30 April 2007

science of the unknown

I would say that stranger things have happened, but this one takes the cake.

To make this descriptive, I'll code my friends names as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. I'll be Rho.

scene: a flashback to last Tuesday

Alpha gives Beta a $10 bill because Beta was going to see another friend, Gamma, in a class later on during the day. Rho (me) was present and standing in front of Alpha and Beta during the transaction. Rho also witnessed Alpha writing (on the back of the $10 bill) "This is the property of Gamma." Rho recalls remarking that Alpha was defacing government property. He shrugged. Alpha shrugged. ha.

new scene: lunch earlier today

While sitting with Alpha, Gamma, Theta and Epsilon after eating lunch, we all began pulling out money to pay for the $48 bill. Rho throws down some money, as do Theta and Epsilon. Followed by Gamma. While sitting there waiting for Alpha to pay, we notice that a $10 bill he has in is hand has "This is the property of Gamma" written on the back of it.

Now picture our eyes gouging and imagine really large gears turning in our heads.

How did Alpha end up with his $10 bill again?

It's like a brainteaser, huh?

We put the pieces together. Here's what happened:

-Alpha gives $10 to Beta for Gamma
-Beta gives $10 to Gamma
-Gamma and Rho join a few other greek letters at the bar during the Wednesday social hour. During the splitting of the bill, Gamma gives Rho the $10 unbeknownst to me that it is the $10 bill.
-Rho gives Alpha $15 Sunday morning by secretly leaving it at his house as a gesture for grilling out the night before. Alpha spies the money, and puts it under Rho's windshield wiper. But Rho spies Alpha doing this, so he reaches into his wallet, finds another $15 (which ended up with the $10) and hides it on the stereo in the house and retreats home.
-And then today, the $10 resurfaces as Alpha pays for lunch.

But the best part is, Gamma took the $10 as change for his $20. And now it all works out since it is the property of Gamma.

I wonder if there's a theory behind all of this.

Rho's confused.

soak up the sun

Today was a good day. In fact, all week has been good. And weekend. I was productive at school yesterday. I was at Boat Rock today bouldering a bit. I found a tick on me. I played guitar a lot. My hands hurt. I've even karaoked this week. It's 4am and I'm still awake.

And then I notice two gerbera daisies. One wilted. One still alive. Strange how quickly it decided to fade while the other thrives.

I need to go running.

Monday is a big day.

25 April 2007

something about greens

Last week I saw a bumper sticker that read:

I hate cilantro!

Who says that, seriously? At the time, I laughed and thought that it was the greatest bumper sticker that I'd read to-date.


Today in a parking garage, I read:

Club Sandwiches Not Seals

23 April 2007

stride it out! come on!

It's that time of year again. Time for another half marathon--less than a month from the previous one. What was I thinking?

And here marks the highly eventful anatomy of the half:

Friday night
7pm: drive with Julie the 2.5 hours to Greenville and along the way, eat a Chic-fil-A pre-race meal full of good carbs and protein

Saturday morning
6am: awake ready to eat that plain, blueberry bagel and granola bar and weak coffee. mmm, ready to run after that! again, what was I thinking?
715: drive over with Julie, Ry, Stacey, and Stacey#2 to the big town of Greer.
745: stand in line for the restroom.
752: Ry opts for the shorter line outside.
807: still in line. race supposedly starts at 810 and we think we're safe.
808: I catch a glimpse out of the bathroom window of a horde of people RUNNING by. the race had started. we were in the bathroom.
811: Julie and I take off down the downtown streets not really knowing where we are or going. we had to ask people where the race started. that's how late we were. we jump on the road and away we go.
Mile 0.7: still no one in sight. we begin thinking we're going to be the last people.
Mile 1.5: wait, what's that down the road? people! let's take 'em down! Mile 1.9: suddenly, after passing 3 people, it became a game for me to start tallying them one-by-one. this usually consisted of us passing someone, and after knowing you're out of sight, I'd hold up the correct number of fingers.
Mile 2.5: is that really another church? isn't that the 15th in the past 2 miles?
Mile 3.1: we just ran a 5k! the hay bales looks so appealing.
Mile 4: hey, it's the airport! a plane is landing! our picture is being taken. i wonder if we smiled.
Mile 5: picked off runners 9 and 10. movin' on up!
Mile 5.5: at this point, I think my kneecaps began to migrate to my ankles.
Mile 6.2: I exclaim that we just ran a 10k. what's not exciting is that we have slightly less than a 10k that we still have to run.
Mile 6.7: Julie explains that she really wants some Johnny at that particular time. I later find out that this means Cash.
Mile 7.5: this is all Ry's fault.
Mile 8.4: nothing happened at this mile. i think we were still running though.
Mile 9.7: still running.
Mile 10: only a 5k remaining--except neither of us said it out loud.
Mile 11.2: the water table ran out of cups so they let everyone drink straight from the giant cooler/jug spout--even when it meant kneeling on the ground just for that shot of warm water.
Mile 12.5: "ROB!!!" we look over and see Lee/Laura/Laura's Mom driving by happily yelling and waving at us--complete shock, but definitely a big inspiration and motivation to push ever onward.
Mile 12.9: where is the finish line? seriously, where is it!? it really wasn't marked until you rounded a corner.
Mile 13: hey, let's sprint! stride it out! (that was me). i AM striding it out! (that was her). ohh, my legs are longer than your's. (that was me again).
Mile 13.1: is that really it? ooo, another medal!
2hr14min after the start: I can barely move.
1130: showering and getting ready for a wedding.
1230: off to the wedding with no lunch
100: wedding
130: 3 BBQ sandwiches and wedding cake never tasted so good.
345: ever onward to the farm.
430: well, the strawberries look good, but the part about walking and bending to pick them did not.
500: one gallon later and I'm spent.
530: dinner. didn't we just eat? i don't care.
745: back on the road.
810: julie got her johnny.
915: coffee!
937: counting crows karaoke sing-off in the car.
1130: ATLANTA!

24-hr road trip which included a half marathon, wedding, BBQ, the farm and back.

I found my kneecaps.

19 April 2007

it's official...

I finally got into the Peachtree Road Race 10k for July 4th! Last year I didn't make the deadline before 55,000 other people did. But this year, I (and Julie did too) saw my bank account decreased by a little $28 check which I paid no attention to until 12 hours later when I started talking about it.

It's the largest 10,000 meter (10k) race in the world. And it's here. And I finally got in.

I'm elated, in case you couldn't tell. I've got the runner's high.

18 April 2007

rollin' rollin'

So not only does Roly Poly know my name (and Travis') and greet us like we're royalty when we walk in the door, they now make our sandwiches while we are standing in a long line because they see us at the end. I mean, we didn't even have to say anything.

Yesterday it was yelled from the back, Rob. 52? No cheese, no mush?

I think all I did was smile and nod and after I paid, I had a sandwich waiting for me while other people looked puzzled.

Of course, now I feel like I can't go anywhere else for lunch.

17 April 2007

phantom pains

In typical procrastination, I waited to run a long distance a mere 4 days before the (second) half-marathon this weekend. So at 10am this morning, I somehow managed a decent 10.6 mile run from my apartment all the way to a completely different city and even past that and then back with some loops thrown in for good measure. But it was fun to tell people today who saw me limping oh it's nothing, i just ran 11 miles this morning.

Ok, so it's really just my ego talking. Or maybe it's my right knee. It's speaking very loudly at the moment. That is, when I can move it to hear it.

In other news, my internet at my apartment has ceased working. Normally this would be quite a downfall, but it's actually quite the opposite. At first I went through withdrawal, then denial, then hypothermia set in. Aren't those the stages? But last night I got home from my class at 10, made dinner, listened to music, actually cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes instead of using the dishwasher, and I sat down and read. Then it occurred to me that my tv still works, so I threw everything aside and watched some CMT. But it was fun while it lasted.

Even my mornings are more calm. Like today--when I ran.

I encourage everyone to catch an episode of Planet Earth on the Discovery. You're life will be changed.

Why didn't you click the link? Do it! You can get a glimpse of some birds trying to show off. Now. Go! What are you waiting for?

It's like National Geographic and Nova had a child.

16 April 2007

look up at the sky

It's done. I gave my last lab exam. I don't start teaching again until JUNE! I guess this is high-time to start the dreaded thesis that is waiting in the wings.

On Friday I kicked off the official "Rob starts applying for a job with a tentative Master's Degree in Geosciences" event. 1 down, 47 to go. I began with a resume to a government agency here.

And I began a small fire in my oven on Saturday night.

And I saw the Braves lose a good game but still had a great time.

And I have a half-marathon to run on Saturday morning in Greer, SC.

And I'm glad the weather is a changin' again back to the warmer side.

And I just realized I officially have nothing to eat for breakfast.

And I still have no trash can for my office.

13 April 2007

when that evening sun comes around

[blank stare..]

Cara is missing again.

Who's Cara?

Fine, I'll elaborate. Recall this post from October. My trash can has been stolen from outside my office door for what seems the hundredth time. I even went down the hall late in the evening on Wednesday, picking up other's trash cans looking for "Cara" on the side. But none. She was probably sitting on the other side of a closed door as I was walking down the hall. Probably trying to scream or violently throwing trash at the door as her only defense against the thieves who locked her away.

Who just steals trash cans??

Me. I admit, I stole her. But only because someone abandoned her at the end of the hall after someone stole my first (unnamed) trash can. But why after 6 months did someone decide they needed their trash can back?

That's it. I'm going to peruse the halls.

11 April 2007

she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land...

So yesterday was THE day. The best radio station the world, 92.9, began a countdown the other day of the best 30 albums of the past 30 years--voted on by the public (or a bunch of people in Atlanta that actually took the time to do it, namely not me because I forgot even when they were reminding me every 5 seconds to do so).

Anyways, yesterday they announced Counting Crow's August and Everything After--only the greatest album ever on my list. Some (many) may disagree. But whatever, this is my blog. haha. It got me thinking about the album and why I liked it so much and so I was being nostalgic all day while they played selected songs. Then at 7pm, I tuned into the station once again and they played the album in its entirety for everyone to hear. It was definitely a good time. Mellow and all, but definitely great. I guess the best part was knowing that there were so many people here that actually liked the album that much to vote in into the countdown.

Now for the light-hearted moment of the post. Here's where everyone gasps at the horror of the admittance that I've never actually purchased this album. My favorite album ever and I don't own my own copy. But why not? Well, she may not remember, but I actually stole (forever borrowed) my sister's (Bonnie) copy way back when. I remember her listening to it all the time and I didn't really care for it then. I was still in my "I don't like anything but country music" phase. But at some point I borrowed it and never returned it. And probably whenever the time came that I had borrowed it for longer than she had it in her possession, I kindly accepted it as my own.

But as objects get older and used, the same happened for AAEA. Eventually it would skip at all the wrong parts and I decided that I needed a new one. But lo and behold, at my previous employer with the government, I was cleaning out a desk of someone who had just quit and there, at the bottom of a stack of papers, was a semi-worn copy of AAEA. And since items such as great albums are free game in government desks, I kindly accepted that someone had abandoned it and it would forever be mine. Thus, I now have 2 copies. But what happened to the first? I made it into a clock--pretty cool looking if you ask me.

Talk about driving around with the windows down in the spring type of music.

"...I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there counting crows..."

10 April 2007

stolen away on 55th and 3rd

Again, I have all these things to talk to you all about, but then I forget the split second I open this prompt.

I did steal this shot from the last race I ran though. They really don't like you to copy and paste so they instead allow you to zoom into a selected square region and see if you want to pay the money to buy it. So here's my "I just ran the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k for the 3rd year in a row and saw the cameras and still managed to give an extended fist pump into the air at the right time" shot.

Last night I taught my last full spring semester lab. Hopefully forever. It was a good feeling. I felt as if I had completed a big step in school. But that quickly waned as I was then thinking about how hungry I was.

I think Spring is back. For good this time.

05 April 2007

like honey from the bee

now and later

I spent a good part of today wondering if the candy that I didn't like growing up (and still don't) was called Now-and-Later or Now-or-Later. I had convinced myself it was the latter because it sounded more grammatically safe. But I was wrong. Definitely Now-and-Later.

But upon further inspection, I'm shocked that they closely resemble Starbursts and I had never made that connection before. Has anyone else? Am I the only one that really didn't like them? I like chocolate.

It should also be noted that this was the extent of my worrying today. It's been a slow day.

02 April 2007


So this is cool. A family has taken a picture of themselves (individually) for the past 30+ years on the same date and now they have it displayed chronologically. Of course you see how they change, but it's just a unique display.

I really haven't done much today except think about how much I don't want to do anything.

hey, hey, watch this

What a weekend. From Atlanta to Columbia to Charleston. Ran a 10k up a bridge for a new personal record. Then from Charleston to Columbia to Spartanburg to Atlanta.

And what do I have to show for it? A commemorative medal, an empty gas tank, a full stomach, oh and a big dent, scratches and blue paint from where I drove the back of my truck into my dad's (parked) truck in my parent's driveway. As much as I want that to be an April Fool's prank, it surely isn't.

But hey, I saw Sugarland (in the rain) for free when I got back.