29 August 2009

on my soapbox

Pretty funny Saturday here in Atlanta..

We had a Red Bull Soapbox Derby! And apparently 40,000+ people stood in the sweltering sun to watch--though I wasn't counting. I seemed to be more interested in not having a heat stroke.

22 August 2009

does it get any luckier?

Seriously though, just look at this image for a second. A few days ago this was a Cat4 (135mph+) headed directly toward the mainland. And then all of the sudden a cold front in the middle of August barreled out of nowhere and is currently taking it out to sea exactly in the middle of the east coast and the Bermuda archipelago (that small white dot above "09"). Not to say that the Bermuda islands didn't get lashed with 95mph wind gusts and high waves (as the east coast is), but there are a lot of "what-ifs".

21 August 2009

17 August 2009


New David Gray video! But still no southern tour.

westward mobility

not that i'm actively looking for jobs, nor am i ever considering to moving to montana (detect sarcasm?), but when i find govt jobs that are in the remote Big Sky that state:

- living in your own cabin
- working with GIS
- travel to remote study sites via boats, small aircraft, snowmobiles, ATVs and/or on foot
- extended periods of camping in tents or cabins may occur
- incumbent must be able to cope with the responsibilities of logistics to remote areas, cultural conflicts and adverse weather conditions

and my favorite:
- the incumbent may be subject to large numbers of biting insects and may be required to work in close proximity to large animals such as bear and moose

and.. i'm qualified. sign me up!

09 August 2009

dog days of summer

Though I wish they were mine, they are actually my parent's 12-week old blue tick hound puppies. Big feet and big ears. And hours of free entertainment.

05 August 2009

and then there's that person

Tonight I saw a runner who was running with his cell phone.. and talking on it while running.

And this was while I saw the guy running through an intersection across oncoming traffic.

Sometimes I wonder how some people survive.

03 August 2009

strawberry swing

Very cool. Especially after you realize halfway through how it was made.