29 February 2008

ABC to the rescue!

"It’s been a rocky ride for “Scrubs” on NBC. The network has repeatedly shifted the critically praised but modestly rated show around its schedule."

But alas, just announced here, Scrubs will be moving to ABC to live out its days. At least they care.

28 February 2008

Otis is in the elevator

Elevators. Such an important step in the whole getting to one place faster than actual walking up stairs and using our feet. I'm all for them. But am I not the only one that just gets confused sometimes in them?

Mostly it's the startling realization that when he doors open, I have no bearing on direction anymore. And today I think I pinned it down to a problem of not being able to see any surroundings aside from steel walls. But sometimes when the doors open, I stand there like a lost child in the 37th isle of Wal-Mart, who was innocently looking at the 64-pack of Crayons with added sharpener until he noticed...he was lost.

Ok, so maybe it's not that bad, but today I realized my other problem relates to the ground floor. I never pay attention to what the ground floor is marked as when I enter the elevator and go up. But when I step in off, say, the 5th floor to go back down, and it's a new elevator that I've never been in, sometimes I stand there with a sheepish grin staring at the "L" and the "1" and the "*2" that has a little glowing *(star) beside it.

Do I press the *2 because it's glowing and it's marked?

Do I press the 1 because that makes logical sense?

Do I press the L because it could possibly denote 'lower' and I need to be 'lower' than where I currently am?

And during what seems like a 2 second delay in my life, I find the doors closing rapidly, and the elevator on the move. To where I choose all 3 of them in hopes that eventually I'll recognize something when the doors open. But NO, I WON'T because recall I have issues with the aforementioned.

And during my decent, I'm left to stare at the walls. And the floor. And suddenly everywhere I look, I see the name "OTIS" seemingly subliminally placed/engraved/embossed/glued all about. And that just sets off another round of questioning.

Some might even say, worrying.

gone gone gone

The video from Alison Krauss and Robert Plant confuses me a little. It's more that I just don't get it.

Perhaps that's the point.

Regardless, it's still a good song. And great cd even.

25 February 2008

jack of all trades

The more and more I look at this photo, the more it looks like I superimposed Jack in the field.

But he's real. And can you tell he's a pointer?


23 February 2008

coffee snob


I currently have 4 different (and open) coffee choices sitting on the counter next to my coffeemaker. Why? I don't really know, myself. And I've actually been using them all. It's an addiction, I'm sure as many have told me.

But this morning I started thinking about it. And how I'm hooked on coffee at the age of 26. And it's not something that I can just stop drinking either. I've tried. But it's also not something I really want to stop drinking. I enjoy it. But I did suddenly realize how dependent I am on coffee (as I just poured another over-sized cup).

It's odd how routine it is to make it every morning. Day after day. Wake up. Start the coffee. Repeat.

I should also add that currently next to the 4 coffee selections is also a bag of dark chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's (which, incidentally is an excellent grocery store). And at my office, I have a similar bag from the farmer's market. Addiction? Quite so.

21 February 2008

he inspires. awww.

I'm sorry, I just had to post this.

20 February 2008

on the satellite

This line from this CNN article cracks me up:

"The United States plans to spend up to $60 million to try to destroy the satellite even though there is only a remote possibility the satellite could fall to Earth, survive re-entry and spew toxic gas in a populated area, said James Jeffrey, deputy national security adviser."


there's a bean in the lake

Just a cool mesoscale convective vertex in Lake Michigan this morning. Very random. It looks cool on the radar loop too.

19 February 2008

i'm scared to recycle

I think I'd be afraid to go to McDonald's if I saw this commercial nowadays.

And did we really not know to throw our trash in the trashcans at the restaurant?

17 February 2008

and the thunder rolls

For an hour and a half tonight I was driving on I-85 going about 45 mph in 4th gear trying to see farther than the hood of my truck. I'm pretty sure that one of my 9 lives (or however many I have left) was used tonight. This is evident through my skills of controlling my truck from hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning is frightening.

Despite all of that, I got to drive IN the thunderstorms which, by golly, is just plane awesome. And I know I'm one of a few that enjoys that aside from the whole fear factor thing.

16 February 2008

the run is on

So the point of no return for me to train for the ING half marathon has arrived. Ergo, the running has begun again. After a week of coughing up every brain cell and whatever was left of my vocal cords, I'm now back in the game. T-minus 42 days for the half marathon. And t-minus 48 days for the Bridge Run.

But enough of that. I painted an entire kitchen yesterday in 3 hours. Bizarre? I think so. I may have had some help from my extensive ipod mix that was blaring in the adjacent room.

Happy birthday, Mom!

13 February 2008

i dropped my paintbrush in the dirt today

In latest news, I fell walking UP stairs last night. It might not even be considered that bad except for the fact that I didn't even make it to the first step before falling. Falling up. It's just a weird feeling.

And I had a slice of pizza in my hand. And little pieces of pepperoni went flying onto the stairs. Along with me. Up. And the dog was close behind. She came to my rescue, so I thought. But sadly, she just wanted the pepperoni. She didn't very much care that I was lying on the stairs at that point.

08 February 2008

oh wait, let's go here instead

I missed my actual time of my birthday because I was so attentive while painting a wall.

But I got a surprise party, so I'm fine with that.

07 February 2008


So the day is starting off on the wrong side of the couch. Yes, couch. It seems walking up stairs when I'm sick is not a good thing as I've repeatedly gotten light-headed and nearly fallen over several times. So I've taken to sleeping on the couch the past 2 nights. One moment stands out as I was standing at the top of the stairs and had taken off my glasses to clean them when suddenly I looked away from my glasses and realized I was starting to fall forward. No, I don't know why I took my glasses off at the foot of the stairs.

In other odd news, last night I was fumbling around the kitchen and started cleaning up a little (it's sort of what I like to do) and finally got to this poster tube that had been sitting on the table for what seemed like 2 weeks. It was in a plastic bag and I had naturally assumed it was one of Stephen's purchases from The Home Depot or something because there's plenty of odd supplies everywhere from random repairs during January. I picked it up mainly for the purpose of moving it somewhere else on the table in some sort of order. But my eye glanced down at a label. Which had an address. Our address. And. My name. And. Georgia State University.

So yeah, my diploma that took me 2.5 years to obtain and $xx,000 of student loan debt accrued had been sitting on our kitchen table for at least 2 weeks. Go figure. So I quickly opened it and read it aloud to Lyra, the dog of the house, who was the perfect captive audience, I might add.

Then this morning I awaken to the sudden realization that I forgot to pay my ad valorem (vehicle tax that is due ON or BEFORE your birthday--and more importantly AFTER you have your emissions tested, which if you're smart enough to think ahead, you'll realize that no, haven't done that yet either).

In other news, at 247pm, I'll turn the big 2-6.

05 February 2008

between the green and the grey

Last night, after drinking a cup of sweet tea at 9pm and taking some potent decongestant/cough suppressant/anti-head-cold medicine, I finally went to bed at 11pm.

But an hour later, I realized I was still awake. And staring at a giant white trash bag hanging on my closet door that looked strangely like a ghost. So that had me thinking. And my upcoming day had me thinking. And the fact that I couldn't get the crick in my neck to subside after propping up pillows. And that I could feel decongestion draining from my nose and throat.

And at some point after 130am I turned on the television and caught Ferris Beullar's Day Off on AMC. With the sleep timer on for 30 minutes, I was wide awake to see that actually happen.

Finally, at some point between 2am and 3am I fell asleep but was starkly awakened at 301am to some strange tingling on my right foot/big toe. My immediate response was to kick. Then a thousand thoughts went through my head and I started kicking faster and aiming towards the floor with each kick. In my mind it was definitely a mutant spider that was going to cause my big toe to fall off with a single bite. But nothing happened. And after 5 seconds curiosity got the best of me and I turned on the light. But I have one of those new CFL lights so it takes about 30 seconds to actually materialize into actual seeing-light. After those critical seconds of waiting to face Mr. Mutant Spider concluded, I saw nothing. And nothing was on the floor. Or in my 10-year old grandpa slippers. Or in my bed, for that matter.

Ordeal over. But then I found myself laying there, again, wide awake. Staring at the trash bag ghost.

The 745am alarm was awful.

04 February 2008

gonna go. where. we. can. shine.

This week is going to be good. I can tell.

And this latest political news baffles me. Why? I can't pinpoint it, but it has something to do with the fact that:

a) we're obsessed with the Kennedy clan's political choices
b) half of the Kennedy's are for Obama, the other half are for Clinton (and we're still obsessed)
c) Maria Shriver's husband, yes Arnold Schwarzenegger, is backing Obama
d) Oprah's involved in the article. again.