31 May 2007

hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes

Whoah, where did the time go?

Last weekend was spent at the beach (a good few and a half hours away across the NC line). This week, a lot of work. A little sleep. And this weekend, Julie and I are going to Nashville where I'm vowing to be a tourist because I've never been. 1st stop, straw hat.

Not much else going on.

I sang karaoke to Tom Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream yesterday. Among 10 others.

I just bought coffee after sticking my face into the coffee bin at Whole Foods. Mocha java to be exact.

My back is sunburnt.

24 May 2007

"hello robin, this is your wake-up call"

Attention readers. I need help. I'm calling on all the creative minds out there to remedy a situation that I have. It seems (and this isn't the first time, but it is the first time it's happened in quite a while) that I cannot wake up from slumber in the mornings. Now that I'm risin'-and-a'-shinin' at 545am these days, I've begun to set numerous alarms. Unfortunately, today things didn't go as planned.

During the time period between 5:35-5:59 I apparently turned off my regular alarm clock (beside my head), I walked across my bedroom to turn off another alarm clock, I walked into the dining room to retrieve my cell phone then brought it to bed with me and turned the alarm off, and I actually didn't awaken to the best part of waking up is Foldger's in your cup alarm even though I wasn't brewing Foldger's in my preset-from-the-night-before coffeemaker. So, I believe that makes 4 times that I could have awakened and we're not even including however many snoozes I managed to make it through. Needless to say, I opened my eyes and saw the clock saying 8:14 and I bolted out of bed. No really, I bolted out of bed. But I made it to work by 9:18, only an hour and 18 minutes late, but I stayed late this afternoon to make up for it.

Julie congratulated me into a club. It's called the "those who get to work after 9 club."

So, any suggestions?

20 May 2007

bills, bills, bills

So I realized that if you leave unpaid bills to pile up on the coffee table, they don't pay themselves. How disconcerting. In other disconcerting news, I found out that CMT is being moved to digital cable (for those of us that use are monopolized by Comcast). Ok, and for those of us that actually watch CMT. Anyways, it's ridiculous! The flashing message at the bottom of the channel even says "..if you want to continue to enjoy CMT, you have to purchase digital cable. and the digitial cable box."

But in rather exciting news, I completed a great week at my new job and I actually really, really enjoy it. So far, the only disappointing thing about it is having to get up at 530 after only going to bed at midnight. And the lack of running as of late.

15 May 2007

pound cake

Day 2: I sit for 10 minutes trying to set up my voicemail on my phone at work before finally asking my supervisor what the problem could possibly be. Turns out 10 minutes of pressing the * key instead of the # key was the problem. Great way to make a first impression after 6 more hours of orientation and training.

This will not turn into a daily log of my life. I'm just so glazed over and barely awake at 11pm and it's all I was thinking about.

14 May 2007

growing pains

Today marks Day1 of very awesome cool job with the government. Seriously, I actually cannot wait to return. It was just a good day.

My morning consisted of a multitude of alarms awaiting my attention including cell phone alarm, watch (on wrist), television turning on, and coffeemaker brewing. And yet I still woke up several times thinking that they were all going to simultaneous not work. But I somehow managed to wake up, drink coffee, tie a tie, hop on the subway, sit through 8 hours of orientation, and have a great day.

08 May 2007

lightning crashes

For fear of thinking it's all a dream, I think it's finally ok to say that I got a job. And I'll be working for the government! Again! I scored a summer internship and start an oh-so-fun 40 hour a week, 8-5 life next Monday.

Do you know how excited I am? Perhaps. Pinch me.

04 May 2007

moonlight creeping around the corners

Once again, I realize I haven't seen another Counting Crows video. But now I'm thinking that I've not seen many of them at all. I like the light stuff in this one though.

I'm off for some camping for the whole weekend--complete with fishing, campfires, and even kickball. Yeah, when's the last time you thought about kickball? Takes me back to 5th grade kickball tournaments where the top prize was a pizza party. But the pizza parties never seemed to materialize and we'd always be suckered into thinking free ice cream was better. In the end, I guess ice cream was pretty good.

Counting Crows
Daylight Fading

01 May 2007

out of the lightning dream

I had no idea it even existed.

Counting Crows
Round Here