29 March 2009

cool cats

Today 104.8 miles were put on those shoes above, collectively between 13.1s and 26.2s.

less than 1% of the population can say:

I ran my first marathon!!

28 March 2009

what did i get myself into?

It's here. Marathon. Sunday. 26.2 miles!

26 March 2009

brakeman's blues

For $20, I am going to walk out my apartment door and down the street 2 blocks to see one of my favorite bands, Punch Brothers (1/3 formerly Nickel Creek), play Friday night. Does it get much better?

Oh wait, it does! I, being such a nerd at work, subscribe to the City of Decatur's blog. And today I read on there that the Punch Brothers are also playing a free concert tomorrow at the record store here. For free. With a signing afterward.

24 March 2009

plaid skies

I suspect I nearly gassed myself this evening just trying to make salmon in the oven. After pre-heating my oven for a few minutes, I realized that it wasn't warm and consequently I had just let gas flow into my apartment. I had apparently pressed one of those 'test' buttons on a gfi outlet earlier in the day and it reset all power on that wall. Just a little light-headed. Nothing to see here.

It was still (relatively) light outside at 8pm. Spring sprung.

The big race day is approaching on Sunday. Get excited!

Here is an elevation profile. I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to put a steep hill at mile 24. I would like to find that person.

Marathon Topography

22 March 2009

standin' with the look of avarice

Auburn, CA. 12/08

now in hi-def

Saturday, I walked outside my apartment at 8am to head to a conference and I was surprised by a women's 5k race passing along my street. As I walked to the train station, I watched hundreds of runners pass by going up the hill. All of the sudden, I hear screams. And within a minute I was on my phone calling 911 for a woman who tripped and hit her head on the pavement. I believe she was fine after I left. Quite a weird moment for early in the AM.

I got to go to the Georgia Organics conference all day. And Michael Pollan (who wrote Ominvore's Dilemma) was the keynote speaker at the dinner! I sat a table with 6 farmers and 2 coworkers. And I don't think I've ever eaten so much fresh food before. I had a lot of eye-opening experiences yesterday.

And I want to plant gardens everywhere now.

17 March 2009

a letter

Dear my feet,

We've come a long way in these 27 years. We've been sprained. We've been sunburnt. We've hiked through so many places. We've seen the the great American West. We've played in creeks. We've walked across graduation stages. We've been to where the ocean meets the land.

And tonight you ran the furthest you have run yet. I'm proud of you.

I'm sorry that nearly tripped over that stump tonight because someone decided to leave their car parked in their driveway and consequently blocked the sidewalk. Do not worry. I yelled at the abandoned car for you. And for me.

Despite the fact that collectively we cannot move very much at the moment, I have decided that you can rest on a pillow on the coffee table for the time being. We sure did break in those new shoes today, didn't we?

Those persistent blisters just make us stronger! Today wasn't so bad though. I have one favor to ask. If you promise to remain healthy, I will never train for a marathon ever again. Just a lot of half marathons instead..

Your pal,

16 March 2009

so shiny and new

I feel kind of bad. I bought something today. And it was on a complete whim.

I didn't really need it. I wanted it though.

And I only paid half of what it was worth because I'm a savvy shopper and had store reward certificates. I earned those.

It's green and shiny. Sort of like a poisonous frog. Maybe it'll pinch me.

What if I said it was to help me on those long distance runs? I can't stand to run with any extra weight so I figured 2oz wouldn't be so bad.

2oz and 240 songs to carry me 26.2 miles. Odd equation, I'm aware of that.

15 March 2009

simpler times

The things we used to watch on TV as kids.. just so simple. And yet we were mesmerized by this.

05 March 2009

something i ran across

April 22--Earth Day

And an interesting ad for it..