27 February 2007

don't stop believin'

I found a silverfish earlier in my apartment. I suppose it could be worse. It could be a giant hornet. Seriously, could you imagine seeing that? And my other question is, why does this person have it on their hand?

I had to share this Scrubs clip I found. Incidentally, I bought Season 3 of Scrubs (so mark that off your list of "things to buy rob").

23 February 2007

between a memory and a dream

Things that have kept me up at night lately:

--why I've seen something pass over the sun (bird? plane?) and cast a shadow directly in front of me twice in one week.

--why my hourglass, that incidentally only runs for 42 minutes, stops midway through the cycle.

--if a palmetto bug is going to crawl up the dryer vent from outside, come into my dryer, somehow get electrocuted and cause a fire.

--if the graffiti of a snowman with his head in his hand and the words "sad snowman?" are going to be painted over before I get a chance to take a picture of it.

--the dreaded thesis.

--a loud crash that I heard in the woods at 3am that caused the next item on the list to start making sounds.

--an owl. yes, an owl. to all of you who have ever laughed because I said I lived in "rural" Atlanta since the back of my apartment faces woods, you have no room to laugh anymore. I seriously was kept awake two nights ago by 5 hoots from an owl. it was actually really, really cool.

20 February 2007

i've been fallin' so long, it's like gravity's gone

Grocery shopping at 1130pm has to be the best time to go. I pretty much had the whole store to myself. But it wasn't all fun and games (but then again, is it ever?). It seems my 24-hr Kroger has taken upon itself to get rid of ALL it's Peter Pan peanut butter. We're talkin' void shelves. I knew I shouldn't have thrown mine away last week. I can't just switch over to some other peanut butter just at the drop of a hatch. But alas, I was desperate. I had been craving it. So, I bought the Jiff brand and ate a sandwich at midnight. I never knew how much I depended on Peter Pan. It's so much better.

The best part was the sign on the void shelves that read: PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER ALERT! Just seems so demanding. And annoying.

Well now that I just wrote a(nother) blog about peanut butter and bored you enough, I'll move on.

Ok, I've tried to think of something else but I'm at a loss. It just wasn't one of those stare at the clouds and think about life kind of days. It's really all about the peanut butter today. And the $1.50 pack of M&Ms I bought.

Run log: 7.23 miles! Then bouldering. The 0.23 mile was pivotal. Clearly.

18 February 2007

mmm, cake

Happy Birthday Mom. (ok, so it was on Friday). Mom had a surprise birthday party even though she suspected something all along--but probably not the amount of people that attended.

And at the same time, Bonnie and I didn't expect to spend 20 minutes in a Wal-Mart trying to purchase helium while all the guests had arrived. And of course, we pull up in the parking lot as my parents are arriving. Luckily things worked out last weekend.

Here's some dirt on a cake.


15 February 2007


Should I be excited that my half-eaten jar of Peter Pan Plus peanut butter (with enriched 8 essential vitamins) is one of THE potential salmonella infected jars? I woke up in between snoozes this morning to hear "yadda yadda yadda do not eat Peter Pan peanut butter!" then I went right back to sleep. But everytime I re-woke, I couldn't remember why Peter Pan peanut butter was on my mind. Turns out, MY jar has the "2111" code on the lid. And upon this inspection, I was instantly hungry for peanut butter, but alas, I threw it away.

Thing that worries me now: when I bought that jar, I bought 2 for the price of 1 and yes, I've already eaten the other jar. And if you know me at all, you know I love peanut butter--especially after a run. So, bring on the salmonella. Time for some WebMD and hypochondriac action.

I bought a new stereo today. I was back to using my old 1995 player for a few weeks now. It's my belated birthday present for myself, I suppose.

Life's good.

14 February 2007

this old guitar

This post has nothing to do with guitars.

Yesterday's run included a new route, the longest distance I've run to-date, darkness, and fog. And mud puddles galore. I set out for a run nearby my apartment but still far away that I had to drive. I found a "lake" and parked at this, what seemed to be, abandoned restaurant beside it. While there were no cars in sight, I still had this weird feeling that my truck would be broken into after I ran away because it right beside this park. I worry a lot. I take off running. Run, run, run. Eventually I even loop back around to the truck twice to make sure it's still there and then keep running.

At some point the sun decided to go down and the fog decided to roll in--mainly because it had just rained all day long, the humidity was way up and I was near that "lake." The above factors forced me onto the sidewalks and out of traffic since it was a new route and I wasn't familiar with the maniac drivers. This produced the next factor--mud puddles. At first I was avoiding them because I could see the reflections of headlights. But eventually I could no longer see those puddles (or small ponds) and after the first one, I didn't care that my feet were soaked and I went back to caring about my truck near the "lake."

Finally, and hour later, I'm running back down towards my truck, but I'm across the "lake" from it (about 1/2 mile away). Out of the corner of my eye, I see all these lights in the same parking lot. Of course, every scenario possible was going through my mind, but mainly it involved me envisioning my truck no longer being there. As I get closer and closer, I see the parking lot is FULL of senior citizens just standing around. And here comes me, completely disgusting and sweaty running towards them out of the fog. Clearly I looked like some zombie running towards them from the "lake" like I was going to capture them or something. And in typical style, I began to worry, so I jumped right into my truck and drove away. "But didn't he stretch?" you might be thinking? Absolutely not. And the onset of the knee pains as I'm driving away was excruciating until I was back at my apartment.

So, run log: 6.5 miles, fog, humid, senior citizens at the "lake." Incremental steps closer to the 13.1.

12 February 2007

every little thing

Thanks to my sister, Melanie, for finding and sending this one. You must watch the entire video. It will make your day so much better. Kind of like the crayon vid.

This one is Linus sings The Police's "Every Little Thing."

10 February 2007

you belong among the wildflowers

line from a birthday card today:

remember when all we wanted in the world was a puppy?

today i finally got my license plate. it definitely starts with an "A". what's up with that? everybody's starts with an A! i guess i now permanently live in georgia. i feel like i've been exiled or something.

run log: used the power of persuasion to run with julie. otherwise, it was confirmed that neither of us would have run. 4 miles. so very cold. and i ate blue cheese. it was crumbly and moldy. but let's not get into that.

09 February 2007

the dog's name is molly

Notable line from tonight "80% of rob's life is online. we have the other 20% of him here with us now."

Let it be known to the world that today I officially became a Georgia resident. State of Georgia, that is. And a Georgia voter. But not an organ donor. And I finally got to take part of the dreaded DMV--which, for my location, was located inside a really odd mall. Apparently I had a swift adventure as I was out of there right under an hour. But it is funny as they give you an alphanumeric number and you sit there trying to concentrate on your number while you see and hear the other hundreds of numbers that get called nearly simultaneously. Think.. advanced Bingo. I was F525 in case you were wondering. You were, weren't you?

In accordance with a group of my blog readers earlier, I am supposed to blog about blogging. This is turning into a difficult topic as I realize that I can't just blog about a topic that is predetermined. It has to be one of those moments. Like a street sweeper truck that waves at you at 130am while it cleans the streets when everyone is asleep.

07 February 2007


Ok, so 1932 is a little older than me, but you get the point. Quarter of a century. It sounds so official.

06 February 2007

did you get lost in amsterdam

A 'rest day' while in grad school is pretty much the equivalent to doing a crossword puzzle. I'm not quite sure why that is, but I really didn't do much yesterday in the way of being productive except go to school late in the day, look at some work that is due Wednesday and teach my night lab. How long did I sleep in yesterday morning? I won't tell. I've just been tired lately.

But enough about me.

Let's talk about you. How's it going? Good, good to hear.

I suppose today is a run day. I found an interactive map of the 1/2 marathon today. It's pretty much the scariest thing I've seen all day. Last night I started thinking of just how much 13.1 miles really will be--and at that point, that was the scariest thing all day yesterday. Then there's the usual "what if my apartment burns when I'm sleeping and I have to jump from the 2nd floor?" and "what if a spider attacks me in my sleep?" and those thoughts took over as scariest things in the world that could happen sort of things. The things that you try to block out because you just want to sleep, but your mind hasn't turned off the light yet and you start thinking. Just thinking. It's nearly involuntary.

Sometimes I'd rather be taking photographs of lightning than doing schoolwork. Only 3 months, then maybe I'll be done. Until then, I'll just think about spiders attacking me in my sleep.

Oh and this impending quarter-life crisis that begins at 2:47pm tomorrow with the onset of another candle on the cake.

04 February 2007


Today's strange, but in need of blogging about moment, is brought to you by the the letter A and the number 8675309.

I'm back in my license plate association phase of my life. It's where I sit in traffic and notice the patterns of everyone's license plate and/or memorize them. But today it struck me that every where I looked, all the local Georgia plates had a 3-letter combo that all started with the letter A. So I ask you, if you live here, does the 3 letters of your license plate begin with an A? Is it a conspiracy? Mere coincidence. Coincidentally I will finally be getting my very own Georgia license plate this week. I have a feeling it's going to start with an A.

If you've ever been feeling down as of lately, by all means pick up the January issue of National Geographic and read the article about the humpback whales in the Northern Pacific. It will certainly make you feel like there is so much more out there in the world that we don't always take for granted. These whales are back on the rise in population from the 1960's after an international ban on killing was enacted. The pictures of them are incredible too. Just sitting in the water, motionless for thirty minutes at a time. Just imagine that--this giant animal, who sings mind you, living in the sea and when it does come up for air, what is it thinking? It's view when it breaches the water must amaze it. A whole world that it'll never see. Which is interesting because for most of us, their world is a world we'll never see.

"I ran around a mountain!" That was my exclamation of the day. But seriously, I technically ran around a mountain today. Or "a giant granite intrusion east of Atlanta." It was a nice loop around the granite. After the run, I was walking up an access path back to my truck when I approach, at the end, a giant Pepsi machine. Seriously, do they really make money off that one? Wouldn't Gatorade be more appropriate?

After 4 days of good exercise, I'm proud to say that tomorrow is a rest day.
Run log: 47 deg, 5.61 miles.

she likes bananas

Sometimes, random moments during the day will strike me as really funny or just something plain important and I think that people need to know about it. I had a professor last semester that described them (from another source) as funerals for a moment. Or something like that. It's something that you realize or something you see and you know that it needs to be documented and described because no one else will ever see it.

Tonight's moment: walking to my truck at 2am carrying a bouldering crash pad, REI backpack and a jar of organic blueberry juice and seeing frost on my cab in the full moonlight.

In addition, I saw a sun halo this afternoon.

02 February 2007

weather nerd

I recently ran across an old blog post where I posted this pic, but I felt the need to show it again for whatever the reason. I just like it. I need to scan it again (if I ever find the print). It may also have the date on the back of when it was taken. Regardless, it reminds of old summer thunderstorms on the farm growing up. Now I'm reduced to urban-enhanced thunderstorms of a major metropolitan city.

scanned barn

Back to running. I haven't done much of it this week as I should have. Throughout the week I self-diagnosed myself with "runner's knee" which is a common condition amongst amateur runners such as myself. It's a kneecap-locking pain that seems to persist after a few minutes/miles of running and extends into the days to come even when not running--not a good thing. I started to think that I was going to be unable to run such aformentioned race(s) and that perhaps my running days would be over. That is, until today. I had an epiphany. Those are few and far between these days as the apathy levels have hit critical. Regardless, I did some research about runner's knee and kept coming up with the same remedies: stop running on sloped roads. What? Who would run on a road that has a bank to it anyways? So I went for a run today and that was my thought for the first few miles. But the pain was back.

Then it struck me. Roads ARE sloped. If they weren't then water couldn't run off them and onto the drains. Duh. Amid this humiliating moment, I quickly discovered that all my life I've been running on the left side of the road facing traffic and all this time my left leg has been having to compensate for this inch or two of difference in height that the right has to run on--thus the intense pain in the left knee. I quickly started running in the center of the road, and just like magic, the pain went away within seconds. Can you believe that? This kind of stuff never happens. But sure enough, the remainder of my run was smooth and pain-free. Well, aside from the cold weather. I had to cut myself off in order to be safe for a larger run this weekend. Does this mean I have to start running in the center of the road?

92.9 has played an old Guster song, an old Counting Crows song that was never a single, and is currently playing a Jump, Little Children song that normally would never even be played past SC. Sometimes I want to wrap this station up and give it to people for Christmas.

Stardate 1572603: cloudy conditions, 38 degrees, wind 5mph, 3.4 miles.

it does exist!

I knew it had to be somewhere online. Behold: the crayon segment from Sesame Street. I can't help but think that they look like orange cigarettes at first though. The best part is the old lady that smiles midway through the video. She's so elated about her crayons.


Seriously. They now make Easy Mac macaroni and cheese to-go. Why?


It's like that yogurt to-go: Go-gurt.

Give me a break.