31 December 2007

well i'll be lookin' for eight when they pull that gate

In similar occurrences as last year at this time, I've found myself traveling around the great state of SC to visit family and friends and dogs during Christmas. According to that post last year, the tally was 13 dogs in 5 days. This year, drumroll please..

Daisy, Jack, ___ (my grandmother's dog who's name is evading me), Yogie, Daisy #2, Lily, Daisy #3, Georgia, Hunter, Lyra. So, this year was only 10 dogs in 6 days.

That is not acceptable.

I did, however, receive photo Christmas cards from 5 dogs.

Last night I was _ this close to making guacamole for a 4th consecutive night in a row. I have to start budgeting for avacodoes apparently.

Tonight I had a conversation with the lady in the Starbucks drive-thru about the greenness of some of the firewood in the back of my pickup truck. She was obviously concerned. I assured her I was going to dry it before burning. All I wanted was my coffee for the road. There may have been an awkward silence when I ended the conversation by not saying anything else.

28 December 2007

wii elbow

Never have I ever been sore from playing a video game like today. 6 hours of today was devoted to either watching or playing the Wii at various times. But hey, it's still Christmas break for me. And I ran. So it's all good. But there are definitely some aches and pains from wii-exercising like you wouldn't imagine. Go ahead, try to imagine.

And Wii boxing is essentially Tae-Bo. I broke a sweat.

Not to mention it was nearly 70 degrees today in my visit to Columbia. And it's nice to wear Chacos during December.

Next week at this time I'll be in Colorado, freezing, but hopefully still in Chacos just the same. :)

Tonight I made guacamole for the 3rd night in a row.

25 December 2007

oh and there's a mega jug

Yes, a MEGA JUG. What better way to say "Merry Christmas" or "sugar rush" than with a KFC MEGA JUG. Seriously, as witnessed on a television commercial by not just me, but also my mom, was the new item on the menu.

Who would possibly need that much? The sad reality of it is, it's a 1/2 gallon of the drink of your choice.

And. It comes with a pail-like handle. A handle.

20 December 2007

mamas, don't let your cowboys grow up to be babies

Sometimes life throws you, not lemons, but persimmons. And you have to make persimmon-aid. I'm not sure what the really means, but today I may have had to make persimmon-aid and it put a dent into my fine-tuned agenda. I don't deal well with change.

Blah blah blah.

So there are new pics up on Flickr. It's art of art (of art). A friend took a photo of herself. The roommate drew a print of her. I took chronological photos of the drawing. They all went to a somewhat mock art gallery as 'super serious art.'


17 December 2007

the capital of montana is not "hannah"

Definitely stole that from the Simpson's intro last night. Bart was writing that on the chalkboard.

Today is turning into not such a fun day. It started on the wrong side of the bed. Which, in itself, is odd because I can only exit my bed from one side anyway. The 32 degree temps didn't aid in the warming of my soul either on my way to work.

And then lo and behold, I walk into my office and apparently over the weekend, someone decided to cut down all (ALL!) of the Bradford Pear trees outside my office. It's awful. I'm writing a letter today. They better have a good reason.

And I think I may be a master's graduate now. It's bizarre.

14 December 2007

dun dun dun ne na nah ...


POW! BANG! Whatever else they say..

10 December 2007

we were born before the wind

It's official. In my list of notable achievements, I can add a new one:

My itunes play count for Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" has reached 100 plays. Also says I added the song the day before my birthday this past February, so it hasn't even been a whole year yet. In case you still can't tell, I like random number facts/stats like so. Such as. ha.

Make that 101.

So I've become a bocce ball oddity. It's turned into quite the fun game. And now I even own it. And have organized tournaments in Piedmont Park. It's kind of sad.

Maybe I'll take bocce home to spread the wealth to SC. This video cracks me up, by the way..