28 March 2007

photo finish

The obligatory "I just ran the farthest in my life and here's my proof!" shot:


Well, I was just approved to teach 2 additional labs during the summer months while I finish my thesis. I'm excited. But then I started thinking back to Fall/2005 when I started grad school and how I was all nervous about teaching labs. And I thought about how it was 2 years ago. And then how there were so many labs I taught during that time. And finally, I just started counting them up on my hands and toes. And then I ran out of room to count.

After this summer, I'll have taught 15 labs in 2 years. FIFTEEN! And that's in 3 different courses. I feel so well-rounded. That's approximately 300+ students that I've graced with my knowledge in some way or another.

In other news, I've signed up for another half marathon. I've got the runner's high finally. But not before this weekend's Cooper River Bridge Run 10k.

Ah! That's it! I could become a professional runner and lab instructor!

25 March 2007

anatomy of a half marathon

4:10am: Awake to 2nd alarm and notice that 1st alarm never went off. Luckily I had 2 other back-ups for a total of 4 so needless to say, I was awake.
4:15: coffee never tasted so good.
5:20: out the door.
5:47: met up with Julie and headed downtown to quell my worrying about parking.
6:15-6:47: stand in line for port-a-john.
7:00: stand in line with 14,999 other runners awaiting to start the race
7:14: actually start running.
Mile 1: oh this is great. the sun hasn't even risen yet. i can handle it.
Mile 2: wait, where was the mile marker? there's the MLK center.
Mile 2.5: i don't need water.
Mile 3: "are you runnin' the charleston saturday?" 2 people asked me after seeing my cooper river bridge run shirt. we chatted for a minute and i told them to save me a place in line next weekend.
Mile 3.5: hey, it's starbucks.
Mile 3.7: i don't need water. i can press on!
Mile 3.71: that was a stupid decision.
Mile 5: i'm running. i'm a runner.
Mile 5.1: freedom parkway. stupid hill! how dare they.
Mile 6: hey there's julie. and jen. and jennifer.
Mile 7: must. have. water. all of it.
Mile 8: wow, i'm running down ponce de leon.
Mile 9: are they playing classic rock?
Mile 9.1: are those people seriously handing out cups of PBR beer? did that guy seriously just drink that?
Mile 9.3: bathroom!!
Mile 10: i had no idea 10th street was a large, unforgiving hill.
Mile 11: i read the mileage sign wrong. i read it as mile 12.
Mile 11.7: are those girls really selling girl scout cookies on the side of the road? i'll take the thin mints. two boxes.
Mile 12: the hardest mile yet. all the way down peachtree street.
Mile 12.9: peachtree center! downhill from here! sprint time! cowbells!
Mile 13: only 0.1 remaining. where are the cameras? got to get my game face on. smile for them.
Mile 13.1: i sprinted! got to the end. i survived.
9:30am: "you want your official picture made?" heck yeah!
noon: blueberry pancakes, orange juice, burnt bacon and hashbrowns. it couldn't get much better.
2:25pm: tupelo honey and i can't walk.
3:30: shower.
3:45: and then the nap. a nap that turned into sleeping for longer than i did during the night.

24 March 2007

look up look down all around

Adrenaline is up.

Nerves are up.

Temperatures are up.

Hydration is mediocre but once I'm through with coffee, I'll be chugging water all day.

24 hrs from now I'll be tired from running but will have run the big race. It's hard to believe I started running 3.5 years ago and now here I am.

Toward 26.2. One day.

23 March 2007

i don't want to hear another peep from you

Whilst running today (I know, you're growing tired of this) I smelled Peeps for about 2 minutes. It didn't make for a pleasant run for those brief moments as all I could think about was how I don't really like Peeps.

That's really all I wanted to say. I felt I needed to share that.

20 March 2007

stranger things happen (part 2)

Back to the subject of running. I ran late tonight and for a long, long time. Over an hour and a half. The thought of how much time is spent running perplexes me.

But nothing perplexed me as much as this strange moment around, oh we'll say mile 8, that would have come straight from a scene in The Matrix. I started running on side roads to gain more mileage. As I'm running down the center of the side road with only the streetlights giving me light, I notice this grey cat sitting about 2 feet from me. It was just sitting there, staring at me and not having a care that I was running towards it. A mini van passed me soon after and I instinctively looked over my shoulder to see if they braked or to see if the cat was still there. Didn't see either. About 10 minutes later I find myself running up the same side road and suddenly, there's the cat again, in the same position and same place. Just staring at me.

To ruin some sort of deja-vu, time warp, whatever thing that was going on, I ran on the opposite side of it.

On my drive home, I drove down the side road in an effort to bypass a weird intersection and sure enough, the cat was in the road. But it jumped away and sat on the sidewalk and stared at me.

I'm not sure what's going on.

But I do know that I hit an important running goal tonight of 10 miles. I'm now ready for the big half marathon on Sunday. Wish me luck.

18 March 2007

15 March 2007

a strange thing happened on..

On the run today, I started thinking a lot about my surroundings. I'm sure it was more that my surroundings were so audible or something. There were so many things that happened and I followed with "oh, that'll make a great addition to the blog.."

But for some reason, as I'm sitting here ready and willing to type, I cannot for the life of me remember anything except running in the rain around a lake. It's called a lake but it's not really a lake. More like a big pond. After running for an hour and twenty minutes, crazy things start happening. But seriously, it started raining a lot and that made me just want to continue running. But then that didn't last too long and I longed for the gatorade in my truck that I kept running past.

OHH, I do remember one of the things.

Around mile 6, or was it 7, perhaps 8?, anyways, at some point before it started raining, I'm running like a champ up this hill (picture a really large hill with me running champ-like but then forget about that because it wasn't really that big of a hill) WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN (how's that for dramatic) I start hearing this violin being played behind a house. Yes, a violin. And what were they playing? Joyful, joyful we adore thee.

Anyways, when I got home, I caught a bit of America's newest hit craze, "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" and of course, I was instantly drawn in as 3rd grade geography questions were shot out and people were stumped. And I was actually stumped on a 5th grade math question. But I will not disclose the question. Instead, I'll continue to be baffled by a woman who missed the following question:

If you are traveling north and crossed over the US border, what country would you be in?

Seriously. She didn't know the answer. There's a giant country above the US that we share a great peace-loving border with! And there was this guy who didn't know that Alaska was further WEST than California. Where do these people live?

I know, I'm a hypocrite because I missed the math question.

joyful, joyful...

a lot of oysters with no pearls

It's a great, great day when you go into the Roly Poly sandwich shop and they know you by your name.

12 March 2007

here i am

Last week: spring break + stomach virus + helping good people doing good deeds = busy.

Today: walked into my office after a week long absence to see all the Bradford Pear trees in bloom right outside my 4 big windows. Quite a sight to see. Site? Wait. Have I been wrong all my life saying sight? Add that to the list of things to keep me awake.

Tomorrow: temperatures forecasted to be 79. SEVENTY-NINE!

Wednesday: awkward silence as I'm not sure what's going on Wed.

Thursday: hmm, Scrubs is on?

Ok, I'll stop with the itinerary.

I will, however, continue to post random videos. This is from a SNL skit a few years ago. The cast starts cracking up in the middle of it which makes it all the more funny. Debbie Downer:


06 March 2007


Clearly, I'm reliving my childhood.