27 May 2008

5-minute snooze

If I didn't have 4 alarms going off from 6-6:31 every weekday morning, I don't think I would ever get up. So far, I've definitely used up 3 alarms and was fortunately saved by the 4th alarm. Mostly I can manage to not turn off 2 of them before awaking.

The rundown:
6:00 cell phone alarm blaring "hallelujah! hallelujah!" chorus
6:05 hallelujah snooze
6:10 hallelujah snooze
at this point I pretty much turn off that alarm because I know another one is imminent.
6:14 cell phone alarm blaring some "fanfare!" chorus
6:19 fanfare snooze
6:20 tv turns on with CNN blaring
6:24 "AHHH! I hate alarms!" which usually equates to me turning it off
6:26-6:29 in and out of sleep and awakeness, I hear various chats about politics and severe weather but nothing enough to keep me awake.
6:30 my Ironman watch, which never leaves my left wrist, starts beeping annoyingly. it's annoying because I know that this alarm is the final straw. it's all over now. 30 minutes of snoozing has come to an end. and thus begins the 30 minutes of rushed ironing, showering, shaving, pouring coffee (at least I pre-set that!) and running out the door by 7.

4 alarms. There has to be a better way.

26 May 2008

phoenix has landed

Nerd as I am, I spent my Sunday evening glued to CNN anxiously awaiting the landing of the latest Mars lander. And it landed. Successfully. And within 2 hours, I was again glued to the tube and live feed from NASA where everyone anxiously awaited the first images to be beamed to Pasadena, California. And they were. Successfully.

There's just something remarkable about the fact that we're looking at our closest planet neighbor a mere 10 months after sending a surveyor its way.

Source: space.com JPL/NASA/Lockheed

23 May 2008

dipping jet stream

I'm stressed from watching the Weather Channel. It's just a continuous barrage of supercells, tornadoes, funnel clouds spotted, warnings, etc.

But I'm hooked.

I must know about the twin supercells that are going through southern Kansas. I must continue to watch. It's like a never-ending season of your favorite tv show.

Ok, so my favorite tv show.

Meanwhile, week 2 of new job complete. I was a little excited about signing up for vision and dental benefits today, by the way.

18 May 2008

molly (the cow) is rolling over in her grave right now

Hay rides (sans hay) and wagon races (mariokart style). All on my parent's farm--Molly's Farm. Not sure it gets much better than that.

13 May 2008

big wheel keep on turnin

Well. I started a career yesterday. And I'm happy to report that I love it.

I went camping this weekend at the 100-acre woods (at least that's what we call it) to celebrate some graduation of people and personally, for me, the last weekend of freedom.

And then a giant thunderstorm nearly wrapped us up and threw us in the woods in the middle of the night, but not before campfire songs turned into camparaoke (camping karaoke?).

08 May 2008

and the winner is..

It was decided that watching the Kentucky Derby last Saturday would best be viewed while sitting on a porch swatting at killer mosquitoes and eating tortilla chips and pizza. But dressed nicely, of course.

We're cool, we know.

02 May 2008

round here

My roommate is currently cutting the grass on the John Deere while holding a cup of coffee.

At noon.