27 January 2009

round 2

The Snuggie fascination continues. This time, it's not even on TV. I have to read about it during breakfast on the front page of msnbc.

23 January 2009

cold coffee and a winter solstice

I can't even begin to describe the joy that comes from going for a run after work and then completing the run and it is STILL somewhat light outside. I mentally celebrated the winter solstice with a countdown leading up to Dec. 21. Don't get me wrong, I love running at night, but sometimes when I would get home from work at 530 or 6pm, it was just not a fun thought to continually head outside and run in the cold and dark. Since the solstice, I've seen the days get longer in such slight increments that it makes the evenings more bearable. I long for the days of sitting outside on a porch during the spring.

I long for the evenings of having to WAIT to run at night because it's so warm outside.

And just like that, today's temps are to be in the 60's in Atlanta. Perfect for a good, long run.

19 January 2009

talkin' bout my generation

Tomorrow is an important day. A culmination to a long election process. And it's exciting to watch the news and see the excitement building in the days prior.

Even that really small video screen shot that CNN decided to put in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. What did it show? The trees passing by as viewed from the train that Obama took from Philadelphia to DC.

And so begins a new chapter..

12 January 2009


I ate a whole avocado as part of my dinner tonight. There's just something about them.

Tonight I went for a pretty miserable, cold run. And after 2 hours of running I was in such a good mood that I felt like I could keep on running for at least another 30 minutes. I'm not sure exactly how far it was, but it was over 12 miles. Often times I'll start thinking about time while running. And usually I'll think about time in increments. I noticed a change tonight though. As I approached hour 1, I had a thought "oh good, I made it through an hour, so there's only one more to go." And that's when it hit me--distance running is a big deal.

But hey, for the first time ever, I tried Gu blocks halfway through the run. It was like candy. Orange candy. What a great idea! And I felt like I had more energy. What if it's all mental?

I had to muffle my alarm clock under the blankets and pillows this morning while I searched and searched for the chopper. Hectic morning.

07 January 2009

Alarm clock - 3, Rob - 0

Day 3 of waking up to a helicopter air raid at 639am has once again found me with a losing record.

Why am I losing? More importantly, what am I losing? I'm losing that precious hour of snoozing that I usually allow myself. Ok, sometimes it's 2 hours. Whatever.

But I suppose it's working. I have not gone back to sleep yet. I have to fight the urge though. This morning was especially a difficult air raid as I was standing (hovering) over the clock ready for it to depart when my finger hit the blade (plastic, but for sake of sounding dramatic let's picture metal blades). This spun the chopper out of control, but I was able to catch it. But today I forgot to reset the clock, so 5 minutes later I find myself making coffee and quickly under attack, forcing me back into a second air raid. This time it spun under the dresser so fast that I didn't even see it land.

Yesterday I hit it and it spun under the bed.

Aren't you glad the blog has turned into stories of me and an annoying alarm clock?

I mean I could talk about running. My total mileage this week will be 24. I think that might be the highest weekly mileage to date for me. And this scares me for one reason. Because it doesn't even equal the amount I have to run in the race. Towards 26.2..

05 January 2009

when alarm clocks attack

So, today was the day. The day for the new alarm clock (see previous post/video) and getting up on time.

The short story is that it worked.

I didn't go to bed until shortly before midnight. But I couldn't fall asleep because I had ran 10 miles (!) only a few hours before and I could feel the muscles in my legs firing. And then I started laughing just thinking about how I was going to abruptly awaken.

And at 1:15 I was abruptly awaken. But I have no idea why. Though I did have to get up and walk around the apartment because I was wide awake.

Cue a dream about me talking about Barbara Bush and then I'm abruptly awakened by the loudest, most annoying sound that you can imagine at 6:39am. I immediately bolted out of the bed with the intent of stopping the chopper from departing its base. But in reality, I haven't figured out how to stop it yet. So it takes off. I, without contacts in, reach for a spinning piece of plastic that shoots directly at the ceiling with such a force that it ricochets back down with even more speed. And during this brief 4 seconds of panic, the stupid little thing falls behind my headboard of my bed only to bounce around under the bed into an unreachable place. I literally rolled my bed just so I could find it. Meanwhile, the aforementioned loudest, most annoying sound is echoing throughout my apartment and not being absorbed in my hardwood floors so I'm convinced that my neighbor most likely thinks there's a firing squad bearing down.

I finally found the little devil and reset the clock after what felt like 10 minutes but was probably only about 20 seconds. But enough time to find me standing in my bedroom, staring at the clock and quickly deciding not to get back into the bed and instead start the coffee, breakfast, CMT and my day. And after a brief contemplation of thinking "well, I did set my cell phone as a back-up just in case, so it should be going off in 21 minutes, so technically I could go back to bed.." but, I denounced that idea.

Breakfast was good. Until I was interrupted by my phone alarm clock. And coffee was good. Until I was interrupted by my wrist watch alarm clock. And that's when I realized how annoying my mornings really are.

So, alarm clock 1, rob 0.

But hey, like I said earlier, I ran 10 miles. I'm back in the double-digit club. Towards 26.2!

03 January 2009

when mornings attack

I received a Christmas present from my folks that hopefully will answer my problem of how I can wake up in the morning.

At first I thought it was kind of funny. I hadn't actually tested it until this morning (not as a wake-up call on a Saturday morning though--that would be preposterous). Instead I just set it up mid-morning during drinking coffee and good tunes. The result? See below.

I'm positive this will only result in a disaster come Monday morning when it is in my room and the little chopper finds a place to conspicuously hid itself (under the bed, out the door into the kitchen, on my face, etc.).

I think it's a really good idea. And it seems perfect for me because I do have a problem with waking up. Alarms have never worked for me. For the past 8 months I've been waking up to my alarm on my phone. Easy enough? I have the normal alarm that goes off and then a backup alarm as well (both on the phone) in addition to my alarm on my watch that will go off twice as well. Despite it all, they don't work. I've set them across the room (only to snooze them and bring them to the bed with me as I fall back asleep). I've set them in another room. I've tried the 'internal clock' theory where you look at a clock before you fall asleep and envision what time you want to get up.. no good.

Other problems with waking up have been dramatized here, here, here, and here.

So we shall see what happens with this one.