30 September 2007


even revelry has its downfalls. mostly the morning after.

27 September 2007


Today, I salute YOU, Mr. Bally Fitness manager who put his GIANT Bally Fitness marketing sign right smack in the middle of the sidewalk thus impeding anyone from staying on the sidewalk and causing them to either go left, into oncoming traffic or right, down the steep embankment. You, Sir, are being saluted! You know how to get your marketing skills out there on the front line. You know how to win the customers over. You know how to cause innocent runners and various other pedestrians to stray off the beaten path just to get beyond your sign. You know how to win us over, let me tell you.

Today, I chose the embankment.


But hey, I still logged a 6.65 miler today with the impediment.

23 September 2007

0-2, partly cloudy, humid, 20% chance of rain

Well, another kickball game is done. And again I had 2 at-bats. And I scored 2 more pop flies. This denotes 2 more outs. Clearly, it's not something to write home about. We lost something like 12-0. or 13. But does it really matter? It's all fun and games. We have a good time. Mostly afterwards as we eat and drink like we played for 6 hours (in actuality, it's 1 hour or 7 innings, whichever comes first).

When our two teams merged, we didn't really know why their name won over our name. Nor did we know what the heck their name meant (even after we became their team). Our name is the Whistle Tips. No one thought to ask what the heck it even meant until this week.

"Something about a news report" is what I heard. So I did some searching on youtube and I have to say, it sure is kind funny to be a Whistle Tip after seeing this.

21 September 2007

happy autumnal equinox

And to constantly remind me (and you) of cooler temperatures, you can see me and my sisters in a January snowstorm in the Upstate at the top of the blog for a while. Mom took that back when it used to snow in SC.

And happy 18th anniversary of the sixth costliest hurricane to hit the US, South Carolina's very own, Hurricane Hugo.

20 September 2007

who wants to be an astronaut?

Today, at work, I applied for three more jobs.

Environmental Scientist

Image Intelligence Analyst



There's a new candidate program that started this week with applications. And, well, why not? Seems to me, I'm qualified. But as Stephen said, who also applied, there's no way we'll actually get the job. Well, that's too pessimistic. I like to think there's a shot.

And it made for a good blog topic. I applied for an astronaut's job.

This afternoon while leaving work, I walked up upon a pair of shoes perfectly sitting on the sidewalk in front of the McDonald's. It looked just like someone walked right out of them and vanished.


18 September 2007

oh the way we were

If ever there was a word I could make up, it'd be incomplacent. Basically, I already thought it was a word. And I like to think it defines me at the moment.

16 September 2007

do you speeeak whaaaaaaaaaaaale?

Do you?

It's already Sunday night. I'm not sure that my weekend counts as time off. Was in the Upstate this weekend to celebrate Bonnie's 30th birthday. Which may or may not have included eating at the same restaurant, having a surprise birthday party with similar guests, even eating at the same group of tables, and having a similar cake that had an old picture on it ALL like my Mom's 60th surprise party back in February. The after party lasted until 3am. I was back on the road with Starbucks by 10am. Back in Atlanta and locked out of my house by 1215. On the kickball field by 3. Dinner, games, driving, and here I am.

I've had some sort of Mexican food for the past 5 consecutive days.

And the kickball game came and went as fast as my only two "at-bats." We have so many on our team that it takes a while to rotate through the line-up. But, my 2 kicks were both pop flies which resulted in nothing more than a collective sigh from our team. The same collective sigh that we gave pretty much everyone else aside from the handful that actually got on base. So we lost. We think the score was 10-1. Our competition looked like they've played recently. Which is more recent than the majority of our team which hasn't played since 5th grade. Despite my one kickball game in May which involved us standing in a field on a farm each with a beer in hand and playing until the sun went down and you couldn't see anymore.

I'm highly impressed that 30Rock won the Best Comedy Emmy. Deserved. I've been trying to convince the world to watch it.

And for those interested, Tuesday is the re-release of Counting Crows' August and Everything After. It's a deluxe edition with a live cd from their first tour in 1994. So I may just be a little elated to re-own the album. But recall that this is the first time I'll have actually bought AAEA. Why do bands re-release albums? Why do we buy them again? Counting Crows, to me, is the one band that I will own every album--meaning actually going to buy the actual album so I can have it. Showcase it. Or "borrow" it. Some would say "steal."

There was something about the clouds today. I think it was Fall. But driving back to Atlanta this morning and staring at the clouds made me very happy about the turning seasons. It's always so bizarre to me how it just happens almost overnight. Summer persists for what seems like eternity and then all of the sudden there's one night when the first cold front passes through and then the next morning the air is crisp and one might say it's chilly.

I suppose it's all part of august and everything after.

14 September 2007

and then there was cheese

Apparently WTOMTL is ranking high in blog searches these days. Go ahead. I dare you. Do a search. Particularly a google search of "quesadillas" and there, on the first page, around the 9th link, you'll see my blog staring in all its glory. Out of 1,600,000 websites, I'm #9. Do I win some award? The Google Quesadilla award? I do love the quesadillas. In fact, I have had 3 this week already. And I don't like cheese. Remember that.

Ha, you just had to read an entire paragraph about quesadillas. Why are you even still reading this?

Off to the Upstate for a day. Then...dun dun dun, the first kickball game of the season.

Week 2 run log: 16.3 miles

friday, am

I really need to go to bed.

But what I really want are waffles, grits, and a glass of chocolate milk. Is that so much to ask?

The weather channel will suffice.

12 September 2007

running has consumed me

Relax, it's just another post about running. I really don't do much more.

Yesterday was two-a-days (AM run/PM run). Today was a 5 mile run. And then moving my washer and dryer immediately afterwards. Tomorrow, repeat. Well, not the washer/dryer part.

This morning I was so excited that I got to "sleep in". Which meant sleeping until 6am. I went to bed at 945 the night before. I was still tired. I still am. I'm going to bed now. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your stay.

09 September 2007

must hydrate

So I joined a kickball league. It's kind of a big deal. Sort of, but not really. Today was a practice round to meet up with some folks that we didn't know from our team (because our team was merged with another team of the same size--but of less fun). Now our team has 22 people. That's a bit absurd but not everyone is going to play every weekend so it'll work out. First game is next Sunday afternoon.

I've chosen right field.

I've determined that it's the best place for me. I did, however, manage to get on base twice today during practice. And I got an RBI and a run. So clearly that's where it turns into being a big deal. Except the other half our newly merged team didn't really mesh too well as we ended practicing against each other.

And I'm not supposed to talk about it because some people may have already written about it in their blog, but I have to say that last night I saw the Allman Brothers Band and Dave Matthews Band play at Piedmont Park with about 55,000 other folks and it was quite the concert. Definitely worth the 7 hours, the sun, the long lines and the Waffle House afterwards.

But seriously, all the Eckerd's are definitely Rite Aids now. And no one else has noticed this??

Training log: after week 1 of jumping back onto the running bandwagon since nursing my left knee back into shape during the summer, I'm content to say that my running log after one week was 15.3 miles. Good start. 10 weeks from now, I'll be running 13.1 of those in one day. For the 3rd time this year. Who am I kidding? Maybe, just maybe, the Georgia marathon in March is something to look forward to for the first time.

Meanwhile, my internship ends in three weeks. It's been a good 4 months. Find Rob a job has been enacted for a week now. Or find someone to pay Rob's bills would be a better fit plan?

And did anyone see the USC v. Georgia game by chance? Ahem..

06 September 2007

barns are cool

winds light and variable

The Weather Channel is currently playing disco music during the 'weather on the 8's'.

It's 1:08am.

My day has been a long one and I should be in bed fast asleep but I seem to be quite the opposite, instead investing a few minutes in my lazboy, in the dark, but watching the Weather Channel. It's not even live at 1am. Syndicated.

Yesterday (ok so wait, that's technically Tuesday night) I ran 3 miles in the dark. Then I woke up at 515am and was running by 545am. In the dark again. Even I was shocked that could happen. Despite the 8-hr workday and eating a lot of M&Ms, I crashed for a 2-hr nap before indulging in 4 hrs of karaoke. And that brings us to my current state of being wide awake.

So yeah back to the running. Why? A new goal has been made. The Turkey Day half marathon! And it's only 10 weeks away.

Has anyone else noticed that all the Eckerd's drugstores turned into Rite Aid's over night? Is that only in Atlanta?

02 September 2007


You've got to love this old commercial for Super Mario Kart. Which, by the way, I officially bid upon the game and won on ebay because I somehow lost this crucial part of my childhood somewhere along the past 15 years of my life.

The best part: "...2 speeds. FAST and TOO FAST"

Super Mario Kart (Old School)