26 August 2007

"i don't like cheese"

No really, I don't like cheese. I've said it so much in life that it lost its effect. Until there were new friends around. And when I would say "nah, I don't like cheese" and it sort of had a new, profound (yeah?) effect again.

So yeah. Maybe. Just maybe. I like cheese. There. Take that.

It's the blasted quesadillas. What on earth was I thinking ordering those during the past year? Now all I crave is quesadillas, bbq quesadillas, chicken quesadillas, quesa quesadillas. Cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese.

I still won't eat cottage cheese. Or goat. Or llama.

Or eggs.

23 August 2007

otp, yeah you know me

So I moved over the weekend. And week. And well, I'm still sort of scattered about like waffle house hash browns still as boxes are in my room, kitchen, garage, etc. In fact, the only thing left in my apartment is my plants and some clothes. It's kind of nice. I have a big green room. And a window. And a celing fan. Ok, so I actually am sharing a house, but it's fun to think I have a bedroom again like it was when I was growing up. Except there are no cows (holsteins). Or turkeys. Just a big yard, a dog, the roommate, and a lot of rocks that I've been told can be put anywhere. So that's the main goal. Put the rocks on display.

I'm currently sitting in front of my computer without my contacts in and no glasses on and I can offically say that I'm pretty blind without them. It's actually quite sad just how bad my vision has got since..whenever it started declining. Seventh grade, was it?

And there's a new cat in town. Over there on the right hand side in the blogs. The roommate has fallen victim to the world of blogging. Success! It's like a life goal to get people to blog. Apparently he likes jeeps.

19 August 2007

nerds. not the candy.

So even I had to laugh at myself tonight. You've got to know it's sad when you are packing up your apartment and you get to the part where you (the academically-labeled geologist) start packing up the rocks. All the rocks. And you specially wrap up the important ones in bubble wrap and several sheets of newspaper to protect them during the move.

But hey, when you've got a really cool, and well preserved, and I might add, complete specimen of a leaf fossil on a 8-inch piece of limestone that you hand-chipped out of a layer in Montana and somehow managed to not break it all the way back to Georgia, you've got to be careful.

18 August 2007

how to rid yourself of a hornet nest

Wait till dark. Arm yourself. Armor yourself. Make sure mosquito net around head is not loose. Make a path to run. Then attack. Come back in morning to observe, take pictures and declare you want to remove and keep the hornet nest.

15 August 2007

another round of 100's

Sometimes after I get home, I find myself staring. And a few minutes later, I realize that I've been staring and I have no idea what happened to those golden minutes that I've lost. I'm sure my brain was working.

Or maybe it wasn't.

I going to minimize my life in the next week or so. So, if you know of anything cool I have that you've been wanting all your life (I mean, that's gotta be all of my stuff, I know), let me know and I might part with it. Ok, not really, but it'd be cool to think I could get rid of it. Maybe I'll give you a consolation prize instead.

Meanwhile, some deja vu from a year ago: there's 2 tropical systems out in the expansive ocean and The Weather Channel couldn't wait to use that graphic denoting they are "THE HURRICANE AUTHORITY!" It's been a while.

08 August 2007

century mark

Overheard at 515pm in the Marta station today as sweat is dripping (read: gushing) off my forehead:

"Is it me, or is it hot out here?"

Luckily the guy was talking to a girl next to him. Had he said that to me, I think I would have shook him. Then put on a coat. And wool gloves.


06 August 2007

kyanite in my mind

There was a journey to rockhound out of town and to camp. The two rockhounders were successful. Kyanite was discovered. Kyanite was taken. Loads of it.

And the large chunk in the second to the last pic is at least 25 pounds. A rare find.