27 September 2009

gold rusher

After leaving my local Target for various other things, I discovered that I bought California for $5.

Apparently it was on sale too.

22 September 2009

styrofoam crispex


Growing up, the 5 of us (parents + 3 kids) would take cross-country road trips to California to visit family. We would stay in cheap motels and eat chicken noodle soup of the powder variety for dinner. Mom would boil the water in an old coffee percolator, I think. The same that would make the coffee in the morning for my parents. Every now and then I can smell a certain coffee and associate it with early morning driving. Breakfast consisted of driving to a rest stop and eating cereal. The milk was in a rusty, red cooler that leaked water occasionally. I remember one breakfast in particular. It was a rest stop in the desert of New Mexico or Arizona that was made to resemble tribal tee-pee structures. We ate Crispex in our styrofoam bowls with plastic spoons and pink Sweet-n-Low packets in the crisp summer morning next to a tee-pee along a busy interstate.


I'm at a conference in Orlando. The hotel I'm staying at (that also houses the conference) opened a mere 22 days ago. It's 19 stories. Currently, my conference (1000+ people) and another conference by IBM has completely sold out the entire hotel and conference center. I was told, when I checked in, that my room was just completed today so, I am the first person ever to stay here. That's kind of cool, I think.

Then I was told of the amenities which include a lazy river in addition to the 3 pools. After that, the 9-hole golf course exists. Inside the hotel itself are 7 restaurants, a jogging track, basketball courts, and a bocce ball court. I walked around to see all of this for myself because I was in disbelief.

Despite it all, it's just not me. I kind of miss the good times. Where are the styrofoam bowls of Crispex?

21 September 2009

rain rain rain

This is the major artery through Atlanta.. the I-75/85 connector after days and days of rain.


Twenty years ago, a monster attacked Charleston, SC. Hurricane Hugo, a strong Category 4 hurricane with 135mph winds slammed ashore as the strongest hurricane ever to hit SC on record.

My only memory was not having to go to school and watching Woody Woodpecker on the old TV in the living room.

20 September 2009


It was only my second time playing Risk (on a board and not virtually), yet somehow I won.

At this point in the game I decided that documenting the game was in order.

18 September 2009

pea soup

Dear Jet Stream,

Please end your vacation in Canada soon and return to a normal Fall pattern of being our neighbor in Georgia. The terms 'gully-washer' and 'frog-strangler' no longer have any meaning to me. You are also preventing me from camping this weekend.

Your old friend,

And here's a view of the Atlanta skyline through my back windshield in the truck this AM.

07 September 2009

part 2

It just keeps getting worse. I just saw a new Snuggie commercial and literally fell over laughing. It must be brand new as I cannot locate it on youtube aside from someone taping it themselves.

Things to note in this new commercial:

- the new zebra print
- the fact that they are actually raising the roof at one point
- the game 'win, lose, or draw' has never been easier, now that snuggies are around!
- the dog
- the dog's book. yes, the dog is reading. and wearing reading glasses.

05 September 2009

maybe i'll try this at the braves game

A baseball fan catches a homerun during batting practice. And films his catch himself. Random strangers around the world watch his film. Oh the joys technology.

Fan Films Himself Catching Home Run - Watch more Funny Videos

01 September 2009

radiohead in a rainforest

Stumbled upon a video I shot back in Puerto Rico.