28 February 2009

snapshot of the atlanta weather

the weather the past week in ATL has been amazing.

here is a glimpse, if you will:

fri--60, TORRENTIAL RAIN for what seems all day and night
sat--60, TORRENTIAL RAIN in the AM, there exist a need to ford rivers in order to drive, and now I can see the sun every now and then
sun--39 forecasted with accumulating snow in inches (we'll see if that happens)
and next week? a cool start early on and 70 (!) by friday. SEVENTY!

i love spring.

25 February 2009

there is a season. turn, turn, turn.

i have come to realize that three solid months into marathon training takes its toll on anyone. and only until now, am i realizing how mental this whole thing really is. it's one thing to just say you're going to do it. then it's another to start training 18 weeks prior. and it's another to shell out $80 early on just to beat the early-bird deadline. and now it's another thing to have realized you may have made it through all the training on those cold winter days only to have a weird, foreign pain on the top of your left foot that feels somewhat ok while running but you know it's there and you know that it's going to be unbearable for days after.

i feel like i can run 26.2 miles. but do i feeeeel like i can?

i'm entering the homestretch. t-minus 31 days. that's a month. A MONTH?!

the days are getting longer.

22 February 2009

forest of rain

Just a few shots from the rainforest. More are on flickr.

17 February 2009

through my window, sad and lonely

Across from one of the forts in Old San Juan, PR.

14 February 2009

anatomy of a half-marathon (#4)

Run the Reagan Half Marathon

I usually provide a rundown of the events before, during and after my half marathons, but for some reason today's seemed just, dare I say, easy? Well, the effort wasn't easy, but the whole ordeal was somewhat easier than the past 3. I mean, I even woke up this morning and thought "oh today's just a 13-miler" as it was just part of my training. I think I'm a runner.

Anyway, the race went really well. Here's an abbreviated anatomy of a half marathon:

-Woke up at 5am (on the dot! wow.)
-Realized that in my haste of presetting the coffeemaker the night before, I absentmindedly forgot to put water in the maker. So the smell of burnt whatever (air?) was not too pleasant.
-Making a smoothie at 510am is quite possibly louder than the air-raid alarm clock. I'm pretty sure I awoke all my neighbors--and I even had a towel around the blender to muffle it.
-Out the door by 6am, off to pick up a friend who was running with and onward to Reagan Parkway outside Stone Mtn.
-The rain ceased before the start, but a light mist lingered for a while.
-An 8am start at 49 degrees was actually not that bad.
-Heard "Bittersweet Symphony" from a girl's ipod (man, she must have had that thing blaring!) and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely one of my favorites.
-After hill number 2, my left foot started acting up and I thought it would defeat me, but I somehow prevailed.
-After hill number 723, I wanted to scream. And I actually did say "oh seriously, another one?!" a few times.
-Clif Shot Bloks might have saved me on the race. Again, I must say, those things are like candy. Big orange gummy bears pumped with caffeine for runners. Mmm.
-The mist turned into a 'heavy mist' and ended up soaking me a little.
-At the halfway point, I realize that I have a new personal best and that made a lot of difference. I hit 6.55 miles at 0:59:25! I was on track to beat my 2 hour goal.
-Mile 11 robbed me of my goal as it was an endless hill into oblivion. Who thought that would be a good idea? My pace definitely slowed to almost a crawl at that point and I watched my watch click away without a care in the world.
-Mile 13.1 found me sprinting to the finish line at a time of 2:05:30 and I was a-ok with that. Though it was a few minutes slower than my last half, I reminded myself that this was just a slot on the old training calendar for the bigger goal that is only 44 days away.

And with that, I completed another half. And changed in the parking lot and hopped in the truck and drove 3 hrs to SC. Energizer Bunny, yes.

Awesome picture, by the way. It looks like I'm running to the bathroom.

13 February 2009

27 candles, 1 island

I survived! And I added another candle to the old birthday cake over the weekend. The big 27. And it was spent on the beach of Puerto Rico.

Followed by spending two days in the rainforest of Puerto Rico.

More to come next week. Off to run half marathon #4 tomorrow. Feelin' a bit sluggish.

05 February 2009

i ain't got a dime, but what i got is mine

I will be here for the next 6 days.

No air-raid alarm clocks. No 16 degree walks to the train station at 730am. No work email. No bundling up for running.

This afternoon, a friend at work said "you of all people deserve this vacation."

I left a post-it note on my computer monitor that simply read "PUERTO RICO!"