31 July 2007

take two

Seriously. I'm destined not to have them. Back in April (or somewhere around then) I doubled the size of my garden (which equates to 8 plants currently) on my porch by going to Lowe's and buying some more vegetables. Upon seeing that I could have my very own banana peppers growing, I snatched up the best plant I could find. When I got home, I realized I picked up a sweet, green chili pepper instead. So I planted it. Too close to everything else. After people repeatedly told me not to. But whatever, I have so many colored peppers growing now, it's kind of like autumn. So no banana peppers.

Then cue last night at the Farmer's Market where I decided I'd start making my lunch and taking it to work in an effort to save money. Bought some chicken slices. Bought some loaf bread. Lettuce. And then I realize that I needed banana pepper slices because it makes the sandwich for me. So I peruse the isles and find some in the cooled section. Except they are whole and not sliced like I'm used to. But I didn't care and instead thought I'd slice them when I'm making my sandwich. I pick up one container and realize it was packaged on Jul15. Not satisfied with that, I scramble around for the best date. Ah, Ju25. Perfect. Done. Go home. Sleep. Wake up. Realize I don't have time to cut one and just put the whole one in with my sandwich. Fast forward to lunch with friends at work where I'm sitting there enjoying my sandwich and proudly present the yellow banana pepper to everyone. I take a bite. My mouth turns to molten lava. Not what I thought it was. Definitely not the banana pepper I'm used to. At this point I'm convinced it's not a banana pepper. I get home, look in the fridge and lo and behold they aren't. The container reads "Dianna Pepper."

A little googling around has got me nowhere except that "sweet, green peppers turn into red peppers when mature" which has me completely lost because when do they turn yellow and conclude as a banana pepper?

Ahh, so many questions. Did I buy the right plant? I definitely have a green pepper I picked which turned bright red on the counter. And did I buy the right peppers yesterday? Why aren't they sweet? Will Rob continue to eat them?


29 July 2007

red, red

Just saw this on another site about weird Google Map/Earth sightings. Just because this is in Iraq, doesn't mean anything, but the fact that the water is SO red, means something is going on. Zoom out and see how obvious looking it is from the sky.

Clearly it's a ketchup plant gone horribly wrong.

I rearranged my living room. It's been a year since I moved in. Now it feels like a whole new apartment. A year! That means it's been 2 years since I became an Atlantan. Ok, no one really says that. 2 years since I abandoned Columbia. 2 years that were supposed to be 2 exactly and then me moving westward. But things happen. And they happen for a reason. I'm sure. Which is why I'm in a state of limbo at the moment with the future, but things are secure.

Things like how I rediscovered the long-forgotten joys of Mario Kart 64 over the weekend. And how sad it was when we couldn't find the Super Nintendo version.

23 July 2007

must have gotten it from my mom

I'm usually not notorious for just burning things too often. Therefore, you know this has to be a good one.

Somewhere around 730, I get this huge craving for grits. We're talkin', "I want them spoonfed to me without having to get up from my comfortable lazboy recliner at all" kind of laziness. Clearly that wasn't going to happen. I had sent the maid home early today since I was home at night--for a once in a lifetime change.

So I stumble into the kitchen, pour the water into a pot, turn on the stove, immediately smell something burning, and chalk it off to something on the burner and then I continue about whatever exciting things had made it into my agenda. A few minutes later I continue to smell something burning, so I proceed to enter the kitchen, look under the pot, and blow any small pieces of burnt food that I can see off to whereverland.

A few minutes later, I continue to smell something and it's getting worse and worse. Clearly I'm clueless at this point to anything else that is on the stove until I see, what else, flames. Then it hits me. Now, what hits me also causes a chain reaction to occur which results in me never turning off the stove and instead reaching for what hit me with my bare hands.

What hit me? Definitely turned on the back burner of the stove and thus, three fairly ripe bananas were now simultaneously engulfed in fire and liquefying on the stove (which is set at "HI" at this point). And back to that chain reaction where my quick thinking results in me taking them off the stove with my bare hands. Luckily I survived.

The bananas did not.

But the grits, once I realized how to boil water, were good.

22 July 2007


It wasn't supposed to rain today. I remember seeing the weather yesterday saying it was going to be a great Sunday. Then around 8am I awaken to thunder. And the thought that I overslept for work. That quickly subsided as I realized it was still the weekend. And it's been a good weekend.

And I cleaned up the blog a bit. It was getting obsolete. I need to keep my audience alive.

I finally picked up the book The Omnivore's Dilemma after hearing about it for the past 6 months from various people. So far so good.

And to appease my mind for trying to save the environment (and working for the govt doing just that), I also bought The Silent Spring.

Meanwhile, wish me luck as I applied for a really good job with the same agency I'm at now. It would coincide with the end of my internship in September. There's 9 slots and there were 300 applicants.

19 July 2007


Let's revisit the pancake bunny, shall we?

Sometimes we just need a good laugh.

You can't tell me that after staring at it for an extra 5 seconds, you don't laugh.

15 July 2007

bless you

I suppose it's never a good thing when you open up your washing machine to put the wet clothes into the dryer and hear something fall down to the bottom of the washing machine with a "clack" sound. You stop and think "ah, it was probably just a button or something. Nothing to worry about." But then a few moments pass and you still think about it in the back of your mind, knowing that there's a mysterious object remaining in the machine. Finally, you give up with the suspense and open the lid, reach down inside for the object, retrieve it with tweezer stealth and upon turning on the light, you realize that yes, indeed, you just pulled out a cockroach leg. More appropriately, a Palmetto bug--because if you're from the midlands of SC you know those are just a bit more dramatic than just any ol' cockroach.

And at that point you can only laugh because a) that little booger has GOT to be dead from the water, and 2) that dryer has been going for a good 5 minutes on high.

In other news, I was informed that Michael Jordan's number was #23 and not #10 as I like to think. So, keep that knowledge in case you ever need it later on in life.

11 July 2007

chicken in the breadpan pickin' out dough

Why is the "chicken in breadpan pickin' out dough" anyways? Do chickens really like bread dough more than their corn feed? I haven't asked one in a while.

I usually try to ask them why they are crossing the road instead.

Yesterday I was standing in a creek with cows. Perhaps I should have asked them. They sure were nice cows. Well, except for the whole impaired/polluted waters part. But really, do they know they are doing the harm?

Meanwhile, I found a salamander and I spotted a bunch of tadpoles. And let me tell you, it took all I could not to take some back with me and raise them like I did in the past.

I found my calling: taking work trips to Waynesville, NC. Definitely a great town.

08 July 2007

something about typewriters

So there was a race this week. And in atypical fashion, I did not post anything about it. Wonder why? This time, no news is not good news. The annoying knee that has been blogged about on way too many occasions (read: whines) gave out after about 3.1 miles. But hey, that's a 5k right there. We're talking, I couldn't even walk for a few seconds. So I had to walk it up a hill and grimace in pain on every other step (yeah, not sure about why that was) but after a little over a mile, I got some sort of adrenaline rush and made myself start running the rest of the way. At least I got to run it for once but I definitely messed something up in my knee 3 months ago at that half marathon. Perhaps it was too quick of a race after the other half marathon.

Yeah, a little disappointment, but a determination to keep up the training. What's this talk of a Myrtle Beach Marathon?! yikes.

Yesterday I scored $30 for some lady to come to my apartment and survey about drug and alcohol use for the US Public Health Service. I was "randomly selected" for this survey, and I was more than happy to get $30 to sit in my pajamas, drink coffee and take a computerized survey.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Cherokee, NC for 3 days for work.


02 July 2007

some would say things never change

Seven years ago (definitely just gave myself a puzzled look after typing that) my buddy Andy and I moved into those cramped-but-we-dealt-with-it small dorms at USC. Five years later as roommates, I moved to the big city of Atlanta for more school. Today, I'm saluting him for also moving on to a big city--Chicago.

Times have changed. But as denoted below, I'd say we're still the same.

Seven years ago.

Last week.

01 July 2007

and yet we're still in a drought..

Despite having to run a 10k on Wednesday morning (july04), I have been slacking in the running department for the past, oh well, let's not even count. So the past few days I have been upping the running and breaking in some new shoes and trying to avoid more knee injuries that seem to debilitate me when I train too rapidly. Yeah, which is exactly what I'm doing now.

Anyways tonight I went for a good run that I thought was going to be in between thunderstorms. I was watching the radar all day and had planned it so well. But after I began my run, another round of storms completely appeared out of NO WHERE! I don't lie.

And as a weather nerd that I am, I continued to run and quickly became completely drenched. I got to run in a massive down-pouring thunderstorm. And I enjoyed it. Guess the shoes are broken in now.

And in completing the weather nerdness, I came back home and snatched a screenshot of the radar. I'm located under the cross-hair. The storm had just moved east of me at that point. But it looks so ominous on the screen. Despite all of this, I still managed a good 30 minutes before I found myself back to my truck and figured it was in the best interest for me to halt further exercise that warrants me to run around surface run-off that was so deep, it had characteristics of flash floods.

And that's how I train.