30 November 2007

al gore

There's a cooking book on the top shelf over the oven at the house that rests next to my rice cooker. I've had it for a while. It's called "Cooking Up A Cure."

Only, every time I reach for my rice cooker, I consequently see the book and have to laugh.

See, the cursive on the side is so cursive-y for lack of a better word (swirly?) that I always read it as:

"Cooking up Al Gore".

28 November 2007

unused items on your desktop

Does anyone else hate that alert that randomly appears at the bottom right corner of the screen that feels the need to share with you that "oh by golly, there are unused desktop items on your desktop! how could you let this happen to yourself? how did you go x-amount of days without using x-program!? you could have at least double-clicked x-program on friday just to throw it off, for goodness sakes! just for that, i'm going to tell you next wednesday at the same time, that you, mister, have more unused items on your desktop!"

A bit over-exaggerated for dramatic appearance, I do admit.

Ok, so sometimes I have conversations with my monitor. And other people's monitor's for that matter. Who doesn't?

Which also brings me to my next complaint that the AC is on in my office while I'm huddled next to my space heater (ahem, dangerous..but not my problem at this point) and it's a comfortable 60 outside. Beyond me.

ALERT! There are unused heating coils in your furnace.

26 November 2007

high in calcium with active yogurt cultures

This makes me happy.

In other news, I rarely win anything in life. Unless I'm forgetting something that's slipped my mind, the last time I ever won anything was when I was, hmm..2, and I won a cool Star Wars clock from the country radio station because they called out my birthday. And even then, I didn't call in, my Mom did. So aside from that and the $20 I once won on a scratch-off lottery ticket that I promptly re-used and subsequently lost my earnings, I haven't won much.

That is, until today.

I won an $80 application waiver for the ING Georgia Marathon in March! On a whim, I entered my name last week during a race expo for the Turkey Trot. $80! I was dreading that payment. And had even asked Mom to add that to my non-existent Christmas list.

It's a Christmas miracle!

Now I just have to train and run my first marathon in 4 months and 4 days.

23 November 2007

anatomy of my 3rd half marathon in 8 months

In keeping with my previous "anatomy of ___ race," (as seen here and here) I present the next installment in the races of rob's life.

440am: 1st alarm (snooze, of course)
445: 2nd alarm (snooze again), and i hear stephen's alarm
446: roommate's up--why!?
450: i'm up
451: shannon's up--she's volunteering at the race
452: i start some coffee, by far the earliest i've made coffee since a previous race
515: shower, weather channel, banana. in that order.
516: dreams are crushed when i see the weather radar and a line of thunderstorms barreling towards ATL.
530: shannon leaves before we even leave!
550: out the door, forgetting my clif bar (breakfast)
610: on MARTA with stephen, realize forgotten breakfast, start panicking in my mind about how i'm going to run 13 miles with coffee and a banana in my system.
630: on a bridge in the dark with stephen's support group (his sisters)
631-651: in the port-a-john line (like always)
652: 3 bites of a powerbar that was given to me out of sympathy, i believe
703: head to the end of the race line that still hasn't moved much even though the race started 3 minutes prior
704: and begin.
704and2seconds: torrential downpour of cold rain also begins.
mile 1: rain
mile 1.5: rain
mile 2: rain
mile 3: rain
mile 4: hill and rain
mile 4.5: ciao stephen! i let him go ahead of me. scouting, of course.
mile 5: rain
mile 5.2: it stops raining long enough to realize that i'm pretty sure my feet are screwed no matter what i do, so why not just keep running.
mile 5.7: the ROTC guys are fun to run beside because their chant gives a good cadence to run in
mile 5.75: ok forget that, their ROTC chant gets annoying as it becomes repetitive to the tune of "my 95-year old grandmother just signed up for boot camp" then "my 96-year old grandmother.." then ok, you see the trend. eventually she dies, goes to heaven, and meets famed rapper 50 cent. that's all i heard before i stepped up the pace and left them.
mile 6.2: hey, i just made a 10k! that's always satisfying. until i realize that it also denotes i'm nearing the halfway point.
mile 6.8: this is the part where i look ahead and see the midtown skyline and realize that while my goal is in sight, it's also far, far away.
mile 6.8-mile 7.8: rain and pain.
mile 9: i really don't remember anything at this point
mile 9.2: midtown has been reached!
mile 10: only a 5k left! this has slightly less impact than realizing i had a little over a 10k left to run back at mile 6.2.
mile 11: hey, there's shannon at water station #10. took her water, pat on the back, and continued onward. talk about support group.
mile 11.4: some race volunteer on the sidelines says "good job guys, less than a mile left to go!"
mile 12: man, was i mad to see that mile. that guy was so wrong.
mile 12.2: panic sets in as i look down and notice that my once white, right shoe is now taking a slightly red tint. mud?
mile 12.23: wait, that's not mud. definitely blood.
mile 12.5: who on earth decided to put 2 hills at the end of the race?
mile 12.8: sprinting..
mile 12.85: pain..
mile 13: i got to run under the Olympic rings at turner field!
mile 13.1: completed in 2:01:11
2hrs, 1 minute, 11 seconds
905: found stephen and his sisters
906: gatorade cups 1-4
907: gatorade cups 5-7
908: shivering, wet, limping--all of the above very well worth the previous 2 hours
910: a heated car never felt so good

The only problem was, wet socks + wet socks + rob's feet = horrible blood blisters. The kind you want to look at just because they look cool. To me, at least.

And that's a wrap.

Here's the proof..


After (why are we smiling after and not before?):

In need of immediate attention:

21 November 2007

t-24 hours

In 24 hours I, along with the old roommate plus 7,998 other crazy people, will be finishing the Atlanta Turkey Trot. Well, the 1/2 marathon portion of it, at least. I figure 13.1 miles will be enough by 9am. So yeah, 13.1 miles...in the rain. After all the training (or lack thereof the past week), a cold front decides to blast through at the precise morning of the race. So look forward to a rather fun update in the days to come.

And it's my first Thanksgiving not going home. It's sad. I won't get any dressing.

So being the nerd that I am, I've kept track of my running statistics since last December.

Since I started training in August, I've logged 158.3 miles on pavement. And I ran for a total of 1 day, 3 hours.

However, since December I've ran 295.6 miles and total time was 1 day, 21 hours. Actually that's not a lot now that I think about it because I definitely just stopped running during the summer. But I like to look at numbers.

Oh good grief I'm procrastinating again.

20 November 2007

warm, mid-70's, winds light and variable

Not sure what's going on with the weather, but I like it. It's like the leaves were fooled and now we get to have fall in the late summer.

I'm revisiting an old pic that I took back in 2004, I guess. It was a sign behind the arena in Columbia where they would dump the excess ice after the hockey games. A bit deceiving, I know, as it looks like it's a real snow dump.

15 November 2007

we met underneath the blue skies of summer

I just dozed off while sitting upright in my computer chair. Granted I had propped my head up and was staring off into space, but still, it's just one of those weeks.

Can I just post photos as blogs for the time being? Is that so wrong?

New photos are up on Flickr (look left).

11 November 2007

check the cornbread

It's been a week! That's a bit atypical of me.

Too bad. More later. Just got back from an awesome 3-day camping trip in the 100-acre woods.

05 November 2007

it's a hazy shade of winter

It's fall!

And, in bigger news, we won our first kickball game Sunday--albeit our last game, but still.

Long weekends with an extra hour to sleep thrown in there somewhere are good. From pulling 100s of staples from plywood to fires in fireplaces with dogs laying beside you to cool morning kickball to shaking Yucca in a pickle jar to obscure trivia questions.

And now to Salt Lake City for some adventurous adventurosity. We'll see.