29 May 2009

and another

Feeling old moment #92:

Reading that Jay Leno was the host of the Tonight Show for 17 years.

I'll stop this one day.  But for now, the media is just making me feel old.

27 May 2009

this is getting old

Feeling old moment #46:

Overhearing that the Simpsons have been around for "over 20 years".

Was there a time warp somewhere along the line?

24 May 2009

maybe it really is a nightmare

Feeling old moment #23:

Thumbing through Netflix movie lists and realizing that "The Nightmare Before Christmas" was made in 1993.

18 May 2009


Today I was reading an article about the commencement address of Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. He was comparing the google and facebook generation to his own (the wii vs. pong, blogs vs. newspaper) and made a connection to red bull to tang. TANG! This sparked a memory that I had filed away long ago of drinking tang any chance I could. What exactly was tang?!

Well. Seems it was just sugar. Imagine that.

I was surprised to know that it comes in 38 flavors. And it allegedly it can be used as a dishwashing agent.

Gees, I even remember drinking it during college during my early morning classes. Paula are you reading this and do you remember making fun of me for drinking it? But then.. THEN you liked it, didn't you!

15 May 2009

save a kidney

This month in utilities, I actually got my power bill lower than my water bill. I suppose technically my gas bill is lower than my water bill as well. What's strange is the fact that I don't think I use that much water anyway. Maybe I water my plants too much.

Update on the composting worms: I feed them at the end of the week and they seem to be doing just fine. I have discovered some fruit flies here and there but have been told it's because of too much moisture in the bin. And really, what's a few fruit flies here and there anyway. I have set apple cider vinegar traps around to catch those little guys. Seems to be working, except for the smell of vinegar. And personally, the compost bin does not smell--just smells like wet leaves or the ground in the woods after its rained. And that's not bad at all.

Still enjoying the windows open and the spring breeze circulating through the apartment. Living it up until the Georgia humidity takes control and forces the windows shut just to live comfortably.

And hurricane season starts in 15 days!

13 May 2009

but not really

Just an old pic I took. I have also unearthed a giant box of prints of mine. Exciting, I know.

11 May 2009

fat tire

Today was good for many reasons. Worth mentioning is my favorite beer of all time has finally made it's way from Colorado to Georgia. And today was the day.

Tomorrow marks one year since I started my job. A whole year gone by. Not quite sure where that year has gone, but it flew by.

We also got doors at work. To our cubes. It's kind of ridiculous. Especially to those of us that are tall enough to simply look over the doors and into the cube anyway. I couldn't help but think of everyone in my section as hermit crabs working behind their new doors today. So silly.

04 May 2009

things of note

My contact popped out of my eye and landed on my back porch. And to those of you that know my apartment and my crazy fire-escape back steps, you'll know that it's quite terrifying enough with both eyes functioning. Try it 2 minutes after waking up and with one contact. Luckily, I found it. And put it back in my eye. Probably not the best choice in life, but whatever.

And today I bought a pair of glasses. First time I've worn updated glasses since 2004.

And then a giant storm came through my neighborhood. And this is the result:

Not that I took this picture or anything, but the newspaper did (so credit AJC.com). But this is at the end of my street--a block from my apartment! A few yards away, another tree fell onto a man in his car. Nothing to report back at my place though. The worms weathered out the storm safe and sound.