29 September 2008

so there was this wedding, part 277

My sister got married on the farm. And here it is. I'm so exhausted.

26 September 2008

it's easy being green, when it's fall

Reiterating the fact that I don't have screens on my 100-yr old apartment, I will also reiterate that my only fear of intruders were going to be the impromptu scurrying of a palmetto bag every now and then. And since my AC has been off for a few weeks now, the windows have been wide open.

But now there's a new intruder to watch for:

So yesterday when I walked over to get something from the fridge, a sudden movement on my window ledge caught my eye and lo and behold my new pet squirrel emerged. Luckily, he had moved away by the time I stealthily grabbed my camera and returned.

I'm no soothsayer, but I forsee a problem in the future. Or a really funny blog about me trying to capture a squirrel and send it back outside.

23 September 2008

the end

Apparently this is a big day..

22 September 2008

rats of the sky

Today I stopped in the middle of the road to let a pigeon cross the street.

In a crosswalk.

And that made my day so much better.

21 September 2008

shoe shine, don't bother me

To be a person who doesn't need their shoes shined, it is very odd to see so many people in need of this action. In the airport this week, I briskly walked past the shoe shining kiosk to see this important businessman sitting atop a pedestal (read: throne) right in the middle of the terminal. Everyone that walks by and looks in that direction will see him. The shiner hurriedly buffs the black Doc Martin's all the while, the important businessman is on his phone. Yelling. No respect whatsoever.

I get to my hotel room and read a sign that says I can have my shoes shined and returned to my room by sunrise if I so choose.

I return to yet another airport on a completely different side of the States and see another important one having his shoes shined at 930pm.

Maybe one day I'll be important enough to need my shoes shined at the airport.

Can you even shine Chacos?

14 September 2008

2 things

Pic of the new apartment. Well, of the living room at least.

And a cool shot I took over the weekend while camping in the 100 acre woods.

11 September 2008

round 4

Did you really come back early Friday morning just to check on the status of the elephant? Be honest..

The elephant succeeded from being eaten on the final day!

Training - 3, Elephant - 1.

And another test down, and another ace.


Such a good song, live:

10 September 2008

round 3

Training Day 4:

Aced another test. Ok, ok, it was open book and we were given all the questions in a lightning speed Jeopardy game beforehand. Whatever. Meanwhile, I've discovered that I have no time whatsoever. My breaks are filled writing reports that are due and fielding email questions. My definition of f-u-n.

Again today, eating elephants was a priority for the day.

Training - 3, Elephant - 0

It's not looking good for the elephants.

09 September 2008

round 2

Today we were told to actually eat the elephant.

Well, Stallone told me to at least.

Training - 2, Elephant - 0.

08 September 2008

pumpkin flavored flax

Some days are just unlike others.

I started a week long training session at work this week. There are 3 instructors, and they each have their own unique style.

One was asleep in the back of the classroom after lunch. He also reminded me of Wilfred Brimley telling me about diabetes while simultaneously convincing me to eat Quaker Oats. That's the same guy, right?

The second instructor was so southern he said "dag-gum" a few times. Definitely a winner.

And the third instructor was from Boston and decided that every other line had to be a Sylvestor Stallone quote. At least it sounded like Stallone. The fact that I'm not a Stallone fan probably doesn't bode well though. Oh and the only movie I can remember seeing of his off the top of my head was Daylight, I'm sure the quotes weren't from that one.

At one point the third instructor tried to relate a principle that we were learning to a common question in life.

It really goes hand-in-hand with the classic question, he exclaimed.

How do you eat an elephant?

I just sat there with a dumb look on my face. Since when is that an ageless, classic question in life? Am I the only one that has never heard this?

Apparently the answer is one bite at a time.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Back in real life, where I don't eat elephants, I determined that I'm finally able to afford buying groceries at Sam's Club once again. I ventured up there after work and I swear I felt like I had won the lottery. 8 bananas for $1.32?? Surely that was wrong. 15 cups of yogurt for $6? But seriously, can you beat 3 pounds of honey nut cheerios for $8?

They don't sell elephants by the bite though.

02 September 2008

when work is actually FUN

Tomorrow, I get to go here!

Road Atlanta

And that's really exciting. I get to take a behind-the-scenes tour! And it's all in the name recycling and of a national project that I'm working on coordinating! AHHHH!

And in a month, I actually get to see a race there! A Green Race.

This is that part of the job when work is fun. Ok, it's actually all fun. More fun. Funner. Yes, funner.