31 January 2008

look! no hands!

What if I just restored old Datsuns?

This commercial cracks me up, by the way.

tricks of the trade

"You can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind."

I saw that quote about a month ago, inscribed on a piece of wood.

30 January 2008

i like watching the puddles gather rain

This video is the first video I ever saw on tv. Someone taped it for one of my sisters. One summer day I remember coming into the non-air conditioned house and it being all dark inside to keep the sunlight from entering. And this was playing.

Again, back when things were simpler.

Back when I'd get tired of playing in Shady Acres with the Tarzan swing that never seemed to break the entire summer no matter how many times we swung across the giant gulley. The gulley that currently has a turkey barn sitting in it. Hmm. Back when all that mattered at night was how many fireflies you could catch and keep alive in the mason jar over night. And how many grubworms you could find after the evening thunderstorm.

And randomly finding arrowheads on the farm.

I think I'm getting restless again.

28 January 2008

bring it on home to me

So, Alison Krauss + Union Station announced their tour. I saw Van Morrison did as well (or is). Little Big Town is coming to Athens.

And Led Zeppelin, as of this AM, is back together and will be touring as well.

Ok, so I ask again, who's in now?

I'm still holding out for Counting Crows and David Gray.

25 January 2008

it's a Deutz. the D is missing.

the deutz

This is the first tractor I remember ever riding on. From the days of Dad letting me "drive" the giant wheel to the days of him actually letting me drive only I didn't know how to work the 3 pedals and the gas and the brake. I distinctly recall driving with the brake on because I had a fear of the tractor not stopping and a vision of me catapulting into a gulley of red clay with the tractor not far behind me.

Oh and there was the time where I was about to step off the tractor and took the first step barefoot--onto the metal step that rests above the exhaust pipe. Definitely can recall that pain. It was nothing ice couldn't help.

There may also have been a time where I nearly jackknifed hauling a feed trailer. But that was before I knew about wide turns when turning less than 90 degrees.

Things seemed so much simpler then.

24 January 2008


So, good news. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are touring again this summer! Atlanta. Charlotte. Who's in?? I think this will make my 5th time seeing them.

I'm over the resent surge of cold weather. The 60 degree temps in the forecast for next week have never looked so good.

Seen amongst several graffiti / art / rantings on a concrete wall the other day:
"I'm tired of writing on walls."

That warranted a photo shot.

20 January 2008


So we did get snow. 1.5 inches. Rough estimate. But that's evidently enough to make a snowman. Snowperson. Actually, we made a snowwoman. She wore a pink wig and had a grass skirt and rosemary over her ears. She was a good looker. And 24 hours later she survived the 18 degree chill over the night and appeared to be a solid chunk of ice. Slightly leaning to the back for whatever the reason.

Sledding didn't work, however. Cookie sheets glazed with cooking spray were thought to be the way to go, but the hill didn't have the right slope.

And with that, we've had 2 snowfalls in Atlanta in 3 days. Awesome.

And now I'm ready for Spring.

18 January 2008

part deux

Almost! At least we made the cut-off here:

Something still seems weird about state-by-state cut-off line. Are we really led to believe it'll stop at ATL but still get Montgomery, Columbia, and Augusta?

hold on loosely

I love how most of Georgia is holding out on the snow advisory:

It just looks wrong. What's the wait?

16 January 2008

into the great wide open

Today = bueno. Many good things happened.

And I just stumbled upon something new on Flickr. The Library of Congress released 3000+ photographs from the 1910's and the 1930-40's depicting America. They are some of the best photographs I've ever seen.

Taken from The Library of Congress Flickr page.

Something definitely worth checking out. And enjoying.

15 January 2008

oh, very young

You know it's going to be a good day when you judge your proximity to a door frame a little too short and you walk into it, subsequently causing your glasses to become crooked.

I can only think that it's good that I wasn't wearing my contacts as my glasses probably prevented me from getting a black eye.

13 January 2008

ohh, domino

Today I was sitting in my truck waiting for about 3 or 4 minutes for something and during my wait, I found myself enthralled by about 15 pigeons atop a power line. Despite hearing that they are the 'rats of the sky' from various people, I still have some fascination with them.

After a few minutes, either something spooked them or they decided to relocate. Only, they flew about 30 yards, did a 360, and all landed on the same region of the power line again. I didn't get it.

I've had an up and down kind of past week, but it ended on a high note. Today I did a good, unwarranted deed for a friend. It was one of those deeds you do when you have so much more you know you should be doing with your life, but you don't mind helping others. And the person wasn't even home. And I never saw the person at all today. So I never even got to see the expression on their face. But the deed was enough that I heard through the grapevine at 1130pm tonight that they were so excited. And to me, that made up for everything.

Ahh. Pigeons and good deeds. Must go hand in hand.

10 January 2008


For anyone who has ever asked about me + GIS, well, herein lies the answer.

Technology Reveals New Worlds to Map -- New York Times

So cool!

08 January 2008

and so there were these rocky mountains..

I'm exhausted. Just back from the Rockies. And before I divulge into the anatomy of the big trip, I'll leave you with the scene of my first skiing attempt down the mountains. And let me emphasize, mountains. This was taken by Shannon who just happened to have her camera out at this precise time. Precise meaning I fell down above the net. Then tried to get up, unsuccessfully. Crawled-slid-maneuvered over to the net. Attempted to hoist myself up by holding onto the pole. Then slipped on the skis again, but managing to get my glove caught on the top, thus taking it down with me.

A bit humiliating. But also humbling now that I look back.

But despite the hilarity of the above picture, let it be known that an hour after this, I was barreling down the mountain like a pro. A professional green slope skier. Heck, I even found myself on a blue slope, albeit by accident, but still.

More to come after I rest.

02 January 2008

papa got a job with the TVA

I've been on a classic country kick again. And by classic, I definitely mean 80's. Funny how that's classic already.

Well after a night of revelry to celebrate the New Year, I found myself spending the entire day laying on a floor watching Bowl games. There really was no other option.

Guacamole update: 4th time in 7 days.

There are new pics on Flickr.

I'm off to Colorado with friends to "ski" and do all that other cool stuff that you do in the Rocky Mountains. Snowshoeing, skating, sledding.

rabbit, rabbit