28 July 2008

step out the front door like a ghost into the night

I'm headed to see Counting Crows tonight!

And I have no idea how many of their concerts I've seen. Must be a good sign.

23 July 2008

say what?

Today I had a 'pre-physical' at work. Tomorrow is a chest x-ray. Then after that I have a real physical. Who knew there was so much background health clearance needed with a federal job about recycling.

Anyway, during the 'pre-physical' (which really was just 2 hours of torturous finding my veins to fill an absorbent amount of vials) I was asked "now what race do you consider yourself?" This caught me off guard for one main reason, well maybe 2. The first reason being I spent the good part of 30 minutes filling out countless form after form where I answered 'caucasian' 137 times. I figured that was good enough. Apparently not.

I said, sort of dumbfoundly, "I'm pretty sure 'caucasian' is right." At this point, the doctor looked up at me and said "oh, I thought you had Asian in you."

Which brings me to the second reason this caught me off guard. What part of blonde hair and blue eyes did she not understand? So, I felt really confident in the rest of the examination after that.

22 July 2008

is it a birthday? or a blogday?

It appears that, according to Blogger, this is my 700th post.

700 posts in almost 4 years.

And after 699 posts I really can't think of anything witty or smart or fun to talk about for my dramatic 700th post.

I mean, I could talk about watching the Weather Channel, but I share my affinity enough. My belt broke today. That was significant I suppose.

But for now, I think I'm just going to hope for the best and perhaps I'll have 700 more posts to enlighten you with in the future. Thanks for enduring me for this long.

20 July 2008

it was a hot, sunny, humid Georgia day

...and I spent it at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Nothing like getting to the park right as it opens and avoiding some of the long lines. And nothing like riding the Goliath (above). It's a hypercoaster and as I just found out, experiences 4.1 Gs. Hmm. Imagine going 70-mph after a 200-foot fall. And then being tossed and turned for a few more minutes along 8.3 acres of track. Awesome! I think I was 12 again for a while.

Found this video on YouTube that someone posted of the ride. I think it does it justice.

18 July 2008


Just testing to see if this actually works to post from my iPod.
Because if it does then work suddenly got that much more fun.

Sent from my iPod

16 July 2008

on the road

Something's got to give. All I do is walk these days. It's great. I walk to the train station. I walk around for lunch. I walk home from work/train station. I walk outside my front door and go running around the neighborhood. I walk to dinner when I want. I can even walk to the grocery store (though that's where I'll stop and say I drive because lugging my unlimited supply of Simply Orange juice is not worth the pain in my fingers from holding the bags).

And I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. Ok, I was already with Geico, but I did save $140 per year for diminishing my commute to nearly nothing.

Now if I could just figure out some way to pay off my debt in a feasible way.

14 July 2008


In perusing craigslist at the free stuff in Atlanta, I discovered bamboo for free. The description:

There is enough bamboo in my backyard for everyone in Georgia. It's not the type that the pandas will eat. I have already contacted the zoo.

That made my day.

Wait there's even another listing for more bamboo:

I have about 75 pieces of bamboo that has been drying...you could build all kinds of things with this?

Someone is even getting rid of a "Christmas wreath and other Christmas things."

This is too fun.

13 July 2008

it has what on it?

Apparently I decided eating the above hamburger was a good idea on Saturday night. This is the Elvis burger at the Vortex.

well-done hamburger
fried bananas
hot peanut butter (no, that's not melted cheese as it may appear to be)

But hey, it became a bet to see if I'd actually eat it. And, I got a free meal out of it.

10 July 2008

the good old days, may not return

Tom Petty is still rockin' at the concerts. I think I just went to my 5th Tom Petty show. This one was eventful because it sold out and I was there by myself. And in rained. Luckily, the rain subsided right before he went on stage (which was about the time I finally got there).

2 solid hours of good classic rock music from a legend cannot be beat. Especially an acoustic "Learnin' to Fly."

08 July 2008

the cow says moo

For some reason along with the move to the new apartment, I've had a week of sleepless, restless nights accompanied by bouts of coughing and sneezing. I'm convinced my bed no longer is a bed and more or less feels like I'm sleeping on a pile of crumpled paper. It may be time to spring (pun!) for a new one.

Unsure of what might be the culprit, I have had some weird dream/waking up sequences with my alarm clock(s) (only 3 of them now) in the mornings. Monday, the phone goes off at the normal 6am. I had the 2nd set for send-off at 6:29. Somewhere in between those 29 minutes, my mind goes off in this surreal world of convincing myself that I HAVE to get to work on time because I'm using a government vehicle and I HAVE to get it filled up with gas before I can take it back. But each time I snooze my alarm, I tell myself that the "hallelujah" chorus that I hear as my alarm tone is some warning beacon that is going off to alert me about the car. Yet somehow I never actually get up out of bed?? After waking up every 5 minutes and realizing the car dilemma, I never once realize that this is 100% false and there's no car, no fueling needed, not even a deadline.

The next thing I know, I wake up wide-eyed and roll over to see that it's 7:30. Where did an hour and a half go? What does my mind tell itself? No, not that it should get up because it's late--that would be ridiculous! Oh no, I actually pick up my phone and make a new alarm setting for it to start going off in 5-minute increments again, thus my actual getting-out-of-bed isn't until 8am. 2 hours. TWO HOURS of snoozing.

Maybe I need one of those ambient alarm clocks with the sound of rushing water that becomes louder and louder.

06 July 2008

a gorge

It only took 1,099 stairs in the Georgia humidity to get to, but the suspension bridge that swayed 80 feet over the Tallulah Gorge was definitely worth it. And I think it cleared my sinuses after a week of not being able to breathe well.

04 July 2008

atlanta fireworks

Took some video atop a parking garage at a Marta station in Atlanta looking towards the skyscrapers of Midtown. We were trying to see the Downtown fireworks, but we had to settle for these which we did not know were even going to be there.

you can call me al

This morning I volunteered in the "world's largest 10k" (Peachtree Road Race). For some reason I decided that going to sleep at 2am and waking up at 530am was a good idea. Throw in not drinking coffee beforehand, only eating a banana, having to stand for a long duration and currently feeling under the weather, my morning was not the greatest. But as I stood there monitoring recycling stations, I found myself not being able to help but watch as thousands of runners crossed over the 6.2 mile mark with such adrenaline and passion about running (for the most part, at least). My station just so happened to be AT the finish line at the first aid station. Since there's not that many people recycling in first aid, I found myself standing at the gate just watching people drop like flies. It wasn't too hot, but very, very humid (80% range).

Suddenly my horrible morning didn't seem so bad after seeing people collapse and wait for stretchers to carry them off behind me. I wanted to help, but I didn't have a medic badge on, so I was merely and observer standing beside security in the "vip area". I admire those folks. The ones that perservere to get to the finish line no matter how much it hurts and no matter how much it's going to take to overcome the stress afterwards. Just makes you feel good..

02 July 2008

over 40 channels to choose from

Over the weekend, I (or I should say 9 people) moved myself into a giant apartment in Candler Park. I cannot stop talking about the fact that I can walk 9 minutes to the Marta stop and hop on the train to work in downtown Atlanta. There's just some redeeming quality of that.

Today was the cable/internet hook-up day for me. After being told they would be here between 2-5, I proceeded to take a nap until they arrived the technician arrived at 445. I'm not going to go out on a limb here, but incompetency is the word that comes to mind. After watching him try multiple ways to hook up the digital converter box to my 15-yr old television, I finally got up and changed one direction of wires when he was off "to check the attic." And everything started working.

And you better darn well believe that I'm going to get the $25 cable installation and the $30 internet installation fees waived when they appear on my bill. Monopoloies..

So here I sit with an absurd amount of channels and what am I watching? One of those music channels in the 900 range. Bluegrass. It's good. So I'm paying to have digital bluegrass blared through my 15-yr old TV. What a life.