30 October 2008

something i read today

On July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, Adams and Jefferson died on the same day, in two different places.

And then, I was looking at the 14,000 things to be happy about blah blah blah and today the first thing I saw when I opened the book was..

corn patties

This is only slightly better than yesterday's..

wren houses

26 October 2008

and so it begins

Every year I fight the first cold snap. And then I fight the second one. I wait to see if I can make it to the next without turning on the heat for the first time. But let me tell you, it's downright cold in my apartment. But so far, I've lasted. Tomorrow night will be the ultimate test as it gets even colder.

I remember one year in Columbia where we waited until the last possible day to turn on our heat and that's when we realized the furnace wasn't working. And it didn't work for about 4 or 5 more days. Enough that the landlord said he'd bring over extra blankets and heaters for us.

I pulled out the giant moving box full of winter clothes today, finally. It was like Christmas all over again.

24 October 2008

GIS and SNL, acronym central

Had to include an excerpt from last night's SNL Thursday sketch. Definitely used some GIS (ish) skills to make the election more fun..

22 October 2008

2 things i noticed

A store in Kentucky selling ice. And a view from a window in my apartment one fall evening.

20 October 2008

anything to be happy

Exhausted today at 346pm, I sat down in a coworker's office with a big sigh and stared out her rather large window to the west side of the city. She was on the phone dealing with a contact we had both been trying to reach all day. I had been so busy that even my boss, who found me later on, said something to the tone of he was surprised that he hadn't seen me at all.

It was finally a moment to stop and catch my breath--and sometimes the best way these days is to just sit and stare out the window at the infrastructure, the asphalt, the abundance of green trees, the pigeons flying around 10 stories up, and off in the distance, the North Georgia mountains are even visible. It's really a great window. She's been there a while. One day I hope to 'be there a while' just not in the same place. I want to see mountains and infrastructure in a different place. But for now I'm content.

As I waited on the phone call to end, I reached for the book on the windowsill that I've grown accustomed to opening at times like these. She has a copy of 14,000 things to be happy about. And, on quite a few occasions I've sat there perusing just one page at a time of the thick book. Today I decided that I was just going to open it up, put my finger on one line and let that be something to be happy about. So I did. And, I should be happy about..

eating crow


Here I was being content and happy just counting crows. Who knew I'd be so much more happier had I been eating them this whole time.

19 October 2008

4 candles on the imaginary cake

Huh. Life is moving so fast that I failed to realize until today that WTOMTL just turned another year on the old blog calendar.

So, Happy Blog Birthday to me. I'm now 4. I'll be starting blog kindergarten in no time.

Amazing how after 4 years I still have a captive audience that still tries to catch up on what's going on in the life of a twentysomething who is just enjoying life.

You've come a long way, blog. We've had some good times..

Like the teddy graham incident

Or finding out there were eggs in pumpkin pie

And who could forget the day my frogs grew legs

Or the paper towel dispenser saga at my old job

And then I ran my first 5k (and due to inclement weather, my second 5k was the following day)

Which springboarded into my first of three half marathons in eight months last year

And then there was the great west with lots of hiking, and awesome weather, and Ansel Adams landscapes and glissading down glaciers

During it all, apparently 3/4 of my friends decided to get hitched with most of them in one year

It was great to crash a few times while skiing and having friends take pics of it

Most importantly, I found out Winnie the Pooh was part of the manger at Christmas.

Thanks to all. Ready for another year..

17 October 2008

more wedding pics

DSC02299, originally uploaded by greyguitar.

Finally got some time to upload a few of the 425 pics I took of my sister and new brother-in-law's wedding at the farm. So, peruse my flickr account for some of them.


new top25

Boredom has set in and I am reminded of how much I like to see stats. Here's the latest of my itunes top 25 most played. Somewhat similar to 4 months ago.

13 October 2008


This is what riding a giant roller coaster looks like at night in South Carolina. Granted there's not much to see, I thought the sky looked cool in the video. Too bad I accidentally stopped the vid midway through the ride.

That was the ride formerly known as Top Gun.

But the best part had to be standing in line to ride the Nighthawk (formerly the Borg) coaster for over an hour around 1am. Hands down, the best roller coaster I've ever been on. And scariest.

Hmm, with a little youtube searching, I found someone that actually recorded the coaster in the daylight. And in retrospect, I think I am happy that I rode it at night and didn't have to see all of this. For reference, you lay on your back going up the hill and immediately after, you are laying on your stomach for the rest of the ride. So, this is what you'd see:

10 October 2008

on the road

This is what traveling will do to me. I don't think it's boredom as much as it's I want everyone to pretend they are driving with me. And my music. I've logged a lot of miles lately.

08 October 2008

tugging at nature

In an impromtu decision to catch up on sleep yesterday afternoon, I somehow managed to sleep for 14 hours. I'm not sure I've slept that long since undergrad Saturday mornings or something. But let me tell you, after weeks and weeks of working on weekends and volunteering and late night revelry, it caught up with me and I greeted it with open arms. It being life.

Now I'm ready for the next few months of being busy.

It's raining in Kentucky this morning. Maybe the rain will make the grass blue for the long ride home. We'll see.

I heard a great quote yesterday from the First Lady of Kentucky (who is an awesome environmentalist, by the way) at the conference here..

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." (John Muir)

06 October 2008

looking for the blue

I'm in the great state of Kentucky. I can count on 2 hands the time I've been here. And on all those occasions, I have yet to find bluegrass. Wait, blue grass. Blue grass. All I've found this time has been brown grass. I'm told it's because it's fall. I think it's a cover-up.

I was all dressed up in my business suit earlier talking about my job and fielding questions at the start of a conference that I'm attending--and there's nothing quite like getting over that fear of standing in front of 75ish people with their eyes all on you. In typical Rob style, I stumbled over a few words and repeated "bascially" and "essentially" until even I was tired of hearing them. But something atypical happened also. I was standing there, with 4 others on the panel, and while listening to an answer from someone else, my mind started wandering. I was no longer even thinking about the subject. I thought to myself "what would happen if I just started singing?"


Why did I think that? So then I went through scenarios about me just singing and everyone joining along. And then I pictured some really bad movie where everyone was singing and it was all slow motion but the song keeps going. Really, I don't know what this is about.

05 October 2008

SNL debate

Hilarious excerpt from last night's SNL.

02 October 2008

memphis jug band

2 videos I shot last night at the Counting Crows concert. 1st is 10 minutes.. and my camera battery died before the song (Rain King) ended. But it's got a good intro. Second is a cover of "Cecilia".

'i can't go outside cause i'm scared that i might not make it home'

i wore a coat this morning while walking from my apartment to the train station. and it was great.

54 deg at 7am is perfect.

i saw a truly great counting crows show last night. and i only paid $12. and then magically we got our lawn seats upgraded to real seats. and even then, we moved up a dozen rows to better ones. though i'm equally excited about the band augustana that opened--never listened to them before. who knew they were a little bluegrass-ish?

and i saw an electric banjo, i'm pretty sure.

video(s) to follow.