30 December 2008

88 days

Let the countdown begin.

I am officially registered for the biggest run in my life. I have forked over the $8o to put myself through a grueling, painful race that will undoubtedly leave me unable to walk properly for a few days.

I have signed up for a marathon.
The ING Georgia Marathon

And hopefully 'I'll get by with a little help from my friends' as I have a few that are willing to try this effort alongside me.

So, in 88 days I will hopefully be crossing the finish line of a 26 mile and 385 yard run on March 29. Let the games begin.

21 December 2008

they do exist!

Part 2 of the trip to California included finally meeting two other friends of mine. I've known the folks over at Cumulus, Bodie and Mandy (or their aliases), for nearly 4 years. Four virtual years. But I had never met them. And when they moved to the same town as two of my other friends, I decided they needed to know each other as well. So that worked out well. And I finally got to met them.

And of course all geologists are all linked together in some sort of connection already in life, so it was no surprise that they were as awesome in real life as they were in their blog. It's truly a wonder how occurrences happen in the world. Who knew 4 years ago that this little blog would have garnered some friends that I'd actually meet 3000 miles away.

And as much as they'd like to see me try (and fail), I will not be running two ultra-marathons.

Cheers to good friends..

blue sky

I made a trek to Sacramento for a vacation last week. Of course, I came back to Atlanta with a busy few days at work and not much time to actually relax (i.e. unpacking? what's that? dishes still in the sink from when I left??). But now here I am with a chance to sit and relax.

One thing to note though is that it is finally sunny. When I left Atlanta it was raining, when I got to Sacramento it was off and on cloudy and rainy, when I left it was raining, when I landed in Phoenix for a layover it was raining (in the desert!?), when I arrived back in Atlanta it was raining, I can't remember the weather this week except that it was muggy, but I know it rained last night. And now, winter has finally set back in (after a week in the 70's!) and it's sunny!

While on the other side of the nation, I caught up with Andy and Meghan, and their dogs, and all the breweries I could imagine. As noted:

Good times had by all and a lot of good scenery. I can check Sacramento off the list of places to visit. Though I will never fully understand the concept of ridding yards of leaves. I watched people left and right gather every (and I mean every) leaf from their yard only to see it completely full again in a matter of hours. Even on Sunday morning at 8am, when it was 38 degrees, folks were out ridding their yards of these invasive leaves. Baffled me.

16 December 2008

malts and hops

Somebody has been traveling on a vacation!

And I'll give you one guess on where my feet have taken me on one of my stops.

More later..
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06 December 2008

as seen on tv, unfortunately

I have to bring your attention to something I saw on tv recently.

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for infomercials. I could watch them all day long. But I never buy anything from them. With the exception of that one time back in undergrad when I fell victim to one of the TimeLife infomercials for the Classic Country CD set (of 2, mind you) for only $9.99. Only I failed to realize that for the next 2 weeks, I would receive countless other Classic Country sets in the mail and was warned (read: tempted) that if I were to open the package in any way, I would be forced to buy said set. So I returned them promptly, after opening one of them, and spent a few moments of my life trying to get off their mailing list.

So, back to present and I have now seen what I can only describe as the worst idea ever:

The Snuggie Blanket

And just like any infomercial, you find yourself compelled to watch it and even think to yourself "wow, I really do need this!" or in this case "you know, my hands were a little cold when I reached for the remote!" So here you are, thinking you need this item. But seriously? Do you really? IT'S A BLANKET WITH SLEEVES!

And do you see some similarity with looking like you're in a cult?

Have you ever had trouble knitting? Reading a book? Eating popcorn? Using your laptop? Ever wanted to WEAR A ROBE BACKWARDS!? My goodness--it's really just a robe. I cannot believe this was marketed.