30 June 2007


This will blow your mind:


Clicking on the link below will take you (assuming Java is installed on your machine and is active in your browser) to a page with a small video screen with a green arrow at the bottom. Clicking on the green arrow will launch the movie.

In the short movie you will see a small group of guys and girls wearing black or white shirts that are playing with two balls.

Your goal is to count how many times the ball is passed by those wearing white shirts. Its that simple.

Remember, count just the passes of the ball by those wearing white.

(Do not run the movie more than once! - remember, self discipline. Seriously, just watch it once and continue back here.)

Lets go, begin the journey.

Once the movie is over, write down the number of passes you have counted, come back to this page, and continue by clicking here.

RIP Marshall Tucker Band

..one of Spartanburg's greatest bands.

25 June 2007

rob doesn't have time to write, so he's posting another video

But you'll like this one.

With more Wilco in accompaniment.

21 June 2007

each one is a setting sun

Where has my week gone?

I saw Wilco in concert, I saw the Boston Red Sox hammer our Braves, I had a houseguest for 2 nights, I drove to SC for 2 days, I went to the climbing gym, I took a swing dancing class. Yeah, I think that accounts for the past 7 days. And then throw in that whole 40-hr work week and a sleep schedule that newborns would rival.

I'm not sure what that means, but it sounded dramatic.

Wait did I mention Wilco? In the rain. The pouring rain. So awesome.

12 June 2007

my sunny day

We're going to see them!

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about The Dave Matthews Band or The Allman Brothers Band.

06 June 2007


I ate fish eggs on a few of my sushi pieces Monday evening. And surprisingly, eel wasn't that bad. Or yellowtail. Or spicy tuna. Or avocado. But avocado is good anyways. In sushi, it's even better. Fish eggs though? I thought it was paprika.

Week 3 and job is better than ever. I love it.