13 February 2008

i dropped my paintbrush in the dirt today

In latest news, I fell walking UP stairs last night. It might not even be considered that bad except for the fact that I didn't even make it to the first step before falling. Falling up. It's just a weird feeling.

And I had a slice of pizza in my hand. And little pieces of pepperoni went flying onto the stairs. Along with me. Up. And the dog was close behind. She came to my rescue, so I thought. But sadly, she just wanted the pepperoni. She didn't very much care that I was lying on the stairs at that point.


Beside the point said...

omg, I had a parallel pizza-dropping experience a couple days ago too! My roommate let me have half of her french-bread pizza she had made out of pity b/c I had no food, and as I lowered myself onto the couch, the damn thing launched itself across the room and landed cheese-side-down on top of her foot. We both gasped and watched the whole thing happen in slow motion. I blame the plate, for it had no rim around the edge--no barrier for the prevention of such tragedies. I tried to eat it but she wouldn't let me b/c it had sock and carpet fuzz in it. : (

Lapo said...

we're getting old...watch out! ha