31 October 2007

round 2

So a cow, Marilyn Monroe, and a doctor walk into this bar...

Wait, the joke gets better. haha.

At some point I'll have to stop going to Halloween parties. Preferably after Halloween I assume. Which is concurrently going on. Tonight I chose to sit and welcome trick-or-treaters with the roomie. So far, we're up to 15. I secretly want that to be the end so I can eat all the leftover candy.

Last night I was again a cow. But for most of the night the cow was wrapped around my waist because it was too hot.

Above is me, shannon, and stephen pre-gaming.

26 October 2007

mulch before a hard frost

At one point today, I recall sitting down in my office, sighing loudly, and then reevaluating exactly what the heck was going on this week. It's not often, these days, that everything catches up with me. But I guess so many things are going on at once everything was bound to overlap.

It's been a go-go week. I'm happy though. I had a good interview with a prospective employer on Wed. Another is lined up soon. Content is the word.

Tonight, someone was reading horoscopes and they got to mine and it said something twice about Wild. Going into the Wild or being in the Wild. Something like that. It made me chuckle.

In other news, a strange combination of people collaborated on a cd that came out this past Tuesday. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Alison Krauss made an album. Coming from a childhood that I heard a lot of classic rock (there's your Zeppelin) and country/bluegrass (there's your Krauss), I definitely hold the two of them high on my list of favorite artists. But I never would have expected an album from the likes. So naturally I was the first to download it from itunes as soon as I awoke on Tuesday. I tried at midnight, but it wasn't available (which is weird considering it was technically Tuesday).

Anyways, the point is, it's definitely awesome. Who knew Alison Krauss could rock??

And if you haven't also noticed on the left side over there, I'm reading Stephen Colbert's book, I Am America (And So Can You!). There's not a moment I have the book in my hands that I'm not welling up with tears from laughing so hard. Or trying to suppress laughter about every other word while riding the subway. Read it. I beg you.

22 October 2007

there's a big, big hard sun

This past Christmas, my parents gave me the novel, Into the Wild. I hadn't heard much about it before then. I remember reading it very quickly over the next few days. It was so good. Heartbreaking even.

Fast forward. It was made into a movie. And I saw the movie tonight. It was incredible. Everything about it. It just seemed to be one of those movies that I'd like. Sort of like Jeremiah Johnson (incidentally, another movie that my parents got me for Christmas now that I think about it). It just gets you. Or me. I'm not sure if it's everyone. But I wanted to share that.

At this time in my life I'm struggling to figure out the next big step(s). They are massive steps too. In 1.5 months I'll be handed a piece of paper with my name on it. And it will eventually be framed and hung on the wall next to the other piece of paper that has my name on it. Why? What's it all for really? I have no idea what I want to do. There's a big world out there and I'm just standing on the flagstone at the front door.

So I think why the movie/book hit me so hard tonight was the whole parallel I had with it. I don't really want to launch into one of those sympathetic, whining epic blogs or anything but it was surreal to watch the movie and at times, finding myself just shaking my head at things. Oh and it's a true story. It happened in 1992 if you're not familiar with it. From the beginning, the main character graduates from a university here in Atlanta. He eventually sets out for a roadtrip out west with an ultimate goal of Alaska. They even show him driving down I-85 in Atlanta on his way west. In. A yellow Datsun. To some of you that will make sense. Other's maybe not. You'd have to know my family to know about our yellow Datsun growing up. And my latest fascination with wanting one (or it back). He even has a fear of water. Of course he did completely abandon all ties with his family because he realized how it wasn't real and gave his savings to Oxfam; so we'll cut the similarities before those.

And no, I don't necessarily want to isolate myself from civilization and attempt to live in an abandoned bus in Alaska. I just want to figure out what happens. At some point.

21 October 2007


It's kind of funny to find myself in a metal karaoke bar and singing Tom Petty's Refugee with a live band. But it happened last night. This wasn't your ordinary karaoke by any standard. And there was no jumping ball on the lyrics. It was just a screen with words. But I did Petty some justice. So I was told.

A weekend of baseball, football, and kickball. And yes, another loss, but it was our best game yet. There's some good team bonding. Actually I guess this weekend, all 3 of my teams lost. Hmm. At least there's the Rockies next week!

19 October 2007

winds south at 5-10 mph

It's probably sad that I sit here, watching the Weather Channel, and I find myself laughing at their jokes and amicable behavior. And it's after midnight and this is occurring.

17 October 2007

salt in the wounds

I am currently sitting here with my foot in a mop bucket filled with salt water. I read it's a good remedy for the healing foot blisters due to running. All I know is it sure hurt like crazy when I put my foot in at first. It's only on one foot (right) and it's because an initial giant blister formed from running on a slope in wet socks for a long duration and then I kept running on the foot for weeks on end, so more blisters would form on top of old ones, etc. So I finally gave up and did some soul searching for remedies.

The other foot (left) felt inadequate after 45 minutes, so it's now in the bucket as well. Not to be outdone, obviously.

So Stephen Colbert is running in the SC primary!

And the parched SE is going to get 2 chances of a lot of rain!

16 October 2007

that's out there where bambi lives!

Man, October baseball is something else. The Indians stayed up to lead the series 2-1 with the game ending just as the Rockies began their mile-high game. I think I've become a true Rockies fan just from the post-season. Seriously, 6 runs in the bottom of the 4th all with 2 outs. Including a 3-run homer that was hit, to quote the commentator, "out there where bambi lives."

Get out the brooms. There's a sweep going on.

15 October 2007

3 years old

Today my blog turned 3. WTOMTL has come a long way.

Funny thing..I just typed up a list and linked the past 3 October 15th's. I wanted to blog about whatever I blogged about on those days. But I started noticing a trend. On all the blog birthdays, all I did was post the link to my first blog entry. So without further wait, I guess I'll do the same.

Day 1: recovering the chickens

Day 1095:

I've been bitten by the photography bug again. My Sony camera turned 1 and was subsequently paid off last month, so I felt the need to recapture an old hobby.

14 October 2007

zombie form

I've got to brag. It's been an uneventful month of kickball thus far. But that changed for me today. I went 2 for 3 equating for 2 base hits. And I scored 2 runs. It was a miracle. We still lost though. 8-3. So not all has changed.


I've watched college football for 12 hours today (sat).

The Gamecocks won, so that was good. But that's not even important anymore. We're ranked 7. But that could go up or down after the new rankings come out.

What gets me is that #1 LSU fell to Kentucky. But we lost to LSU a month ago. Yet we beat Kentucky last week.

And then the whole #2 California. Upset by an unranked team.

It doesn't end. I just got home. It's 1am. I'm watching the ALCS and it's tied in the 11th inning. Then lo and behold, the Indians come out of nowhere with 7 runs in 15 minutes to save the game.

I'm ok with all these wins. Good fall day.

12 October 2007

i've been scanning again

A combination of me going through old stuff and throwing away 3/4 of it plus running across old pictures plus a scanner equates to me forcing them on you.

Exhibit a: future geologist, climber, wearer of Jam shorts

and Exhibit b: the true place of where the ocean meets the land, and my dad. dually noting the only ocean i saw was the pacific from this time until i was a junior in high school.

11 October 2007

it's in the bag

It's fall. I'm sitting at my desk. In front of an open window. It's nice. So naturally I'm staring out the window when I hear these weird plop! sounds from the road. I look up in time to see a white minivan speeding by the driveway throwing the paper. Only it's not the real paper but instead some strange paper that not many people read.

But the unique part is that the lady was the sole person in the minivan and she had quite the routine of throwing (read: chunking) these papers at people's houses. She was traveling at a good clip, sitting in the driver's seat, and throwing the papers out the passenger window all the while maintaining a constant speed and rounding a cul-de-sac. There must be some artform to this. It was fun to watch.

Yesterday I watched 70-yr old man running up the road into the cul-de-sac. And if that doesn't make you feel lazy, I don't know what does. And I ended up not running, so I did feel lazy.

07 October 2007

you were right about the stars

Kickball: another loss. another horrible showing on my part. i struck out today. at kickball. that's got to be a new low.

Resident spider: in a complete 180-degree turn, Charlotte's Web has come to an end on the porch. Molly died. she's laying on a beam under her web. you know, you get to know the pet for over a month, you fed it, it lays an egg, and then it dies. you kind of miss it. she was fun to watch everyday.

Running: last week, 21 miles completed in 5 consecutive days. this included a 7-mile run around stone mountain. yes, we ran around a mountain. it hurt. i have a blister the size of 2 JFK coins on the bottom of my right foot.

Job: MIA.

stormchasing: Discovery Channel has a new series starting about stormchasers.

Fall: it's arriving. this weekend. get ready.

03 October 2007

faint eyes

Never a dull moment. Especially on a week of taking the week off. Today on a journey through the sunroom, I was temporarily trapped by a palmetto bug. Not to be defeated by this beast, I trapped him and fed him to Molly, the resident writing spider on the porch. She pretty much stunned him on contact. But just to prove how big this palmetto bug was, I took a picture. Note the size of him relative to her. And if you know about writing spiders, you know they are pretty big when an adult. The orange thing is a wing from the bug that got caught in her spinning.

Molly is starting to get bigger again. She already laid an egg over the door. Seriously, are we in Charlotte's Web and the dog is Wilbur?