24 June 2008

3 years in the making

Whenever I'm pressed for something to blog about but still feel the need to elaborate on something, I will resort back to the archive of my blog. So, where was ol' Rob back in late-June, 2005? Just getting back from a trip to Atlanta to do some apartment hunting. I was planning the big move to the big ATL 3 years ago. THREE years ago. Who would have known. Known what? That I'm still here. And enjoying it more than ever. And not wanting to leave for the time being at least. That was not the plan.

And 2 years ago? I was at a wedding in the Poconos. I mean, come on, who gets to say "I was in the Poconos for the weekend"?

And a year ago? I was at a Wilco concert in the pouring rain. Drenching rain.

And here I am. Preparing to move back into the big city from my year in the suburbs outside-the-perimeter. OTP, as we call it. Candler Park has my name on it.

Year 4, here we come.

20 June 2008

play counts, coldplay, runnin

I'm a big fan of looking at numbers. And since I've had itunes keeps track of how many times I've listened to a particular track, it always fascinates me to look at my Top75 whenever I sync my ipod(s) up after a week or two of playing. Below is my Top25 as of tonight.

No big surprises, I don't think.

Picked up the new Coldplay album this past Tuesday. The more and more I listen to it, the better and better it becomes. Turning into a great album. And should be getting to see them in November.

Tomorrow I'm running in another 5k to add to the list. Should be a fun run with a music festival afterwards with Blues Traveler. Apparently this summer is all about 90's bands making a comeback in small venues. It's becoming a trend here at least.

16 June 2008

big brother

The Atlanta region (yes, even suburbs outside the perimeter) have been spied on lately. It appears that Google has updated the ATL on GoogleMaps to include the highly contested 'street view.' So, if you know anyone in the area, type in their addy and find the button that says 'street view' and you'll see, hopefully, a better image than the one above. Most of the ones I've looked at are rather crisp. I zoomed in and cropped this one for anonymity purposes.

But it would appear that I was home! And the dogwoods were blooming.

07 June 2008

for the restlessly abandonded

Update: On Friday I slept through all 4 alarms. I knew it would happen eventually. At least it was a Friday and it was only 8am when I awoke.

I've been up in DC this past week for a federal conference. It was a good week listening to a lot of important people talk about important environmental concerns. Other than that and some annoying airport delays, cancellations, loss of luggage, and taking absurdly long taxi rides due to my arrival back in Atlanta (3am), the trip was a success.

And apparently summer in Atlanta set in this week with highs in the upper-90's and humidity approaching over 100% (in my opinion). Sweltering might be the appropriate term. But alas, it's something you start getting used to after a while and though we might complain, we know it'll eventually wane into the crisp fall days that are waiting around the corner. So, long live summer.

Even I just rolled my eyes after reading that.

Hopefully everyone saw the finale of Lost last week.