29 November 2006

wii have a problem

For the new Wii enthusiasts, they have a site devoted to the loss of control with the new controller. I'm going to just file this under "user error" though. Although, if you read into the posts, there is one instance where Nintendo sent a new controller strap to the customer. But not a new TV.

It's kind of hilarious:



For lack of anything else to talk about, I'll just say that let the racing commence.

I registered for my 3rd consecutive Cooper River Bridge 10k. Charleston. Mar 31. Very excited. Kris?

But that's not all of it. The week before. Actually, 6 days before on Mar 25th, will be my first half marathon. (Atlanta half marathon) Half. HALF! It's been my latest goal. Details to follow, but what I do know is that supposedly there's going to be a Team Geology (ahem, Jen) to represent the ING-sponsored -thon.

26 November 2006

tin roof, rusted

Back from the Thanksgiving break and just in time to dive right back into school. Only two more weeks of classes remain. Sadly. Took some pics outside at my folks farm again. Really enjoying the new camera more and more. Maybe one day they will be worth something.





21 November 2006

i proposed!

..to my thesis.

Ha. Sorry.

But, I officially handed in (well, digitally) my FIRST draft of my thesis proposal this afternoon. It's the start of the end. Now, only 4.5 more months of writing ahead and 1/4 more student loans and I'll have a Master's Degree. Good thing I've already done most of the data work. Therefore, my thesis proposal, although written in future tense, was a big lie since everything I proposed I'd do, I've already done.

And what did I do to celebrate? I came home and ate a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme donut and a big glass of chocolate milk. My teeth hurt.


I saw snow tonight! I was on the phone and I halted whatever conversation we were having so I could relish in an intersection in downtown Atlanta at 930pm on the way to the subway. A lot of things had to come together at that exact moment for me to see the snow.

And for once, I didn't think "snow day!" like I've been brainwashed to think while living in the south, but instead, I thought "Wow, are those really snowflakes. In Atlanta. In November? Hmm."

Then I hurriedly walked to the train station in an effort to escape the blizzard and wait for a snow day.

19 November 2006

so there was this wedding, part 32

A longtime and good friend, Leigh, got married this weekend. To Joe. In Greenville. And I took some pictures. Naturally. Here's a selection--with more on Flickr.

1) Leigh and Joe after the wedding.
2) Good old friends.
3) Big wedding party.
4) As you can ascertain in this zoomed in shot, I nearly caught the garter, but Andy snatched it at the last possible millisecond. Then I pushed him.





15 November 2006

war of the worlds

I thought when I moved to Atlanta, I would escape the palmetto bugs. Judging by that statement, you can guess where this post is going.

It all started...

If today wasn't crazy already, the impromptu scurry of a 2.5-inch invincible insect definitely put me over the edge. It was encroaching (ha!) on my space. All 756-square feet of my space! And where did the small velociraptor head? Right down the hall, into my dark bedroom and under my desk. After a minute of stumbling to find the light, I spot his hind legs from under the back corner. And then it hits me, if I abandon him for the 2 seconds it will take me to turn my back and retrieve the heavy duty can of Raid, he'll be gone under my closet door. Out of sight, out of mind? No!

So instead of going for the Raid, I went to block the closet. As I'm leaning down, he runs out from under the desk and RIGHT INTO THE CLOSET. Seriously, the plot couldn't get any better.

Aware that I'll probably never be able kill him if I don't react quickly, I dart to the kitchen, retrieve the Raid (already intentionally set on the table from the last palmetto bug sighting) and then back. Knowing that he would be smart enough to stay on the perimeter of the closet, I start pulling random boxes and stuff from the wall in sudden and quick increments with Raid in one hand.

Not behind the file box.

Not behind the random Chaco.

Not behind the weight set.

Then onto a stack of shoes. One by one, I picked them up, shook them violently as if to stun the roach, then turned them over to await. It was like gambling. And wouldn't you know, the last shoe I picked up, shook, and dumped had the stupid roach in it? And its stunned state, it ran right for me, towards the back of the closet, thus trapping me in a deluge of everything I had dumped into the closet to get rid of it. Out of sight.

At this point, I was at my wit's end and determined to massacre the bug no matter what it took. So, before it could advance behind a poster frame, I started throwing boxes and books and whatnot all across the floor and repeatedly crushed it with a steel-toed hiking boot.

But at that point I realized that some french fries I had put in the oven were starting to burn and therefore I've abandoned the carcass in the closet. Out of mind.

14 November 2006


Discovered this typing game yesterday and consequently, I lost a few minutes of my life in yet another game, BUT I also improved my typing skills. And for the day yesterday, I had the 18th highest score (181,000) in the world for the medium level. Not all-time, but for the day. It's fun though. It definitely beats all those out-dated typing books we learned on.

Something about foxes jumping over boxes? Logs? Brown foxes jumping over legos? Ah, I give up.

12 November 2006

sandstone pains

Bouldering. Fun. Very cold. The strength is gaining. Scraped my hands all up. Lost some skin. But fun.

This picture doesn't exactly sum up the day, but it's adequate for now. Maybe I should take a picture of my hands.


More on flickr.

11 November 2006


Earlier I was exiting the grocery store, getting into my car to escape the sudden cold front that impeded the Indian Summer that we'd been having when I noticed a new neon sign along the shopping center next to my apartment. It down at the end of the row of shops, but I squinted to read the sign.


I hadn't heard of obile before. What could it be? A new store! I thought of the possibilities.

A store for lightbulbs? A store for a rare mineral that I somehow never learned from geology education? A new Mexican restaurant--Obile`! A store devoted to whatever an obile was?

That had to be it! Obiles!

A mere 2 minutes later, I put my car in reverse, reverse, put my car in drive, drive, and approach the unfamiliar obile store when I realize, the closer I got, I'm startled to see something in front of the obile sign.

Dark letters.

It was a T-Mobile sign with the T and M letters burnt out.

Things like that make me feel unique. Somehow.

10 November 2006

mad world

The saddest song ever. It's Gary Jules' "Mad World." It's been making a lot of talk because it's on a new commercial for a video game. But if you've seen Donnie Darko, you'll know it and love it from there instead. Regardless, the old video has surfaced on YouTube because seriously, what's not on there? Cool video though:

09 November 2006

45 shopping days remaining

And just in case you wanted to know, it's okay to say "Merry Christmas" this year instead of "Happy Holidays." As declared by none other than... Wal-Mart.


reason #377

I guess a perk to living/working/educating in Atlanta, is the fact that you get to go to all the cool conferences. This morning I got to attend the ArcGIS 9.2 software rollout. If that doesn't make sense, just think, nerd-computersoftware-seminar. Anyways, it was really cool to see the new software update that I'll be using to conclude my thesis work.

Nerdy, I know. But it's a big deal in the GIS world.

On a completely different note, if you haven't seen the new Johnny Cash video to "God's Gonna Cut You Down" then I'd recommend seeing it. There are so many people you'll recognize in the video. It's on his last cd which is incredibly good--came out July4th.

I'm obsessed with Wikipedia in case you haven't noticed. I'll be talking about it more in a future post.

08 November 2006

WTOMTL projects the winner to be..

I didn't vote.


Go ahead, send your hate mail. I'll read it. I take full blame for not voting. I know it's important. And frankly, I only have a minimal excuse--the fact that I technically have two addresses and can't decide what state I currently live in. I'm thinking I'm still a resident of SC but when I filed my taxes this year, I filed for residency in GA. But I'm still paying out-of-state tuition. But not really, since it's waived as I'm a good student. heh. I guess I could have done absentee. I know. Again, go ahead and berate me.

The point is, even though I didn't vote, I was completely hooked to the news last night from 6pm-1am. I'm not one for politics anyways (like math). But for whatever the reason, I was watching the tube, had various news sources open on the laptop, calling the precints asking for their results. Ok, maybe not the latter. It was just exciting watching all those choropleth maps filling up with reds and (more!) blue. CNN had countdown clocks at the top of each hour signifying closing of polls. Then bells and whistles would signal "projected winners" almost immediately. I had no idea who anyone really was, but I found myself pulling for candidates.

I apologize for my ignorance of the election. But as my mom can validate for me, my voting has been marred in the past. During the 2000 election I actually drove home from college to vote that cool November day in the fire department of Cross Anchor. But upon exiting, I was talking to her about it and realized, stupidly, that I had voted for Bush instead of Gore. Not that my one vote mattered in that red state, but it turned out to be humorous throughout the night as the votes were so close. But I tried.

I still have my "I voted" sticker from 2004 on my desk. I'll do better next time. It's kind of fun living in a heavily democratic area of Georgia although we're a red state. But then again, our governor was just re-elected for his second term. His first term was the first time a Republican governor had been elected since Reconstruction! (ahem, 1870's.)

That's all. Back to lightning data.

05 November 2006

i've got my glasses on

Oh gees. I just forced you to read a whole post about how I can't pronounce or spell words. I apologize.

Back to laying on clean clothes.

04 November 2006


I 'spruced' up the blog. Well, all I did was change images at the top. I settled on this pic because it looked a bit fall-like. After all, don't you think of fall when you see a clothespin (It's one of those words! I just realized it.)? Whoah, what just happened?

Clothespin is one of those words that no matter how hard I try to re-spell it another way, it always looks wrong and thus, I will forever think it's one of those words. There are a few of them out there in the world. But I tend to forget them until I'm typing and they come up in a sentence and then my typing slows as I try to articulate each letter.


That's another. But pearl is one of those other words that no matter how many times you say, aloud, it always sounds wrong. Or just weird. About 2 hours ago I typed "Massachusetts" and was appalled that for the longest time I was adding an extra 'e' to make it "Massachusettes." And no one has ever corrected me? So upon having spell check tell me otherwise, I started saying it aloud only to realize that I cannot say the word at all.


That's all I can come up with.

Regardless, I hope you like the clothespin. I took it last month on my parent's farm. Which is not in Massachusetts.

03 November 2006


I've recently become obsessed with frozen waffles. It's to the point that I've even bought Eggo syrup. In the non-drip bottle. It really doesn't drip!

Regardless, I really never had frozen waffles before this year. It's always been fresh, homemade waffles. So the whole frozen thing is beyond me. I even have a waffle iron and waffle mix, but in the early mornings, it's just more feasible to drink some chocolate milk and an organic blueberry waffle. Ok, so it doesn't have to be organic either but Sam's Club has a good deal. And for once it wasn't more expensive.

I've had a long day of school, and then bouldering, then late-night pizza afterwards and now I'm laying on a pile of clean clothes that takes up 3/4 of my couch which are clearly separated from the clean pile of clothes in the laundry basket and the clean pile of clothes that are on the floor beside the basket. They can't be mixed. The rest of the apartment is in shambles too--much like you'd expect from living alone.

And back to laying on clean clothes.

01 November 2006

it's a sad, sad world

How can anyone replace Bob Barker after he retires later in a few months?

Who will carry the big microphone? Who will tally the Plinko score so rapidly? Who will warn people not to trip over the microphone wire? Who will catch people when they lose their balance after spinning the Big Wheel? Who will carry $100 bills in their pocket for the correct bid? Who will warn us when the Cliffhanger man is about to fall off the slope?

Who will tell us to help control the pet population by having our pets spayed or neutered??