30 July 2009

we'll make the best of what's around

i suppose these conditions below are enough to warrant a sign that things are bad outside at the moment?

humidity = 100%
dew point = 73F
temperature = 73F

the last two are equal and the atmosphere is completely saturated. this answers why i sweated just taking my recycling bin to the curb this morning.

18 July 2009

clear, sunny, no rain

It's 79 degrees, 41% humidity, visibility 10 miles, 3pm, middle of July, in Atlanta.

What on earth? I'll take it!

17 July 2009

there's an app for that

For sake of losing the ability to run, I mapped out a fall running itinerary. It's a daily journey into running which I will not follow but it's nice to look at periodically. And for lack of better things to do, the next half marathon is in the line-up and paid for.

Oct 31. Silver Comet Half Marathon. (and it should be all flat!)

It's always weird to think about how hot it is outside now to the point that I wait until it's cooler in the evening to run. Yet, by the time I'm actually running these races that I'm training for, I'll be in gloves and long-sleeves wondering why I thought it was a good idea 3 months prior.

13 July 2009

zip lining

This is the shakiest video of me zip lining--ever. Even though it's poor quality, I figure it good enough as any to watch. I had it hanging from my wrist at the start.

The more I watch it, the more I wonder how I even attempted three zip lines in 2 hours. Especially being the first of my crew of friends to go. Who knew being last up the stairs meant you were first to go? And you just step off this tiny platform and hope for the best.

10 July 2009

watch the icicles melt away

every now and then a change to the blog gives it some slight rejuvenation and brings it back to life.

the new title pic is actually a photo that my dad took nearly 40 years ago. washington, i think.

meanwhile, found this pic of a benchmark that i took back in february. just thought it was cool. i wonder what will become of all the benchmarks in the world 100 years from now?

07 July 2009

billie jean

At first I said "ok, enough is enough." But the more I watched it, I had to laugh a little.

What's this?

Well, I might the only one not watching the continuous news coverage of Michael Jackson and instead watching the Weather Channel (what else?). And during the Weather on the 8's they were definitely playing Billie Jean.

05 July 2009

this that and the other

I have mosquito bites all over my legs.

I have a full stomach from eating a giant burger at Five Guys.

I have sand in my ears.

I have a clean apartment for once.

I have homemade bread AND blueberry pie from Mom.

Life is good.