30 November 2008

twas 26 days before christmas...

Look! I decorated the house I live in for Christmas with not one, but TWO inflatable lawn ornaments (and one isn't on the lawn!) and other energy-wasting fixtures!
Just look at that masterpiece.

Wait, what's this?

Why is the yard getting smaller and looking like it's in a box!?
Wait for it...

OH--just kidding--that's actually the GLOW of my across-the-street neighbors from MY living room windows. And here I thought I had put up lights and other glowing things in my sleep!

In all seriousness, my living room is aglow.

Oh and here's my ten year old old-man sleepers that I still wear.

24 November 2008


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. That statement is said time after time. But today, I started officially training for something major. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to look back on today and say that Nov24 was the first day of the rest of my life. Or maybe this is all going to fall through. Ah. We'll see. Stay tuned.

I also realized that, in looking at a picture from Christmas 2005, I still have, and wear almost every day, the same 2 pair of jeans.

And, I unearthed another box of rocks that I had forgotten about. What's the deal? I think when my friends moved me in during the summer, they secretly hid these boxes of rocks around my apartment so I wouldn't find them. I'm onto them.

23 November 2008


As I was standing in line at the local AutoZone purchasing a battery to replace the one in my truck that decided to absolutely die without any warning tonight, I couldn't help but chuckle a little. The cashier described some insane warranty (though later telling me the actual truth on what a '7-year warranty' on a battery really means), told me the price and then asked if there was anything else I needed. I said no at the same time that I looked down and noticed the array of convenient snacks that lined the counter underneath the cash register. And what is first in line and in the biggest display?

Chili Beef 'n Cheese Slim Jims.

Who on earth eats these things? Am I the only one that doesn't have a sudden craving for a log of cheese and a log of beef while buying a truck battery??

So I have a little hatred towards these. I'm aware.

19 November 2008


I saw my first round of frost this morning on my daily walk to the train station. I'm sure there has been other frosty mornings, but today I actually saw it with my own eyes covering all of the kudzu in a green space. And all I could think was how glad I was that I don't have to scrape it off my windshield for a while to come.

And then I zipped my jacket up a little more because the cold wind was making the 31 degrees feel a little bit cooler than 31. Just a little bit. tiny. bit. So the whole seeing the first frost moment was long gone with each passing step.

Meanwhile, I'm managing to survive with my thermostat set on 64. And 61 when I'm not here.

Update on the flesh-eating spider bite on my back. After a call with the pharmacist-in-training and fearing for my life, I've realized that it doesn't appear to be so bad after all. Today the bump had subsided enough to subside (some of) my fears (For the time being). So far, so good.

16 November 2008

strawberry swing

What's this? People actually read this and request me to write?! Preposterous! There's pressure now. I guess I have been noticeably absent lately though.

- I saw Coldplay last week and it was just great.
- A year ago I was gearing up to run 13.1 miles.
- The new running plan is being unveiled soon. Stay tuned--though most already know about it.
- I love my job.
- I'm finally being trained in CPR this week.
- Paula is visiting all week--even if she really is here for a conference.
- I ate about 2 inches of a piece of turkey tonight. That's the most I've eaten since July!

I was told the large bump on my back that I discovered yesterday looks like a spider bite. Surprisingly I was fine with this discovery until a few hours later when the gears started turning and I had the extended thought of how and when this bite could have occurred--during the night!

(25 minutes later...) ok, so do not google "spider bites" if you are a hypochondriac like me. you'll think you've been bit by everything including some spider that only lives under rocks in the northern Andes Mountains. my logic on that one? well, maybe it made its way on some bananas that I bought at the grocery store and then it sat behind my clock on the kitchen counter until one night it walked across the floor to my bed and bit my back!

05 November 2008

the life of a geologist

I moved 5(ish) months ago and yet somehow I forgot to unpack a box of rocks. On Sunday I was moving something around and went to pull some cords out of a box and realized it wasn't a box of cords after all. It was a box of rocks. My cool rocks! It's pretty ridiculous now. I have rocks all over my desk, just strewn about. On the kitchen counter. On shelves. Holding up plants. On the bathroom sink. On the floor. On the coffee table. On the windowsill.

Oddly enough, there's another box of rocks that was purposefully unpacked because it was the low-end of the rocks. The ones that, sure I really like, but probably no one would care to look at them.

This is, of course, that people actually like to see the high-end rocks that are currently on display.

Oh to be a rock. I mean, seriously, have you just stopped and picked up a rock and thought how on EARTH did this form like that? There has to be something amazing happening somewhere.