31 December 2006


Just a pic or two to tide you over into the new year. More soon. I've been a busy person. I feel like I've been living out of my suitcase for 2 weeks.


paula and rob

28 December 2006

what's in a name

Jack, Daisy, Buddy, no-name, Hoss, Pugsley, no-name, Luna, Annie, Daisy, Daisy, Lewis and Toby. Those are the dogs that I've encountered and lived with for the past 5 days (in chronological order) during my various traveling amongst the state of South Carolina. 3 Daisy's and 2 new puppies--now that's impressive.

Ok, so I haven't really traveled beyond the Upstate and the Midlands, but it's still a distance.

And I still don't have a dog. But, the solution to my 2 years of wanting a dog has come to a brief lull as I'm leaning towards the purchase of a Congo African Grey parrot. The search is on. Soon, I'll have a communicating animal to talk to which will respond to me. Or maybe just talk back some nonsense. Who knows. I'll post more when that time comes.

The Christmas "vacation" has slowed to a crawl yet has passed so quickly.

Pictures soon.

19 December 2006

done and not done

Thesis proposal draft #2 (otherwise known as 'the overhaul of the previous draft') = done.

Everything else that I've paused in life = not done.

I'm going to tally the score at 1 - 329. 1 being the thesis that's done, and 329 being the 329 things that I need to do before Christmas.

Oh wait, I drank water today. Make that 2 - 328.

And I just closed the porch door after having it open all day in the 70-deg temperatures. Ahh.

18 December 2006

piano keys

I know it's Christmas when they play the Charlie Brown Christmas songs (piano) on the Weather Channel's local on the 8's.

It just makes me happy.

12 December 2006

a Merry Scrubs Christmas

Oh how I love the Charlie Brown Christmas / Scrubs mashup. This is hilarious.

10 December 2006

wave goodbye

After what appears to be the longest week of my life, I'm finally able to sit on my couch, drink some coffee, not really care about stuff and not care that it's only 1pm in the afternoon after having slept until noon. NOON! Who does that? After all the loss of sleep this week, I still don't feel like I've caught up though.

And somehow in the midst of it all, I managed to trek over to Columbia Friday night, and to a wedding, and back to Atlanta in less than 24 hours.

And now, back to some time-consuming WeffRiddles. Which, by the way, I've officially hauled 6 victims into this game. I've been stuck on 45r for a few days. But I had to take a break.

Updates on life:

We have a team for the 1/2 marathon. It's Team GeNiUS (named after some periodic symbols = nerds). See the shirt and map on Jen's blog. Then cry at the site of the 13.1 mile route.

AND, a BIG congratulatory shout to Jeanette for being accepted to the Peace Corps (finally!). She's heading to Madagascar. By far, the coolest thing. And it's for two years.

08 December 2006

anatomy of an all-nighter in grad school

1:30pm--find out that I don't have to take 1 of 2 finals.
3:45--rejoice that I'm done with 1 of 2 classes.
5:12--realize that I should probably start writing the 2 papers and 1 project that are due in less than 24 hours.
5:45--indulge in a big dinner from Roly Poly alone in my office.
6:32--decide that I'm not going to boulder tonight.
6:56--still procrastinating.
8:00--decide that a 2 mile run is in order at the gym.
9:45--paper? what paper?
9:50--take the train home.
12:01am(wed)--begin 1 of 2 papers.
1:10--decide that it sounds like the people above me are up for the night too.
2:47--attack some green tea (caffeine)
3:56--decide that it's useless to sleep and that the paper will be done faster if I stay up.
4:15--decide that it's useless to not sleep and that the paper will write itself.
4:16--decide that I'm delirious and my grade depends on if I sleep or not, so I stay up.
4:45--fill up the humidifier to pretend it'll be warmer in the apartment.
5:10--realize that a plant needs some water.
5:12--paper?! AGH!
5:29--after listening to the same radio station for 7 hours, I hear the morning DJ come on and I realize just how long the night has been.
6:05--neighbors above me are awake and starting their day.
6:30--make a deadline for myself of 7am. I must finish it by then so I can start on the 2nd paper.
6:59--screw this, I'm done.
7:00--suddenly discover that my stereo sounds like I have surround sound. Upon further inspection, I discover that my clock radio in my bedroom has come on (alarm:radio) and is just echoing the same station.
7:01--set the automatic coffeemaker to come on at 8:30; set phone to awaken me at 8:20 while I sleep on the couch.
8:30--"oh my gosh, what on earth is that noise?!?" [crackling of water boiling in the coffeemaker]
8:32--the loudest beeping I've ever heard echoes from the coffeemaker to alert me that my coffee is ready. But I'm not ready.
8:38--what now!? snooze3.
8:41--guilt overrides my mind and I force myself to awaken and hit the shower where I nearly fall over just walking into the bathroom.
9:20--honey nut cheerios never tasted so good. 2 bowls.
9:32--off to school with coffee in hand.
9:46--the coldest train ride of my life.
10:12--decide that the paper is not really finished, so I start working on it some more.
11:30--paper? what paper?
12:00(pm)--decide that it's necessary to make deadlines for everything that's due at 2:45.
12:01--laugh at my deadlines.
12:15--finish paper #1; begin printing my poster for paper #2 (that's not written).
12:16-1:30--I don't really remember much of what happened during this time because I was literally, running up and down the hall 7 (SEVEN!) times up and down stairs to the large printer trying to figure out why my poster wasn't printing. I could have run my 1/2 marathon that day, I believe.
1:31--nearly lose my mind.
1:46--someone tells me I have an hour to finish my paper#2. paper#2!?
1:46:01--being paper#2.
1:47--do some quick copying and pasting from another paper previously written and end up with 2 pages in a matter of seconds.
2:22--paper#2 complete (4 pages!)
2:23--printer problem #277
2:31:02--realize that neither papers were proofread.
2:32--don't care.
2:44--sit down in class with water and a granola bar and 1.5 hrs of sleep and sit in the dark for 1.5 hours listening to student presentations while fighting to stay awake.
3:10--determine that I'm seeing things.
4:15--class over and head to fellini's (the greatest pizza) with friends (and 2 professors) and proceed to eat pizza and drink a (few) beers for 5 hours.
11:20--back at my apartment
11:31--seeing things jump from corners but nothing is there.
11:32--inspect the things in the corners.
11:33--stare at the corners and wait for the things.
11:34--determine that it's official that I've lost my mind.

03 December 2006

riddle me this

By far, the most intense, frustrating, fun, annoying, easy, difficult game I have EVER played. At least it's good for the mind. But I warn you, your time will be consumed. Have patience on the first one.


And there are forums for hints in case you're stuck--but they don't really give the answers, just boosts. As of Sunday afternoon, I'm stumped on level 32 after a long day of playing yesterday.

I have so much work I need to be doing.


02 December 2006


Johnny Cash: God's Gonna Cut You Down.

It's so good.