28 August 2008

it takes two

I mean seriously.. two tropical systems at the same time?

24 August 2008

it's a war on war

It's been rather cool here in the city the past few days. To mark the occasion, I turned off the AC and opened up the windows on Friday afternoon. Don't let this fool you as I secretly just wanted to save money on my outrageous power bill as well.

So, as the sun set on Friday and the night grew dark, I turned on a lamp and sat on the couch to watch some television. This is also the part where I should say I live in an 100-yr old house that's converted into apartments and therefore there are no screens on the windows because who knew about screens 100 years ago, really?

At some point I walked into the kitchen to grab some water and noticed what would appear to be the biggest palmetto bug ever on my kitchen wall. But every cockroach I see these days is the biggest one ever so it's kind of pointless to declare its size anymore.

So I killed it in a dramatic death which included me hitting it so hard with one of my Chacos that it fell onto the counter, started scurrying behind a picture and led me to say out loud, "seriously, you didn't die from THAT?!"

But I moved the picture really fast and killed it. Again.

20 minutes later, back on the couch, I see the biggest palmetto bug ever literally RUN in my open window in my living room and scurry around on the window sill like it owns the place. With Chaco sandal already within grasp, I killed it rather violently to make sure it died.

Then I hit it again for good measure.

And again.

Then I left it on the floor so as a calling card to other giant palmetto bugs that wish to cross the line into the apartment.

So this got me laughing, to myself and the dead palmetto bugs, because I started thinking back to the last place I lived that didn't have screens. And I had to go all the way back to 2003 in Columbia. And I drug up this picture below. Back in the day, when I was an exterminator in the apartment while wearing my Just Say No shirt.

Though upon further inspection, I've only now realized how dilapidated that apartment really was. I mean, the paint (probably encased in lead and poisoning us every day) was literally falling off the ceilings and walls.

There was something special about those Columbia palmetto bugs though. They flew. At you.

22 August 2008

firmly rooted

I just saw a Weather Channel public service announcement (video) showing a family packing up to leave town because a hurricane is coming. They are taking the proper emergency materials along with them.

gas lanterns
crank-operated weather radio

and a fishing rod

18 August 2008

banshees in the night

So, there was a little Braves game on a Friday night with my parents. Though they lost, the fireworks show at the end that was synced with classic rock music made up for it.

But seriously, can you beat these seats for a last minute Friday night game in August? Somehow I scored 4th row seats on stubhub.com

Here's a video towards the end when the giant, screaming torpedo fireworks went shooting across the field toward us like a banshee.

16 August 2008

oh my dear

Saw these guys, The Dappled Grays, on Thursday. Good bluegrass.

14 August 2008

cue the ominous music

i was going to upload just a screenshot of the satellite imagery, but as i was cropping the image, i realized just how big of a nerd i am. i had 4 internet tabs open of various government, non-profit and underground weather web pages/blogs reading about the tropics. it's fun.

so here's a menace. it appears that there's a little storm brewing north of the lesser antilles. yesterday it looked pathetic. today it looks ominous. could this be hurricane fay soon? the models have quite a few tracks with landfall(s) in the US. get excited!

12 August 2008


Just revisiting an old photo I took at the Oakland Cemetery a while back.

Life's been a bit busy lately.

If there's one thing at work that drives me crazy, it's the fact that my telephone cord somehow will undoubtedly curl itself up into an annoying little mess that I have to unwind once a week. I don't understand. It's not like I sit there while on the phone and turn the cradle 20-30 times while I'm on the phone. Sometimes I think it actually finds a way to twirl into a tangle within a few hours--even after not having used the phone all day.

Today when I exited the train and about to walk through the gates, I heard a loud traffic collision outside. From where I was positioned, I was able to stand above the wreck since I was near the pedestrian bridge directly above it. Nothing major, just some fender benders in the rain (oh and some smoke!). But what surprised me so much was the reaction time for the police to arrive.

In under 3 minutes, 4 policemen showed up on motorcycles and began directing traffic and assisting with the collision. I was definitely amazed.

11 August 2008

just the grass

Just plain, old, good stuff..

08 August 2008

social elite

I've turned into the social networker over on the west coast with some blog friends. See here.

How exciting!

05 August 2008

august and everything after

I was suddenly reminded that I moved to Atlanta 3 years ago this week. And subsequently, I've postponed having this picture as my backyard for a few more years.

But I think I'm ok with that for a little while longer.

Last night while making dinner with dim light, something caught my eye on the floor. In a quick turn, I noticed a giant (yes, giant) wiry spider bolting towards me.

And let me just say that it was really coming towards my foot at a pretty good clip. My foot. Me. Why me of all things. I have a giant apartment and it was aimed at me. Did I look like food? I just don't know.

In my haste, I killed it with a cd case. Granted I'm usually one to provide bugs with a second chance but I have to limit my sincerity somewhere.

Again, just to reiterate, he was booking it across the kitchen floor. I didn't know they could do that!

03 August 2008

every picture tells a story

Never a dull moment around Atlanta. Likewise, what's a little weekend fun without some drama? And by drama I mean uprooted century year old oak trees right down the street and loss of power.

So, this rapid thunderstorm blew through the neighborhood in about 30 minutes complete with really gusty winds and those thunder claps that startle you as much as the lightning that happened immediately before. As I was flipping through the channels looking for some sort of weather update, the power went off. At some point we looked off the porch and saw the above tree in the middle of the road.

Natural disaster!

So, with a major artery road to Piedmont Ave. completely blocked, it became a neighborhood block party of sorts (at least I thought it was). Kind of amazing it only took out the power lines (and the road) considering its proximity to the fire hydrant. And all those vehicles that were parked along the street. Including some of ours (which are the ones to the left of the headlights above).

Always trying to find something artsy.

And nothing like an amazing sunset immediately afterward.

And these cool kids giving a thumbs up for surviving the thunderstorm. Always finding a good time no matter what the situation.