31 January 2007


Tonight, I caught the middle of the History Channel's intense episode of how canned green beans are, well, canned. It was the whole canning process. Those shows fascinate me. Just like growing up and watching Sesame Street and seeing the crayons and yellow no.2 pencils being made.

As fascinating as it was, I still have no desire to eat canned green beans unless I'm unaware of it. Sorry Mom.

So here I sit, awaiting the winter weather that will hopefully create havoc. Or not. It's fun to think it will though. I've got milk. And 2 gallons of orange juice. And frozen green beans.

Feb 1st! Already! Rabbit, rabbit.

30 January 2007


There's something empowering about bringing in all of your groceries in one load. It's been done time and time again. Upon loading mine into my truck tonight, I thought that this would be an exception and I wouldn't be able to get them in the all-important one load. But I was wrong. I did it. I felt like I won a race. Granted it takes the same amount of time that it would in two loads, but it's the fearlessness and power that you feel after you can't feel your fingers and your wrists are nearly broken. I should have weighed them.

I spent $75 on that load.

And of importance is the "family size" Stouffer's lasagna that I had to do a double-take at because, if you know me, I can put away the food. So, the lasagna is in the oven and I'm eager to eat the entire thing and consider myself a "family."

And if you're saying to yourself, how did Rob change the world today? : I started recycling my cardboard. My apartment complex has to be the only one in this city that doesn't recycle, so I found out that the Farmer's Market does (thanks mandi) and since their parking lot is a stone's throw from my bedroom window, it's impractical that I don't recycle.

Time to go be a "family."

28 January 2007


I had a dream last night that I was talking to this white chicken in a square cage. It was standing up to leave the cage and I was exclaiming that it couldn't leave yet due to the 3 eggs that were sitting to the right of it. The chicken was completely puzzled like it didn't even know there were eggs there. It had no idea, seriously. So as the chicken moved them to the center of the cage, all 3 of eggs simultaneously started cracking open and 3 chicks appeared. I mean, we're talking 3 seconds flat and there were 3 chicks.

And that's all I remember. I wonder if the chicken talked back to me, or I just knew it was puzzled.

But seriously, why on earth was I dreaming about talking to a chicken. Somebody offer a suggestion here.

It's because I don't eat eggs, isn't it? Or maybe it was going to bed at 3am. Or wine. Or the cold. What's also funny is that I ate sliced turkey for the first time in years right before I went to sleep.

26 January 2007

see the world

I'm getting back into that "i've gotta run" drive that I've forgotten about. I keep bragging to people about running. It's like a disease. Or a job. Or something. Today it was so windy while running. I barely made it.

Tonight on my way into my gated apartment, I rolled down my window, pulled out my keycard to swipe on the gate-card-key-swiper thing and I said "hi" to it. I'm not sure why.

Thursday run log: 4.2 miles

23 January 2007

and so it begins

Today, folks, I instigated a new plan. There's a half marathon in the midst that I'm signed up for and I paid an unforgiveable amount of money to be apart of--since, after all, it IS the first ING (insurance co) sponsored 1/2 and full marathon in Atlanta. Regardless, today began the big ol' tough 9-week plan to get me to the 13.1 miles that will be run (will!) on Mar25.

So today I ran 4 miles. And it was brutally cold outside. And I wore shorts. And it was great. Lots of pain all around. And wouldn't you know that I pick a new route and run up some brutally (more brutal than the cold) tough hills. I mean, I was nearly crawling. But I got through the 4 miles just for the shear fact that I needed to get through the mileage and not care about the time anymore. So I made it back to my truck, all happy to see it and happy that I did well. While stretching I hear running footsteps down the road and I look back thinking "oh cool, a runner! i wonder what/where/when/why they've been running!" As I turn around, I see this runner running AND pushing a baby stroller. I have a feeling there wasn't a baby in it as he had a pace faster than mine. But seriously, it really throws a wrench in the whole runner's ego.

I'll be logging my runs for now. It's more for me to see that I'm running.


4 miles.

21 January 2007

20 January 2007

19 January 2007

money in my pocket

It's funny. GSU students got their student loan overage checks deposited today. So, everyone went from being really broke to what feels like millionaires overnight.

Luckily, I took it upon myself to pay off a little debt. Nothing like paying off debt with more debt. It's a vicious cycle, but I watch my interest rates. But the looming debt of having to pay off that camera I bought while not knowing that 3 months down the road, I'd be paying for a truck, kind of makes me laugh. But, I'm happy.

Millionaires. Maybe we're actually just thousandaires I suppose.

14 January 2007

if you believe

Quick. Before I forget. This morning, I had a strange dream.

I was offered a job teaching anesthesiology at a high school in Columbia, SC to make ends meet while I was in grad school. I never got to fulfill that profession as the afternoon I was offered the job, global warming increased and all the glaciers in the world began to melt. I somehow made it to my parents farm where hordes of people were gathering to start a fight about the warming. But it didn't matter, as the waters were rising so fast, that it became necessary to reach higher ground that was very limited already. Within an hour, my dream had transformed into the movie Waterworld.

Then I woke up wondering if there were no land masses and the world was just water, would we have wind? I'm leaning towards a yes if we still had high and low pressures--but would we even have that on a water world?

Stupid dreams about anesthesiology.

13 January 2007

livin' the free like me

So it's not everyday I get to brag. heh. You're supposed to laugh at that. But I've been down in my luck as of late and last week tipped the scales and jettisoned me into the real world. Real fast.


If you've followed my blog life, you'll probably remember this. Or this. You can probably see where this is going. Or maybe you already heard.

Last week my faithful 93 Corolla concluded its journey with me at the ripe old age of 216,547 miles. Not bad. The dealership had nothing to offer but condolences. I took it upon myself to go into a depression-filled two days of not knowing what to do when I finally stumbled upon something at the same dealership. Friday evening I barely drove my car back to the dealership, traded it in (if you can believe that) and made a life-changing, adult-making decision of buying a truck. A shiny, red truck. I've never owned a vehicle this shiny.

So, I have to brag. But I won't be bragging about the payments, insurance, taxes, etc. That will be left to whining. So here it is. A 2002 Toyota Tacoma:



a list, if you will

I listen to way too much music. These are my top 5 albums from last year. I'm noticing a country trend.

Little Big Town
The Road to Here

Enjoy the Ride

Tom Petty
Highway Companion

Johnny Cash

Dixie Chicks
Taking the Long Way

12 January 2007

panda sneeze

has to be up there in the "my contact nearly came out of my eye from laughing" kind of things..

07 January 2007


i really like Sugarland.