31 December 2007

well i'll be lookin' for eight when they pull that gate

In similar occurrences as last year at this time, I've found myself traveling around the great state of SC to visit family and friends and dogs during Christmas. According to that post last year, the tally was 13 dogs in 5 days. This year, drumroll please..

Daisy, Jack, ___ (my grandmother's dog who's name is evading me), Yogie, Daisy #2, Lily, Daisy #3, Georgia, Hunter, Lyra. So, this year was only 10 dogs in 6 days.

That is not acceptable.

I did, however, receive photo Christmas cards from 5 dogs.

Last night I was _ this close to making guacamole for a 4th consecutive night in a row. I have to start budgeting for avacodoes apparently.

Tonight I had a conversation with the lady in the Starbucks drive-thru about the greenness of some of the firewood in the back of my pickup truck. She was obviously concerned. I assured her I was going to dry it before burning. All I wanted was my coffee for the road. There may have been an awkward silence when I ended the conversation by not saying anything else.

28 December 2007

wii elbow

Never have I ever been sore from playing a video game like today. 6 hours of today was devoted to either watching or playing the Wii at various times. But hey, it's still Christmas break for me. And I ran. So it's all good. But there are definitely some aches and pains from wii-exercising like you wouldn't imagine. Go ahead, try to imagine.

And Wii boxing is essentially Tae-Bo. I broke a sweat.

Not to mention it was nearly 70 degrees today in my visit to Columbia. And it's nice to wear Chacos during December.

Next week at this time I'll be in Colorado, freezing, but hopefully still in Chacos just the same. :)

Tonight I made guacamole for the 3rd night in a row.

25 December 2007

oh and there's a mega jug

Yes, a MEGA JUG. What better way to say "Merry Christmas" or "sugar rush" than with a KFC MEGA JUG. Seriously, as witnessed on a television commercial by not just me, but also my mom, was the new item on the menu.

Who would possibly need that much? The sad reality of it is, it's a 1/2 gallon of the drink of your choice.

And. It comes with a pail-like handle. A handle.

20 December 2007

mamas, don't let your cowboys grow up to be babies

Sometimes life throws you, not lemons, but persimmons. And you have to make persimmon-aid. I'm not sure what the really means, but today I may have had to make persimmon-aid and it put a dent into my fine-tuned agenda. I don't deal well with change.

Blah blah blah.

So there are new pics up on Flickr. It's art of art (of art). A friend took a photo of herself. The roommate drew a print of her. I took chronological photos of the drawing. They all went to a somewhat mock art gallery as 'super serious art.'


17 December 2007

the capital of montana is not "hannah"

Definitely stole that from the Simpson's intro last night. Bart was writing that on the chalkboard.

Today is turning into not such a fun day. It started on the wrong side of the bed. Which, in itself, is odd because I can only exit my bed from one side anyway. The 32 degree temps didn't aid in the warming of my soul either on my way to work.

And then lo and behold, I walk into my office and apparently over the weekend, someone decided to cut down all (ALL!) of the Bradford Pear trees outside my office. It's awful. I'm writing a letter today. They better have a good reason.

And I think I may be a master's graduate now. It's bizarre.

14 December 2007

dun dun dun ne na nah ...


POW! BANG! Whatever else they say..

10 December 2007

we were born before the wind

It's official. In my list of notable achievements, I can add a new one:

My itunes play count for Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" has reached 100 plays. Also says I added the song the day before my birthday this past February, so it hasn't even been a whole year yet. In case you still can't tell, I like random number facts/stats like so. Such as. ha.

Make that 101.

So I've become a bocce ball oddity. It's turned into quite the fun game. And now I even own it. And have organized tournaments in Piedmont Park. It's kind of sad.

Maybe I'll take bocce home to spread the wealth to SC. This video cracks me up, by the way..

30 November 2007

al gore

There's a cooking book on the top shelf over the oven at the house that rests next to my rice cooker. I've had it for a while. It's called "Cooking Up A Cure."

Only, every time I reach for my rice cooker, I consequently see the book and have to laugh.

See, the cursive on the side is so cursive-y for lack of a better word (swirly?) that I always read it as:

"Cooking up Al Gore".

28 November 2007

unused items on your desktop

Does anyone else hate that alert that randomly appears at the bottom right corner of the screen that feels the need to share with you that "oh by golly, there are unused desktop items on your desktop! how could you let this happen to yourself? how did you go x-amount of days without using x-program!? you could have at least double-clicked x-program on friday just to throw it off, for goodness sakes! just for that, i'm going to tell you next wednesday at the same time, that you, mister, have more unused items on your desktop!"

A bit over-exaggerated for dramatic appearance, I do admit.

Ok, so sometimes I have conversations with my monitor. And other people's monitor's for that matter. Who doesn't?

Which also brings me to my next complaint that the AC is on in my office while I'm huddled next to my space heater (ahem, dangerous..but not my problem at this point) and it's a comfortable 60 outside. Beyond me.

ALERT! There are unused heating coils in your furnace.

26 November 2007

high in calcium with active yogurt cultures

This makes me happy.

In other news, I rarely win anything in life. Unless I'm forgetting something that's slipped my mind, the last time I ever won anything was when I was, hmm..2, and I won a cool Star Wars clock from the country radio station because they called out my birthday. And even then, I didn't call in, my Mom did. So aside from that and the $20 I once won on a scratch-off lottery ticket that I promptly re-used and subsequently lost my earnings, I haven't won much.

That is, until today.

I won an $80 application waiver for the ING Georgia Marathon in March! On a whim, I entered my name last week during a race expo for the Turkey Trot. $80! I was dreading that payment. And had even asked Mom to add that to my non-existent Christmas list.

It's a Christmas miracle!

Now I just have to train and run my first marathon in 4 months and 4 days.

23 November 2007

anatomy of my 3rd half marathon in 8 months

In keeping with my previous "anatomy of ___ race," (as seen here and here) I present the next installment in the races of rob's life.

440am: 1st alarm (snooze, of course)
445: 2nd alarm (snooze again), and i hear stephen's alarm
446: roommate's up--why!?
450: i'm up
451: shannon's up--she's volunteering at the race
452: i start some coffee, by far the earliest i've made coffee since a previous race
515: shower, weather channel, banana. in that order.
516: dreams are crushed when i see the weather radar and a line of thunderstorms barreling towards ATL.
530: shannon leaves before we even leave!
550: out the door, forgetting my clif bar (breakfast)
610: on MARTA with stephen, realize forgotten breakfast, start panicking in my mind about how i'm going to run 13 miles with coffee and a banana in my system.
630: on a bridge in the dark with stephen's support group (his sisters)
631-651: in the port-a-john line (like always)
652: 3 bites of a powerbar that was given to me out of sympathy, i believe
703: head to the end of the race line that still hasn't moved much even though the race started 3 minutes prior
704: and begin.
704and2seconds: torrential downpour of cold rain also begins.
mile 1: rain
mile 1.5: rain
mile 2: rain
mile 3: rain
mile 4: hill and rain
mile 4.5: ciao stephen! i let him go ahead of me. scouting, of course.
mile 5: rain
mile 5.2: it stops raining long enough to realize that i'm pretty sure my feet are screwed no matter what i do, so why not just keep running.
mile 5.7: the ROTC guys are fun to run beside because their chant gives a good cadence to run in
mile 5.75: ok forget that, their ROTC chant gets annoying as it becomes repetitive to the tune of "my 95-year old grandmother just signed up for boot camp" then "my 96-year old grandmother.." then ok, you see the trend. eventually she dies, goes to heaven, and meets famed rapper 50 cent. that's all i heard before i stepped up the pace and left them.
mile 6.2: hey, i just made a 10k! that's always satisfying. until i realize that it also denotes i'm nearing the halfway point.
mile 6.8: this is the part where i look ahead and see the midtown skyline and realize that while my goal is in sight, it's also far, far away.
mile 6.8-mile 7.8: rain and pain.
mile 9: i really don't remember anything at this point
mile 9.2: midtown has been reached!
mile 10: only a 5k left! this has slightly less impact than realizing i had a little over a 10k left to run back at mile 6.2.
mile 11: hey, there's shannon at water station #10. took her water, pat on the back, and continued onward. talk about support group.
mile 11.4: some race volunteer on the sidelines says "good job guys, less than a mile left to go!"
mile 12: man, was i mad to see that mile. that guy was so wrong.
mile 12.2: panic sets in as i look down and notice that my once white, right shoe is now taking a slightly red tint. mud?
mile 12.23: wait, that's not mud. definitely blood.
mile 12.5: who on earth decided to put 2 hills at the end of the race?
mile 12.8: sprinting..
mile 12.85: pain..
mile 13: i got to run under the Olympic rings at turner field!
mile 13.1: completed in 2:01:11
2hrs, 1 minute, 11 seconds
905: found stephen and his sisters
906: gatorade cups 1-4
907: gatorade cups 5-7
908: shivering, wet, limping--all of the above very well worth the previous 2 hours
910: a heated car never felt so good

The only problem was, wet socks + wet socks + rob's feet = horrible blood blisters. The kind you want to look at just because they look cool. To me, at least.

And that's a wrap.

Here's the proof..


After (why are we smiling after and not before?):

In need of immediate attention:

21 November 2007

t-24 hours

In 24 hours I, along with the old roommate plus 7,998 other crazy people, will be finishing the Atlanta Turkey Trot. Well, the 1/2 marathon portion of it, at least. I figure 13.1 miles will be enough by 9am. So yeah, 13.1 miles...in the rain. After all the training (or lack thereof the past week), a cold front decides to blast through at the precise morning of the race. So look forward to a rather fun update in the days to come.

And it's my first Thanksgiving not going home. It's sad. I won't get any dressing.

So being the nerd that I am, I've kept track of my running statistics since last December.

Since I started training in August, I've logged 158.3 miles on pavement. And I ran for a total of 1 day, 3 hours.

However, since December I've ran 295.6 miles and total time was 1 day, 21 hours. Actually that's not a lot now that I think about it because I definitely just stopped running during the summer. But I like to look at numbers.

Oh good grief I'm procrastinating again.

20 November 2007

warm, mid-70's, winds light and variable

Not sure what's going on with the weather, but I like it. It's like the leaves were fooled and now we get to have fall in the late summer.

I'm revisiting an old pic that I took back in 2004, I guess. It was a sign behind the arena in Columbia where they would dump the excess ice after the hockey games. A bit deceiving, I know, as it looks like it's a real snow dump.

15 November 2007

we met underneath the blue skies of summer

I just dozed off while sitting upright in my computer chair. Granted I had propped my head up and was staring off into space, but still, it's just one of those weeks.

Can I just post photos as blogs for the time being? Is that so wrong?

New photos are up on Flickr (look left).

11 November 2007

check the cornbread

It's been a week! That's a bit atypical of me.

Too bad. More later. Just got back from an awesome 3-day camping trip in the 100-acre woods.

05 November 2007

it's a hazy shade of winter

It's fall!

And, in bigger news, we won our first kickball game Sunday--albeit our last game, but still.

Long weekends with an extra hour to sleep thrown in there somewhere are good. From pulling 100s of staples from plywood to fires in fireplaces with dogs laying beside you to cool morning kickball to shaking Yucca in a pickle jar to obscure trivia questions.

And now to Salt Lake City for some adventurous adventurosity. We'll see.

31 October 2007

round 2

So a cow, Marilyn Monroe, and a doctor walk into this bar...

Wait, the joke gets better. haha.

At some point I'll have to stop going to Halloween parties. Preferably after Halloween I assume. Which is concurrently going on. Tonight I chose to sit and welcome trick-or-treaters with the roomie. So far, we're up to 15. I secretly want that to be the end so I can eat all the leftover candy.

Last night I was again a cow. But for most of the night the cow was wrapped around my waist because it was too hot.

Above is me, shannon, and stephen pre-gaming.

26 October 2007

mulch before a hard frost

At one point today, I recall sitting down in my office, sighing loudly, and then reevaluating exactly what the heck was going on this week. It's not often, these days, that everything catches up with me. But I guess so many things are going on at once everything was bound to overlap.

It's been a go-go week. I'm happy though. I had a good interview with a prospective employer on Wed. Another is lined up soon. Content is the word.

Tonight, someone was reading horoscopes and they got to mine and it said something twice about Wild. Going into the Wild or being in the Wild. Something like that. It made me chuckle.

In other news, a strange combination of people collaborated on a cd that came out this past Tuesday. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Alison Krauss made an album. Coming from a childhood that I heard a lot of classic rock (there's your Zeppelin) and country/bluegrass (there's your Krauss), I definitely hold the two of them high on my list of favorite artists. But I never would have expected an album from the likes. So naturally I was the first to download it from itunes as soon as I awoke on Tuesday. I tried at midnight, but it wasn't available (which is weird considering it was technically Tuesday).

Anyways, the point is, it's definitely awesome. Who knew Alison Krauss could rock??

And if you haven't also noticed on the left side over there, I'm reading Stephen Colbert's book, I Am America (And So Can You!). There's not a moment I have the book in my hands that I'm not welling up with tears from laughing so hard. Or trying to suppress laughter about every other word while riding the subway. Read it. I beg you.

22 October 2007

there's a big, big hard sun

This past Christmas, my parents gave me the novel, Into the Wild. I hadn't heard much about it before then. I remember reading it very quickly over the next few days. It was so good. Heartbreaking even.

Fast forward. It was made into a movie. And I saw the movie tonight. It was incredible. Everything about it. It just seemed to be one of those movies that I'd like. Sort of like Jeremiah Johnson (incidentally, another movie that my parents got me for Christmas now that I think about it). It just gets you. Or me. I'm not sure if it's everyone. But I wanted to share that.

At this time in my life I'm struggling to figure out the next big step(s). They are massive steps too. In 1.5 months I'll be handed a piece of paper with my name on it. And it will eventually be framed and hung on the wall next to the other piece of paper that has my name on it. Why? What's it all for really? I have no idea what I want to do. There's a big world out there and I'm just standing on the flagstone at the front door.

So I think why the movie/book hit me so hard tonight was the whole parallel I had with it. I don't really want to launch into one of those sympathetic, whining epic blogs or anything but it was surreal to watch the movie and at times, finding myself just shaking my head at things. Oh and it's a true story. It happened in 1992 if you're not familiar with it. From the beginning, the main character graduates from a university here in Atlanta. He eventually sets out for a roadtrip out west with an ultimate goal of Alaska. They even show him driving down I-85 in Atlanta on his way west. In. A yellow Datsun. To some of you that will make sense. Other's maybe not. You'd have to know my family to know about our yellow Datsun growing up. And my latest fascination with wanting one (or it back). He even has a fear of water. Of course he did completely abandon all ties with his family because he realized how it wasn't real and gave his savings to Oxfam; so we'll cut the similarities before those.

And no, I don't necessarily want to isolate myself from civilization and attempt to live in an abandoned bus in Alaska. I just want to figure out what happens. At some point.

21 October 2007


It's kind of funny to find myself in a metal karaoke bar and singing Tom Petty's Refugee with a live band. But it happened last night. This wasn't your ordinary karaoke by any standard. And there was no jumping ball on the lyrics. It was just a screen with words. But I did Petty some justice. So I was told.

A weekend of baseball, football, and kickball. And yes, another loss, but it was our best game yet. There's some good team bonding. Actually I guess this weekend, all 3 of my teams lost. Hmm. At least there's the Rockies next week!

19 October 2007

winds south at 5-10 mph

It's probably sad that I sit here, watching the Weather Channel, and I find myself laughing at their jokes and amicable behavior. And it's after midnight and this is occurring.

17 October 2007

salt in the wounds

I am currently sitting here with my foot in a mop bucket filled with salt water. I read it's a good remedy for the healing foot blisters due to running. All I know is it sure hurt like crazy when I put my foot in at first. It's only on one foot (right) and it's because an initial giant blister formed from running on a slope in wet socks for a long duration and then I kept running on the foot for weeks on end, so more blisters would form on top of old ones, etc. So I finally gave up and did some soul searching for remedies.

The other foot (left) felt inadequate after 45 minutes, so it's now in the bucket as well. Not to be outdone, obviously.

So Stephen Colbert is running in the SC primary!

And the parched SE is going to get 2 chances of a lot of rain!

16 October 2007

that's out there where bambi lives!

Man, October baseball is something else. The Indians stayed up to lead the series 2-1 with the game ending just as the Rockies began their mile-high game. I think I've become a true Rockies fan just from the post-season. Seriously, 6 runs in the bottom of the 4th all with 2 outs. Including a 3-run homer that was hit, to quote the commentator, "out there where bambi lives."

Get out the brooms. There's a sweep going on.

15 October 2007

3 years old

Today my blog turned 3. WTOMTL has come a long way.

Funny thing..I just typed up a list and linked the past 3 October 15th's. I wanted to blog about whatever I blogged about on those days. But I started noticing a trend. On all the blog birthdays, all I did was post the link to my first blog entry. So without further wait, I guess I'll do the same.

Day 1: recovering the chickens

Day 1095:

I've been bitten by the photography bug again. My Sony camera turned 1 and was subsequently paid off last month, so I felt the need to recapture an old hobby.

14 October 2007

zombie form

I've got to brag. It's been an uneventful month of kickball thus far. But that changed for me today. I went 2 for 3 equating for 2 base hits. And I scored 2 runs. It was a miracle. We still lost though. 8-3. So not all has changed.


I've watched college football for 12 hours today (sat).

The Gamecocks won, so that was good. But that's not even important anymore. We're ranked 7. But that could go up or down after the new rankings come out.

What gets me is that #1 LSU fell to Kentucky. But we lost to LSU a month ago. Yet we beat Kentucky last week.

And then the whole #2 California. Upset by an unranked team.

It doesn't end. I just got home. It's 1am. I'm watching the ALCS and it's tied in the 11th inning. Then lo and behold, the Indians come out of nowhere with 7 runs in 15 minutes to save the game.

I'm ok with all these wins. Good fall day.

12 October 2007

i've been scanning again

A combination of me going through old stuff and throwing away 3/4 of it plus running across old pictures plus a scanner equates to me forcing them on you.

Exhibit a: future geologist, climber, wearer of Jam shorts

and Exhibit b: the true place of where the ocean meets the land, and my dad. dually noting the only ocean i saw was the pacific from this time until i was a junior in high school.

11 October 2007

it's in the bag

It's fall. I'm sitting at my desk. In front of an open window. It's nice. So naturally I'm staring out the window when I hear these weird plop! sounds from the road. I look up in time to see a white minivan speeding by the driveway throwing the paper. Only it's not the real paper but instead some strange paper that not many people read.

But the unique part is that the lady was the sole person in the minivan and she had quite the routine of throwing (read: chunking) these papers at people's houses. She was traveling at a good clip, sitting in the driver's seat, and throwing the papers out the passenger window all the while maintaining a constant speed and rounding a cul-de-sac. There must be some artform to this. It was fun to watch.

Yesterday I watched 70-yr old man running up the road into the cul-de-sac. And if that doesn't make you feel lazy, I don't know what does. And I ended up not running, so I did feel lazy.

07 October 2007

you were right about the stars

Kickball: another loss. another horrible showing on my part. i struck out today. at kickball. that's got to be a new low.

Resident spider: in a complete 180-degree turn, Charlotte's Web has come to an end on the porch. Molly died. she's laying on a beam under her web. you know, you get to know the pet for over a month, you fed it, it lays an egg, and then it dies. you kind of miss it. she was fun to watch everyday.

Running: last week, 21 miles completed in 5 consecutive days. this included a 7-mile run around stone mountain. yes, we ran around a mountain. it hurt. i have a blister the size of 2 JFK coins on the bottom of my right foot.

Job: MIA.

stormchasing: Discovery Channel has a new series starting about stormchasers.

Fall: it's arriving. this weekend. get ready.

03 October 2007

faint eyes

Never a dull moment. Especially on a week of taking the week off. Today on a journey through the sunroom, I was temporarily trapped by a palmetto bug. Not to be defeated by this beast, I trapped him and fed him to Molly, the resident writing spider on the porch. She pretty much stunned him on contact. But just to prove how big this palmetto bug was, I took a picture. Note the size of him relative to her. And if you know about writing spiders, you know they are pretty big when an adult. The orange thing is a wing from the bug that got caught in her spinning.

Molly is starting to get bigger again. She already laid an egg over the door. Seriously, are we in Charlotte's Web and the dog is Wilbur?

30 September 2007


even revelry has its downfalls. mostly the morning after.

27 September 2007


Today, I salute YOU, Mr. Bally Fitness manager who put his GIANT Bally Fitness marketing sign right smack in the middle of the sidewalk thus impeding anyone from staying on the sidewalk and causing them to either go left, into oncoming traffic or right, down the steep embankment. You, Sir, are being saluted! You know how to get your marketing skills out there on the front line. You know how to win the customers over. You know how to cause innocent runners and various other pedestrians to stray off the beaten path just to get beyond your sign. You know how to win us over, let me tell you.

Today, I chose the embankment.


But hey, I still logged a 6.65 miler today with the impediment.

23 September 2007

0-2, partly cloudy, humid, 20% chance of rain

Well, another kickball game is done. And again I had 2 at-bats. And I scored 2 more pop flies. This denotes 2 more outs. Clearly, it's not something to write home about. We lost something like 12-0. or 13. But does it really matter? It's all fun and games. We have a good time. Mostly afterwards as we eat and drink like we played for 6 hours (in actuality, it's 1 hour or 7 innings, whichever comes first).

When our two teams merged, we didn't really know why their name won over our name. Nor did we know what the heck their name meant (even after we became their team). Our name is the Whistle Tips. No one thought to ask what the heck it even meant until this week.

"Something about a news report" is what I heard. So I did some searching on youtube and I have to say, it sure is kind funny to be a Whistle Tip after seeing this.

21 September 2007

happy autumnal equinox

And to constantly remind me (and you) of cooler temperatures, you can see me and my sisters in a January snowstorm in the Upstate at the top of the blog for a while. Mom took that back when it used to snow in SC.

And happy 18th anniversary of the sixth costliest hurricane to hit the US, South Carolina's very own, Hurricane Hugo.

20 September 2007

who wants to be an astronaut?

Today, at work, I applied for three more jobs.

Environmental Scientist

Image Intelligence Analyst



There's a new candidate program that started this week with applications. And, well, why not? Seems to me, I'm qualified. But as Stephen said, who also applied, there's no way we'll actually get the job. Well, that's too pessimistic. I like to think there's a shot.

And it made for a good blog topic. I applied for an astronaut's job.

This afternoon while leaving work, I walked up upon a pair of shoes perfectly sitting on the sidewalk in front of the McDonald's. It looked just like someone walked right out of them and vanished.


18 September 2007

oh the way we were

If ever there was a word I could make up, it'd be incomplacent. Basically, I already thought it was a word. And I like to think it defines me at the moment.

16 September 2007

do you speeeak whaaaaaaaaaaaale?

Do you?

It's already Sunday night. I'm not sure that my weekend counts as time off. Was in the Upstate this weekend to celebrate Bonnie's 30th birthday. Which may or may not have included eating at the same restaurant, having a surprise birthday party with similar guests, even eating at the same group of tables, and having a similar cake that had an old picture on it ALL like my Mom's 60th surprise party back in February. The after party lasted until 3am. I was back on the road with Starbucks by 10am. Back in Atlanta and locked out of my house by 1215. On the kickball field by 3. Dinner, games, driving, and here I am.

I've had some sort of Mexican food for the past 5 consecutive days.

And the kickball game came and went as fast as my only two "at-bats." We have so many on our team that it takes a while to rotate through the line-up. But, my 2 kicks were both pop flies which resulted in nothing more than a collective sigh from our team. The same collective sigh that we gave pretty much everyone else aside from the handful that actually got on base. So we lost. We think the score was 10-1. Our competition looked like they've played recently. Which is more recent than the majority of our team which hasn't played since 5th grade. Despite my one kickball game in May which involved us standing in a field on a farm each with a beer in hand and playing until the sun went down and you couldn't see anymore.

I'm highly impressed that 30Rock won the Best Comedy Emmy. Deserved. I've been trying to convince the world to watch it.

And for those interested, Tuesday is the re-release of Counting Crows' August and Everything After. It's a deluxe edition with a live cd from their first tour in 1994. So I may just be a little elated to re-own the album. But recall that this is the first time I'll have actually bought AAEA. Why do bands re-release albums? Why do we buy them again? Counting Crows, to me, is the one band that I will own every album--meaning actually going to buy the actual album so I can have it. Showcase it. Or "borrow" it. Some would say "steal."

There was something about the clouds today. I think it was Fall. But driving back to Atlanta this morning and staring at the clouds made me very happy about the turning seasons. It's always so bizarre to me how it just happens almost overnight. Summer persists for what seems like eternity and then all of the sudden there's one night when the first cold front passes through and then the next morning the air is crisp and one might say it's chilly.

I suppose it's all part of august and everything after.

14 September 2007

and then there was cheese

Apparently WTOMTL is ranking high in blog searches these days. Go ahead. I dare you. Do a search. Particularly a google search of "quesadillas" and there, on the first page, around the 9th link, you'll see my blog staring in all its glory. Out of 1,600,000 websites, I'm #9. Do I win some award? The Google Quesadilla award? I do love the quesadillas. In fact, I have had 3 this week already. And I don't like cheese. Remember that.

Ha, you just had to read an entire paragraph about quesadillas. Why are you even still reading this?

Off to the Upstate for a day. Then...dun dun dun, the first kickball game of the season.

Week 2 run log: 16.3 miles

friday, am

I really need to go to bed.

But what I really want are waffles, grits, and a glass of chocolate milk. Is that so much to ask?

The weather channel will suffice.

12 September 2007

running has consumed me

Relax, it's just another post about running. I really don't do much more.

Yesterday was two-a-days (AM run/PM run). Today was a 5 mile run. And then moving my washer and dryer immediately afterwards. Tomorrow, repeat. Well, not the washer/dryer part.

This morning I was so excited that I got to "sleep in". Which meant sleeping until 6am. I went to bed at 945 the night before. I was still tired. I still am. I'm going to bed now. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your stay.

09 September 2007

must hydrate

So I joined a kickball league. It's kind of a big deal. Sort of, but not really. Today was a practice round to meet up with some folks that we didn't know from our team (because our team was merged with another team of the same size--but of less fun). Now our team has 22 people. That's a bit absurd but not everyone is going to play every weekend so it'll work out. First game is next Sunday afternoon.

I've chosen right field.

I've determined that it's the best place for me. I did, however, manage to get on base twice today during practice. And I got an RBI and a run. So clearly that's where it turns into being a big deal. Except the other half our newly merged team didn't really mesh too well as we ended practicing against each other.

And I'm not supposed to talk about it because some people may have already written about it in their blog, but I have to say that last night I saw the Allman Brothers Band and Dave Matthews Band play at Piedmont Park with about 55,000 other folks and it was quite the concert. Definitely worth the 7 hours, the sun, the long lines and the Waffle House afterwards.

But seriously, all the Eckerd's are definitely Rite Aids now. And no one else has noticed this??

Training log: after week 1 of jumping back onto the running bandwagon since nursing my left knee back into shape during the summer, I'm content to say that my running log after one week was 15.3 miles. Good start. 10 weeks from now, I'll be running 13.1 of those in one day. For the 3rd time this year. Who am I kidding? Maybe, just maybe, the Georgia marathon in March is something to look forward to for the first time.

Meanwhile, my internship ends in three weeks. It's been a good 4 months. Find Rob a job has been enacted for a week now. Or find someone to pay Rob's bills would be a better fit plan?

And did anyone see the USC v. Georgia game by chance? Ahem..

06 September 2007

barns are cool

winds light and variable

The Weather Channel is currently playing disco music during the 'weather on the 8's'.

It's 1:08am.

My day has been a long one and I should be in bed fast asleep but I seem to be quite the opposite, instead investing a few minutes in my lazboy, in the dark, but watching the Weather Channel. It's not even live at 1am. Syndicated.

Yesterday (ok so wait, that's technically Tuesday night) I ran 3 miles in the dark. Then I woke up at 515am and was running by 545am. In the dark again. Even I was shocked that could happen. Despite the 8-hr workday and eating a lot of M&Ms, I crashed for a 2-hr nap before indulging in 4 hrs of karaoke. And that brings us to my current state of being wide awake.

So yeah back to the running. Why? A new goal has been made. The Turkey Day half marathon! And it's only 10 weeks away.

Has anyone else noticed that all the Eckerd's drugstores turned into Rite Aid's over night? Is that only in Atlanta?

02 September 2007


You've got to love this old commercial for Super Mario Kart. Which, by the way, I officially bid upon the game and won on ebay because I somehow lost this crucial part of my childhood somewhere along the past 15 years of my life.

The best part: "...2 speeds. FAST and TOO FAST"

Super Mario Kart (Old School)

26 August 2007

"i don't like cheese"

No really, I don't like cheese. I've said it so much in life that it lost its effect. Until there were new friends around. And when I would say "nah, I don't like cheese" and it sort of had a new, profound (yeah?) effect again.

So yeah. Maybe. Just maybe. I like cheese. There. Take that.

It's the blasted quesadillas. What on earth was I thinking ordering those during the past year? Now all I crave is quesadillas, bbq quesadillas, chicken quesadillas, quesa quesadillas. Cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese.

I still won't eat cottage cheese. Or goat. Or llama.

Or eggs.

23 August 2007

otp, yeah you know me

So I moved over the weekend. And week. And well, I'm still sort of scattered about like waffle house hash browns still as boxes are in my room, kitchen, garage, etc. In fact, the only thing left in my apartment is my plants and some clothes. It's kind of nice. I have a big green room. And a window. And a celing fan. Ok, so I actually am sharing a house, but it's fun to think I have a bedroom again like it was when I was growing up. Except there are no cows (holsteins). Or turkeys. Just a big yard, a dog, the roommate, and a lot of rocks that I've been told can be put anywhere. So that's the main goal. Put the rocks on display.

I'm currently sitting in front of my computer without my contacts in and no glasses on and I can offically say that I'm pretty blind without them. It's actually quite sad just how bad my vision has got since..whenever it started declining. Seventh grade, was it?

And there's a new cat in town. Over there on the right hand side in the blogs. The roommate has fallen victim to the world of blogging. Success! It's like a life goal to get people to blog. Apparently he likes jeeps.

19 August 2007

nerds. not the candy.

So even I had to laugh at myself tonight. You've got to know it's sad when you are packing up your apartment and you get to the part where you (the academically-labeled geologist) start packing up the rocks. All the rocks. And you specially wrap up the important ones in bubble wrap and several sheets of newspaper to protect them during the move.

But hey, when you've got a really cool, and well preserved, and I might add, complete specimen of a leaf fossil on a 8-inch piece of limestone that you hand-chipped out of a layer in Montana and somehow managed to not break it all the way back to Georgia, you've got to be careful.

18 August 2007

how to rid yourself of a hornet nest

Wait till dark. Arm yourself. Armor yourself. Make sure mosquito net around head is not loose. Make a path to run. Then attack. Come back in morning to observe, take pictures and declare you want to remove and keep the hornet nest.

15 August 2007

another round of 100's

Sometimes after I get home, I find myself staring. And a few minutes later, I realize that I've been staring and I have no idea what happened to those golden minutes that I've lost. I'm sure my brain was working.

Or maybe it wasn't.

I going to minimize my life in the next week or so. So, if you know of anything cool I have that you've been wanting all your life (I mean, that's gotta be all of my stuff, I know), let me know and I might part with it. Ok, not really, but it'd be cool to think I could get rid of it. Maybe I'll give you a consolation prize instead.

Meanwhile, some deja vu from a year ago: there's 2 tropical systems out in the expansive ocean and The Weather Channel couldn't wait to use that graphic denoting they are "THE HURRICANE AUTHORITY!" It's been a while.

08 August 2007

century mark

Overheard at 515pm in the Marta station today as sweat is dripping (read: gushing) off my forehead:

"Is it me, or is it hot out here?"

Luckily the guy was talking to a girl next to him. Had he said that to me, I think I would have shook him. Then put on a coat. And wool gloves.


06 August 2007

kyanite in my mind

There was a journey to rockhound out of town and to camp. The two rockhounders were successful. Kyanite was discovered. Kyanite was taken. Loads of it.

And the large chunk in the second to the last pic is at least 25 pounds. A rare find.

31 July 2007

take two

Seriously. I'm destined not to have them. Back in April (or somewhere around then) I doubled the size of my garden (which equates to 8 plants currently) on my porch by going to Lowe's and buying some more vegetables. Upon seeing that I could have my very own banana peppers growing, I snatched up the best plant I could find. When I got home, I realized I picked up a sweet, green chili pepper instead. So I planted it. Too close to everything else. After people repeatedly told me not to. But whatever, I have so many colored peppers growing now, it's kind of like autumn. So no banana peppers.

Then cue last night at the Farmer's Market where I decided I'd start making my lunch and taking it to work in an effort to save money. Bought some chicken slices. Bought some loaf bread. Lettuce. And then I realize that I needed banana pepper slices because it makes the sandwich for me. So I peruse the isles and find some in the cooled section. Except they are whole and not sliced like I'm used to. But I didn't care and instead thought I'd slice them when I'm making my sandwich. I pick up one container and realize it was packaged on Jul15. Not satisfied with that, I scramble around for the best date. Ah, Ju25. Perfect. Done. Go home. Sleep. Wake up. Realize I don't have time to cut one and just put the whole one in with my sandwich. Fast forward to lunch with friends at work where I'm sitting there enjoying my sandwich and proudly present the yellow banana pepper to everyone. I take a bite. My mouth turns to molten lava. Not what I thought it was. Definitely not the banana pepper I'm used to. At this point I'm convinced it's not a banana pepper. I get home, look in the fridge and lo and behold they aren't. The container reads "Dianna Pepper."

A little googling around has got me nowhere except that "sweet, green peppers turn into red peppers when mature" which has me completely lost because when do they turn yellow and conclude as a banana pepper?

Ahh, so many questions. Did I buy the right plant? I definitely have a green pepper I picked which turned bright red on the counter. And did I buy the right peppers yesterday? Why aren't they sweet? Will Rob continue to eat them?


29 July 2007

red, red

Just saw this on another site about weird Google Map/Earth sightings. Just because this is in Iraq, doesn't mean anything, but the fact that the water is SO red, means something is going on. Zoom out and see how obvious looking it is from the sky.

Clearly it's a ketchup plant gone horribly wrong.

I rearranged my living room. It's been a year since I moved in. Now it feels like a whole new apartment. A year! That means it's been 2 years since I became an Atlantan. Ok, no one really says that. 2 years since I abandoned Columbia. 2 years that were supposed to be 2 exactly and then me moving westward. But things happen. And they happen for a reason. I'm sure. Which is why I'm in a state of limbo at the moment with the future, but things are secure.

Things like how I rediscovered the long-forgotten joys of Mario Kart 64 over the weekend. And how sad it was when we couldn't find the Super Nintendo version.

23 July 2007

must have gotten it from my mom

I'm usually not notorious for just burning things too often. Therefore, you know this has to be a good one.

Somewhere around 730, I get this huge craving for grits. We're talkin', "I want them spoonfed to me without having to get up from my comfortable lazboy recliner at all" kind of laziness. Clearly that wasn't going to happen. I had sent the maid home early today since I was home at night--for a once in a lifetime change.

So I stumble into the kitchen, pour the water into a pot, turn on the stove, immediately smell something burning, and chalk it off to something on the burner and then I continue about whatever exciting things had made it into my agenda. A few minutes later I continue to smell something burning, so I proceed to enter the kitchen, look under the pot, and blow any small pieces of burnt food that I can see off to whereverland.

A few minutes later, I continue to smell something and it's getting worse and worse. Clearly I'm clueless at this point to anything else that is on the stove until I see, what else, flames. Then it hits me. Now, what hits me also causes a chain reaction to occur which results in me never turning off the stove and instead reaching for what hit me with my bare hands.

What hit me? Definitely turned on the back burner of the stove and thus, three fairly ripe bananas were now simultaneously engulfed in fire and liquefying on the stove (which is set at "HI" at this point). And back to that chain reaction where my quick thinking results in me taking them off the stove with my bare hands. Luckily I survived.

The bananas did not.

But the grits, once I realized how to boil water, were good.

22 July 2007


It wasn't supposed to rain today. I remember seeing the weather yesterday saying it was going to be a great Sunday. Then around 8am I awaken to thunder. And the thought that I overslept for work. That quickly subsided as I realized it was still the weekend. And it's been a good weekend.

And I cleaned up the blog a bit. It was getting obsolete. I need to keep my audience alive.

I finally picked up the book The Omnivore's Dilemma after hearing about it for the past 6 months from various people. So far so good.

And to appease my mind for trying to save the environment (and working for the govt doing just that), I also bought The Silent Spring.

Meanwhile, wish me luck as I applied for a really good job with the same agency I'm at now. It would coincide with the end of my internship in September. There's 9 slots and there were 300 applicants.

19 July 2007


Let's revisit the pancake bunny, shall we?

Sometimes we just need a good laugh.

You can't tell me that after staring at it for an extra 5 seconds, you don't laugh.

15 July 2007

bless you

I suppose it's never a good thing when you open up your washing machine to put the wet clothes into the dryer and hear something fall down to the bottom of the washing machine with a "clack" sound. You stop and think "ah, it was probably just a button or something. Nothing to worry about." But then a few moments pass and you still think about it in the back of your mind, knowing that there's a mysterious object remaining in the machine. Finally, you give up with the suspense and open the lid, reach down inside for the object, retrieve it with tweezer stealth and upon turning on the light, you realize that yes, indeed, you just pulled out a cockroach leg. More appropriately, a Palmetto bug--because if you're from the midlands of SC you know those are just a bit more dramatic than just any ol' cockroach.

And at that point you can only laugh because a) that little booger has GOT to be dead from the water, and 2) that dryer has been going for a good 5 minutes on high.

In other news, I was informed that Michael Jordan's number was #23 and not #10 as I like to think. So, keep that knowledge in case you ever need it later on in life.

11 July 2007

chicken in the breadpan pickin' out dough

Why is the "chicken in breadpan pickin' out dough" anyways? Do chickens really like bread dough more than their corn feed? I haven't asked one in a while.

I usually try to ask them why they are crossing the road instead.

Yesterday I was standing in a creek with cows. Perhaps I should have asked them. They sure were nice cows. Well, except for the whole impaired/polluted waters part. But really, do they know they are doing the harm?

Meanwhile, I found a salamander and I spotted a bunch of tadpoles. And let me tell you, it took all I could not to take some back with me and raise them like I did in the past.

I found my calling: taking work trips to Waynesville, NC. Definitely a great town.

08 July 2007

something about typewriters

So there was a race this week. And in atypical fashion, I did not post anything about it. Wonder why? This time, no news is not good news. The annoying knee that has been blogged about on way too many occasions (read: whines) gave out after about 3.1 miles. But hey, that's a 5k right there. We're talking, I couldn't even walk for a few seconds. So I had to walk it up a hill and grimace in pain on every other step (yeah, not sure about why that was) but after a little over a mile, I got some sort of adrenaline rush and made myself start running the rest of the way. At least I got to run it for once but I definitely messed something up in my knee 3 months ago at that half marathon. Perhaps it was too quick of a race after the other half marathon.

Yeah, a little disappointment, but a determination to keep up the training. What's this talk of a Myrtle Beach Marathon?! yikes.

Yesterday I scored $30 for some lady to come to my apartment and survey about drug and alcohol use for the US Public Health Service. I was "randomly selected" for this survey, and I was more than happy to get $30 to sit in my pajamas, drink coffee and take a computerized survey.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Cherokee, NC for 3 days for work.


02 July 2007

some would say things never change

Seven years ago (definitely just gave myself a puzzled look after typing that) my buddy Andy and I moved into those cramped-but-we-dealt-with-it small dorms at USC. Five years later as roommates, I moved to the big city of Atlanta for more school. Today, I'm saluting him for also moving on to a big city--Chicago.

Times have changed. But as denoted below, I'd say we're still the same.

Seven years ago.

Last week.

01 July 2007

and yet we're still in a drought..

Despite having to run a 10k on Wednesday morning (july04), I have been slacking in the running department for the past, oh well, let's not even count. So the past few days I have been upping the running and breaking in some new shoes and trying to avoid more knee injuries that seem to debilitate me when I train too rapidly. Yeah, which is exactly what I'm doing now.

Anyways tonight I went for a good run that I thought was going to be in between thunderstorms. I was watching the radar all day and had planned it so well. But after I began my run, another round of storms completely appeared out of NO WHERE! I don't lie.

And as a weather nerd that I am, I continued to run and quickly became completely drenched. I got to run in a massive down-pouring thunderstorm. And I enjoyed it. Guess the shoes are broken in now.

And in completing the weather nerdness, I came back home and snatched a screenshot of the radar. I'm located under the cross-hair. The storm had just moved east of me at that point. But it looks so ominous on the screen. Despite all of this, I still managed a good 30 minutes before I found myself back to my truck and figured it was in the best interest for me to halt further exercise that warrants me to run around surface run-off that was so deep, it had characteristics of flash floods.

And that's how I train.

30 June 2007


This will blow your mind:


Clicking on the link below will take you (assuming Java is installed on your machine and is active in your browser) to a page with a small video screen with a green arrow at the bottom. Clicking on the green arrow will launch the movie.

In the short movie you will see a small group of guys and girls wearing black or white shirts that are playing with two balls.

Your goal is to count how many times the ball is passed by those wearing white shirts. Its that simple.

Remember, count just the passes of the ball by those wearing white.

(Do not run the movie more than once! - remember, self discipline. Seriously, just watch it once and continue back here.)

Lets go, begin the journey.

Once the movie is over, write down the number of passes you have counted, come back to this page, and continue by clicking here.

RIP Marshall Tucker Band

..one of Spartanburg's greatest bands.

25 June 2007

rob doesn't have time to write, so he's posting another video

But you'll like this one.

With more Wilco in accompaniment.

21 June 2007

each one is a setting sun

Where has my week gone?

I saw Wilco in concert, I saw the Boston Red Sox hammer our Braves, I had a houseguest for 2 nights, I drove to SC for 2 days, I went to the climbing gym, I took a swing dancing class. Yeah, I think that accounts for the past 7 days. And then throw in that whole 40-hr work week and a sleep schedule that newborns would rival.

I'm not sure what that means, but it sounded dramatic.

Wait did I mention Wilco? In the rain. The pouring rain. So awesome.

12 June 2007

my sunny day

We're going to see them!

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about The Dave Matthews Band or The Allman Brothers Band.

06 June 2007


I ate fish eggs on a few of my sushi pieces Monday evening. And surprisingly, eel wasn't that bad. Or yellowtail. Or spicy tuna. Or avocado. But avocado is good anyways. In sushi, it's even better. Fish eggs though? I thought it was paprika.

Week 3 and job is better than ever. I love it.

31 May 2007

hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes

Whoah, where did the time go?

Last weekend was spent at the beach (a good few and a half hours away across the NC line). This week, a lot of work. A little sleep. And this weekend, Julie and I are going to Nashville where I'm vowing to be a tourist because I've never been. 1st stop, straw hat.

Not much else going on.

I sang karaoke to Tom Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream yesterday. Among 10 others.

I just bought coffee after sticking my face into the coffee bin at Whole Foods. Mocha java to be exact.

My back is sunburnt.

24 May 2007

"hello robin, this is your wake-up call"

Attention readers. I need help. I'm calling on all the creative minds out there to remedy a situation that I have. It seems (and this isn't the first time, but it is the first time it's happened in quite a while) that I cannot wake up from slumber in the mornings. Now that I'm risin'-and-a'-shinin' at 545am these days, I've begun to set numerous alarms. Unfortunately, today things didn't go as planned.

During the time period between 5:35-5:59 I apparently turned off my regular alarm clock (beside my head), I walked across my bedroom to turn off another alarm clock, I walked into the dining room to retrieve my cell phone then brought it to bed with me and turned the alarm off, and I actually didn't awaken to the best part of waking up is Foldger's in your cup alarm even though I wasn't brewing Foldger's in my preset-from-the-night-before coffeemaker. So, I believe that makes 4 times that I could have awakened and we're not even including however many snoozes I managed to make it through. Needless to say, I opened my eyes and saw the clock saying 8:14 and I bolted out of bed. No really, I bolted out of bed. But I made it to work by 9:18, only an hour and 18 minutes late, but I stayed late this afternoon to make up for it.

Julie congratulated me into a club. It's called the "those who get to work after 9 club."

So, any suggestions?

20 May 2007

bills, bills, bills

So I realized that if you leave unpaid bills to pile up on the coffee table, they don't pay themselves. How disconcerting. In other disconcerting news, I found out that CMT is being moved to digital cable (for those of us that use are monopolized by Comcast). Ok, and for those of us that actually watch CMT. Anyways, it's ridiculous! The flashing message at the bottom of the channel even says "..if you want to continue to enjoy CMT, you have to purchase digital cable. and the digitial cable box."

But in rather exciting news, I completed a great week at my new job and I actually really, really enjoy it. So far, the only disappointing thing about it is having to get up at 530 after only going to bed at midnight. And the lack of running as of late.

15 May 2007

pound cake

Day 2: I sit for 10 minutes trying to set up my voicemail on my phone at work before finally asking my supervisor what the problem could possibly be. Turns out 10 minutes of pressing the * key instead of the # key was the problem. Great way to make a first impression after 6 more hours of orientation and training.

This will not turn into a daily log of my life. I'm just so glazed over and barely awake at 11pm and it's all I was thinking about.

14 May 2007

growing pains

Today marks Day1 of very awesome cool job with the government. Seriously, I actually cannot wait to return. It was just a good day.

My morning consisted of a multitude of alarms awaiting my attention including cell phone alarm, watch (on wrist), television turning on, and coffeemaker brewing. And yet I still woke up several times thinking that they were all going to simultaneous not work. But I somehow managed to wake up, drink coffee, tie a tie, hop on the subway, sit through 8 hours of orientation, and have a great day.

08 May 2007

lightning crashes

For fear of thinking it's all a dream, I think it's finally ok to say that I got a job. And I'll be working for the government! Again! I scored a summer internship and start an oh-so-fun 40 hour a week, 8-5 life next Monday.

Do you know how excited I am? Perhaps. Pinch me.

04 May 2007

moonlight creeping around the corners

Once again, I realize I haven't seen another Counting Crows video. But now I'm thinking that I've not seen many of them at all. I like the light stuff in this one though.

I'm off for some camping for the whole weekend--complete with fishing, campfires, and even kickball. Yeah, when's the last time you thought about kickball? Takes me back to 5th grade kickball tournaments where the top prize was a pizza party. But the pizza parties never seemed to materialize and we'd always be suckered into thinking free ice cream was better. In the end, I guess ice cream was pretty good.

Counting Crows
Daylight Fading

01 May 2007

out of the lightning dream

I had no idea it even existed.

Counting Crows
Round Here

30 April 2007

science of the unknown

I would say that stranger things have happened, but this one takes the cake.

To make this descriptive, I'll code my friends names as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. I'll be Rho.

scene: a flashback to last Tuesday

Alpha gives Beta a $10 bill because Beta was going to see another friend, Gamma, in a class later on during the day. Rho (me) was present and standing in front of Alpha and Beta during the transaction. Rho also witnessed Alpha writing (on the back of the $10 bill) "This is the property of Gamma." Rho recalls remarking that Alpha was defacing government property. He shrugged. Alpha shrugged. ha.

new scene: lunch earlier today

While sitting with Alpha, Gamma, Theta and Epsilon after eating lunch, we all began pulling out money to pay for the $48 bill. Rho throws down some money, as do Theta and Epsilon. Followed by Gamma. While sitting there waiting for Alpha to pay, we notice that a $10 bill he has in is hand has "This is the property of Gamma" written on the back of it.

Now picture our eyes gouging and imagine really large gears turning in our heads.

How did Alpha end up with his $10 bill again?

It's like a brainteaser, huh?

We put the pieces together. Here's what happened:

-Alpha gives $10 to Beta for Gamma
-Beta gives $10 to Gamma
-Gamma and Rho join a few other greek letters at the bar during the Wednesday social hour. During the splitting of the bill, Gamma gives Rho the $10 unbeknownst to me that it is the $10 bill.
-Rho gives Alpha $15 Sunday morning by secretly leaving it at his house as a gesture for grilling out the night before. Alpha spies the money, and puts it under Rho's windshield wiper. But Rho spies Alpha doing this, so he reaches into his wallet, finds another $15 (which ended up with the $10) and hides it on the stereo in the house and retreats home.
-And then today, the $10 resurfaces as Alpha pays for lunch.

But the best part is, Gamma took the $10 as change for his $20. And now it all works out since it is the property of Gamma.

I wonder if there's a theory behind all of this.

Rho's confused.

soak up the sun

Today was a good day. In fact, all week has been good. And weekend. I was productive at school yesterday. I was at Boat Rock today bouldering a bit. I found a tick on me. I played guitar a lot. My hands hurt. I've even karaoked this week. It's 4am and I'm still awake.

And then I notice two gerbera daisies. One wilted. One still alive. Strange how quickly it decided to fade while the other thrives.

I need to go running.

Monday is a big day.

25 April 2007

something about greens

Last week I saw a bumper sticker that read:

I hate cilantro!

Who says that, seriously? At the time, I laughed and thought that it was the greatest bumper sticker that I'd read to-date.


Today in a parking garage, I read:

Club Sandwiches Not Seals

23 April 2007

stride it out! come on!

It's that time of year again. Time for another half marathon--less than a month from the previous one. What was I thinking?

And here marks the highly eventful anatomy of the half:

Friday night
7pm: drive with Julie the 2.5 hours to Greenville and along the way, eat a Chic-fil-A pre-race meal full of good carbs and protein

Saturday morning
6am: awake ready to eat that plain, blueberry bagel and granola bar and weak coffee. mmm, ready to run after that! again, what was I thinking?
715: drive over with Julie, Ry, Stacey, and Stacey#2 to the big town of Greer.
745: stand in line for the restroom.
752: Ry opts for the shorter line outside.
807: still in line. race supposedly starts at 810 and we think we're safe.
808: I catch a glimpse out of the bathroom window of a horde of people RUNNING by. the race had started. we were in the bathroom.
811: Julie and I take off down the downtown streets not really knowing where we are or going. we had to ask people where the race started. that's how late we were. we jump on the road and away we go.
Mile 0.7: still no one in sight. we begin thinking we're going to be the last people.
Mile 1.5: wait, what's that down the road? people! let's take 'em down! Mile 1.9: suddenly, after passing 3 people, it became a game for me to start tallying them one-by-one. this usually consisted of us passing someone, and after knowing you're out of sight, I'd hold up the correct number of fingers.
Mile 2.5: is that really another church? isn't that the 15th in the past 2 miles?
Mile 3.1: we just ran a 5k! the hay bales looks so appealing.
Mile 4: hey, it's the airport! a plane is landing! our picture is being taken. i wonder if we smiled.
Mile 5: picked off runners 9 and 10. movin' on up!
Mile 5.5: at this point, I think my kneecaps began to migrate to my ankles.
Mile 6.2: I exclaim that we just ran a 10k. what's not exciting is that we have slightly less than a 10k that we still have to run.
Mile 6.7: Julie explains that she really wants some Johnny at that particular time. I later find out that this means Cash.
Mile 7.5: this is all Ry's fault.
Mile 8.4: nothing happened at this mile. i think we were still running though.
Mile 9.7: still running.
Mile 10: only a 5k remaining--except neither of us said it out loud.
Mile 11.2: the water table ran out of cups so they let everyone drink straight from the giant cooler/jug spout--even when it meant kneeling on the ground just for that shot of warm water.
Mile 12.5: "ROB!!!" we look over and see Lee/Laura/Laura's Mom driving by happily yelling and waving at us--complete shock, but definitely a big inspiration and motivation to push ever onward.
Mile 12.9: where is the finish line? seriously, where is it!? it really wasn't marked until you rounded a corner.
Mile 13: hey, let's sprint! stride it out! (that was me). i AM striding it out! (that was her). ohh, my legs are longer than your's. (that was me again).
Mile 13.1: is that really it? ooo, another medal!
2hr14min after the start: I can barely move.
1130: showering and getting ready for a wedding.
1230: off to the wedding with no lunch
100: wedding
130: 3 BBQ sandwiches and wedding cake never tasted so good.
345: ever onward to the farm.
430: well, the strawberries look good, but the part about walking and bending to pick them did not.
500: one gallon later and I'm spent.
530: dinner. didn't we just eat? i don't care.
745: back on the road.
810: julie got her johnny.
915: coffee!
937: counting crows karaoke sing-off in the car.
1130: ATLANTA!

24-hr road trip which included a half marathon, wedding, BBQ, the farm and back.

I found my kneecaps.

19 April 2007

it's official...

I finally got into the Peachtree Road Race 10k for July 4th! Last year I didn't make the deadline before 55,000 other people did. But this year, I (and Julie did too) saw my bank account decreased by a little $28 check which I paid no attention to until 12 hours later when I started talking about it.

It's the largest 10,000 meter (10k) race in the world. And it's here. And I finally got in.

I'm elated, in case you couldn't tell. I've got the runner's high.

18 April 2007

rollin' rollin'

So not only does Roly Poly know my name (and Travis') and greet us like we're royalty when we walk in the door, they now make our sandwiches while we are standing in a long line because they see us at the end. I mean, we didn't even have to say anything.

Yesterday it was yelled from the back, Rob. 52? No cheese, no mush?

I think all I did was smile and nod and after I paid, I had a sandwich waiting for me while other people looked puzzled.

Of course, now I feel like I can't go anywhere else for lunch.

17 April 2007

phantom pains

In typical procrastination, I waited to run a long distance a mere 4 days before the (second) half-marathon this weekend. So at 10am this morning, I somehow managed a decent 10.6 mile run from my apartment all the way to a completely different city and even past that and then back with some loops thrown in for good measure. But it was fun to tell people today who saw me limping oh it's nothing, i just ran 11 miles this morning.

Ok, so it's really just my ego talking. Or maybe it's my right knee. It's speaking very loudly at the moment. That is, when I can move it to hear it.

In other news, my internet at my apartment has ceased working. Normally this would be quite a downfall, but it's actually quite the opposite. At first I went through withdrawal, then denial, then hypothermia set in. Aren't those the stages? But last night I got home from my class at 10, made dinner, listened to music, actually cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes instead of using the dishwasher, and I sat down and read. Then it occurred to me that my tv still works, so I threw everything aside and watched some CMT. But it was fun while it lasted.

Even my mornings are more calm. Like today--when I ran.

I encourage everyone to catch an episode of Planet Earth on the Discovery. You're life will be changed.

Why didn't you click the link? Do it! You can get a glimpse of some birds trying to show off. Now. Go! What are you waiting for?

It's like National Geographic and Nova had a child.

16 April 2007

look up at the sky

It's done. I gave my last lab exam. I don't start teaching again until JUNE! I guess this is high-time to start the dreaded thesis that is waiting in the wings.

On Friday I kicked off the official "Rob starts applying for a job with a tentative Master's Degree in Geosciences" event. 1 down, 47 to go. I began with a resume to a government agency here.

And I began a small fire in my oven on Saturday night.

And I saw the Braves lose a good game but still had a great time.

And I have a half-marathon to run on Saturday morning in Greer, SC.

And I'm glad the weather is a changin' again back to the warmer side.

And I just realized I officially have nothing to eat for breakfast.

And I still have no trash can for my office.

13 April 2007

when that evening sun comes around

[blank stare..]

Cara is missing again.

Who's Cara?

Fine, I'll elaborate. Recall this post from October. My trash can has been stolen from outside my office door for what seems the hundredth time. I even went down the hall late in the evening on Wednesday, picking up other's trash cans looking for "Cara" on the side. But none. She was probably sitting on the other side of a closed door as I was walking down the hall. Probably trying to scream or violently throwing trash at the door as her only defense against the thieves who locked her away.

Who just steals trash cans??

Me. I admit, I stole her. But only because someone abandoned her at the end of the hall after someone stole my first (unnamed) trash can. But why after 6 months did someone decide they needed their trash can back?

That's it. I'm going to peruse the halls.