Didn't Alan Thicke of Growing Pains fame take over Win, Lose or Draw a few years ago? Who gets a game show next? ALF. I bet he'll have a game show about cats.

Why did ALF have a fascination with cats, anyways?



20 October 2006

i need to cut my toenails

I went on a hike today. It was GREAT! And I'm beginning to realize my true passion for photography. I was hesitant to move into the digital world a few years ago. I was true to my standard SLR. It was great. I kept thinking "why would anyone want a digital version of this?" But now, all I can think is "how could anyone not want one?" And the best part is taking 100+ pictures in a 4 hour time span, on top of a mountain, in the fall, after a cold front went through and coming home to look at the pictures and realizing that (as egotistical as I'm about to sound) they aren't that bad and they don't need editing.

Besides that, I went up Blood Mountain with some friends and had a blast. I love it. Everyday I'm learning more about the area that I've lived for over a year. I finally feel like it's home. Now, enjoy some choice pics.

(I take pictures of rocks now. It's a whole new world. Who knew that igneous intrusions with cool weathering would be photogenic?)

(A view from standing outside the shelter looking in and through to the window with great yellow foliage. Everything looked like it was on fire. I made raeman noodles in this shelter some two years ago while hiking with Rachel. The thing still looked much the same. No bears this time though.)

(Travis playing around on an outcrop of igneous. Or was this a boulder? Or a Patagonia ad? Not a bull.)

(The new snake befriended us. Or we befriended the snake because I'm sure it wasn't a voluntary action that the snake crossed our paths. But some nearby kids enjoyed an impromptu science lesson. As a 4-yr old girl said "I'm pretty sure it's a girl." She was positive. I believed her.)

(The USGS benchmark at the summit of Blood Mtn. It had a little water and a shadow--nothing that can't stop a good shot though.)

And as always, more pics up on Flickr.

18 October 2006

press to open

What's worse than a giant palmetto bug running across my living room floor at a high rate of speed?

Two palmetto bugs running across my living room floor at high rates of speed.

But thank goodness that didn't happen. Neither did the solo palmetto bug. I was just thinking of weird things that could happen to make this day even more stranger than it already is.

I just found five dollars?

Anyways, Paula had a birthday today. Everyone wish her well as we recall that 2 years ago she was the instigator for this whole blog thing even occurring. Although I feel I would have fallen victim to the wrath sooner or later. I guess it would have been later, right?

And I ask you. Deal?

Or no deal?

16 October 2006

the war, part 2

There was an ongoing war down the hall from my office concerning my trashcan. That was, until, I found a new trashcan love of my life, Cara, a few weeks ago. We bonded for a week. She sat in the corner of my office. She never spoke, but still chose her words carefully. I would only throw away paper products. I would throw the banana peels in another trashcan down the hall. We were close. Her name was emblazoned on the side like an id tag.

She vanished last week.

I walked down the hall last weekend expecting to see her waiting outside the door after leaving her out overnight. But she was gone. Someone took her.

It took me 2 days before word spread of possible sightings. Anonymous trashcans weren't saying much though. I had to find her on my own.

Upon one exit down the hall, I noticed a horde of trashcans piled at near the staircase, much like the time I found Cara. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one--turned on its side, wedged next to the wall. Her.

I brought her back and put her back in the corner of my office where she's being very supportive about the whole matter. Today I threw away extra paper.

15 October 2006

somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket

Happy Birthday to my blog! I'm 2 years old now!

Thanks for continuing to stay informed to the randomness that is where the ocean meets the land.

13 October 2006

11 October 2006

current U.S. population: 295,734,134

Just a congratulatory shout to some folks on the complete diagonal, opposite side of the land (Washington). The Cumulus blog owners welcomed a newborn into the world. But they were just shy of topping the 300 million mark in the U.S.

Real close though.

10 October 2006

all the colors mix together to grey

10:40pm on a Tuesday night and what am I doing? Watching the Weather Channel for whatever the reason.

I've had this blog open for an hour waiting for something to spark my memory to blog about. This morning I had two moments of 'OH, I should blog about that!' and then I forgot them. I guess I should go back to writing them down.

Regardless, back to the Weather Channel. I was watching in a daze when all of the sudden, the weatherlady (that's PC, right?) lost her shoe. It just fell off during the forecast. Ok it was funny to me.

And I could tell you who it was but then that would make me a bigger nerd so we'll skip that part.

Hope you enjoyed the cows. It was a change-up. I'm really enjoying my camera. In case you didn't hear, I purchased a Sony Alpha DSLR. By far, the coolest thing I've bought. Recall, I said I'd buy one. Hopefully one day I'll sell these things instead of just giving them away for free. haha.

08 October 2006

cows cows cows



Had a busy few days lately, so I'm opting out of a post and in lieu, you get photos. More cows (I know, you're real excited) on Flickr.

04 October 2006

on lightning

Wow, check out this pic and article about a recent lightning shot.


03 October 2006

sweet illusion

With however many cable channels I have, tonight I found myself watching the Georgia public broadcast channel. They had a special called Tornado Glory. If you find that it's on when you're perusing the channels, I'd highly recommend it.

Basically, it showed twentysomethings in grad school chasing tornadoes for the summer. But it was so much more. After it was over, I turned off the tv and kept repeating, out loud, "oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh."

I think I found my calling.


Oh and check out my webpage I made for my geology lab students. I'm particularly proud of it.